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Documentary film maker Michael Moore wants to “finish off the NRA.” You know, metaphorically. ‘Cause the “gun lobby” is all that stands between Mr. Moore’s desire for civilian disarmament and civilian disarmament. To that end, he wants the Connecticut police to release photos of the dead children shot at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown . . .

When the American people see what bullets from an assault rifle fired at close range do to a little child’s body, that’s the day the jig will be up for the NRA. It will be the day the debate on gun control will come to an end. There will be nothing left to argue over. It will just be over. And every sane American will demand action.

Yeah, who needs debate? Who needs perspective? Let’s decide public policy on the basis of pure, unadulterated, uninformed emotion. And because Mr. Moore can’t wait for that triumphant moment, his blog asks readers to imagine it.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, past president of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, told me this:

The kind of ammunition used by the Newtown killer would have produced very extensive, severe and mutilating injuries of the head and face in these small victims. Depending on the number of shots striking a child’s head, substantial portions of the head would be literally blasted away. The underlying brain tissue would be extensively lacerated with portions of hemorrhagic brain tissue protruding through the fractured calvarium and basilar skull, some of which would remain on portions of the face…actual physical identification of each child would have been extremely difficult, and in many instances impossible, even by the parents of any particular child.

We also know this, according to Dr. Wecht:

In one case, the parents have commented publicly upon the damage to their child, reporting that his chin and left hand were missing. Most probably, this child had brought his hand up to his face in shock and for protection and had the hand blasted away along with the lower part of his face.

According to Mr. Moore, this is your fault. Well, our fault. Because we did “nothing” after  the Columbine killing to prevent Adam Lanza—or evil loons like Lanza (my words)—from unleashing his murderous mayhem. We need to see what we—yes we—have done.

But I am telling you now, that moment will come with the Newtown photos – and you will have to look. You will have to look at who and what we are, and what we’ve allowed to happen. At the end of World War II, General Eisenhower ordered that thousands of German civilians be forced to march through the concentration camps so they could witness what was happening just down the road from them during the years that they turned their gaze away, or didn’t ask, or didn’t do anything to stop the murder of millions.

Comparing the Sandy Hook spree killing to the systematic slaughter of hundreds of thousands of defenseless children and millions of innocent adults is flat-out ridiculous and not a little insensitive. Suggesting that Americans who voted for politicians who defend their Constitutionally protected right to armed self-defense are culpable for Lanza’s killing spree is insane.

Crazy like a fox, of course. Moore reckons the same kind of “white guilt” that fueled the civil rights movement—assuming that’s a valid assertion—would undermine the influence of gun rights advocates and their standard bearer, the NRA. In this, I don’t think he’s wrong. Which means the opposite is also true. Well, almost.

Photos or film from the Nazi death camps [such as the ones featured in this British film deemed too gruesome for the general public at the time] wouldn’t convince 2A fence straddlers to develop an appreciation for their gun rights. Too depressing. Too . . . incomprehensible. “It couldn’t happen here.”

In the same sense, terrible images of mutilated Sandy Hook victims would not “convert” Americans to the anti-gun side. They’d harden both “sides” of the “debate.” Gun control advocates would be “inspired.” Gun rights advocates would say, see? This is what we must arm ourselves against.

Yes, someday a Sandy Hook mother – or a Columbine mother, or an Aurora mother, or a mother from massacres yet to come – will say, like the mother of Emmett Till, “I just want the world to see.” And then nothing about guns in this country will ever be the same again.

Pack your bags, NRA – you’re about to be shown the door. Because we refuse to let another child die in this manner. Got it? I hope so.

All you can do now is hope no one releases those photos.

We who cherish our Constitutionally protected right to self-defense have nothing to fear from agit-prop agitators like Mr. Moore. We know the truth hurts. It liberates you from comfortable illusions. Like the idea that gun control can stop madmen from carrying out their evil intentions.

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    • I actually have never seen Moore and Fienstein in the same place at the same time. Just saying. 😀

  1. Much like Jessie Jackson, Moore worries about dropping off the radar so he has to come up with something to draw attention.

    • This X 1000. Dont feed the troll. Dont give him what he desires most, attention. Ever notice that every movie he makes features a giant picture of him on the cover? Ever listen to him talk? He is a textbook narcissist and the worst thing you can do to a narcissist is not care about them.

    • Yep.

      The truth about Moore is completely opposite of what he tries to project as a populist waving a bloody shirt. He’s a rich, self-absorbed twerp.

      • Read “Do as I say” by Peter Schweizer for a concise expose on Moore’s (as well as the Kennedy’s and other prominent collectivists) true hypocrisy, from tax avoidance to union (non) relations, and his selective Goebbel-esque editing of his films. Bernie Goldberg’s “100 people who are screwing up America” isn’t bad either
        The slob (moore) is a complete phony and subversive. All from a guy who found fame and vast fortune within a system he is now trying to undermine. Most of our problems with Moore and his scummy ilk would be solved if we would only enforce the sedition laws already on the books.

        And if the pictures don’t do the trick, maybe he’ll push to exhume a few of the victims.

  2. yes, its for the white suburban children. I am sure that will play well in the cities where kids are joining gangs and have been shooting each other for 30 years, and they are cutting funding for schools and police. The customers of a lot of those gangs are the suburbanites who drive into the city to get drugs and then drive out. but its for the C H I L D R E N

    … and actually 18 months from now when the hysteria has subsided and dems have to explain why gun control didnt work, well there will be a backlash.

    • No. There will be more school shootings. Even worse ones. They can have one anytime they want one.

    • Because while Michael Moore would be treated the same as any other citizen in New York City, some citizens are more equal than others.

  3. He never could quite duplicate the success he had with Roger and Me. He’s become the perennial Hollywood bottom feeding schmuck.

    • And Roger and Me was a far cry from what he’s been selling the past 20 years. His 911 movie would be his peak and what made him all that money. Too bad the IRS didn’t take 90 percent away.

  4. As the father of two young children the descriptions alone are enough to bring me to tears. But for me the emotion provokes the opposite response Mr. Moore intends. It makes me angry that the brave educators like the teacher that locked her kids in the closet and sacrificed herself to save them had no other means to stop that evil man (yes, evil, not mentally ill).

    Or the principal that ran toward the sounds of gunfire to be summarily executed. If any of them had a weapon and training it would have at least slowed him down if not ended it.

    • This is the same reaction that I had. This made me want to put the same pictures in front of the anti-gun crowd and cry out about how their gun free zone created this hunting ground for this evil man.

    • Karl,

      As the father of a young child, I experienced the same feelings that you describe – horror not just at what was done to those innocent children, but also at the fact that no one in that school was equipped to stop the killer.

      • Exactly, there was no lack of courage in that building that day. Only a lack of effective tools.

    • Thank you! This needs to be said more. I feel that the gun free zone is why those children died.
      Somehow politicians want to create more gun free zones. They ignore that is how those children were allowed to die. It was not at the hand of the NRA.

      The antis must admit that the guns will not go away by taking them from law abiding. Guns equalize us and are the means to fight back.

    • I’d have no problem showing those pictures to the Brady campaign and stating that this is the result of your “Gun Free Zone” policies.

  5. Is the death of a couple dozen children in a brutal manner tragic? Absolutely. But while we are at it can we show the millions of horrifying deaths and, even worse, the results of live “medical” experiments, many of them performed on children, the Nazi’s did on a populace they disarmed through guilt, fear and brutal force?

  6. Moore is an anti-Semite and I find it appalling that people let him get away using Holocaust imagery for his anti-gun propaganda.

    • what really irks me above and beyond every thing else is-Moore and the likes of him utilizing certain portions of the Holocaust to propel their gun-grabbing agenda. Let us NOT FORGET-a preamble to that horrific series of events, was the confiscation of civilian held firearms. Of course, recalling that would kick the wind out of the argument.

  7. I’m not a ballistics expert by any means, but wouldn’t a .223 FMJ round do less damage than that of a .45 ACP hollow point or a 30-06? If this is true, this again, proves that these anti-gun clowns dont have a damn clue what they are talking about.

    • You are vastly overestimating .45 ACP.

      Michael Moore did link to a ballistic test of a .30-06 accelerator load, though.

    • The way .223 tumbles makes it act like a buzz saw in soft tissue so these descriptions are not unplausible. Especially if there are miltiple wounds to the head and face.

      • Tumbling alone isn’t 5.56’s main wounding mechanism. If we aren’t talking commercial hunting loads, 5.56 has to fragment to be really effective.

      • Every report that I have read indicated that he was using hollow point/hunting ammo in that AR.

        If that is the case – the crime scene at SH would have been more horrendious than most can honestly imagine…even more so with the age of the suspects.

        I don’t believe the release of the pictures will do any good other than tramautizing the general public. Like mentioned it would only produce a very, very strong emotional response. I am staunh pro-2a but even I tear up just thinking about it.

    • High-velocity rifle rounds at relatively short range cause massive damage, even if they are FMJ. It’s a far cry from what one sees from even a fully-expanded large-caliber bullet at typical handgun velocities. I can damn well promise that those “little” .223 rounds didn’t leave neat quarter-inch holes.

  8. Well the towers falling on 9/11 was shown over and over again and the Patriot Act was pretty good.


  9. i downloaded a bbc special last night “americas gun addiction” utter propaganda. they do show however the “gunman” drills being implemented accross the country, and how ridiculous they are. traumatize the kids by having them all pile in bathrooms closets. etc. because a “bad man” with a gun is around. bar the door and arm yourself… with a fucking chair!

  10. I thought the ar-15 jammed and the children were killed by handguns.

    And whereas dead children by the dozens are bad, dead adults by the hundreds of thousands is worse.

  11. This guy is a joke, after seeing his movies and all the stupid shortcuts he takes to make a point I don’t get why people give him credit.

    First exemple that pops in my head is in sicko, he sites France as a great country for medical care and try to prove that people there have a great medical system and still make a great living, his proof ? See that one family in Paris makes 8000€ a month! Geez one familly make that kind of money ? So let’s assume that all the people in France do too ! What a moron..

  12. Clowns like Michael Moore are the life-blood of a Liberal Arts education because he so well demonstrates the need to study philosophy. The entire gun control movement shows us why Utilitarianism doesn’t pass the smell test.

    If 4 children were killed at Newtown and the killer was armed with only a Biden special it would be no less tragic, in my view. Gun control advocates like Moore exercise classic utilitarian concepts and instead only look at HOW MANY lives were lost, rather than WHY these lives were lost. A utilitarian first looks to ban an assault weapon because it holds 30 rounds. After the next shooting he looks to ban handguns because they hold 15 rounds. And finally, after the next shooting he looks to ban all guns because even 2 rounds is too many. Never ONCE do these people address the true issues, which are providing protection for those who can’t defend themselves (children), and allowing those who can defend themselves to possess the adequate tools. Secondly, people like Moore drastically fail to address WHY sick f*cks like Lanza and Loughner exist in our society and why we’re producing so many degenerate gangbangers, psychopaths and criminals. Answers to those questions are of course politically incorrect and uncomfortable to the Castrati like Moore.

    I don’t know if anyone caught it, but a 16 year old girl was stabbed to death by a random thug on a bus in the UK last week. And the comments below the article? “Why did he have a knife? No one needs to be carrying a knife!” Some people just don’t get it, and never will.

    Never, ever let the responsibility shift from the perpetrator to the tool. After Newtown I could not have cared less about what weapons were used or how they were acquired. My first thought was, “Where did his father go wrong?”

  13. Remember when they used to show new teen drivers the film “Red Pavement”? It didnt stop drinking and driving and car accidents are still the number 1 killer of teens and young adults. Showing these photos would do nothing to change peoples opinions

  14. A bit off topic here but I guess now is as good a time as any to ask this question:
    Why is the time duration at the bottom of all the youtube videos scrambled? If this has already been answered here before disregard and/or direct me to the already stated answer please. TY 🙂

  15. So, uhhh this is really pi&&ing me off. All I can think of is if we are going to start using drone strikes on Americans on US soil, Michael Moore should be first.

  16. I want Moore to release his latest medical exam, specifically his cholesterol levels.

    Or better yet, I want him to release his financials so we can all see how much of his millions he donates to charity.

    I normally avoid making anything personal, since this is all just smoke and mirrors, but Moore is a fat, race-baiting, bleeding heart, hypocritical has-been slob.

  17. Most of those of us who work in law enforcement, firefighting and the EMT fields have seen death a few times, sometimes by gunfire, but much more commonly due to motor vehicle accidents. Which produces gruesome injuries, too. I’ve seen 3 people killed in 2 MVA’s. One of which happened right in my rear view mirror. It is a terrible thing to see indeed, but it is the way of life and death. The how doesn’t really matter so much as the fact it happens. The more sensible and intelligent among us understand this reality and while we may shut it out, it doesn’t compel us to take rash and foolish actions. Michael Moore is indeed a ghoul, and despicable almost beyond words. Wishing death by gunfire on him would actually be much too nice. He has no decency whatsoever. I won’t even comment on his twisted analogy to Holocaust victims (which I have seen many, many photos of as I’m a history major with an emphasis on the early 20th century in particular.)


  18. I’m fine with that provided we also show pictures of dead children in places like Mexico where gun control works so well. I’d also include pictures of the piles of bodies found in places like the German concentration camps that demonstrate what happens under governments with unchecked power. Finally, I’d show some of the videos we have captured that depict the Jihadist training exercises conducted in burnt out schools to train for real school takeovers in places like America. Maybe even see if we can dig up some nice graphic footage of the Beslan school massacre with the bodies of children being hurled out of buildings. A gun ban did not prevent Beslan, but armed teachers/administrators probably would have.

  19. If they didn’t release pictures if Osama bin laden’s dead ass, (which i think the public should see), there is no reason to release these pics either.

    • I highly doubt any of the parents would like for pictures of their children in that state to be distributed for the purposes of propoganda

  20. Moore is the typical, unhinged gun hater who actually wishes for more innocents to be slaughtered on the altar of gun control and civilian disarmament. In his sick mind, the end justifies the means.

    Someone as mentally ill as he is should never own a gun. He is a complete waste of space and air.

  21. Thank you, Michael Moore, for reminding me why I joined the NRA a couple weeks ago. Their Glenn Beck booking had me almost immediately regretting giving them my money, but Moore illustrates perfectly why it was a good thing.

    Like it or not, the NRA is the point man on our side. The SAF and GOA do great work, but they don’t have the profile the NRA does, so the NRA takes all the heat from idiots like Moore. For that reason alone, it’s probably worth supporting them so groups like the GOA and SAF can do their work without having to deal so much with crackpots like this.

  22. Maybe they should create a similar photo of what some crazed shooter would look like had citizens been allowed the right to defend themselves against him saving a number of children from the slaughter. I wonder if Michael Moore would be will to put his fat ass in the path of a bullet to save a child. As recently stated, why sacrifice 20 kids to save one when you can save 20 at the sacrifice one.

  23. I consider that moore, difi, bloomberg, mikeyb#’s, biden, barry and the rest to be directly responible for Sandy Hook and just as guilty as Lanza in the murders. These people have made it next to impossible, if not completely impossible, for victims in gun free zones to defend themselves.

    It is not negligent, it is criminal, that years after Stockton and Columbine our schools are still soft targets waiting for the next Lanza to strike.

    For every photo of a Sandy Hook victim released we need to frame it with mug shots of the real guilty ones, the leftist anti gun crowd.

  24. I’d like a detailed list of his security details firearms, and a justification for same as well. Then we can “have a discussion”.

    Four legs good, two legs better!

  25. What this tells me is that the Left senses their momentum for gun control is slipping as weeks pass.

    However, we need to make sure that the pressure stays on in regard to our local representatives and senators. Contact them again today.

    At a less significant level, Moore must feel in need of publicity — it’s an addictive drug for such people.

  26. My previous attempt at a comment was lost to prevailing winds, so here goes again…

    Many of us who work in law enforcement, firefighting, the EMT and emergency medical fields see death on a frequent basis, sometimes by gunfire but most commonly motor vehicle accidents. Injuries sustained in the course of these, and many industrial accidents as well, are every bit as gruesome as those inflicted by rifle bullets. Although I do not work in any of the above-mentioned fields, it has been my unfortunate lot in life to have seen death first hand – 3 people killed in 2 different motor vehicle accidents (neither involving me), one of which I witnessed right in my rear view mirror. A terrible thing to see yes, but that is the way of it. To live is to die. The more sensible among us naturally shut certain horrors out, but also keep in mind the above mentioned reality. Michael Moore is certainly a ghoul. But shooting him in anger would simply be much too nice. He has no decency whatsoever, nor any discernible redeeming value to human society. The most terrible punishment he can know is to be ignored – so great is his ego. I would like to think that most people can see through his wretched stunts and take them for the steaming piles of poop they are.


  27. Michael Moore should release some nude photos of himself. Boom, Americans would be so disgusted that obesity would be over like that. All sane Americans will demand action.

  28. Michael Moore should release a n@ked photo of himself. Boom, just like that all Americans would be so disgusted that obesity would be over. All sane and sick to their stomach Americans would demand action.

    • Actually, Moore should release photos of his lunch. And then we could say, “Pack your bags, Ronald McDonald – you’re about to be shown the door.”

      • Hmmm would this be his lunch prior to him wolfing it down or after his grotesque fat body has finished processing and disposing of it?

  29. What about the kids in Chicago or Los Angeles that die everyday, Mr. Moore? What about them?

    And what about the Holocaust? Have any idea how those thousands, those MILLIONS of people were executed so rapidly? Because Hitler and the Nazis took away the right to arms in Germany.

    The idea that you would seek to release the photos of dead children, and compare people viewing them to German citizens touring a concentration camp after the war, makes me question your conscience, sir.

  30. Yes, you’re correct in saying that if Moore gets his wish the result would be to harden both sides of the debate. But there’ s a key caveat — it would only really harden the people on either “side” that are ALREADY active. What Moore is assuming is that the majority of the American people aren’t really willing to do much about it one way or another in terms of advocacy/involvement.

    So he thinks that releasing some shocking images would get that “quiet middle” to start caring — and the “less guns = more safety” argument is more intuitive and compelling to that as-of-now quiet middle than the “more guns = less crime” argument.

  31. Maybe if we all simultaneously look at MM’s picture (those of us who can manage that) and think cardiac-arresting thoughts….. It shouldn’t be that hard.

  32. We demand to see the wrapper of every dead cheeseburger, Mr. Moore, and the empty bags of brave Funyuns who were lost trying to protect them.

  33. “There will be nothing left to argue over. It will just be over. And every sane American will demand action.”

    See what he did there? He’s laying the grounds for step 2 of the gun grabbers’ agenda: those NOT demanding action will be labelled INsane and that will give the grabbers the cause to come knocking. It is time to make this personal… FOAD MM!!

  34. Pick your poison:

    Behind door number 1, we have mentally ill monsters who kill dozens of people in spree killings every few years.

    Behind door number 2, we have government democides that have killed well over 100 million (and quite likely approaching as many as 300 million) people in the 20th century.

    There are evil monsters in the world. Sometimes they are all alone and commit atrocities on dozens of people. Sometimes they control the entire military and police force of a nation and kill 10s of millions.

    Unlike the rest of the world, armed citizens in the United States are in a unique position to stop both sorts of evil monsters. I refuse to disarm and enable both types of evil monsters to do what they desperately want to do — kill the good people of this nation.

  35. I’m scratching my head because it’s the left that fights proposals requiring women considering an abortion to view an ultrasound of their baby, or any pictures of aborted babies.

  36. Normally, as many on this forum know, I would recommend and desire a ball peen hammer be used to powder the lower jaw. But in this case, that would allow the fat commie pig the ability to lose weight. Instead, maybe a knee, so that he may get even fatter with less mobility.

  37. Mr. Moore demonstrates conclusively once again the prevailing mindset of Progressives: they will trample any right they please to accomplish their agenda. In their minds it is okay for Progressives or government to trample someone’s right to privacy as long as the Progressives or the government have good intentions. In other words the ends justify the means.

    How about the family members of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre victims? What about their right to privacy? What about their right to remember their children as they were — and not have opportunistic people thrusting photos of their mutilated children in their faces to get a reaction?

  38. Mike and the liberals are ok with the police having these weapons, just not us. And they use these weapons in wars against all sorts of people, they tolerate that. It’s the law abiding folk they don’t trust with the tools.
    Interesting position they have.

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