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This time we have a relatively streamlined carry. Just a holstered GLOCK and a folder. There are a lot of pros to such minimal carry, not the least of which is better concealability. It does mean you don’t have spare mags, though, and there’s no TQ or IFAK.

What do you guys think? Is minimal carry the way to go or should you always have a full kit every time you go out?

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  1. Just my opinion. But a complete trauma kit is a bit of overload for an edc pocket carry. I have emergency kits in my house and my vehicles. I don’t need them in my pockets.

  2. hey I am happy with my little 5 shot 38 revolver and a couple speed loaders in pocket and sharp pocket knife and if that don’t take care I still have my caine that was made buy a old man30+ years ago will put a hurting on somebody with that as far as first aid that’s in car, truck and house also in motorhome

  3. Minimalist carry is what most us practice who are not in law enforcement or other agencies where a firearm is a necessary component of the job, much like a computer, a hammer, or a stethoscope is to other professions. Carrying a spare magazine, however, ought to be part of anyone’s minimalist package.

  4. Nice holster! I may have to look closer at those. I like the fabric overlays.

    Qvo tactical custom kydex holster

  5. Hey Kat,

    Didn’t we see this same photo on 15 January 2019? Glocks all look alike…but, the Benchmade North Fork folder caught my eye the first time around (still thinking about adding one to my knife drawer).

    • That, Sir, is a Grizzly Creek. Not a North Fork.

      The Creek comes with a gut hook the North Fork does not.

      • By Jove…you are correct. Don’t have much use for a gut hook on a folder…still want the North Fork…just because.

        • ” Don’t have much use for a gut hook on a folder…”

          Oh, I don’t know…

          A quick flick of that on an attacker’s belly might change his mind about attacking you.

          He may decide keeping his intestines from hitting the ground is a more valuable usage of his hands.

          *snicker* 😉

          • Naw, gettin’ too old and slow to indulge in knife fights – gut hook or not…that’s why I carry a firearm…
            (quoting ex-President Obama…“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,”…kinda funny how Liberals embrace gun escalation when it fits into THEIR rhetoric…)

  6. “Just a holstered GLOCK and a folder.”

    And of course the $3000 watch he intentionally pulled back his sweatshirt sleeve to show us….

    Eh, minimalist gets it done 99.9% of the time the other .1% of the time you’re prolly fucked anyway. An IFAK has it’s role for sure but mostly, in the civilian world, it’s not because you got in a gunfight. Mostly.

    What I want to know is why QVO puts that oddball tab (right side of the holster near the knife) on their IWB holsters. They do it with AIWB too. I don’t really understand that. But then I don’t get IWB rigs made solely of Kydex either.

    Also, nice knife. The AXIS system is one of the best out there for a folder IMHO.

    • It is a ‘wing’ designed to make the butt of the gun press in tighter to the body to reduce printing. I’d like to hear from someone who has one whether or not the ‘wing’ really helps.

        • Thanks. Printing is mostly irrelevant here in AL from a legal perspective, and most of the time I couldn’t care less from any other perspective. But there are rare times when I do need to be more discrete but still want to carry a larger gun. I think I’ll give this a try.

    • If you know where to find a Submariner for $3000 I wish you’d tell me. I’ll take every one you can bring me.

    • I knew a guy that used to run around parties wearing a Crown Royal bag. He was definitely carrying more than I wanted to know.

  7. Well now let’s see…….

    Sending in a braggart’s photo of an expensive watch and pocket knife to divert attention from the fact he’s one of Gaston Glock’s personal conquests to send American dollars to Austria instead of buying actual MADE IN USA guns that keep the economic benefits in his own country.

    Yup, impresses me alright.

    • more than happy to keep food on czechoslovakian tables.
      it’s only fair considering they gave us pilsner. not that i have any thing against dark viennese lagers.

  8. what no phone….bull

    whatever happen to the gentlemen carrying a real pocket knife or pen knife…. instead of a pig sticker

    phone, watch (maybe), pistol, pocket knife and small light (maybe)…good to go….anywhere in US

  9. Double click on the photo and each item is identified. Clicking on the particular item name will take you to the manufacturer’s website. Slick!

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