Max Justice On Gun-Free Zones [GRAPHIC]

Impressive production values or not, this Max Justice video isn’t exactly subtle. There’s a little country church with a prominently posted ‘FIREARMS PROHIBITED’ sign. Add an appropriately menacing bald white guy in a camo boonie hat, anti-depressants in his car and mayhem in his heart. You’re sure that you’re about to witness bloody massacre until a paintball gear-bedecked Sith lord appears as if from nowhere . . .

Max teaches the would-be mass shooter a lesson by going all Scanners on his ass. Thankfully the pastor learned his lesson and all it cost him is some clean-up in the parking lot and a mental image he’ll never be able to un-see. Mission accomplished.


    1. avatar Nick Pacific says:

      The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy in unseasonably warm clothing and a suffocating sporting face mask.

    2. avatar TheBear says:

      This is the kind of stuff that speaks to my generation and my people. Old, out of touch NRA speakers blaming video games for all the ills of the world… not so much.

  1. avatar Ed Rogers says:

    Nice 🙂

  2. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    That pretty much makes the point. They should learn not to sugar-coat, though…

  3. avatar mark s. says:

    A sign that said no sleeveless shirts may have been better .

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      Where sleeveless shirts are outlawed, only outlaws will have sleeveless shirts.

      1. avatar Lucas D. says:

        But what about the right to bare arms?

        1. avatar Chip Bennett says:

          General Honore (Ret.) has got your back on that one – but only after having a “conversation” about wearing sleeves when going to get ice cream, or something.

        2. avatar mark s. says:

          Good job Lucas , you got that one fast .

        3. avatar Middleagedmama says:

          You, sir, win the wittiness-of-the-day award! Well done!

  4. avatar mark s. says:

    I don’t know what that dude used to whack that other dude but lets not let ISIL ( ISIS ) ( IS ) Al-Qaida , Taliban have one . Then their videos would suck .

  5. avatar B says:

    I’m at work so it was muted. Think I got the gist though. I pretended they all spoke in the Bane voice about how it would be extremely painful if he pointed the gun at the preacher.

  6. Funny but, no one ever changes their mind on the free kill zones. Oops I mean gun free zones.

    1. avatar mark s. says:

      Good one , Drugged up , know my face guy says ” My hats off to you on that one “.

  7. avatar bob says:

    The audio production is so bad, it really detracts from the message. I couldn’t sit through the henious license free audio effects/music, and the poor voice over production.

  8. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    I like the message and the production quality was excellent.

    I would like to see a shortened version that we could share with the “now” generation that cannot seem to spare more than a minute on something that isn’t designed for their enjoyment/entertainment.

    As for the message, it is spot on. Every group of people who gather at a public location are vulnerable. Unless they are armed and prepared to defend themselves, the only thing standing between them and destruction is the whimsical decision of a terrorist or spree killer.

    1. avatar B says:

      Open it in YouTube. Click share down below the video, then check the time box and pick right before the splodey. Copy the link it gives you and share and enjoy.

    2. avatar Bob says:

      Yeah, there was too much time in the lead-up, Annoyed, I skipped ahead, and I’m far from young.

  9. avatar mark s. says:

    I hate profiling , but I knew the minute that guy drove up in a 2003 Chevy Impala with a torn up fender there was going to be trouble , I figured he would be shot when he walked into the church by the parishioners for coming into a house of God dressed like that , oh well , getting blowed up by Ninja man in the parking lot worked fine for me too .

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      Profiling vehicles works pretty well.

  10. avatar Ralph says:

    If I could do that exploding bad guy head trick, I would save a fortune on ammo.

    1. avatar anon says:

      ^^^^^ THIS!

  11. avatar APM mobile says:

    Bobcat Gothwaite in a marble sack would have been more effective than that ninja-sith.

  12. avatar Accur81 says:

    Despite agreeing with the message, I thought the video is pretty stupid. It’s way too easy for the antis to mock.

    I’d do an alternate ending:

    Psycho A-hole walks into church. Pastor stops looks out at him in the center aisle and stops mid-sermon. A-hole says “You’re day of reckoning has come,” and pulls out his .45, and points it at the pastor. Pastor raises hands in shock. Congregation panics. A-hole gets shot in the head by an old blue-haired lady in the back row with a .357 revolver. General shocked murmuring ensues. A-hole’s corpse twitches on the floor. Pastor stammers “There are no guns here – this is a House of God. Didn’t you see the sign?”

    Old lady says “Nope. Neither did that guy.”

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:

      Your comment reminds me of my favorite uncle, by marriage. I wish I could claim his bloodline. Anyway, he has been a marine scout-sniper, armorer, and ballistics expert his entire adult life. He got a bad repair job on his cataracts and he only had about 18″ of visual acuity left after that. I asked him how badly it had effected his quality of life. He shrugged and said “I can still see to the scope.” Damn fine marine there.

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        Sounds like an outstanding individual. Improvise, adapt, and overcome.

      2. avatar mark s. says:

        This is my field and I can say unequivocally that your uncle either had this cataract surgery done before 1993 , had other issues associated with a separate medical issue that surfaced or was treated by the local VA hospital .

        1. avatar jwtaylor says:

          Unfortunately, I think you got it right with that last one.

    2. avatar Herb Bell says:

      How come no one understands that guns are to be used for self-defense, not to make insane political / personal statements? This even applies to cops, thank you!
      I’m with the little old lady referred to that shot the perp in Church with her .357.
      I expect to get a ton of really stupid remarks about this one.

  13. avatar ThomasR says:

    That has always been the problem, not enough of the “good people” have been willing to explode some bad guys heads when they start being bad.

    At the most, most criminal orginazations, whether in government or in the street, consist of single digits of any population, and yet because these thugs are willing to use violence to control a population, the other 90%+ of the population bend over and drop their pants.

    Why is that?

    1. avatar JWM says:

      The bad guys are willing to play outside the rules and they fully expect to do jail time during their life.

      We good guys try to stay within the rules and we have a lot to lose. Homes, jobs, families. Prison time for us is a tragedy and a disaster.

      The system is designed to punish any who step outside the rule, regardless of need or cause. The good guy slips down the alley at midnight to shoot the bad guy that has been running rough over the neighberhood in the back of the head and the system declares him a bad guy.

      1. avatar Herb Bell says:

        It’s the equal rights and freedom of expression issues in the Constitution that have led us down the wrong path. As a law-abiding citizen, I have found no support for something as inane as a parking ticket being adjudicated with max punishment, while the killer, the rapist, the con-artists literally get away with murder. Killers serve just four years in most cases and their sentences, already too brief, are cut in half by good behavior.
        Daily, our rights under the 2nd amendment are attacked even as the crazies get even more rights because they claim their rights to self-expression are denied, according to them and their greedy lawyers.
        I never knew that the right to self-expression included the right to kill people for fun, or because you’re as nuts as a fruitcake!

        Remember the movie “Sergeant York”, where two guys are a-sitiin’ and a-sippin’ on their front porch as a sad-sack neighbor walks by? Sipper #2 says to sipper #1, “thet thar feller needs a-killin’!” In contrast, remember York sittin’ on the mountain, deeply debating what he was being asked to do in wartime? Those two drinkers on the porch were hardly a jury of the sad-sack’s peers.

        Worse yet, splatter videos are all over the place, glorifying senseless violence. it’s the new national pastime.

  14. avatar Galtha58 says:

    I like it.

  15. avatar B says:

    Welp, I subscribed. Could end up being cool.

  16. avatar Polcat says:

    How it should have ended:
    Bad guy blows own ass off while drawing weapon

  17. avatar Lomaka says:

    Not cool.
    It’s not only unnecessary to show the drugs but is also deeply prejudicial against people who suffers from common psychiatric disorders like depression and pathological manifestations of anxiety.

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