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Albany rally, c Times Union

This was the scene yesterday, where thousands of pro-Second Amendment New Yorkers descended on Albany to make their voices heard in opposition of the SAFE Act that was rammed through the legislature and signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo. It was a throng that made every gun control meet-up look like a Sunday morning sewing circle by comparison. And yet the mainstream media really couldn’t be bothered. A dozen gun control advocates outside the NRA convention will get national coverage, but thousands of pro-gun Empire Staters, pissed off at their government, goes almost unnoticed. Head on over to the Times Union site for the full story, but here’s the highlight of the article for me . . .

Saratoga Springs resident Kayla Sarro said she had been looking forward to getting her pistol permit when she turns 21 later this month. Sarro said she works 65 hours a week at three jobs; she had sacrificed a rare day off to come to the rally. Wearing a headband with red-sequined bow along with other patriotic accessories, she lamented the lack of young people at the event.

Having a gun, she said, would help her feel safe. She hopes to purchase a small handgun, maybe a Smith & Wesson.

“I will not lay down,” she said. “I will not lay down and let these people walk all over my rights, my freedom and my birthright as an American.”

There’s a major gap in the level of intensity of gun control advocates and pro-gun folks. Always has been. Those in favor of more restrictions on our freedom don’t see it as a priority — it’s just another checkbox on their wishlist of more government control. They they see it as inevitable and thus have relatively little passion. But for those who support gun rights, this is the most important issue. People who used to consider multiple facets of a politician’s platform before voting have become single issue voters.

I don’t think the mainstream media and gun control advocates quite realize the hornet’s nest that they’ve kicked.

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    • I hope there’s someone for them to vote FOR. Choosing between bookend candidates isn’t voting; it’s going through a meaningless ritual.

        • I was going to vote against Cuomo but tossed that idea out altogether thanks to that stupid [expletive]. As bad as the Dems get in this state, the opposition is a joke and a missed opportunity.

      • The Republican party and conservatives have given up on NY. Despite the fact that voter registration in NY State is not nearly as one-sided as most people think. Republicans caved on the SAFE Act to a shocking degree. They’re walking it back now and making excuses but for most of them, it’s too late. Many will have primary challenges.

        In a related story, Generalisimo Cuomo may be threatening sheriffs with executive removal if they do not enforce the SAFE Act.

        • Can he do that? Within counties, Sheriffs should technically trump both all other law enforcement, and the Governor. Not that way in NY?

  1. While I hope that this can all be settled in the courts, how long do we really have until the upstate New Yorkers start shooting these thugs? Government overreach without court slapdowns can get very dangerous. For the government, that is.

  2. Don’t blame the MSM for ignoring this. The MSM is a lot more concerned about its rights then it is about ours.

    • Exactly right. When the MSM’s ox is being gored, they’re all over it with every resource that they can muster. When it’s some pismire’s ox that they denigrate and shun, well, those poor schmucks are on their own.

      It truly seems that we are reaching some sort of social and political criticality; a situation that this country has never really ever experienced. Even during the Civil War, we were never this polarized, this fractious or this tribal.

      • Being a long time history buff with a belief that history does repeat itself, I agree that we are heading in that direction. The polarization of our country is certainly greater than it has been for a while, and perhaps greater than is has been for a century. Barring what might be a miracle, we may never go back to that relative harmony we used to have. Personally, I think the country is coming up to a crossroad where either the country collapses or the Democrat Party collapses, but that is a bit of conjecture. Who knows, maybe we will get lucky on this one.

  3. Isn’t this from January? These guys all all where coats, come on, actually look at the article and tell me this happened yesterday.

  4. yeah, it’s from the 19th of January. reporting false crap on TTAG is just as bad as false reports in the MSM. I’m an avid follower, but I must say that when these mistakes become frequent I’ll no longer follow this blog. fact check and screen before publishing or we’ll all look like “retarded gun nuts.”

    • I was just about to point out that these aren’t pictures from yesterday as I was there and was also there for the earlier event. However, in TTAG’s defense, the Times Union’s (aka Times Useless) website has the story dated today and talks about yesterdays rally (while showing the January pictures).

      My first clue was that it was HOT yesterday and I was in shorts and a t-shirt. 🙂 While yesterdays crowd was much smaller, we did delivery about 400,000 signed cards to legislative reps.

  5. They kick the hornets nest over and over, harder and harder until the hornets swarm, and then they say “hey look at those crazy swarming hornets, they want to sting you, we should do something about that!”.

  6. We need someone to build a site which can accept emails addresses and submission forms for editors of local papers.
    With a massive list of contacts built, any user can use the site to generate an email to all those MSM editors. (sending it from a central service will get you blocked too easily).
    I tried building up a database on reddit, just collecting addresses but it didn’t take.

    Which is ok, I am a rather new user on reddit, I didn’t expect everyone to jump on it just because i created a subreddit.

    However the idea is still valid and is being requested by other people.

    TTAG: Can you set something up with your blog software where we can submit contact info for our local news papers and subsequently use the collected contacts to let us send links and stories to all the news agencies/editors?

  7. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;…”

    Perhaps a professional scholar can correct me, but in the context of the time didn’t “the press” literally mean the act of printing? As in you could publish The Federalist Papers as pamphlets and air your opinions around. If it were written today, the 1st amendment might say ‘…abridging the freedom of speech, or of posting on the internet;…’ to the same effect.

    But in the last two hundred years, newspaper reporters (and later television) dubbed themselves with the name “the press” and have aggrandized to themselves an entitlement monopolizing that wording of the constitution. They act as if they have the authority of government, but have no – indeed *cannot* be – restricted by any consequences of their actions and manipulations; neither by the rest of the government nor by the citizenry of this nation.

    They are not part of government and they do not have any special immunity nor authority stemming from their chosen career. They have only the same rights as you or I do.

    And they dearly need to be reminded of it for their malevolent trespasses that have come to light almost daily in the last six years.


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