Massachusetts “Gun a Month” Bill Fades Into Oblivion

Massachusetts House Bill 4102 is withering on the legislative vine. The proposal to restrict legal owners to one gun per month and force all private gun sales through an FFL dealer failed to find fertile ground. I blame the “gun lobby:” the neo-Nazi profiteers who push guns on Americans, despite the trail of death and destruction firearms leave in their wake. Oh wait; that’s not me. That’s Massachusetts Governor Duvall Patrick. According to, “Patrick told reporters Monday that he believes members of the House are ‘feeling the pressure from the gun lobby’ to oppose a bill that would restrict licensed gun owners to purchasing one firearm a month and strengthen the penalties against illegal possessors of guns . . .

House Speaker Robert DeLeo had assured Patrick the measure would come up for a vote, but with the legislative session winding down, that prospect is looking unlikely.

Nothing to do with the Supreme Court’s recent decision to incorporate the Second Amendment (rule that it trumps state law), or the general change to a more pro-gun political point-of-view, then.


  1. avatar george says:

    im sure that bill has died, but im not sure about h.2259, which makes more sense, is still up for vote.

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