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I prefer the blue pill/red pill scene in The Matrix.

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  1. I was very impressed by the Mcgruff video. I am an interested person in helping in any way I can to make a change regarding Guns and Crime. I have decided to become active after the Tucson Tragedy and am looking for an organized group with a similar mission to mine “No more people caught in the cross fire of firearms in our society.” This effort will take many directions and quite a lot of time but I am there. Education and new laws are both needed. I believe that we actually can work with the NRA if the correct efforts are determined. They don’t want people killed, they just don’t want guns regulated. Send me and email if you have any thoughts or ideas. Thanks Bob .

  2. If the cops catch that dog with a bunch of videos of random kids in their homes on his computer, he’s going in the kennel for a long, long time.

    In all seriousness though, that wasn’t a bad thing for kids to see. I’d rather their parents said it to them, but whatever.

  3. Education is the key. Parents need to be involved in their childrens developement. My kids and I play paintball, baseball, ride bikes and camp out together. I show them how to use the tools, knives, fishing rods, and guns safely and properly. Knowledge is power. We should have firearms safety courses inluded in home ec classes.

    • What Javy said. Teach kids how to use and respect guns and they’ll be able to handle them safely. Teach them that they’re scary and verbotten and you’ll perpetuate the problem the mutt claims to be trying to solve.

  4. I have read the comments since my posting of yesterday and some before. It seems that expressions are all over the place and that is really ok. In America all points of view are valued. I however am sickened by more innocent people being killed by guns (3 since my posting in my Philadelphia and surrounding areas). We are trying to find a better way to protect gun owners and at the same time reduce shootings and crossfire shootings. If anyone is interested in this project please email me at [email protected] or call my cell at 302-528-4115. Thanks for this moment of your time. Bob.


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