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As the Washington Examiner advises GOP office-seekers, “Nothing solidifies a candidate’s support for the Second Amendment like packing heat on the campaign trail. But when a Republican candidate for Georgia governor tried this gun trick he looked less like Eddie the gun-safety Eagle and more like Yosemite Sam.”

Here’s the tweet that got so many Twitter denizens’ panties in a twist:

Brian Kemp, who’s running for governor in Georgia, made the humorous video with his daughter’s boyfriend. As the Examiner tells it,

Brian Kemp cleans a double barreled shotgun while lecturing his daughter’s boyfriend on the goals of his campaign and the rules for dating one of his daughters in a new campaign ad. But when Kemp slams the break action shut, Kemp appears ready to blow off the poor boy’s kneecap.

Actually no. No he doesn’t. Watch the video and it’s perfectly clear that at no time was the barrel of the shotgun pointed at the boy’s knee or any other part of him. But that didn’t keep the hyper-sensitive twitter pitchfork mafia and concern troll collective from raising a minor tempest in a non-existent teapot.

Lighten up, Francis.

The Examiner article, helpfully titled ‘Three gun safety rules every Republican running for office must follow in 2018’ then goes on to detail that candidates should . . .

ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
The most basic requirement of responsible gun ownership is to always point the muzzle in a safe direction. Candidates should not point guns at supporters, opponents, or their daughter’s boyfriends.

ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
Candidates should keep their finger off of the trigger until they are actually ready to shoot an activity that preferably takes place at a gun range not while visiting constituents.

ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
Candidates should always check to see if the safety is on, the action is open, and that the gun is unloaded before handling. To avoid accidents, they should keep the firearms unloaded until they are ready to fire.

What happened to knowing your target and what’s beyond it?

It must have been a slow day for content if a right-leaning newspaper has to jump on the look-at-the-idiot-Republican-pointing-a-gun-at-a-poor-kid bandwagon.


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  1. Liberal’s used to laugh at edgy humor from George Carlin and Richard Pryor. No more. Liberals have no sense of humor whatsoever. They have become the National Socialists like in the film Cabaret.

  2. Liberals are jumping on anyone who dare displays any kind of weapon. We as 2a keepers of the flame must respond IMMEDIATELY and challenge these self appointed judges and juries . I am one WHO WILL RESIST LIBERAL TYRANNY!

  3. The whole “you better do what I say if you want to date my daughter” while holding a gun as if talking about property is getting really tired.

      • Father’s need to properly train their daughters, rather than pretend to threaten boyfriends. Single moms should be held responsible for their own actions.

        Chump fathers raise feminist “strong independent” sexually irresponsible daughters.

        This is tradcon bullshit!

        I need to link this article over on the Dalrock blog.

  4. I agree with the Examiner on this one. Mr. Kemp displayed blatant disregard for firearm safety rules in a misguided attempt at humor.

    If a liberal candidate did the same thing, there would be a thousand comments here about how unsafe and reckless his actions were. We wouldn’t say, “Lighten up, Francis,” we would (correctly) school him in proper firearm handling.

    There are a few topics that shouldn’t be politicized, and firearm safety is one of them.

    • Huh?
      I went to the Examiner link, and all I saw there was the same pic as posted above, with a double barrel broken open and pointing at nobody.

      • It looks to me, in the above article, that the shotgun is locked up and pointed at the young gentleman. That doesn’t seem to me to be a safe situation. If I am wrong, please someone correct me.

        • In the photo of which you speak one can clearly see the round mouths of the barrels. This would indicate the shotgun is angling toward the camera away from the young man. The only entity being muzzled in that ad was the ficus in the corner.

  5. Ah, yes, the fake offense industry in high dudgeon. How’s this for offensive — GFY!

    Because I am deeply offended at the offense taken by the offensively offended and demand that all this offense must stop before I become even more offended by the offense!

    Quick, find me a safe space. And a beer. Not that I’m thirsty. I just want to p!ss off the offended.

    Hey, snowflakes — what are you doing here? I thought I just told you to GFY.

  6. What happened to knowing your target and what’s beyond it?
    The three rules above are the same three rules of gun safety that the NRA teaches in its classes.

    Knowing your target, is part of Jeff Cooper’s four rules of gun safety, which I thought were oriented towards combat shooting. The first NRA rule (safe direction) implies this: if you don’t know what’s downrange, you can’t know it’s a safe direction.

    • Also change the “keep all guns unloaded until ready to use” to “treat all guns as if they are always loaded.” That “keep it unloaded” thing is only a range safety rule. If you have a gun for defensive purposes, it should loaded at all times (or in condition 3 if it’s not on your body).

  7. Trying to be cute and clever is often counterproductive. It would be much better for him simply to say, ‘I believe the second amendment guarantees the right of private individuals to possess and carry weapons, including firearms, for recreation, hunting, self defense and other lawful purposes. Revocation of this right needs to be done case by case and only when there is clear and convincing evidence that the individual involved cannot be trusted to use weapons only for the purposes I just mentioned.”

  8. I am a Georgia voter and I approve this message!
    Kemp is in a tough race against the front runner “Conservative” Casey Cagle, I put that in quotes because that is the one thing he is not, though from his campaign ads you would think it was his first name. Cagle claims to support the 2nd, but only does so when all eyes are on him. Kemp has the best chance of beating him and I will be voting for him in the primary on the 22nd, which is less than three weeks from now.

  9. How about this for Rule 4: Know your target and what’s beyond it. If your target is masked antifa and behind him/her/it/ze/zir/zit are more masked antifa, you’ve chosen wisely.

  10. Somebody, please, do a campaign ad pointing a gun at the camera that’s recording.

    Then sit back and watch heads explode.

  11. “If you want to date one of my daughters, well, you’ll have to ask her about her standards because she’s not my property and I don’t speak for her.”

    Fixed it for him. Also, don’t point your guns at people. You don’t get a pass just because you belong to the party of Lip Service to the Second Amendment.

    • You do understand that pictures and video are 2 dimensional everything appears on a flat plane making it nearly impossible to determine if that shotgun is 3 inches or 2ft in front of the young man. Not knowing the age of his daughter commenting on his protective attitude towards her just sounds like liberal/progressive BS!

    • Until my daughter is out from under my roof her protection is my most important job. My standards trump hers. It is called using my years of experience to keep her safe from predators.

  12. Wait, he tricked the media into posting *actual* gun safety rules? Brilliant!

  13. It’s pretty clear that the kneejerk media are thinking only two-dimensionally. Literally and figuratively.

    It’s also clear from the camera angle and body positioning of the future governor he intentionally used the 2D projection when positioning the shotgun in 3D realspace to create the specific effect. His finger is never on the trigger although awkwardly positioned reaching around the trigger guard possibly to make it appear as if it is on the trigger. His left hand is clearly outstretched much further to his knee while he is holding the stock closely against his body. The shotgun is clearly pointing several feet out in front of the younger man. It only appears to be pointing at the younger guy because of the camera angle and the flattening effect of print/visual media.

    I’m not a Georgia resident (anymore) but it appears that Kemp is running as a Trump-esque candidate against more neocon opposition. Even “right-leaning” media are not Right and will attack politicians that would tear down edifices of corruption built by the duopoly establishment.

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