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“Massachusetts became the first state to enact a ban on bump stocks following the mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival,” reports. “Republican Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito signed the bill Friday in her capacity as acting governor because Republican Gov. Charlie Baker is on vacation in California.” The bill’s penalties are beyond harsh . . .

“The provision passed by the legislature allows for excessive punishment including life imprisonment,” The Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts (GOAL) warned ahead of Polito’s signature, “with a minimum sentence of 18 months, for the mere possession of these accessories.”

The ban — tucked away in a “mini” appropriations bill — gives Bay Staters 90 days to get rid of their bump fire stocks. Not sell. Eliminate. “The legislation was passed leaving no pathway to legal ownership. It also makes it illegal for owners of these items to legally sell them,” GOAL points out. Fifth Amendment that.

Meanwhile, the bill’s supporters are busy using the immediate aftermath of its passage to trumpet the benefits of banning a device which has been used in precisely no crimes in their state.

Democratic state Rep. David Linsky, one of the first in Massachusetts to call for outlawing the devices, said it would make the state safer while respecting the rights of gun owners.

“I am proud of my colleagues in the Legislature for continuing Massachusetts’ reputation as having among the safest and most effective gun laws in the nation,” he said.

That’s one way of looking at it . . .

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  1. What does the Libertarian former governor William Weld have to say about this??? And will any member of the Libertarian media ask him???

    • Bill Weld is probably having wet dreams about himself being able to sign such a horrific draconian unconstitutional piece of legislation.

      “Libertarians” don’t care about the 2nd amendment. They care really about one thing and one thing only, and that is legalization of marijuana.

      Other than that they’re just dyed in the wool leftists who don’t usually identify as “democrats” but they’ll toe the line and support confiscating firearms, open borders, a crippling environmental policy, shipping jobs overseas and eroding the standard of living for working Americans, disbanding the US Military (while wanting the US Government to support and directly help with arming the UN and the PLA), and every other socialist/democrat party platform.

        • Well the libertarian party sure seems like it’s full of people who are one in the same.

          Gary Johnson was an for open borders and believed the whole “climate change” bs. And he picked a gun grabber as his VP.

          Tell me how I’m wrong?

        • Weld is a socialist that ran as a Libertarian. He openly talked about this hatred of human rights. That the LP let him do this is why I’m not going back.

        • Most “socialists” don’t support the legalization of weed, or at least they usually vote for people like Obama and Hillary and other Democrat/Liberal/Labour politicians who want to crack down harder on weed (and tobacco, alcohol, guns, marriage rights, religion, free speech, and everything for that matter). A couple election cycles ago when Johnson started running, the Libertarian Party used to be for gun rights, legalizing weed, getting rid of taxes, and giving equal rights for every weirdo imaginable, but this last time Gary got Bill Weld on board to lure over Bernie Sanders’s Democrats (mostly college kids and some aging hippies who weren’t Heiling Hillary) who claim to want to legalize weed, but threw all the other stuff out the window.

      • I have come to believe libertarians are socialist, who are just dishonest about who they really are. Perhaps its the marijuana intoxication they enjoy so much that causes this???

        • Nah, it’s the aging hippies who are the remnants of the Woodstock era who still want to believe that they’re fighting against “The Man”.

          They get high so much because they can’t accept the fact leftists like them have become “The Man”, and they’re ashamed that they’re more corrupt than the so called “Military-Industrial Complex”, and can’t live with themselves. So they self medicate.

        • It depends on who you’re talking about. I consider myself basically a Libertarian. However, at this point I agree with very little the Libertarian Party talks about.

          I don’t feel I left the party. I feel it left me when it was taken over by a bunch of Lefties.

        • My guess is that only stoners run for libertarian party nomination. Practical people in most states (and for national offices) realize it’s a vain thing to run on that ticket. However, there will be the occasional libertarian who believes they can pull a Ross Perot benefitting their favored D or R candidate.

          The country has gone nuts. I attribute it almost entirely to the mass and cable media going wide, left or right, in order to hold a stable audience. The rest of the bizarre reality seems to flow from the ability of employers to trash employees with opinions the employer disapproves of. I might take up praying, though it’s going to feel strange.

        • Look up Austin Peterson. The libertarian party was infested with socialists. It’s done. Libertarianism as a politicial philosophy (self-ownership, property rights and non-aggression) is still the most consistent, freedom based and rights first philosophy out there.

      • The Republican party isn’t conservative, that doesn’t mean conservatives aren’t either. Don’t get parties mixed up with the words they use to identify themselves. The definition of libertarian is pretty clear and you don’t even know what it is. Also, produce a link to even one article in Reason (which I posit is the preeminent libertarian media outlet) that is anti gun, socialist, or advocating more UN control in any way. You will find some open border stuff though, but that is the only thing you mentioned that is there. Susan Collins is a Republican, does that mean that all conservatives suck.
        No, I haven’t voted for a Libertarian party candidate in quite some time. I just threw up in the parking lot of my polling station last year for instance. I think I voted for Goldwater in the election before that.

      • Do keep in mind that the establishment media have a vested interest in making Libertarians look bad, and are only too happy to have them associated with either potheads who are ignorant of Syrian geography on one hand, or rebellious tax-evading gangsters who stage armed takeovers of government wildlife refuges on the other.

    • Gary johnson and bill weld were not libertarians…not even remotely…they were just standard progressive republicans at best

  2. Three news stories and not a single one links the bill. I want to see what it takes to get life.

    • Here’s the actual text:
      (Page 14, Section 18)

      From my brief read-through, it sounds like it’s getting appended to their assault weapons definitions, so I would assume that the sentencing is tied to existing AW sentencing standards. You have to paste together the wording in the bill with the existing law, which makes for some weird reading.

      On a side note, this sounds interesting:
      “‘Trigger crank’, any device to be attached to a weapon that repeatedly activates the trigger of the weapon…; provided, however, that ‘trigger crank’ shall not include any weapon initially designed and manufactured to fire through the use of a crank or lever.”
      It sounds like they’re only outlawing a crank that actuates a trigger. If you have a lower that doesn’t have a trigger at all, just a crank to release the hammer, you would still be clear of this law.

  3. “I am proud of my colleagues in the Legislature for continuing Massachusetts’ reputation as having among the safest… gun laws in the nation.”

    What the fuck does that mean? You mean there are “unsafe” gun laws out there?

  4. Then again, “assault weapons” and hi-cap mags are also illegal here too. I’m sure there will be similar enforcement of this law. Anyway, I should probably check up on that pistol that isnt secure, make sure it hasnt shot anyone yet.

  5. She is proud to pass a “State Law” that violates the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments to the Constitution. With that logic why can’t they just pass the same law except insert “semi automatic and pistols and rifles”. Is this the government tyranny that gun rights supporters have been talking about?

  6. So I take it that bump stocks were a huge problem in Massachusetts??? Massive gangs and lone criminals running around with these plastic parts causing mayhem of all sorts. MS13 has millions of these in storage just in case?
    What utter BS. Now law abiding AMERICAN citizens must destroy their legally bought property with NO rebate from the government? Sounds like some Constitutional issues here! Tyranny from a out of control government. Nothing less.

  7. “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

    ― H.L. Mencken, Prejudices: First Series

  8. “…while respecting the rights of gun owners.”

    You know, the rights that are on display in a museum, ’cause they’re not currently available to the reg’lar folks.

    (Re-reminded of why I escaped from the Peoples’ Republik.)

    • There behind the glass stands a real blade of grass. Be careful as you pass, move along, move along.

    • This is standard language, part of almost every action by Democrat lawmakers.

      The further ban by MA AG for scary guns by memo based on FL shooting (get that based on shooting in another state) is part of the cancer and again, saves us all from guns that look military.

      All their words are false justifications and GOAL, NRA, others, need to file suit against all laws that regulate guns not based on gun’s merit within our regulatory climate, but by using the fact that Constitution does not allow Gov’t it limits it. End of story. Until we do, all this is just posturing.

      Now, MA justifies bump stock and certain other things based on the LV shooting (another state). These are all next opportunistic events to invoke further action to ban all guns. Certain states get away with moving the process forward because no one challenges that the process is not perfect. Any law should pass a constitutionality and viability (for citizenry) check before it is allowed to move forward for example.

  9. So the penalties for owning a bump stock are greater then violating the laws surrounding the guns they are designed to mimic (up to 10 years in federal prison and up to $10k in fines for a NFA violation). This is beyond absurd. All in the name of useless virtue signaling.

    • I was thinking the same thing, these bump stock criminals might be better off making a real machine gun with a supressor, or stealing an AR and robbing a bank. If you are going to become a criminal anyway, might as well go all the way.

      Though maybe you have to like make a bunch of bump fire stocks and sell them on the internet to get life, maybe just owning one and not reading the news will get you the 18 months.

    • Great Britain? Have you read the new EU gun laws the Commission has recently issued? No semi-auto pistols or rifles? The Czechs are up in arms. In Europe it has definitely become a matter of prosperous people living in ideal towns and parts of cities passing laws that leave the average person subject to the brutalities of the worst rabble, as in the UK today.

      The average EU citizen was so disgusted by his own government, he willingly handed the power over to an appointed central committee. “Nothing could be worse than what we had.” Oh yeah?

  10. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    • I would like to see the NRA go full retard on Massachusetts. If so, I’d scrape for every dollar needed to pay for life membership.

      • I’d like to see every firearms related business, every defense contractor, and every other business owned by a conservative or at least by someone who still believes in the Constitution go full tard on that state and move the hell out and refuse to do business with any state entity.

      • As someone who is stuck in this state it’s something I would love to see as well, but I’m not holding my breath.

  11. “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty” — Massachusetts motto

    Ironic, ain’t it?

  12. All you people are real quick with your revolutionist quotes…if thats how you really feel, why are you not all storming the state house and dealing justice to the tyrants? Fuckin bags of hot air….

    • Because we live in a country that has a court system and a political process to deal with laws we don’t believe are fair, thereby making it very unlikely that violence is the only answer.

      • How exactly do you apply that logic to Maura Healy? She who just invokes new law without opposition?

  13. This action is a tribute to the power of the Irish Mafia that runs Massachusetts and the utter stupidity of the electorate that is willingly led around by their ovaries.

    No, not led around by their balls. They have none.

    • Irish Mafia on one side, a gaggle of Brahmins and academics on the other. It’s time for the second coming of Cromwell, I suppose.

  14. I don’tneed a bumpstock to bumprfire. I just use a rubber band wrapped around the mag well and back around the trigger. I then adjust the tension by either wrapping tighter or looser until just right. There you go … a 5 cent “bumpfire” solution vs a $200 bumpstock.

    • Don’t be so certain. The lefties have had no problem finding leftist judges to block Trump’s actions on immigration. And yet, the law and established court cases couldn’t be more clear that the President has near absolute authority to block any non-citizen visitor from anywhere at anytime from entering the country for as long as he wants.

      • “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.” – Has President Trump made such a finding to support his “travel bans”? As stated, law seems to require a finding, not just a feeling or unsupported belief.

        • A voice of reason? Who the hell let you in here? You can’t be allowed to confuse rightously indignated folks with “Non-alternate facts”.

        • I bet Trump’s “findings” are based in reality by a higher amount then the previous 200 years of presidents.

  15. Show of hands people, who feels that there will be a shooting because someone gets caught with a bumpstock and instead of going to jail for possibly life figures it’ll be easier to say screw you and shoot up the enforcement people and try to get away. I perceive a lot of cop cars with bullet holes in the windshield and I don’t think the cops are going to be very willing to take this one on. It’s easier to write tickets and eat donuts knowing your going home at the end of the day, most likely.

    • If you can get them. I’ve had mine ordered and paid for a while and no sign of them yet or acknowledgement that they are on their way.

      • Same here….three weeks and all I know is they have my money. No one even answers the phone. Sketchy…

  16. This law will be thrown out at first challenge.
    It is in direct violation of Amendment 8, Bill of Rights, US Constitution:

    Excessive Bail, Fines, and Punishments Forbidden;

    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    • Unless they’re paying owners a fair price to turn them in, also violates the 5th Amendment.

      • “Fair price”. Good one! (I had to stop laughing before I could type this.)

        No person shall be…
        … deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.

        Like, really? That’s going to really happen? Define “Just Compensation”: What it cost plus any improvements or increases in market value. Now define “Just Compensation” according to the government: “What we want to give you, up to but not including two cents on the dollar”.

  17. Well one thing nice about bump stocks, they are made of plastic. ‘The powers that be” can recycle them and make personal vibrators. Then the ” powers that be” , can plug them into 220vDc shove em up their ass and jump in a bathtub

  18. So all this time I could have bought a bump stock here in New York? I had just assumed the putrid liberals destroying our beautiful state had already outlawed them. I don’t want one, but I sort of do now that I know they don’t want me to have one.

  19. On top of that, there’s literally no proof bump stocks were used at the Las Vegas shooting. Matter of fact there is literally no proof of any of the authorities’ claims on Vegas.

  20. Not like a bumpstock (without a pistol grip) would do much good with a 10 round magazine on a rifle that’s already “illegal” under the Healey Regime…

  21. Possibility of life imprisonment… What was the deterrent for not killing any officer that tries to detain you for possessing a bump stock? Oh besides common decency, there isn’t at that point. Once again inmocents getting treated like criminals.

    • That’s one of the problems with going full-totalitarian. When you outlaw something like this and put people in desperate situations, bad things can happen. It’s dangerous to the person and it’s dangerous to law enforcement, all because of the whims of vile liberals.

  22. that law will not save a single life. criminals who are hell bent on killing people do not obey any law. our constitution allows for citizens to keep and bear arms. as for libertarians, i agree with most of their views. weed should be legal and by the way the only good republican in a “RINO”!!

  23. So the government will give you life in prison for owning one of these, but deserting your friends and betraying your country? Don’t be too hard on yourself, no punishment for that.

  24. They’ll take the next step of outright bans on all guns. They feel emboldened Every time they jam through an unconstitutional law. Sure you can fight it at the SCOTUS if you have standing, money, time and the right attorney to make argument.
    Meanwhile …………………

    • I know, right? They need to make these “Automatic weapons” with built-in floaties. No telling how many have been lost by conservatists shooting Asian Carp in the Illinois River.

  25. If we’re going to have harsh sentences put on us by elected officials, how about, when an official is caught lying or breaking any law, they are sentenced to life imprisonment? All in favor….

  26. Pretty disgusting how your a law abiding civilian in one state, then you cross an imaginary line and you might as well committed murder.

  27. Life in prison for having a bump stock? Might as well say screw it and go full auto, it carries a lesser punishment.

  28. As a Massachusetts resident, I would like to say…Please help protect other “Free-States” by helping me spread the word about (RINO) Governor. Charlie “The Barker” Baker. This Globalist RINO bastard was on Republican Rock Radio show on WAAF 107.2 fm recently . He was asked by a female co-host about if he’d ban bump stocks after what happened in Vegas…OUR piece of S#!t Globalist RINO rolled off a litany of Anti-PRO 2@ diatribe. He crowed that NO US citizen, or Massachusetts resident should own such a device. And the only reason someone should have one would be if they are part of the Police community, or the military. He continued his anti-gun rights roll by saying Massachusetts has some of the best and toughest gun control laws that work! He said we are safer than any of the other states…So, after witnessing this. As an Independent US voter/taxpayer, I want to do my part and spread the word to help end this mans political career. To make sure his political agendas, and aspirations end at the Massachusetts border. RINO. Governor is nothing more than an elitist globalist bastard who needs to be removed from political office. He is NO friend to the 2nd amendment. And for that matter, the rest of the Bill of Rights. He was caught crowing about making sure Massachusetts residents who appear in secret government watch lists would lose their 2nd amendment rights. This man needs to go…As well as his “GOAL approved, LT. Governor. Karen Politio, Who was supposed to be a PRO 2@ certified politician…” Just another Globalist RINO elitist…Help save other “Free-states”, Don’t let them spread!

  29. I would like to know if any legal action is being taken by any legal means to modify the new law or grandfather in previous purchases.
    ANY possibility of a Class action Suit against the State of MA etc.., any Law Firm Handling related Complaints.

  30. Hate to say it, but this law could get thrown out by a court. The law is a de facto confiscation rule, and those have never held up to legal scrutiny. And especially when the rule threatens life in prison.

  31. Life in prison for owning a stock, but 15-20 years for murder. Only in a liberal state like Massachusetts.

    Glad to say it, but this law could get thrown out by a court. The law is a de facto confiscation rule, and those have never held up to legal scrutiny. And especially when the rule threatens life in prison for non-compliance.

    • New Jersey (or was it Maryland?) outlawed certain guns and accessories a while back. There was no grandfathering. The owner had to turn it in to law enforcement, destroy it, or take it out of state. The law even outlawed many common .22 LR rifles.

    • “Hate to say it”
      Why? It SHOULD be the truth, but with Mess O’ chew sticks, anything is possible. Not probable, but possible, but would still get tossed further up the appeals system. It is sooo egregiously unconstitutional, its sponsor should get the “Balls Of The Year” award!
      Their slogan, “It’s all here,” should be WE’RE NOT ALL THERE”.

  32. The “safest gun laws” from the state that literally gave birth to the Second Amendment. Gen. Thomas Howe would have soiled himself.

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