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Family-owned MEC-GAR‘s magazines are the most trusted magazines for military weapons, law enforcement, personal defense, sports and tactical pistols. The key to the superior performance of MEC-GAR mags is the reliability of the working process, the result of proven experience in the designing and manufacturing of quality, reliable magazines. They work very closely with gun manufacturers to optimize each design, always bearing in mind that the consistent and reliable operation of semi-auto pistols depends largely on how well the magazine feeds and ramps the rounds. The choice of the right materials is of paramount importance . . .

Tensile strength, as well as elongation rate and chemical composition of all raw materials are carefully checked before being accepted for production. All their magazines are made from certified Carbon Steel AISI 1010 or 17-7 PH aircraft-grade stainless steel. They’re precision formed and boast perfectly interchangeable components, which are the result of the finest precision stamping, bending, and drawing operations.


MEC-GAR features three lines of magazines for your semi-auto gun:

Optimum Series Magazines

  • Deliver superior performance
  • Positive feeding thanks to staggered column tube configuration
  • Redesigned follower and spring to increase storage capacity, which increases firepower without the need for an extended mag that snags on draw.
  • Guide ribs are positions smarter to allow for easier transition of the ammo while preventing damage to the cartridge case
  • Anti-friction coating for faster loading and smoother bullet feeding
  • This line includes magazines for brands such as Beretta, CZ, Sig Sauer, and Springfield Armory

1911 Series Magazines

  • Full line of OEM-quality magazines designed for fit and function
  • Heat-treated for strength
  • Feeding lips that never lose their shape
  • High-tensile music wire spring and follower to ensure durability
  • Finish options include blued, electro less nickel-plated, or anti-friction coating

Tradition Series Magazines

  • Magazines for classic pistols, including Beretta, Browning, Ruger, and Walther
  • Manufactured to exacting standards from the finest materials
  • Meets or exceeds the original specs
  • Uses certified carbon steel
  • Heat-treated for strength
  • Finishes are either black oxide or electro less nickel-plated

Family pride, hard work and dedication along with modern equipment and proprietary manufacturing techniques are incorporated into the formula that has made the great success story of MEC-GAR today. Unlike many other manufacturers, their state-of-the-art stamping facility and tool shop are 100% dedicated to the manufacturing of firearm magazines.

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  1. Just because it’s sponsored doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    Mecgar makes the only good aftermarket magazines for the Ruger P series, so they’ve got my money.

    • Same for SIGs. Their 18 round P226 mags are top quality and 100% reliable. I never run the factory mags now.

      • Yep. I’ve got a few dozen mec-gar sig mags for various platforms and pretty buy them exclusively at this point. Great mags.

      • Huh? I am pretty sure that MecGar also makes the Factory Mags for Sig, among many others.

        It seems like they have some sort of time-limited non-compete agreement with the gun makers with whom they work – meaning that for the first X years of a new gun’s life they won’t sell Mac-Gar branded “clones” for that gun, but after a decent internal they will. So they make plenty of mags for guns like the P220, P226 and P229, but oddly not for the P250/320.

        One cool thing is that they seem to recycle their designs – which is why Para P14 Mags work in the new Walther PPQ .45 (even though the base-plate is not aesthetically pleasing).

        Check out this site for a good collection of “factory” and MecGar mags at relatively good prices.

        • Yes, Mec-Gar is the largest pistol magazine manufacturer in the world AFAIK and makes nearly all or all of the factory magazines for a ton of top brands, like CZ, Beretta, SIG, and many many others. The Mec-Gar-branded ones are often better than the factory-branded ones that come with your gun, too, as they can be had with upgraded followers and other things. At a lower cost than the “factory” ones, too. I have the two factory mags that came with my competition CZ and like eight Mec-Gar branded ones w/ the low-friction (blue) followers, many with the +2 baseplates.

          Good stuff.

    • Gotta agree with you there, I have a several Ruger P series, including the PC9 carbine. Only mags worth buying are factory or mec-gar

    • Great point and good taste with the much forgotten Ruger P Series–My P 95DC has a few k’s through it, has been dropped repeatedly on outside range concrete (unloaded and during cease fires–it’s a long story just believe me), not cleaned regularly etc. and it still is one of my go-to range guns. One word for that series: TANK!

    • Odds are excellent they made the mags your gun shipped with too. EVERYBODY uses Mecgar mags for one platform or another.

  2. Got one for an XD. Excellent quality, and holds 2 more rounds in a package that’s *barely* bigger than stock. Great mags.

  3. isn’t it true that you can use one of their modified mags (of a different model pistol) in the Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro G2 as an extra capacity solution? Fun on range day

    • Pt 111g2 s are said to be able to use sig 226 magazine with no modification. I have tested canik tp 9 magazines and the work great as well.

    • They already produce OEM M&P magazines. As long as S&W has them under contract, they cant sell them separately.

  4. Make some SD9 mags so I don’t have to get gouged by S&W for them. Some 32 round sticks would be awesome too.

  5. Unfortunately I only see 9 and fotay in the Springfield category. Maybe I need to stop using soul stealer ammo…

  6. Never had problems with their mags in any pistol I own. I almost was able to fit 15 rounds into their 13 round XD40 mag with a mag extension. I had to settle on 14 for now. I really like the CZ and Hi Power mags also.

  7. I usually recoil at ‘sponsored advertising’, but Mec-Gar does make a hell of a mag. I know for a fact they make the OEM mags for my CZ P07 and the PPS MS, and think a few more too. I can pretty easily spot their mags by now and they are always, always, very well made. Haven’t had one problem with a single one of them. They don’t even have to advertise, their mags do that for them.

  8. I bought a Ruger Mark III magazine from them that was a total piece of junk. I emailed and never heard a peep back from the company. This is a great reminder to email them again…

  9. I’ve had mixed results with these.

    CZ-75? No problems, love’em.

    1911? Jams galore, left them on the table outside the indoor pistol range, puppy-free-to-good-home.

  10. Oi. Now the “secret” is out and I have to speed up my order. Sig 226, 227, and 229 mags are on the menu.

  11. I have used mec gar mags in several pistols with great results. I would like to ask though, how many of you have used pro mag products? IMO they are the biggest pieces of shit in the firearms industry. I have never, and I really do mean never, had one of their products work reliably for me. From AK to my beloved Sig 225, their products blow.

  12. What a great experiment in sponsored content. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any sponsored content where readers could offer comments. I think a company would have to have a lot of confidence in their products to advertise this way.

    I can imagine other possibilities… How about stories highlighting an individual worker or some new manufacturing process? Make it interesting enough and people won’t even care that it’s sponsored.

  13. I run mec-gar 40/357 p229 +2 mags with no issue at all. Directly ordering from mec-gar the 14rd mags cost the same as the 12 rd mags directly from sig.

  14. Finding 10-rd P226 or P229 mags at a decent price is a pain anyway, so it was nice to sort out that aside from the stamping, Mec-Gars are the same as the OEM 10 rounders. Usually about half the price, so I can buy two instead of one. Top Gun Supply is my go to, if only to lust after the day I move to a state where those Mec-Gar 17/18 rounders are mine!

  15. I’ve had nothing but solid experience with Mec-Gar, mostly with my CZ-75. And their prices are quite agreeable.

    I do wish they made more mags for other handgun models.

  16. Mec-Gar makes great magazine, but they have issues. One being that you can not get an answer to an email. Try it! Second is they make a lot of magazines for a lot of manufacturers, but they do not market magazines for a heck of a lot of them which has many importers Hi-Jacking you on the price of their magazines. Additionally if you buy quality firearms imported by outfits like zenith and EAA you are literally at their mercy because they control the ONLY channels for magazines. In the case of EAA you only get one magazine with your pistol so if they are not in stock you are left sitting on a weapon you can not carry for months. Granted some of their firearms use CZ mags, but certainly not the majority of their products. They dictate how many months you will have to wait for those products . I love Mec-Gar mags, but it would be terrific if they provided a retail channel for a wider number of magazines they manufacture.


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