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Highlighting efforts to reduce the Big Easy’s homicide rate, Atlantic contributor Julie Dermansky rode along with New Orleans officer David DeSalvo recently. According to her piece, DeSalvo prides himself on confiscating (presumably illegal) guns. While officer DeSalvo’s only been on the job two years, he’s part of a long-standing tradition in the city that care forgot. The NOPD has years of experience taking guns away from the populace. One of the most recent of which is what the mystified author describes as a “9mm automatic shotgun.” That’s the rara avis she’s talking about, pictured above. Kinda hard to tell, but it appears to be a chop shop version of a Hi-Point carbine. Or something. Pardon the LULZ, but it’s a good thing the Atlantic – like so much of the old media – has all those fact-checkers toiling away, no?

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  1. Now that’s funny. A 9MM shotgun.
    I do want to know where that mag came from though. I need one of these for my HP.


    • Looks like a Hi-Point with a broken stock juxtaposed with a Glock happy stick (judging from the baseplate, as it doesn’t look like a hi-point mag’s) Could be wrong though.

      • I think it’s too thin. All Hi Point mags are single stack, including the 9mms. And that baseplate is huge and looks rubber.

  2. Just hypothetically, what the **** would one use a “9mm automatic shotgun” for? Dragonflies?

  3. Yet another reason the old, typical, print media is dying a slow ugly death. Because it begged for it.

    • print media is dying a slow ugly death

      Not fast enough. It will be a great day when the New York Times implodes as a result of its own fatuousness.

  4. “Julie Dermansky is a multimedia reporter and artist based in New Orleans. She is an affiliate scholar at Rutgers University’s Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights. Visit her website at”

    Photographer artist who is regarded as a scholar somehow on Genocide. Julie girl needs to swing over to the JPFO site and read up about how all genocides were proceeded with gun control. If Julie doesn’t like to read then she can also watch the JPFO DVD on the same subject.

    Like so many schools, Rutger once had a fine reputation. What is going on with scholarship and education in modern America?

  5. Who knows maybe it was loaded with cci shot shells. the ideal weapon for hunting new york city rats. Not exactly the ideal weapon for harming other human beings.

  6. You got me with me gun name error. I should have double checked that. I had it corrected right away when it was brought to my attention I have it wrong. Now I must correct you on an error. Using my © image. You are infringing on my copyright. You do not have my permission to use my photograph. you are welcome to license this image or use a small portion a very small portion of it with a link back to the article but to outright post it is not permitted. I would think someone like yourself would respect © laws.

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