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The home-schooled children being taught to fire GUNS: Father-of-four invents his own curriculum – covering Cryptocurrency, the Black Panthers, and how to handle an UZI. That’s the hysterical headline at dailymail.co.uk. Economics, history and practical self-defense. The problem being? GUNS! Seems a British documentary maker found the tattooed Floridian Derrick Grace and posted a video of his pre-teen kids . . .

handling GUNS. And the internet went wild! With the mainstream media following suit. I see nothing wrong here, save the usual prejudicial editing (the kids were manipulating EMPTY firerarms. You?

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    • Anyone dumb enough to have their kids pose with scary looking weapons and expect anything else isn’t smart enough to teach.

      • Anyone dumb enough to think that the appearance of a firearm has anything to do with its effectiveness is too dumb to be loose in society.

    • “WARNING: contains footage some viewers may find upsetting.”
      (watches vid…)
      Mmmm… nope. Perfect finger discipline. Perfect muzzle discipline. Happy kids. Good curriculum. Strong understanding that the Second Amendment is not just for the wealthy and the elite.
      I can see why bigots of several stripes might have a problem – but that’s because they are bigots. And the bigot who edited this interview tried REALLY hard to make this guy look bad and failed spectacularly.
      These kids are going to grow up giving orders and writing paychecks to other people’s kids.

      • GOOD CURRICULUM??? Conspiracy theories and the canonization of Huey P Newton?

        You think those kids are going to be reading Shakespeare and learning Algebra? You think that slow-witted dullard of a father—who has no education himself—will be able to prepare his kids for the jobs of the future?

        He’s a black power activist—likely a black separatist—who is not doing his kids any favors in what he’s doing.

        How does he support them and afford an Escalade? Wanna bet that despite all his anti-government rhetoric, his kids are on Medicaid? That guy obviously doesn’t have a job. He’s unemployable. He was STONED through the entire interview. Face full of tattoos, unkempt hair. Either he is making a fortune from his “Derrick Grace 2” products, or that guy is a criminal.

        Seeing as he’s in Tampa, and has the Eye of Horus tattooed on his forehead, I’d wager he’s connected with the Uhuru movement—-radical black separatists who preach the Afrocentric nonsense. So he’s also probably telling his kids “WE WAS KANGZ N SHEEIT” and that all the problems of black people are the fault of white people, and if not for white people they would be living in palaces in Namibia and that they were piloting flying machines around the pyramids…

        It’s amazing how fast OFWG gun owners will fall to their knees at the sight of a black person they think they can make part of the gun owners’ club.

        Facial tattooed black separatist nutjobs aren’t good. That guy is just a ranch and a few more followers away from being David Koresh.

        • What’s wrong with Koresh, aside from what the feds said to justify a mistaken gun raid after the fact?

          Randy Weaver was a white seperatist, he didn’t want to live around black people so he moved to where there weren’t any. I find that a lot less offensive than white or black supremacists.

          Koresh was just another religious leader who knew how to make religion serve his needs.

        • Do you know who Huey P Newton was?
          You do? You must have had just as terrible of an education as these kids then.
          It’s called Selective Editing.
          The editor took all of the offensive, borderline offensive, eyebrow-raising, and merely questionable parts of the interview and featured that and ONLY that. We did not get the whole picture – the British tabloid editor made sure of that.
          So we have to learn to read between the lines, and look at what we are presented objectively.
          Surely you’ve had some experience with that in this country by now?

        • What’s wrong with Koresh, well everything. He was a total cultist scumbag. You don’t get to be remembered as a good guy just because the ATF went mental on their raid. He was a child rapist, ripped off his damaged followers in his “religion”. This wasn’t the first gunfight at the Branch compound, nor the first deaths, but those were all between Davidians.

          This was a situation where there were no good guys, definitely some innocents (Kids), but the adults had options the whole time, as did all the agencies. I happened to be going to Baylor at the time, and all of the local PD thought they should have just waited for him to leave the compound, happened all the time, and just had a deputy arrest him for all of the financial crimes, but the feds had to turn it up to 11. That would have broken the cult, put him in jail, and saved a bunch of lives, and me 2 minutes to write this.

      • You think those kids are going to be reading Shakespeare and learning Algebra?

        This. I think TTAG kinda missed the writing on the wall here. Okay, great, they’re learning firearms at an early age… and being steered down the road of violent black separatism. But cheers!

        • Considering the misspellings on his “curriculum” in the dry-erase board, He definitely is no English major. Claiming to teach your kids about their second amendment rights and actually understanding the second amendment are not the same. This guy is preparing his kids for whitey cops or …

  1. He is doing a good thing and the local liberals will complain until the government takes his kids away and puts them into brain washing institutions. (public schools)

  2. The only thing I note that would ever bother me is that some of the images contain that girl touching the silencer without gloves on.

    After it’s been shot a few times you’ll only make that mistake once.

    • Suppressors get pretty hot, I take it?

      (I’ve never had the pleasure of firing a suppressed weapon, though I do understand, broadly, how they work and it doesn’t surprise me that they would get a little warm)

    • That’s not a suppressor.That’s a faux suppressor. Do you really think that guy is going to involve the government in his life enough to go through the process of getting a suppressor?

      He’s a black separatist nut job.

        • Anyone who thinks this guy supports the second amendment as a right to self defense is delusional. He is training his kids to resist whitey – bet on it!!! Everything about this guy and his “curriculum” are flakey!

  3. Woowho! Kids who aren’t snowflakes😄My brother homeschooled his kids-there turned out very well. And my son is doing the same…

  4. The bulk of the actual article is a slam against the father for being a thug who has children who are educated/trained/smart about guns. Could find nothing about the actual home schooling as relates to curriculum.

    I do like the father’s four rules.

  5. Wow! African American kids not in public school, not dependent on police or politicians for protection and ( I’m guessing) not on welfare. What we have here is the trifecta of the worst nightmares of the progressives/socialists/democratics.

    Throw in a loving father and…

    This has to be somehow racist, or mysoginst, or give oxygen to some other deplorable thing not yet identified.

    What if they also attend a Christian Church? The horror!

    • Indeed. As much as they hate the stereotypical OFWG, that is NOTHING compared to the vitriol Democrats spew at prominent black/female/gay/whatever conservatives. They are FULLY in favor of anyone, but especially historically marginalized groups, making their own decisions so long as those decisions are fully in line with the increasingly specific and totalitarian Democrat party lines. There is NO crime more heinous than leaving the plantation, as far as they are concerned; they are no more tolerant than they were in the late 1850s

    • There is no way that guy has four kids and is not sucking off the government teat.

      Medicaid, food stamps—bet on it. Yet he drives an Escalade.

      He is unemployable, both by his appearance and his insanity.

      • Totally agree! I can’t believe how many commenters are actually believing this crap. This guy fits every profile of a drug dealer or other engaged in criminal activity. He’s using the second amendment as an excuse to teach his kids how to resist authority. Homeschooling should be done by COMPETENT adults, not entitlement leeches like this guy! I see a couple of future “Travons”, but armed!

  6. For the most part I agree with him and enjoyed the video. The only thing I didn’t agree with was his comment on banning guns and the community being safer. In my opinion, if guns are banned, then only criminals and government would have guns, and neither of those parties are on my side.

    • That wasn’t really the question though. It’s similar to “if you ban cars, wouldn’t car fatalities go down?” Yes. Theoretically, if you were to eliminate guns, gun deaths would drop. Practically (as he points out), that isn’t possible. And of course, criminals would still obtain guns and do harm. But fatalities from guns would go down, though they might go up from rocks, fists, etc. Thus, I don’t really have an issue with how he answered the question. The questioner is the one implying that banning guns is a good thing.

  7. The only fatherly failure is this man’s hair. Mind you I came to that conclusion within 10 seconds, then stopped watching.

    • Same thing with me! Only I got through maybe 15/20 seconds. How can anyone take seriously a dude that shapes, or dis-shapes his hair into such a nightmarish look? I thought the hair styles on most black women looked pretty bad, but this dude takes the cake!

    • He shot “mom” in the hand because she and her son from a previous relationship tried to attack him when he was picking up the daughter they had together. He probably has a restraining order and full custody of their daughter now.

      • “He probably has a restraining order and full custody of their daughter now.”

        HAHA! You have way too much faith in the family/divorce court system. More likely, SHE has a restraining order and full custody of their daughter now

        • No, he has all 4 kids. If he had lost any case, they would have taken all his kids and all his guns.

      • “Mom’s” brother went after him in his car, and when Bro yanked the door open derrickdreadlocks shot at him and blew off grandma’s finger. Then he shot Bro in the arm. Sounds like grandma tried to ‘human shield’ for Bro when she saw he was about to get what he was asking for.

        He’s probably right that his deputy grandfather and secret service dad kept him from being arrested, but it sounds like it should be a castle doctrine or stand your ground case as he describes it.

        My guess is he grew up in a decent family, was a teenage thug who hung out with thugs, and is currently partnered with a woman from a thug family, where you can get robbed by your fellow attendees at a kid’s birthday party.

  8. No bigger bigots than those on the left.

    I’ve had the (dis)pleasure (due to locality) of potentially and/or dating a few white women who were on the liberal autistic spectrum, from functional to burning hair. These are women that have absolutely drank the kool-aid…BLM, Planned Parenthood, system is racist (but only towards blacks somehow), 4 year olds holding “Fxxx Trump” signs are great, etc.

    Along with that also came the opportunity to see what they had chosen as their options for dates. Every one of them had selected “strongly prefer to date within my own race”.

    Such hypocrisy cannot be explained other than being a symptom of the liberalism disease. The only time you ever hear “Uncle Tom” used, is by a leftist. And that is exactly what this video is doing, if not directly, indirectly.

  9. Thanks to TTAG for posting this. It’s good to have positive gun news involving a black family for a change. The TV interviewer sounded sad that a black father was teaching his children safe gun handling and marksmanship.
    The white liberal is the worst.

    The scariest thing to a white liberal is a home schooling black family.
    The second most scariest thing to a white liberal is a home schooling black family that teaches the Second Amendment rights to their children.

  10. A black father sticking around raising his kids is not something you see everyday. So he is not doing it the approved white liberal way. Oh noes. How he does it is not anyone’s business as long the kids are safe and happy.

  11. This dude is whacked!!! He has a website and a Youtube channel. Go look. He is a black supremest. He is a cult leader. He is NOT the 2A poster child that you wish he were!! He is training his kids to one day kill whitey!! Do some research, for God’s sake, before you lift up someone just because he holds a gun!!!

  12. Why post this video? To bring the racist f**** out to judge this man off his appearance and the edited interview without knowing anything personally about this man other than what was put in the video. Where’s the information about how he changed his life? Where’s the information about his kids curriculum other than second amendment and black politics? I’d admit his appearance is kind of disturbing (stereotypical gang banger facial tattoos) , but all I got to say about that is look at James Holmes and Stephan Paddock and ask what does looks really have to do with anything? My problem with this is this guy is not letting his kids be kids and enjoy their childhood. This is too serious for a 6 and 9 year old. I understand being conscious and having intellect beyond the typical grade school kid but this is a bit excessive. This is a guy who loves guns, overcoming black political struggles, and attention while living through his kids. People have to realize everything in your life doesn’t need to be broadcast on social media, it’s none of everyone’s business. And the bottom line is this guy makes white people feel nervous. Scary black man with an arsenal teaching his kids black history and gun handling. For you guys saying this guy is a criminal don’t you think it would be pretty stupid to post videos with uzi’s, glocks, and ak’s when you have a record? Not saying he isn’t but that would be pretty damn stupid. I teach my kids gun safety but I also let them be kids and play Wii, go sledding, build snowmen, ride bikes, watch kid movies, have slumber parties, hang with their friends and play at the park, rec center, or YMCA. I don’t blind fold them and hang them upside down while making them assemble weapons and answer political history questions. This dude is just too damn extreme for his own good. Another blow to the gun community. This is just as bad as call of duty soldiers walking up and down city streets with ak’s and AR’s slung over their shoulders while wearing helmets and Bullet proof vest all in the name of “exercising my second amendment”. We have too many extremists in everything, and that’s the problem because they do us more harm than good by relaying the message in a way that makes people uncomfortable

    • but all I got to say about that is look at James Holmes and Stephan Paddock and ask what does looks really have to do with anything

      WTF abt them, you dead-shite?
      any-one with more than SIX fully-functioning brain cells knows that 99% of “mass shootings” in the US are out-and-out hoaxes with the hetero-white normie males being ‘demonised’ as red herrings when effin’ ☻ commit the LION’s SHARE of violent crime…that’s why yr US gulags are like over-flowing SEWERs with these sub-human rats!

  13. Whether your black,white,pink,purple,blue or green i’m not sure how to feel about adults teaching their kids mainly about guns/weapons over top of schooling topics such as math science etc.especially when the adult states that they have broken into people’s houses robbed them etc.whos to say that when the cameras are turned off he’s not actually teaching them how to better do armed robbery or that he’s making them memorize how many school shootings so they can perfect an arsenal assult etc.even though he claims to now mentor the youths against violence & to only use self defense when necessary?……& Look how many accidental & intentional deaths are caused in households & the general public per year because of a firearm… violence,hate etc.are of cold frozen iron blackhearted evilness.


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