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The Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence Education Fund is airing this victory dance. It’s designed to head off political blowback from the Democrats’ decision to go all-in for civilian disarmament. (Hey, is that the MAIG’s mystery hunter without his beard and flannel?) Click here to scan the Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence Board of Directors, which includes some misguided religious leaders and a bunch of washed-up cops and pols. Their prez and spokesman, one Vincent DeMarco, is a former Maryland Assistant Attorney General and current Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Yes, DeMarco was given a major assist by that Bloomberg; the gun grabbing New York City Mayor behind the Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Just so you know.

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    • The comments may be disabled, but they can’t disable flagging it for inappropriate content. May not amount to anything, but it doesn’t take much time and maybe if there’s enough flagging it’ll go away . . . wishful thinking, I know.

  1. This mis what I am thinking about writing to them on their contact form. What do ya’ll think?

    In 1966 I took my first oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies. foreign and DOMESTIC. I would just like to know how you folks can face yourselves knowing that you have committed treason and are now domestic enemies of the Constitution? I pity you all. You are damned fools.

    • Agreed. But I save my pity for their victims. These scumbags deserve only scorn, a short drop, and a sudden stop. Just like every other traitor.

  2. Bloomberg is buying up states like they were squares on a Monopoly board. Which makes Maryland, well, Mediterranean Avenue. The cheapest property on the board.

  3. This is not the same actor as the MAIG guy in the other ad. That guy was younger and cuter. I’m an expert … being a girl and all. LOL 😉

  4. In skimming headlines does anyone else here often misread “pro-gun control” as simply “pro-gun” and miss the “control” part? The problem might just be on my end, but maybe it would be better to call them “anti-gun” or “pro-disarmament” or something else instead.

    • Did anyone else (mis)read the first sentence thusly:
      “The Marylanders to PREVENT Gun Violence EDUCATION Fund is …”

      In other words, they want to prevent education on gun violence. I think we might have a Freudian Slip here, that accidentally gives away their true objectives.

  5. I continue to laugh at the people who post these. They block the ratings of their videos and the comments knowing the the majority will slander it.

    On the other side, I have never seen a single video ad of the NRAs or other pro gun organizations block the voice of the people.

    It becomes quite evident that the gun control group no only doesn’t believe in the 2nd amendment but also feels they have the right to block the 1st amendment.

  6. argh, i just want to punch the screen when i see this ad. How about if, before Bishop Sutton makes his argument, we check his fingerprints against the offender registry and computer for child pictures. For the children. I’d like to meet the alleged 68% of hunters that support this bill, because I know a lot of them in MD and not one supports this bill.

  7. ha ha ha ha ha ha re…. ha ha … re…. ha ha real…… ha ha ha ha …. they said: “real solutions”!….

    the “entire country”??…. THE F^CK YOU SAY!!!!!

  8. What five states have they passed similar laws in that have reduced gun crime? If they are going to say MA, then I guess all of the whining in the state about increasing crime with guns is a hoax?

  9. This won’t do jack to stem the bloodflow in Baltimore City or PG County. But we’ll let plenty of the thugs plead out and act surprised when they are caught with an illegal gun or kill someone.

    I love reps from gated communities in Bethesda and Potomac telling me I don’t need to protect myself. If only we all could live with armed guards at our whim!

  10. MD stood up to gun violence & now there is none? If there is still violence what did they stand up to….or should I say for? Randy


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