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Think the assault weapons ban is dead just because Uncle Harry pulled it from the civilian disarmament bill in the Senate? MAC sez don’t bet on it.


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  1. The ban proposals will NEVER die. They will just change the methods and the names. We MUST remain vigilant

    • This is correct. It is never dead. It sits in the desk drawer and they trot it out when they think they can get it passed. Eternal vigilance is the price we pay for liberty, for the enemies of liberty never sleep.

  2. I thinks its dead for this vote in April but Obama and his fascist cohorts will push for the next 4 years for it so the fight isn’t over.

    • They’re testing the waters and waiting on the 2014 midterms. This can be put to sleep for a while if they lose enough seats.

  3. This will continue until we send them packing in 2014. Then then will learn to fear us again. And in another dozen or so years after that, we’ll do it all over again.

    • My biggest fear is another school shooting. If something happened now……oh God. Bye bye guns.

  4. The fight for liberty, the second amendment, and the TRUE saftey and the security they give us is a war without end.

  5. Ok guys-Harry Reid will not bring it to a vote as a stand alone bill, that is it. That does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that it is dead in the water. DiFi has the option of adding it as a rider to another bill. Rest assured she is chomping at the bit to do so. DiFi will likely wait for a “must pass” bill to hit the floor and then tag it on for the ride. For all of you who thought the issue was DOA-nope. Pro 2a folks need to keep their ears to the ground, as the rumbling will likely begin immediately after the holiday break is over.

    • I disagree. Saying she will try to attach the AWB to a “must pass” bill is obvious, but to think it would work a second time like it did in 94 is ridiculous. The entire reason the media and gungrabbers are yelling this in our ears is because they want/wanted the AWB in the full bill as one big package because they know adding this amendment in with a must pass bill later on will be political suicide or at least a huge hit in political capital. This isn’t 1994 were most of us, and yes this includes most of us gun enthusiasts myself including being a newbie to gun issues in 93-94, most of us were absent from the protesting and politics all together, passing the AWB in 1994 was as easy as baking an apple pie for the gungrabbers, not this time around. We, the majority of gun enthusiasts are not saying ignore and celebrate, we are saying remain vigilant but quit playing the defeated role! We are winning these battles. Quit playing the damn victim and let’s push this market into full gear and gain more support. No time to be scared and fearful and keep the market dead. Come on people.

  6. This war will never end. There will ALWAYS be some group of people that think they know better than the masses, and willing to force it onto them.

    “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” -Thomas Paine

    “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.” -John Philpot Curran

    A-freaking-men. Freedom isn’t free. You have to claw and fight for it eternally. If you look away, even for a bit, you can lose it all. America got fat and happy for a while and let the gov have their way. Now we’re fighting to prevent things getting to the point of no return.

    Greater men than most of us framed the governing body of the nation and the states for moral men to protect the rights of the people. I can count the number of “moral” men on capitol hill on one hand and have five digits left.

  7. I think half the folks who are still telling us that the AWB is alive and well are the vultures trying to sell the AR’s they bought for $800 for $2100 and their $700 WASR AK 47’s for $1500. When the bill died suddenly prices dropped on Texas Guntrader, then someone posts that OMG it’s not dead and the very next post is a gouger selling an over priced “assault” weapon.

    AR’s are back at Cabellas at pre-panic prices, the gougers are scared that they’re going to get stuck with a gun they don’t want. (Hint, if the ad poster says he has a never fired Bushmaster with a 30 round “clip” that he’ll let go for just $2,000, he’s a gouger.)

    Having said that, I will remind Congressman John Carter and Senators Cornyn and Cruz that if an AWB passes I will make it my life’s work to see them replaced by Libertarians. As long as DiFi is in the Senate there is always a chance the AWB could rise from the dead.

    • I saw an M&P 15 today for $1000. I was shocked because it was $600 less than last week. I would still not rest easy yet, we have a lot of work to do to keep the other garbage from passing.

      When is Frankenstein’s term up anyway? I hope she finally retires and gets the hell out.

  8. Does anybody else hope that this passes the Senate and then dies in the House? If this thing passes the Senate then we will have a definite list of people to kick out.

    Even if this passes both and gets signed into law, then there will be much more unrest than there was in 1994. There are so many more MSR owners now than there were in 1994. I think that if this passes, we will see massive amounts of (non?)violent civil unrest, along with noncompliance on the state level in those states that still believe in our rights. The event horizon has been passed, there is no longer a way for these people to take away our rights without a huge backlash. We will win this battle, one way or another.

    • This why it won’t come up in the senate. It can’t pass the house and the red state democrats have no desire to go on record as a vote for the AWB if it has no chance. If the donks get a pro gun control house after the next election, it will be fast tracked and Harry Reid will sell gun owners down the river.

  9. Yes we must remain vigilant so the gungrabbers that are in congress can’t sneak any new gun legislation through, but we cannot pretend that we are losing these battles when in reality we are winning them, just so those in the market can keep making money from the inflated prices caused by not only the threat but this negative attitude that we are losing this fight. I’m sick of it. Mr. Tavor aka Military Arms Channel or Sturmgewehre is preaching to the choir here and is keeping the market just where it wants to be, at defcon 1 and 2 where prices are as high as the fears instead of at defcon 3 or 4 where we remain vigilant but do not push unnecessary fear or actions.
    Military Arms Channel and Mr. Tavor are performing a disservice to us with this video.

  10. It will not be offered as a rider on some other bill, but as an amendment to the gun bill. As such, it will be voted on individually as to whether the amendment should be allowed. This is a “win-win” situation for Feinstein in a symbolic fashion. First, there is an actual vote on an AWB ban. Yes, it will fail, but it should be close. And all Obama asked for was a vote–“they deserve a vote,” he said. And if it is really close, that is as good as a win for them–as it shows the viability of a ban at someother date. Second, it allows the other measures to proceed without the threat of a fillibuster that would kill everything if the AWB were left in. There is bipartisan support for a universal background check and for added penalties for strawbuyers and traffickers that will likely pass the Senate. So this allows the political statement without killing the overall plan. It will not die until the SCOTUS says that the feds cannot regulate such wapons as they are in common use.

    • Your SCOTUS statement is exactly what will happen after this gun grab attempt, it will put an end to the gunbrabbers in congress once and for all.

    • It will only take one Supreme Court appointment by Obama and the next 2A decision will reverse Heller.

      As they say, ‘Elections have consequences.” As much as I hate it, a third party vote is a wasted vote. I held my nose while I ‘voted’ for the Republican candidate the last several elections. Republicans and conservative independents that stayed home November 6th helped to elect the ‘Dictator in Chief’.

  11. This time the gun grabbers woke up the sleeping giant, and very quickly realized he was armed to the teeth, literally and figuratively. In the voting booth, in their wallets and in their safes.

    All I’m seeing from the gun grabbers is backpedaling while trying to save face. Too late though, the Scarlet letter is on their garments. All I have to say to them is: ARMAGEDDON 2014 – the movie.

  12. The funny thing is: amendments still have to be voted on on the Senate floor. And then the bill goes to the (Republican controlled) house, where they make further amendments. Then the bill goes to conference committee where members from both houses try to work out the differences between the two bills. I’d say the chances of a conference committee allowing an AWB to stick as an amendment to any bill is about 0%. Republicans and some Democrats in both Houses of Congress know that supporting this type of legislation is political suicide.

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