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“Earlier this year the gun researchers at Harvard and Northeastern broke into the news with a survey of gun owners which showed that a group of what are called ‘super owners,’ representing 15 percent of all gun owners, now own on average at least 17 guns,” Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser writes at “Meanwhile, the percentage of American homes containing firearms continues to go down.” Well . . .

U.S. gun ownership from 1978 to 2016 (courtesy

According to the recent CBS News poll, 40 percent of American households queried sheltered someone who owns a pistol, rifle of shotgun. Back in June 2016, CBS News pegged U.S. gun ownership at 36 percent. I make that a four percent rise.

Gun show (courtesy

Margin of error? Perhaps. Respondents lying to pollsters? Maybe. But the simple fact remains: American gun culture is alive and well — even if it’s largely propelled by “super owners.” A fact that Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser wishes away thus:

I’m willing to bet that most of [the “super owners”] are older rather than younger and have been buying guns for years.

This past weekend I went to a gun show and noticed that virtually everyone wandering around looking at guns, gun parts, ammunition, holsters and assorted crap were men in their ’50s and ’60s, a consumer group that can hardly be said to represent future growth for the gun industry, or any industry based on consumer sales.

Translation: anecdotal gun show demographics prove that American gun owners are OFWGs  (like Mr. Weisser). They’re dying off, taking interest in guns and gun ownership with them.

True story? Doubtful.

Look at the popular culture. Hollywood and TV is as gun-centric as ever. I said, look at . . .

Anyway, gun-based video games — where young ‘uns shoot guns! — are massive. In its first three days of availability, Call of Duty: WW2 racked-up half a billion dollars in sales. OK, that’s $50m less than the numbers achieved by Call of Duty: Black Ops III, but it still highlights Mr. Weisser’s willful ignorance:

When I was a kid, starting at age 6 or 7, I always wore my Lone Ranger hat and toy gun. Now kids at that age are playing with electronic devices; my 12-year-old grandson just got his first droid.

For those folks who have been fighting the GVP [ED: don’t ask] battle against what they consider to be overwhelming odds, they might step back for a moment and consider that there’s one factor working in their favor, and that’s something called time. And the gun industry can’t do anything to stop time from moving forward, no matter how deep gun prices are slashed.

Again, this is nothing but wishful thinking. If national reciprocity is passed, if the Supreme Court finally strikes down “may issue” concealed carry permitting, gun sales will spread through the general population and fly like an eagle.

One thing’s for sure: at least half of the half-or-so of Americans (of all ages) who owns guns will go all cold dead hands if disarmists like Mike try to regulate their guns to death. Then again, maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part . . .

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  1. Younger people are still completing their education and getting started in the work force. They have less surplus cash to spend on guns. Older people have the cash to indulge their gun habit, so they buy more guns. Even a “genius” like Mike the anti-gun guy should be able to figure that out.

    • When I was in my 20’s I had fewer than 10 guns. I didn’t have the income to buy that many. As my income grew over the past decade and a half, I have added a “few” more to that number. I know a lot of guys I work with want more guns, but they lack the income or understanding spouse to increase their collection. I luckily have both.

    • There’s no denying though that society is attempting to reprogram youngsters away from a pro-gun ideology and instill anti-gun traits. When you start punishing children for chewing a Pop-tart into the shape of a gun, there’s no questioning what the master plan is. However obvious, it’s destined to fail.
      The cold hard fact the matter, girls play with dolls and boys like things that shoot. It’s genetics. That’s why we are alive, because the cavemen learned how to shoot things. Be it throwing rocks, hitting a baseball, shooting a spit-wad through a straw, boys are going eventually take it up, irregardless of what society attempts to instill.
      As far as Mike the gun guy Weasel, his writings and thoughts are unimportant and I never read his garbage.

      • MLEE, you somehow seem to have missed the latest news… women are buying guns and shooting – even competing – in ever increasing numbers. I only had one “doll” in my life, but I have 15 guns. And I know how to use every one of them.

        Guns are not about gender. Slaves are not “allowed” to have guns. Free men and women can’t be kept from having them. Individual liberty is the essential element here, not gender, race or age.

    • He’s full of it. I took a lot of people shooting in college and by the time they were 30 the vast majority of those people had what approached “an arsenal” (10-14 guns).

      Anecdotal, yes. But my anecdote trumps his anecdote 1) because I say so 2) because I’m smarter than he is and 3) because he’s a [flame preemptively deleted by poster].

      • Agreed. When I was 20, the specific makes/models of guns I wanted to own was limitless. I wanted to own ALL of them. Funny how capitalism works… the harder I worked and older I got, the more guns and ammo I could afford. It wasn’t long before I owned a legitimate Arsenal with a model of a minimum of 10,000 rounds for each caliber I owned. Yeah, that number proved ridiculously low, lol. I know a dozen guys like myself who in the year running up to the last election election who stocked up on lowers. I averaged 2 per month, because that’s all I could afford at the time. I figured instead of spending $1600 on 1 rifle, I could buy 2 dozen lowers. My best friend spent about $7000 on just lowers (about a 100). He’s given a handful away for stocking stuffers. He and I built a few “weirdo” rifles (side chargers, 458 socom, etc) and “buried” the rest to leave for children and grandchildren. I could arm a division, and hope that in my lifetime, we use all of these rifles for what they were intended for, and expend all of my ammo (lol) destroying the Liberal Terrorists™️ that pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic.

        • You are exactly the type of person who should not own firearms. You fantasize about killing people who disagree with you, and that is not okay.

        • +VerendusAudeo:
          It isn’t simply a matter of “those that disagree with you”. Liberal swine are truly enemies of liberty. And, I’d be willing to bet, they hate the right side of this country as much as they are hated by true Americans. And, I’d also bet they would like to make lampshades out of all of us. Just as readily as they like to kill babies.

    • Younger people seem to be buying more guns than their parents, and more pistols and AR type guns too. Of the baby boomer/older gen X ages, I know like one dude that owns an AR or handgun. But everyone under 50 seems to have a brace of handguns and an AR or 3. The younger side also seems to have much less trust in government and corporations both, along with “surveys”. As they should.

    • I’m glad I started buying milsurp when I was in college. It’s harder and harder to find affordable old guns these days. Sure, I like new, fancy stuff, but my first love is milsurps. I may be one of those damn “millennial” kids, but I pride myself on my technical and historical knowledge of weapons, and I’ve become more and more absolutist in my support of the RKBA in the past decade. People like me are not going away. We’re carving our lives out and forming the next gun culture, and thanks to our internet connectivity we’re warded against a lot of the fuddlore and misconceptions spread by the media.

    • He can eat his words, although from the look of him he’s already done his fair share of eating. I was a super owner before 30. It’s amazing what having a lack of expenses, a surplus of cash and being bereft of needs does for a hobby. I actually own fewer now because I finally slimmed down the collection.

    • It’s true that my boys don’t have the surplus cash. They’re young and starting out. That’s why I’m giving them a “jump start” and starting a collection for each of them. Plus, they’ll have to divvy up my collection when I kick the bucket. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that circumstance.

  2. I qualify as old, white and male but the fastest growing sector for gun ownership here in Australia is young females.

    Local pistol club has plenty of shooters under 20.

    No idea how these “researchers” get their data but I never answer phone polls.

    • Total B.S.

      I cannot find the survey now, but I read one several months ago that stated the younger the American, the less likely they were to believe in gun control.

      Someone whose search skills are better might be able to find it.

  3. 36-40% that’s low and Mikie knows it. As I have said before, I know 20-30 guys at work who own firearms and would NEVER admit it to some pollster. As for younger gun owners, I bet they don’t go to gun shows. The younger generation I’m betting shops on line…you know computers. When I was younger and single, I had a 1911 and a 9mm (both gifts from my Dad), and two rifles. Then for the next 25 years I had a family a raise, guns were not a priority. Now, my goal is to be a SUPER owner! Thanks Mike, you just gave me a goal!

  4. I’m 23, graduated college in May, have a full time engineering job after an internship and many summers of construction work. I have purchased 8 firearms for myself over the past five years. Guess that not only makes me a “super owner” but a VERY YOUNG super owner. My guns may not be the most expensive or best quality, but when I pull the trigger they go bang.

  5. Yeah I don’t know of any gun owners who willingly admit to random strangers that they have valuable things in their houses.

  6. Wow, that’s a lot of: “There’s so few of them, they don’t matter anyway.’ this week on gun owners.

    It’s almost like the outlets coordinate with a message du-week that shows up everywhere, setting the conversation for a couple news cycles, self-reinforcing since they all say the same thing, creating the appearance of agreement, even “common sense” truth

    Naaah. That would take deliberate coordination, say via something like an invitation-only mailing list for, say, journalists. (Er, I mean “journolists.”) Call it “journolist”, just hypothetically. Some place where a cabal gets together to decide the topic of the week, their position on it (based on which position most helps their BFF / politi-crushes – squeee!), & common talking points. It’s flying monkeys that summon themselves.

    Couldn’t happen. They’re all honest folks, speaking for themselves (in Bloomie-funded venues, but who’s counting?), seeking the truth (with the same answer before they start seeking but who’s counting?)

    Besides that would be as corrupt as prepping some but not all candidates with upcoming questions, seeking article approval before publication, openly declaring themselves advocates for this or that (Media for a pre-determined position has a name – propaganda.), or casually violating laws they’re for, on camera, knowing they won’t get prosecuted.

    That’s impossible. People would catch on. They’d torch their credibility. Their industry would collapse…




  7. Just a brain exercise here….let’s accept the premise that gun ownership is falling. Should there be any effort to arrest the trend? If so, what would be effective? What would “done” (finished, complete, success) look like?

  8. Over 90 percent of gun owners surveyed hang up when a stranger on the phone asks them about their personal firearms ownership,

  9. No factual data at all. Between 80 to 100million new guns in the past decade. Over 14million concealed carry licenses up 10 million since obama took office.

    The only dying breed are unarmed Americans living in anti strong holds like Chicago. At least the armed citizens their have a chance.

  10. B.S. I work for an FFL From what I’ve seen Super owners seem to be white males in their 40’s-50’s but the Majority of Gun sales are late 20’s to 40’s. I’m going to teach my daughter (she’s 1year old) about guns, she WILL inherit my firearms, G.O.’s are not going anywhere.
    Our kids WILL exercise their RIGHT, The 2nd A!

  11. Have never been to a real “gun show”; only seen pictures. Was at an electronics show once, and in the next display section of the arena was a real gun show. The people I saw walking out with guns and ammo did give me a start. Looked like a bunch of raggedy-assed cadets. No problems developed. No wild shoot-outs in the arena or parking lots.

    Anyway, my LGS is pretty small (I guess), about the size of a 7-11. The sales staff look to be recent military discharges, and the owner/manager is not an OFWG. The clientele seems about 10-15 years younger than me, and I don’t ask a lot of questions because I don’t want to advertise my lack of knowledge. Sometimes I feel like I am cruising a “GAP” store. The only women I have seen (yes, I am in infrequent visitor) seem to be there only to make the boyfriend/husband (or whatever) feel like they are not boring the women.

    So my experience with gun owners is skewed toward the culture being overtaken by the younger kids. Haven’t asked the store staff about the general age of the buyers, but my impression is “gun folks” are not dying out just yet.

  12. Good deal! I guess with all of the gun owners dying off, all of those gun-control measures y’all have been whining about are no longer necessary.

    As Bugs Bunny might say: “What a maroon!“ 🤣

  13. I rarely see Mikey the gun goof anywhere but HERE. So how does this cretin make a buck?!? Bloomie? Soros? Democrat operative? Inquiring minds want to know😖😫😡

  14. See BS news. Whats killing the Gun owner breed? Habitat destruction, or pollution? We’ve made great progress with the California condor, the Whooping crane, American bison and the Red wolf, they may be hope for the Gun Owner breed as well.

  15. This guy supposedly runs a gun store,


    gets all his data on who’s buying by walking around a gun show last weekend….

  16. This lie. Again. And they wonder why people are tired of their same old song and dance.

    Gun control has lost. It’s on life support from kapo bloomberg and george soros. Without them there would be no gun control movement . None that would even be a blip on the radar, at least.

  17. If little Mikey and the Huffandpuff post say resistance is futile, that is good enough for me. When all of the elderly, portly and pale skinned males are deceased, their “super collections” will wind up in the hands of …..?
    Hmmmm, register now, confiscate later appears to be a viable, long term strategy for the elimination of a core right. If they just wait for old age to produce the “cold, dead hands”, there will be no need for an unwinnable civil war. In the drug induced vision of the Hufferpuffers. the dystopian, progressive future will contain no fat people, no white people and no old people. The widows and children of free men will have no interest in those collections worth tens of billions of dollars.
    This is the same happy horseshit they have been spouting for the past fifty years.

  18. Umm, I don’t think I have ever been called super anything before. Does this Fudd think my guns are all going to just die of a broken heart or pine away waiting for me to come home? No they will go to my daughter and her husband, and maybe by then I will have grandkids.

  19. Once a Moronic Fudd always a moronic Fudd. More CCW’s, more Women getting into guns. Gun sales were soaring. States going to Constitutional carry….. where’s the proof of this goobers claim.

    Dream about your jump the Hillary (Shark) moment. But the little train saying “I think I can” is just a children’s book. Well I guess when you have less smarts than a 2 yr old. Mikey shouldn’t play with guns at all.

  20. I’m 27, and I probably have enough to be considered a “super owner”. I bought my first rifle, an M44 carbine for $55 when I was 14 or 15 (well technically my dad bought it for me). When I was in college scrimping and saving from my part time job at Goodwill I bought a handful of guns when I could, including a Yugo M48 and some other surplus. My first handgun was a Polish P64 (private party, over 18), and the first pistol I bought from a dealer right after my 21st birthday was a Ruger P95. Since then I have, without exaggeration, bought/sold/traded dozens of guns, so many that I can’t remember a lot of them! I also have three suppressors and am thinking pretty seriously about SBR’ing a lower.So I guess I’m an exceptional exception to Mike “The Gun Guy”. Every time I see his picture in an article I roll my eyes and think “this guy again”.

  21. This country is just now tapering off buying enough guns to support an intergalactic invasion. And if the stupid party manages to overturn a lot of NFA regs, then we will see another massive buying spree….also if certain manufacturers would just license their carbines to the US (looking at you HK)

  22. Total B.S. on the part of Mike Weisser.

    I cannot find the survey now, but I read one several months ago that stated the younger the American is, the less likely he or she is to believe in gun control.

    Someone whose search skills are better might be able to find it.

  23. Weisser owns the Ware Gun Shop but doesn’t have a current FFL. Last he had one was 4 years ago. His current income is teaching firearms classes at his shop, writing for HuffPo and is the founder/owner of the ‘National Medical Council on Gun Violence’. This outfit started shortly after he lost his FFL. He’s rather shy about his affiliation with NMCGV. Odd?

    • Curious about the back story on him. I’ve seen other nonsense from HuffPo with this guys by-line.

      A gun guy he is not IMO.

    • He likely gets Fed grant $$$$ to spew anti-gun cr_p and double dips on Huffpoo. It’s lile all the POS (D) that got millions to run the Obamacare sign-up exchanges and the (D) bastards that made millions on the obamacare website. WHICH, by the way, LIKE THE PARIS ACCORD FUNDING, is coming due again soon, let’s see if the Ftards in D.C. Trip over themselves breaking away from National Reciprocity, tax reform, repealing Obamacare, building a wall, to make those payments.

  24. At 61, with a 12 gun collection (so far), I qualify as one of those OFWGs that are supposedly dying off and consequently killing the gun culture. But I have a daughter, son-in-law and a son who all have their own collections started and all have their CCW. That’s two or three, depending on how you count, that will still be around when I’m gone. Sorry, Mike. I don’t think the math is working the way you think (want) it to work.

  25. I’m in my mid-20’s and I wish I owned 17 guns. I definitely have an ever growing “wish list”. I hope I don’t have to wait until my 50’s to become a “super owner”. This guy sucks

    • Good for you! The twenties are a fun time. So are the thirties, forties, fifties etc. Don’t worry about having it all at once, because your tastes will change. You will narrow your priorities down to what works and what doesn’t work. And if you stay in the workforce your expendable income will increase.

      Looking back over my 60 some odd years one of the things that I have learned is don’t follow fads. Just because everyone is a polymer striker fired fanboy doesn’t mean that you have to be one. I was a black gun guy before pretty much anyone, but these days I mostly shoot (soul-less, stainless, synthetic) bolt guns (because why not).

      The important thing is to have fun. And learn stuff. And pass it on to your kids!


      • . . . not that it’s bad to be a “Super-Owner” as soon as you can. In fact, it’s great. Sh_t, even (D)bag [no current FFL?] “The ANTI-GUN” Wizz-man says owners with more than 17 guns are “super”, so I really hope all the rest of you get there soon, with the rest of us.

  26. Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser: American Gun Owners Are a Dying Breed

    That’s Mike’s invitation to fu<k some anti-gunners

  27. I have no idea if those numbers are correct, nor does anyone else. If I am asked if I have guns in the home my response will be; “Why do you want to know?”. I don’t post pictures of guns on facebook, and I don’t crow about my “arsenal”. The only people who have a clue that I am an avid gunner are my closest friends.

    I believe that the best indicator of gun ownership in a given area is the number of nics checks performed annually, and the number of concealed handgun permits per capita. A close examination of those numbers might be revealing.

    BTW: The “AS YOU GO, CHECK OUT MORE —” popup is annoying as hell!


  28. I’m in my early twenties and only own a fraction of what I’d need to be a “super owner”. Definitely a good goal!

  29. Who even goes to gun shows anymore? They are overpriced crappy garage sales. I know a lot of gun owners and none of them go. The deals are to be found on the internet which is where young people shop now.
    On the young people topic, the number of young gun owners is growing a lot. I look at my son and his peers and I’m amazed at how many of them have daily carry pistols. That was unheard of in my young days, it’s a huge trend for 20 somethings now. This guy is so full of BS…but it’s all propaganda and he’s getting paid to say this crap.
    We are winning the culture war.

    • ^^That is what I was going to say, young people don’t need to go to a gun show as internet stores, gunbroker, forums, etc have all the guns we need. Just like we don’t go to the mall much either.

    • Exactly. Gun shows suck. There no good deals anymore. I haven’t been to one in years.

      A very poor anecdote on his part.

  30. The simple fact is that the makeup of a household has changed over time:

    Plus the rise of the single person household:

    As always anti-gun people lie when it comes to the data. Record year over year sales plus ever increasing NICS checks are in direct conflict with their argument.

    It would be impossible for all of this excess demand to be absorbed by a static number of buyers let alone a contracting number. It’s complete BS.

  31. I know one gun “owner” I won’t be sorry to see die off. Full of BS statistics. Keep i mind that Mike’s from New York, where there’s a lot of hastle getting permission to have a gun if you aren’t politically connected, which few young people aref. I don’t see many college kids with Porsches that don’t come from rich families either. Most high $ toys are owned by people with disposable income, which means middle age/peak earning years. Someone starting out might have one rifle, handgun, and/or shotgun, but it’s hard to justify more when you have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and more month than money. In addition, the Hughes ammendment drastically reduced the number of machine gun collectors to those who were buying them in the 80’s (50+ now). I know a few who had 3 or more in the 90s.
    I’m a “super collector,” and I haven’t been to gun show in years. Most of the tables aren’t guns, and those that are don’t have deals. They’re gouging ammo or what’s in the news about being banned. Gun shows are old tech. The tech savvy millenials go online instead.

  32. MY take-aways…
    1) the guy’s a poser, a liar and a tool of the left…
    2) I might have a tidy sum of firearms and my 17 YO son might have a few. when I’m done with this place he might have a tidy sum of firearms plus a few. Sometimes it takes a while to accumulate stuff so it tends to follow if you have a lot of stuff, you may have been around a while…
    3) When I go to a gun show, my son goes with me because he like guns.

    So, from one OFWG to this OFWPOS: FOAD – nobody likes you, monkey boy.

  33. The anti-gunners are so fixated on polls and surveys and use maybe a 1500 user base to represent the whole of the country.

    I could make a poll to create any kind of results I want, just have to word it right to get those results. Then I can take those results and go on national TV and claim those results represent all 330M+ Americans.

    Make a poll to claim why America has a weight problem by asking people if they’d rather eat a lot of cookies, get punched in the face or get kicked in the crotch. Then take the results and use those to claim why America has an obesity problem.

  34. I’m old but a new timer: I didn’t touch my first handgun until I was over 60 years along. Now I both buy and sell. A little.

    In line with the gun guy’s reasoning, in about 20 years, there will be 400-500 million guns in the hands of perhaps 1 million remaining OFWGs of very advanced years. My ambition is to be one of them. One hopes the ambition is widespread.

  35. “Hello, I’m a stranger cold-calling you from the blue and I claim to work for a polling organization you’ve never heard of. Do you own valuable property that would make you an attractive target for burglars? And if so, how much and of what type?”

    Yeah. Not telling pollsters what I’ve got – if anything.

  36. 17? Huh, that just happens to be how many sets of reloading dies I have.
    I guess I do fir the age bracket though. But I don’t plan on dying any time soon. Why hell, today I set another record for the longest I’ve lived!

  37. Me thinks that Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Every weekend, I go to an indoor range at a local gun store. They have 11 lanes and about a 50-foot counter. Typically, the lanes are just about full and all 5 counter men are very busy.

    Even though I’m a OFWG, I think most of the people I see buying guns or shooting in the range are around 30 years old. They’re definitely not OFWGs. Many are women and frequently the family (sons and daughters) is shooting together.

  38. 17 guns is a “super owner”? Seems like a pretty low bar to me. I can’t even fill out a must have list of less than 17. Also, I’m 33 and not fat, so there is that. Maybe I’m going about this wrong, maybe I should take this title as “super owner” as flattery? Sure it’s a low bar at 17 but then again I’m a millennial so I’m supposed to be part of the everybody gets a medal movement, right?

  39. 1. I never answer calls I cannot identify.
    2. I don’t answer most questions on the phone.
    3. No, I don’t have any guns (well, not in my hand at this moment.)

    How would they score me?

    • Last time a pollster called they asked “can I ask (butcher’s my wife’s name) a few questions?” My wife was in the room with me. I thought for a moment (mostly about how effectively the caller butchered my wife’s name), said no and hung up.

      Most of our survey calls go something like that.

  40. My father owns more guns than I do. And I own more than my son. By the magical power of imagination my son will never inherit firearms from myself or his grandfather? He’ll never purchase guns later in life?

    Old people vote more than young people do. I guess that means soon there won’t be any more voters?

  41. This has been a common claim from the gun controllers as of the last few years, that “most households don’t own guns,” that the “majority of gun sales are driven by a small group of people who buy multiple guns.”

    I don’t know how true it is, however I can say that support for a right does not depend per se on enthusiasm for the items that make up the exercise of that right, so much as on education about the right. For example, plenty of people support gay rights, but have no interest in engaging in gay behavior themselves. Plenty of people support freedom of speech, but have no real interest in reading books or in becoming a journalist or author. Just the same, plenty of people can support gun rights without owning a gun themselves.

    But education on this issue is of supreme importance. There are plenty of AR-15 owners and gun enthusiasts who could be fooled into supporting a so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” or so-called “High-Capacity Magazine Ban” or so-called “Universal Background Checks.” Gun enthusiast does not necessarily equal supporter of gun rights. And you will be hard-pressed to find a more lying, deceitful, dishonest, misleading group of people then the Gun Control Lobby.

  42. I’d love to have oodles of kit but truth be told adequately feeding just one can quickly outstrip the cost of another. I like to collect guns but I also want to shoot them! Quite the dilemma.

  43. I wish I could understand this guy. He was a gun dealer in Massachusetts but now his shop is closed. He says he’s trained people in the use of firearms but can’t imagine he’s any more knowledgeable than the average fudd. It’s like the Huffpo parades this useful idiot out to say “here is a sensible gun owner, why aren’t you all like this?”
    Anyway he’s probably right if he was at a gun show in Mass considering that’s where he is from. I can personally attest to the fact that Massachusetts is a nightmare for hunters and shooters. And the culture here has become so liberal everywhere that children are immediately indoctrinated to believe that guns are evil and dangerous and shouldn’t be used by anybody but police.
    Mike should consider taking a ride to NH, ME or VT. He would see that hunting and shooting is alive and well there with less restrictions on both…oh and less crime also.

  44. He gets this right. The generations of Americans who understand the Bill of Rights are getting older and dying off. That’s a fact. There will be no private gun ownership in the US within a generation or 2.

  45. Wow, two anti gun institutions tell us that gun ownership is declining rapidly. Who’d a thunk.

    1) they probably polled more city folk.
    2) who tells people on surveys or otherwise that they have firearms in the home in this day and age? Actually had the question posed both on surveys and my doctor.

    “Hello Mr. Retro, do you have guns in your home? This is anonymous [though we have your phone number, name, and probably a lot of other info about you based on the fact that we called you] so, be honest.”

    “Nope, no guns, thanks for calling.”

    P.S. I fit the super owner group.

  46. With 26 Million Background checks last year, and over 400 million guns, a lot of people are Lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I think most people these days will lie in a poll about owning guns, I certainly would, you see more older people at gun shows for the simple reason is they probably have more disposable income than younger people who have families to raise etc.
    You know what is said about statistics, you can form any opinion you want.


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