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Danny Dietz Tribute Rifle

Minden, NV and Wilton, CT – June 3, 2016. In honor of Lone Survivor and Operation Red Wings Hero, Navy SEAL Danny Dietz, Axelson Tactical and Media Lodge are proud to announce a very special auction of the limited edition Danny Dietz Tribute Rifle on Produced exclusively by Axelson Tactical, only 99 Danny Dietz Tribute Rifles will be available for sale, Serial Numbers Dietz01 – Dietz99 . . .

Beginning June 1 and running through June 19, 2016, this auction is for serial number Dietz10, selected by Danny’s mother Cindy Dietz-Marsh to honor SEAL Team 10 and its members who valiantly executed Operation Red Wings. To view the auction please go to:

The Danny Dietz Tribute Rifle is a modernized replica of the gun Dietz carried in combat during Operation Red Wings. The gun and package features a number of significant engravings including Danny’s original artwork, such as the last known drawing Danny Dietz created and sent to his mother Cindy on Mother’s Day 2005. The drawing shows the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus in a manger and is engraved on the left side of the rifle. Also engraved on the rifle are Danny’s signature and the Bone Frog with Trident, a recognizable symbol honoring Navy SEALS who have “lost their skin” in the fight for freedom.

The rifle comes with three challenge coins commemorating Danny’s life and serialized to match each rifle’s respective serial number. The coins are specially packaged in a custom wooden box engraved with another of Dietz’s original drawings of a warrior couple holding a Trident. This drawing was also selected as the artwork for Dietz’s BUD/S graduation t-shirt, a tradition among the proud few who pass the grueling training to become Navy SEALs.

Additionally, the boxed rifle comes with three magazines and three boxes of Team Never Quit™ (TNQ) ammunition, a new line of frangible ammunition in partnership with Snake River Shooting Products and Marcus Luttrell.

All proceeds of from the sale of this auction will benefit the Danny Dietz Memorial Fund and the Danny Dietz Leadership and Training Foundation The Danny Dietz Leadership & Training Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enrich the lives of the participants, their families, and the general public through strenuous mental and physical activities designed to create better citizens and members of the community.

“Danny Dietz was the definition of tough. He knew if things had to be done you could never give up. That’s what he did He was shot five times had many broken bones he never even thought of quitting. Dietz fought until he could no longer lift his Rifle and died for his country. Danny Dietz believed in honor and died an American hero.”

About Danny Dietz

Danny Dietz Jr. was born on January 26, 1980 in Aurora, Colorado the son of Danny Phillip Dietz Sr. and Cindy Dietz-Marsh and brother to Tiffany Bitz and Eric Dietz. He was a 1999 graduate of Heritage High School (Littleton, Colorado). He earned his black belt in Taekwondo from the Korean Academy of Taekwondo. He enlisted in the Navy in 1999, earned his SEAL trident in 2001 and was subsequently assigned to SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team Two in Virginia Beach, VA. 2003. Dietz deployed with his Special Reconnaissance element to Afghanistan to support Naval Special Warfare Squadron Ten and the prosecution of the Global War on Terrorism.


Dietz was part of an elite team of four SEALs on a reconnaissance mission “tasked with finding a key Taliban leader in mountainous terrain near Asadabad, Afghanistan,” according to a Navy news release.

On June 28, 2005, SEAL Team 10 was assigned to kill or capture a high-ranking Taliban leader in the Hindu-Kush Mountains. The SEAL team was made up of Michael P. MurphyMarcus LuttrellDanny Dietz and Matthew Axelson. Luttrell and Axelson were the team’s snipers while Dietz was the Communications Operator and Murphy was Lt. in charge of mission.

“They were spotted by anti-coalition sympathizers, who immediately reported their position to Taliban fighters. A fierce gun-battle ensued between the four SEAL’s and a much larger enemy force with superior tactical position,” Danny radioed for help, and a responding Chinook helicopter was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade, killing eight more SEALs and eight Army Night Stalkers. It was the worst single combat loss for the SEAL’s in SEAL history until August 6, 2011.

In honor of his fallen brothers, Marcus Luttrell, wrote the eyewitness account of Operation Red Wings and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 in the NY Times best-selling book Lone Survivor. The book adapted to a critically acclaimed feature film by Universal Pictures and debuted in 2013.


Caliber: 5.56
Upper: Axelson Tactical Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Hard -Coat Anodized
Lower: Axelson Tactical Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Hard -Coat Anodized
Rail System: 12″ Slim Profile M-Lock Guntec USA
Butt Stock: B5 Systems SOPMOD
Stock Trigger: ALG Combat Trigger
Gas Tube: Carbine Length Bravo Company Manufacturing
Gas Block: Low Profile .750 Bravo Company Manufacturing
Buffer System: Bravo Company Manufacturing
Charging Handle: BCM Gunfighter Mod 1
Bolt Carrier Group: Axelson Tactical Polished Finish Nickel Boron
Grip: BCM Gunfighter Mod 1
Muzzle Break: Axelson Tactical Talon Muzzle Break
Barrel: Axelson 16″ Gov’t / Socom, 5.56 NATO, Mid-Length, 4150 QPQ
Flare Launcher: Spike’s Tactical 12″ 37mm
Optic: Trijicon 4×32 Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight
Cerakote: Afghan-cam

*Pictures by Ben Davis, Battle Born Photography, Nevada



The Axelson family launched Axelson Tactical, a precision firearms company, to honor the sacrifices of Matt and all those like him. The guiding principle for all Axelson Tactical products is that in the toughest moments thoughts should not be on the gear you carry it should be on the safety and well-being of those next to you. The Axelson Tactical line includes complete precision rifles and handguns plus tribute rifles, parts, accessories and gear. Axelson Tactical is a founding partner of the Veteran’s Family of Brands (VFOB).


What if every time you purchased an outdoor product, you were supporting Veterans and their families? The Veterans Family of Brands, LLC was founded by several former military members and Gold Star family members who had had enough of watching the VA fall short of serving our wounded heroes in need! The VFOB is an organization with a mission focus to become the Forward Operating Base of Veterans and their supporters through the facilitation of high quality products and financial support for vetted charities. VFOB provides a platform for companies, dealers, and individuals to lock arms and become members of this mission. Individuals, likewise, who resonate with the mission, have the opportunity to be coin carrying members, openly showing their support through action! In addition to Axelson Tactical, member companies include Snake River Shooting Products (Team Never Quit Ammunition), Gnat Warfare, Reaper Outdoors, SEAL 1, Grunt Style, Triumph Target Systems and Sinterfire Ammunition. More information can be found on individual memberships as well as the VFOB in general at

ABOUT GUNBROKER.COM: is the world’s largest gun auction website. Launched in 1999, is an informative, secure and safe way to buy and sell firearms, ammunition and hunting/shooting gear online. promotes responsible ownership of guns and firearms. Aside from merchandise bearing its logo, sells none of the items listed on its website. Third-party sellers list items on the site and Federal and state laws govern the sale of firearms and other restricted items. Ownership policies and regulations are followed using licensed firearms dealers as transfer agents.


Media Lodge has assembled a unique set of assets to engage with over 30 million monthly enthusiasts in authentic and powerful ways. In addition to its outdoor media assets, Media Lodge has become the largest outdoor media platform, helping brands engage with enthusiasts across the best websites and exclusive, leading commerce engines. Additionally, Media Lodge has invested heavily to ensure partners understand their customers, research their competitors and realize manufacturing efficiencies. For me information please visit

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    CHEAP AMMO top of the page


    The New Look is a ROYAL F up. too bad!

    i JUST manually found page 9 TOLD ME THE STORY WAS 1 WEEK AGO!
    THIS REALLY LOUSY looking operating SITE NOW!

      • Actually there really is not a time stamp ( worth anything)
        the only way to figure out historic close in tome is to look at the comments. Too much work.
        Life does not typically keep time… 5mims ago, 12hours ago, 3 weeks ago.
        Kind crazy change along with the other cornball features? of the retooled site. My vote is the old style.

        And what happened to the search box, for trying to search the site? It is gone now too.

  3. Already up over $6500 a pop. Should end up raising a lot of money, but well out of my price range for a 5.56 rifle.

    • Too rich for my pocket. Still plenty of time to go higher.
      Hope it continues to increase. I wonder how often it will be fired?

    • What is your point? Have you ever served on a jury much less served in the U.S. Military? What have you done as a Citizen of the Republic?

      Blame the politicians not the service members.

      • “Blame the politicians not the service members.”

        That defense didn’t work at Nuremberg, brah. These people volunteered to follow orders from said politicians and bear just as much responsibility as the politicians for their willful criminality.


        Why would I want to serve politicians? As Henry Kissinger said, that is the job of dumb animals.

        The funniest thing about Operation Red Wings (which ended in the best way possible) is that the assassination target wasn’t even a member of the Taliban but the US government saw fit to send four killers after him, and he only joined the Taliban afterwards for protection from US revenge.

        • “That defense didn’t work at Nuremberg, brah.”

          Exactly what war crimes are you suggesting the US military has committed in A-Stan?

        • At the very minimum, crimes against the peace, and implementing a policy of assassination as well as kidnap and rendition into foreign black sites (similar to the German Nacht und Nebel).

        • WTF are “crimes against peace”?

          Further, those folks you say we “kidnapped” have no rights under international law, the laws of war or any international convention. What must be done to be protected by those rights is very specific and none of the world’s modern terrorists live up to to those specifics. They are not protected against assassination nor do they have any right protecting them from rendition. If captured they have the right to a “drum top” court martial where they are informed of the fact that they basically have no rights, the charges against them are read, they get a short time to dispute it and are then sentenced to death and are shot immediately afterwards. The only thing that need be established is that they were caught in action and that they don’t live up to the standards to give them any further rights. In classical terms they are “spies” and therefore have nearly no rights at all and are subject to completely legal virtually summary execution.

          If you don’t like that, get to work changing international laws and treaties. Until that’s done and a violation of the new rules comes up, you have literally no argument.

        • Crimes against the peace is what the Allies charged the Nazis with, i.e. launching a war of aggression. Of this, the US military is undoubtedly guilty.

          The vast majority of people captured by the US can be divided into two groups: people legitimately resisting the American invasion and occupation, or innocent people ratted out to the occupation forces for a pittance. Of course the US military can murder prisoners en masse (who will stop them?), but they just proves their criminality to a even higher degree.

          Not only does the US military people assassinate people on the ground on mere suspicion, they do it from the air too. The US openly admits to killing thousands of people as “collateral damage” in drone strikes, but people like you dismiss them as “terrorists”. Even if they are just children.

          The US military is a vast criminal enterprise and this guy is a gangster who got what he deserved.

        • We launched a war of aggression? Where do you come up with this crap?

          The vast majority of people captured are innocent or resisting our occupation? Again, where do you come up with this crap?

        • The Taliban regime offered to give up bin Laden to a neutral country for trial, but this was rejected by the Bush regime before he launched the invasion. Given the ludicrous nature of the military tribunals that have since taken place, it seems their concerns were justified. Then there is the Iraqi invasion, which is an outright act of aggression with none of the mitigating circumstances of bin Laden.

          In regards to innocent people held in black sites, the statistics are clear: the vast majority of people detained in known American black sites such as Guantanamo are never charged with anything and simply left to rot for years. And that’s just the people we know about.

          Again, the US government is a criminal enterprise and the US military is their arm of criminal aggression.

  4. Re the site… Please bring back the previous and next article arrows. Saves having to load the top level each time, a real plus when on a cell phone where reception is limited.

    I’m already missing not having that feature.

  5. The Danny Dietz Tribute Rifle is a modernized replica of the gun Dietz carried in combat during Operation FUBAR.

  6. Hang an M203 40mm g/l under a full-auto capable rifle, IOW, what he actually carried, and watch the bidding going absolutely bonkers. Yeah, yeah, I know, but whoever wins the bid will regard that whole NFA thing as random noise best left to the law firm on retainer.

  7. It’s always interesting to see real American hero’s actions in country, trivalized by punks with no backbone & no American service history.. Yes punk – More dead soldiers & jsallison, that’s you!


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