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Dear Mark:

The last thing I’ll do is tell someone else they shouldn’t say something that they have said. I may disagree with you but everyone has the right to go on record any way they choose. So I won’t tell you that you shouldn’t have posted the positive tweet about the Eddie Eagle program, but I am going to tell you why your tweet isn’t true. . . .

Mark, you may believe that the Eddie Eagle program is a serious and successful effort to spread the word about gun safety, but it’s actually the NRA’s poster child for making everyone believe that the organization represents a positive force in the debate about guns. In fact, we wouldn’t need a gun debate if the NRA hadn’t decided back in the 1980s to abandon a hundred-year tradition of representing hunters and sport shooters, embarking instead on a continuous campaign to become America’s leading civil rights organization by protecting us from gun-grabbing liberals, big-city mayors and anyone else with an interest in having a rational discussion about guns.

Your beloved wife, Gabby Giffords, was almost killed by a crazy whose Glock pistol allowed him to shoot 19 people without reloading thanks to a high-capacity magazine which the NRA has defended as the “right” of every American to own. And if the Safeway parking lot where she was gunned down had been a gun-free zone, the NRA will tell you that this only increased the risk of an active shooting, but the data on such shootings shows the reverse to be true.

But let’s leave all the talk about the NRA’s distortions about gun risk aside Mark, and focus on the Eddie Eagle program itself. The NRA advertises the program as “a gun accident prevention program” that seeks to educate children about what to do if they ever come across a gun. The curricular materials were developed by Dr. Lisa Monroe whom, according to the NRA, has earned accolades and accomplishments spanning more than two decades.” Further, the program was named “the best” of 80 gun accident prevention programs evaluated in a study published in the Journal of Emergency Nursing Online.

Wow. That’s quite an impressive evaluation of Eddie Eagle and I’ll bet you paid this close attention Mark before you wrote your tweet, right? There’s only one little problem Captain Kelly. None of it is true. None, as in nothing. Ready? The outstanding educator, Lisa Monroe, who has earned all kinds of education awards over the last two decades was, in fact, earning her Master’s degree in 1995, didn’t publish her first article until 1999 and taught at the University of Oklahoma grade school that is run by OU’s Department of Education for the next ten years. As for the notion that Eddie Eagle was the best of 80 accident-prevention programs evaluated, in fact the reviewer evaluated three programs, found Eddie Eagle to be slightly more effective than the STAR program of the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, but noted that her evaluation was based only on the curricular content since there had never been any study conducted to determine outcomes of the program; i.e., how did the program alter student behavior as regards being safe around guns?

In other words Mark, the description that the NRA uses to promote its Eddie Eagle safety program is false. They want you to believe that their “educational program” is akin to a public service announcement, but it’s actually a cynical and craven marketing ploy.

Mark, please don’t get me wrong. I have no issue with anyone on either side of the gun debate reaching out to the other side if and when they find something being said or done that deserves attention and support. But the truth is that you haven’t taken the trouble to investigate what the Eddie Eagle program is all about. Not to worry Mark — I’ve done it for you.

Mike Weisser

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  1. This guy gets more and more obnoxious. Im waiting for his book to come out…

    Who would by a gun from this ‘gun guy’? Does the sanctimonious hogwash get thrown in for free?

    • I’m guessing no one buys guns from him. That’s why he’s on HuffPo acting the role of what for that audience passes for a “reasonable gun guy”. He also claims to be an NRA member himself, no? Doesn’t that make him a party to the Eddie eagle “scam” he’s railing about?

      • Well, at least him being a member of the NRA would be his choice. I temporarily followed MDA to keep track of what they were up to until I realized I was a “member” of their organization too.

        • How do we know he is actually a member? I don’t believe the NRA publishes membership lists.

          Even if he is, like many politicians, it is an easy “check in the box”. Pay $500 and forever get to say, “I’m an NRA member but…”.

    • This punk sounds more like “Gun Ban Guy” and is more obnoxious than Kelley and that is saying something x100.

    • Well, apparently not many folks would buy from him as the Ware Gun Shop had some financial trouble in late 2013 and he was forced to sell it. Pretty telling that he can run a gun shop into the ground during the biggest buying frenzy in American history. It’s doing well now, under new ownership, by what friends in the area tell me.

    • Given that his store is in Massachusetts there probably literally are no people buying guns from him.

    • The funny thing is he remarks that it is only slightly more effective that the best the other side has to offer. As if somehow that’s a bad thing. The best is the best even if it’s just slightly better than second best. More importantly how wide spread is any of the anti’s program? NRA spends millions on Eddie eagle. How much do the anti gun groups spend on teaching kids to be safe?

  2. God what an asshole this guy is. I know, we are not supposed to post ad hominem or personal attacks, but God… what an asshole.

    He is so sanctimonious in that letter that he alienates anyone other than the true believers in banning all guns… so in that way, it is a good thing for us rational folk….

  3. Good grief… Mike “the Pseudo-Gun Guy” Weisser does another bang-up (no pun intended) job of doing the antis work for them…

    • I’m sorry, what do you mean “doing the antis’ work for them”? Weisser is an anti himself.

      • You are absolutely right. I had a momentary lapse of clarity due to inadequate amounts of caffeine in my bloodstream. At least I got his actual “title” correct, lol. I vote for all future references to this poser to include the “pseudo” portion.

        Mike “the pseudo gun guy” Weiss has a ring of truth, unlike his rant…

        • Chip’s got it right. I propose that TTAG refer to him as “The Anti-Gun Guy” in any future coverage.

          Hopefully, it never comes up, because I’d also like to see TTAG stop feeding the troll…

        • I’ll take “the anti-gun guy.” Or “the fake gun guy” or my original suggestion, but now that I’ve gone back & read some of his other, uh, thoughts, I agree that “the anti-gun guy” probably is the most accurate. Consensus reached, now to get RF on board… 😉

      • I dunno–anybody that would not only bitch about Eddie Eagle but bitch about someone else _not_ bitching about Eddie Eagle may be just a bit too pathological to worry about. Someone needs to straight up ask the guy–what part of “Stop! Don’t touch! Leave the area and tell an adult.” does he find so offensive? Except it wouldn’t do any good.

    • I don’t mind the posting of Anti-gun material, IF!!! its accompanied by a good fisking. Simply posting a duplicate of their drivel, without holding it up to the light, is just doing their SEO work for them.

  4. Yeah…and in the middle of the night, the NRA wraith silently slips into non-gun-owners’ homes and steals their children from their cribs too. All that’s left is an Eddie Eagle cartoon with an “F-U” written in Sharpie. The only thing that stops this creature is an evocation of 30.06 over holy water by a lvl 20 cleric of pacifism…but so few know this…

  5. Wow. It reads just like the self-righteous, know-it-all letters I get from my crazy Dad, (actually crazy, not just weird). I find that terrifying.

    But, in the interest of accuracy, is anything at all he said true, and if so, or if not, does it matter?

  6. Sock-puppet going to puppet. It’s rather funny, when you hear him talk, you can’t see Bloomberg’s face move.

  7. More proof Weisser’s an idiot. The only surprise here is that Mark Kelly can occasionally catch a clue.

    • I suspect that Kelly really isn’t very anti-gun, but he’s gotten himself into a mess that he doesn’t know how to get out of. He’s still despicable, because it seems clear to me he’s pimping his brain-damaged wife for Bloomberg Bucks™, but I don’t think he’s a true believer in the anti-gun crusade. He’s an addict, hooked on the money and attention he gets by trotting out Gabby for the anti-rights folks.

    • It sure is surprising when I see an exchange about guns where Mark Kelly is the reasonable one.

    • ” we wouldn’t even be having te gun debate ” that’s right the NRA stepped up to become a the largest civil rights organization in the US and thank GOD we are having the debate about losing our rights instead of setting around lamenting their loss. Thank GOD for the NRA.

  8. I can’t wrap y head around this guy. Nothing about him makes any sense. He’s a gun dealer…who hates guns; he’s an NRA member (or claims to be)…who hates the NRA; he claims to want people to use common sense around guns, yet decries gun safety programs.
    He’s such a living, breathing contradiction that his self-proclaimed bona fides can’t possibly be legit. He’s either never been anything more than a shill, or he’s so clown shoes crazy that not only does he buy his gimmick, he thinks others do to. He makes zero sense.

    • It makes perfect sense if you look at it from the view that he’s just an attention whore, who gets off on trolling people. Then there’s no need for any consistency. He can just say any incendiary shit that riles people up and gets him the attention he craves.

    • He may be a former gun dealer at this point. And if he is actually an NRA member, he may take the cake as the most hypocritical gun-grabber of the lot. Maybe he is in fact pathological.

  9. Classic critical theory. Kvetch and whine about what’s wrong with the system while never bothering to offer constructive criticism or a better alternative. Oh and be sure to link any refuting arguments back to unbiased sources like mother jones, that way people are bound to take you seriously.

    On the plus side, it shows that the antis can be just as bitterly divided as we sometimes are.

    • … Kvetch and whine about what’s wrong with the system while never bothering to offer constructive criticism or a better alternative. …

      That’s called a “knocker”. Been working with them ( and for them) for years.

  10. If you played a drinking game for anti-gun buzzwords reading letters like this you would die of alcohol poisoning pretty quickly. Maybe bingo boards would be the safer option, but only if the winner is the first one to fill the entire board.

  11. Good… let the anti’s attack each other.

    The best case (for us) is that Mark Kelly will respond with some defense of Eddie Eagle (or his opinion of it).

    The worst case is that Mark does nothing and Mike wasted his time writing a dumb letter.

  12. I’m pretty sure you could some up his “letter” to Kelley as, “Shut up and tow the party line, fellow civilian disarmer”. The anti’s probably have coined “Uncle Kelley” as a way to shame dissenters.

  13. I respectfully request that TTAG no longer quote this guy. We already know he’s a turd. As much as I like the old adage about ‘keeping one’s enemies close’ and, make no mistake, Weisser is an enemy of freedom, I’d like to stop getting tossing my breakfast every time I see his name in print.

    • I would keep my “influential” enemies close…

      People know MDA. They know Brady. They know Bloomberg/Everytown.

      Mike who?

      • That’s what I’m thinking–he’s exclusively on HuffPo, right? And even that audience doesn’t exactly leap to his defense when he’s being trashed in the comments.

  14. Well, Mike. If Massachusetts hadn’t tried to ban all handguns in the 1970s and gun hating folk like you would stop pushing laws that have never even once been demonstrated to increase public safety, maybe the NRA could go back to being about hunting and target shooting. But because gun rights are under seemingly unending attack, check the laws in NY, CA, CT, and so on, we need the NRA fighting for us.

    And the NRA is about safety. They are the largest gun safety org in the nation and many of those instructors giving state mandated training have been certified by the NRA or are working from their materials.

    Thanks to TTAG for publishing this. Means I don’t have to click over to Huffpo!

  15. MIkethegunguy is nothing more than a useful idiot. It has become his trademark to insert links into his story that are attempts to sell anti-gun ‘research’ by his partners. In this story alone, his link to ‘evaluated’ takes you to a study that requires you to pay $14.00 to read the study. In previous articles you click on one of his links to gun studies and it doesn’t give you a study at all. Just an Amazon link to purchase David Hemenway’s latest book. Mike doesn’t share this information but Hemenway serves as an adviser to Mike’s ‘National Medical Council on Gun Violence’. Yup, Mike founded an a gun control group.
    Another oddity is when he first published his book, ‘Guns for good guys, guns for bad guys’-Mikethegunguy proclaims on his blog, “Hey, check out OUR latest book.” Yet, he’s listed as the sole author.

    • Maybe he’s using the royal “we”… (actually, in fairness, it could be the editorial “we”).

  16. From the “Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle” workbook, Levels 1 and 2:

    “A Message to Parents

    This workbook was developed to teach your children what to do if he or she sees a gun in an unsupervised situation. It does not teach whether guns are good or bad. You, as a parent, are responsible for teaching values and good judgment to your child.”

    From 1991.

    As it should be.

    Mike Weisser is a liar.

  17. I had to look up Mr. Weisser to see who this idiot is and of course I find that he writes for Huffington Post.
    These people run down Fox news nonstop yet their entire newspaper is an op-ed, left wing propaganda publication.

  18. Bingo scorecard: ‘rational discussion’, link to motherjones article (multiple), GFZ denial

    Rating: Jim Brady

    “In fact, we wouldn’t need a gun debate if the NRA hadn’t decided back in the 1980s to abandon a hundred-year tradition of representing hunters and sport shooters”

    You’re right. Because we’d have been forcefully disarmed like the British and Aussies.

  19. I stopped reading when the “data” link sent me to a Mother Jones article. Mike, you really need to take a refresher course at your local journalism school, because not using wildly, obviously biased references like that is pretty much day one.

    • Nope. It’s the way most journalists work, citing MDA and David Hemenway as sources.

  20. Rational discussion? That comment is about as worthless as “common sense” when spoken by the antis.
    Antis NEVER rationally discuss EVER.

  21. I did Eddie Eagle when it first came out and I was a child.

    To this day I still sing to myself, “STOP, Don’t Touch, Leave the Area, Tell an Adult!” on a fairly regular basis.


  22. I can’t think of any good reason to read anything from Mr Weisser. Not going to do it.

  23. I bet Mike offed himself after running his business into the ground and being buried in debt and now there’s just some staff writer at HuffPo using his identity as a poor means of lending credibility to his empty, tired and failed arguments.

  24. 1. By clicking through, you can find Dr. Monroe’s CV. Her accomplishments date at least back to 1992, when she became a certified teacher; her M.Ed. in mid-1995. Anyway, Mike is wrong, NRA is correct concerning accomplishments. “Accolades” label is rather subjective, but she has been awarded funding for several research projects and was appointed the Director, Institute of Child Development, over 15 years ago. Weissers: four pinocchios

    2. The “curriculum materials” developed by Dr. Monroe are the “instructor guides”. Weissers misleads by implying that all of the materials were developed by Dr. Monroe. Weissers: three pinocchios.

    3. The J.Emerg.Nurs. article in 2001 mentions the existence of more than 80 gun safety programs. The article examined two programs for *children*, Eddie Eagle & STAR ( Prevent Handgun Viol.), finding the NRA program best met the evaluating criteria.
    a. The specified weakness of the Eddie Eagle program was a lack of discussion of locks and safety devices; strengths included developmental level appropriateness and presentation appearance. Unlike the STAR program, Eddie Eagle was also noted to be culturally sensitive.
    b. The article also noted that more study was needed (normal for an author), and also that “injury prevention programs–not just gun prevention programs, but injury prevention programs in general–showed no conclusive relationship between changes in injury incidence and the educational programs presented.” Bottom line: NRA misleads as to scope of the article; Weisser misleads as to the article’s conclusions.

    Hope that helps.

    • a. The specified weakness of the Eddie Eagle program was a lack of discussion of locks and safety devices; Worse than useless crap that doesn’t work? ” excuse me Mr Thug Home Invader while I search for the key to the gun lock and find the mag.”

      • Note, “lack of discussion”, not “lack of recommendation to always, always, always use.”

        Safes, trigger locks, and other items have their place. They are not universally appropriate, nor are they universally foolhardy. Circumstances matter. I know that when my (very young) grandchildren visit from out of state, my wife and I change some of our firearms locations and stowage. Different circumstances.

        OTOH, the Eddie Eagle program is directed to the *child*. A discussion of safes, locks, etc., really belongs with adults, so I don’t think that its absence in the Eddie Eagle program is necessarily a fault.

    • Outstanding! Mind if I cut and paste this, to HuffPo?

      Gents, I respectfully suggest we go beyond just venting bere, and up our game. Nothing wrong with mocking the left, here, and elsewhere, but what distinguishes the content sought by an independent, inquiring mind, from the same stale hateful dreck by the likes of Weisser, or Shannon Watts, and served by HuffPo to lefty true believers,

      Is facts, analysis, and tone that by virtue of comparion, is damning to Seisser, et al.

      That requires us to set aside groupthink, and understand what that independent inquiring, but new to guns readers wants…
      Weisser and his ilk appeal to the juvenile ego needs of those who eed to belong, to be cokl, who dont have the ability to think for themselves. Smart, web savvy Millenials are sick of his hater speech, too. What they need is a link to the facts, to a place that respects reason, embraces diversity of thought, but espouses principled and morral opposition to anti-freedom tyranny.

      I apologize for preaching to the choir for there are many ofwgs who get this, justas there are many, many more equally passionate new, Millenial gun guys hea at TTAG.

      Young adults, the Millenials, have grownn up with the innertubz, social m,dedia, and are hip to being sold, and preached to, and the smart ones are abandoning the left-progressive plantation in droves. Proof is in the cratering viwership, reputation, and revenue at places like MSNBC, and CNN. And in the Pew surveys,t the Gallup polls, the Nov 2014 electons.

      HuufPo gets this. Thats why you see more articles from writers like Balko, Totten, or writers lke Glenn Reynolds in USAToday. My belief is the left is b
      True, HuffPo is mostly lefty propaganda. However, it IS read by people who while gun ignorant, are interested in the issues.

      Writers like Weisser are repugnant to them, as he is despicable to us.
      The way to beat Weisssr, and influence the outlets that carry him is provide a principled, informed, and interesting alternative. Fight back, with facts, but dont stoop to his hater level of personal attacks. THAT is what distinguishes the Effective Right from the Rotten Left. Read How to debate a liberal, by Ben Shapiro, at Truth Revolt. Watch the video of his protest at one college radical event, where his opponent was reduced to tears of impotent, head spinning rage, by pricipled facts, delivered with moral passion.

      Factual, proof provided (by link, or reference to studies, 3rd party experts, etc) rebuttals that speak to the larger issues that Millenials card about, personal freedom, truth, and facts not spin, is what pries them away from the koolaid.

      And if you zsend them back here, to the facts, like Bruce Kraffts survey analysis, Dean Weingartns gentlemanly and erudite history and reporting on concealed carry states rights, and other reporting on independent voices, like Glenn Reynolds at NRA, and how to win at social media (“punjch back twice as hard, with the facts” then we 2A freedom believers gain another voter, who is thinking about personal freedom, vs tyrranny of the big State progressives.

      Its working. Just get in the fight, if you arent, and if you are, then keep it up, pass the word.

      When haters like Weisser start chewing on gun grabbers like Kelly, you know the Left is desperate. When all they have is lies, and personal attacks, then reasonable people abondon them, and the left is left to feeding on its young.

      Be the better man. Keep up the fight, adapt, improvise, overcome.

  25. I love how the guy reminds Kelly about his wife getting shot as if it doesn’t occur to him on a regular basis. What a sanctimonious self-righteous bunghole.

    • @ Shwiggie

      I hear you about reading that stuff. It’s the same garbage over and over. We have heard it. We keep hearing it. Nobody ever says anything new, different or unique. It’s all old, tired, rehashed, regurgitated malarkey.

      It’s like watching reruns of Star Trek TOS. We have seen every episode a thousand times. We know every line, every photon torpedo firing, every phaser blast and every red shirt guy death. Nothings new or different. There’s NEVER a new life-form, just like none of these antis EVER have anything new, clever or interesting to write about.

      If an anti-gun person wants to impress me, get on live TV, jerk a pistol out and blow their brains all over the studio. Now THAT would get my attention!

      OK, Ok, guns are bad. I get it now. Well, no I don’t, I’ll have to see that again.

  26. The Eddie Eagle program leaves one issue open:

    Maybe the “adult” the child summons turns out to be an idiot who doesn’t know the first thing about guns, picks it up with no thought of trigger or muzzle discipline, and creates a negligent discharge?

    ‘Cause that’s the world the antis are setting up.

  27. Soooo uhh.. Where in that “open letter” does he prove that the Eddie the Eagle program is a marketing ploy? I see some statement about someone who researched it apparently not having enough schooling (because she taught grade school soon after her master’s… Huh??) And then he goes right to congratulating himself, but… Where’s the beef? It’s like he sets up for this great expose on the NRA’s safety program, and then there’s no money shot…

    I’ve heard Weisser kvetch about the Eddie program in several other articles too, always saying that it’s some ploy to get kids to want guns, but he’s never once elucidated on how that’s the case.. It’s just “Trust me, it is.” … And some vague mechanations about how if it doesn’t preach to kids that high cap mags are “bad, mmkay?” it’s gotta be pernicious.

    Maybe he wants to see a school program on the evils of flash suppressors and adjustable stocks… They’re killing our youth, and the madness has to stop.

    • “I’ve heard Weisser kvetch about the Eddie program in several other articles too, always saying that it’s some ploy to get kids to want guns, but he’s never once elucidated on how that’s the case.. It’s just “Trust me, it is.” …”


      This is an opportunity to call them out on this B.S..

      Eddie is evil? O.K. *gag*

      Let’s see your 30 sec. Public Service Announcement. (PSA).

      Here’s the setup:

      Two 8 year-olds are playing at a new friends house.

      In a closet, they find a shoebox. In the shoebox is a gun.

      Finish the PSA for us, Mike. What do the kids do?

      We will match you, dollar-for dollar to broadcast it.

      You and the left have Hollywood’s ear, you can make a stunning PSA.

      You WON’T.

      That PSA would start the normalization of guns in American society. You can NEVER ALLOW THAT.

      That’s why you, Mike, and the left will NEVER ALLOW THAT PSA TO BE MADE AND BROADCAST.

      Prove us wrong, Mike. Kids are finding unsupervised guns and getting hurt and killed.

      We’re calling your ass out.

  28. I think I’ll start referring to him as Mike “The MOD” Weisser. What a freaking charlatan.

  29. It’s so cute when antis try to form coherent, rational arguments, as if they’re worthy of any intellectual consideration.

    So cute! It thinks it’s people!

  30. Keep posting articles (or re-posting in this case) like this TTAG. While understanding the antis’, like Mike’s, web of circular logic (a Gun Free Zone is somehow taken into consideration by mass murders and makes us safer) maybe nigh impossible. As much as it causes pain and befuddlement trying to understand their arguments and reasoning, it is imperative that we never lose sight of what we’re up against.

  31. I will not support the NRA until such time as they stop training their stupid: Rule number one, never load a gun until you are at the firing line”, and conform to the actual realities of life: “all guns are always loaded, ALL THE TIME”.
    Perhaps if they can bring themselves to do this, we can even put one of the most idiot statements ever made to rest, to wit; “I didn’t know the gun was loaded”! OFC it was loaded, that is the very purpose of a firearm. Perhaps if we were to teach kids properly, they wouldn’t grow up ignorant. Logic, what a concept!

    • The NRA rule #1 is : ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

      The NRA rule #3 is: ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

      There is no rule about never loading until at the firing line (although that’s a good rule for many public ranges). “Ready to use” includes a wide range of activities, including, for example, ready to use as a concealed carry or home defense weapon. Context is important.

      For the record, although I’m a NRA basic pistol instructor, I personally prefer Cooper’s four rules. In our classes, we cover the NRA rules primarily, but also mention (and discuss differences) Cooper’s rules and “A Father’s Advice”, and have a classroom discussion of the differences as well as rule redundancy (is there shooter alive who has never violated at least one of NRA or Cooper rules at least once?). I think having the discussion increases an awareness of safety.

      • Looks like they’ve changed lately, because that is not what I was taught. But they still have failed to use the real rule #1, all guns are loaded all the time. It is nice to see they are capable of change, its just too bad that it wasn’t for the better.

  32. Even a stopped clock/2x a day. At least space cadet gets one thing right. Again don’t give “the gun gay” any ink. A##wipe…

  33. The soft dulcet tones of another fascist front man trying (poorly) to reel somebody …… anybody in. If you do not agree with me them you are ………………. (fill in with the latest fascist buzz words / fear talk).

  34. ‘Gun Guy’ sounds like just another shill for the Corporatocacy that is throwing money, a lot of which is actually our tax money, at their sticky little problem of millions of thinking, wary citizens having guns and slowing down their process of having their way with us even more than they do now. Unfortunately they are using known successful propaganda techniques that can do damage regardless of how wrong their position is. In the case of this ‘Gun Guy’ they are using a phony ‘authority’ figure so the folks that don’t know anything about guns will think that there is actually some merit to the ‘Ban All Guns’ thing that they imagine is possible in their idea of Utopia, and then not bother to learn the real facts about firearm and power. To the informed and trained gun users he sounds stupid, but it is much worse than that. He is insidious.

  35. “gun-free zone, the NRA will tell you that this only increased the risk of an active shooting, but the data on such shootings shows the reverse to be true.”

    Clicked in the link given and ended up at “mother jones” article. All it talked about was shootings in “gun free zones.” Pardon me. You were saying “gun free zones” are safer? Maybe he expects us not to check up on his claims?

  36. Mike, “The fake gun guy,” has provided as caseless rant. His provided link to data for gun free zones contains no data in regard to gun free zones, only more “mother jones” opinions and rhetoric. His statement that somehow disproves the Eddie eagle program as not a serious or successful effort on the the basis of some author publishing or not publishing something until back in 1999 or whatever is extremely weak sauce. Unbelievably weak. So weak in fact that it doesn’t support his statement at all. Eddie the Eagle was originally created in 1988. I fail to see how whatever that author did or did not publish in 1999 has anything to do with the success of Eddie the eagle for the last 3 decades.

    Maybe Mike should be addressed as Mike, “The Trolling Guy.” I think that is far more accurate for him.

  37. This turd had crossed two very big lines, attempting to guilt Kelly about his wife and trying to discredit a legitimate safety program is too far. F this guy.

  38. Weisser sounds like someone in the middle of a serious mental illness, going downhill, frankly.
    I hope he gets some help.

  39. The latest thing among the anti-gun crowd is to discredit Eddie Eagle. There is only one reason for this and that is they don’t want people to think that maybe the NRA is good organization.

    They are so opposed to the NRA that they won’t even acknowledge the EE mantra of Stop, Don’t Touch, Runaway, Tell a Grown Up for fear that if they Google it they will find that NRA has been running this program since 1988!

    The anti-gun groups believe that kids can’t learn anything. It is ok to tell them not to run out into the street, not to play with matches, not to stick their fingers into wall outlets, don’t go swimming without an adult, but if you try to tell them not to touch gun OHHHH THEY CAN’T LEARN THAT.

    The really sad thing is that the anti-gun group’s single mantra is lock it up (Gee isn’t that the NSSF mantra?? That is gun manufacturer lobby organization). You have to wonder if what they really want is to have more gun accidents not less as we are now having.

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