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When Chicago ATF jefe Andrew Traver first pinged TTAG’s radar screen back in August, when he was tipped as the next head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive, we heard tell of a TV interview with the local NBC affiliate. The transcript of his anti-assault rifle remarks was all that remained. And now, thanks to the NRA, the clip has resurfaced. And here it is.

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  1. There's almost no point in even commenting on this. Where do you begin when literally every second of video and every word spoken is so deliberatly misleading? It's like debating with a madman.

  2. So, according to this ATF "expert", Kalashnikov 's design is so dangerous because it is difficult to control. Of course, that is what armies around the world look for in a small arm.

    Of course, the untrained news reporter with 70 seconds of experience said so. It must be true!

    Does the ATF employ anyone that understands firearms?

  3. Ugh, I also had to watch a “Vote for Rahm” commercial before watching the Travor video. I don’t know which was worse!

  4. So you fools believe that gang members can and should obtain legal automatic assault weapons? What part of a 17% increase in assault weapon use in the city of Chicago did you not understand? Who do you think they were shooting? Deer?

    • No jackass – no one said that. “legal automatic assault weapons” are difficult to obtain due to their rarity. Gang members that use any weapons should get a needle or a chair. Me or others like me that want to own semi-auto (or even fully auto for that matter) “assault weapons” should have zero problem doing so. I put “assault weapons” in quotes because it’s really just a matter of cosmetics – they’re not really “assault weapons”.

    • Sounds like it’s you with the comprehension problem, Jeff. Nobody said “17% increase in assault weapon USE.” They said 17% more “assault weapons” (almost certainly semi-auto) were CONFISCATED. That means that when they searched somebody’s house after an arrest, they confiscated some gun that they then termed an “assault weapon.” Wasn’t necessarily used in any crime, wasn’t even necessarily illegally owned.

      When Traver says “weapons like this (FULL AUTO) available to the gangs,” he’s not talking about guns that can be legally purchased, he’s talking about illegally obtained guns. If a law could stop the gangs from getting these guns, it would already have done so, because they are against the law to possess without a special federal permit tag.

      Passing a law to prohibit civilian purchase of military-appearance semi-autos in order to prevent gangbangers from obtaining machine guns is like passing a law to prohibit civilian purchase of Sominex to prevent drug kingpins from obtaining heroin.

    • What part of lacking handing someone a machine gun to someone with no training and not firing properly to mislead the public don’t you get? It reflects on his integrity and professionalism. That is political hackery and has no place in a position that should go to a law enforcement professional. One part of keeping guns from the bad people is for BATF and law abiding gun owners/organizations to be on good terms and be allies in a common goal. Travor’s stunt would not help the cause. Also, if I were a suspected gun runner’s defense, guess which video would be defense exhibit a?

  5. Jeff, using a full auto rifle on the streets, like one pictured in the video, isn’t legal in Chicago or anywhere else in the country. For a gangbanger to get a full auto AK like the one pictured, he’s going to be out $15k, or he’s going to get it through Chicago’s thriving illicit drug trade.

    You also cannot prevent the gangbanger from getting a full auto AK by renewing an assault weapons ban, as the Traver quotes would seem to indicate. The 1994 ban only affected semi-auto (one trigger pull, one bullet fired) weapons.

    What would help a lot, of course, would be an end to misguided weapons bans and the passing of shall issue concealed carry in Illinois. Nothing conveys sense to a gangbanger like looking down the wrong end of a Glock held by someone NOT using the John Woo grip.

  6. Wow! What a bunch of garbage! The whole segment was based upon fully automatic weapons…something that is very difficult to obtain and to the best of my knowledge – since 1934 – has killed less people in America than can be counted on one hand.

    At about the 2 minute mark this clown talks about automatic AK-47’s being available to gang members. Where? Aren’t practically all guns illegal in Chicago?

    There were several mentions of heavy weapons and heavy calibers…the 7.62 x 39 is by no means a heavy caliber – nor is the 5.56 x 45. They are standard calibers – and can be had in comparable calibers in single shot, lever action, pump, or any other caliber that can also be used to ‘mow down people’ as the idiot in the video said.

    This whole segment just frost my apricots. This is the type of propaganda that they use on dimwitted people to convince them just how bad flash hiders, folding stocks, bayonet lugs, pistol grips and barrel shrouds are? Absolutely clueless and shameful.

  7. the man is such a damned liar.
    My hunting rifles can whip the hell out of an AK47 as far as pure power is concerned.

  8. Andrew is a typical un-American dumbass jackbooted Marxist tax collector. Do not let him or his pool of fools bother you. Know the agents in your area, support your local militias, store up ammo, zero your weapons, train your wife and kids to shoot and while agents are visiting your home stop by and say hello to thier families. We support an eye for an eye in the Second Amendment Militia. either your with us or you are against us, death to all who oppose the cause. I expect and will be waiting for a visit.

  9. See how easy people are fooled? I’m surprised there was not more replies like the one from the genius “Jeff K”. Now that Obama got his Tit in a ringer with his Gun Runner project he is trying to appoint this clown as head of the ATF.

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