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“Texas County sheriff’s deputies found bodies in four separate residences in the Tyrone (Missouri) area after responding to a call around 10:15 p.m. Thursday about a disturbance. The caller, described as a juvenile girl, reported hearing shots in her house ‘and immediately fled to a neighbor’s house,’ the (Missouri Highway Patrol) statement said.” That from  In all eight are dead including the as yet un-named shooter who offed himself in his truck after his murder spree. More as details emerge.

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      • Agreed and further still, I believe that when circumstances dictate that you must take partial/full responsibility to protect yourself from violence and predators (2 or 4 legged), overall violence is reduced. All predators keep a running assessment on their likelihood of surviving each encounter and when the chance of picking a prey that can fight back, possibly with lethal results, it is usually better to find weaker prey.

        So Chicago, LA, DC and NYC are prime areas to find those who legally are not allowed to be armed against violent encounters, thus, prime spot for finding softer targets.

        Yes, I figured this out all by myself and no, I do not have a college degree.

        • You are right – for sure if to goes for 4 legged ones predators – John Vaillant proved that in his book Tiger. Suppose the same is about these two legged.

      • We have not really changed in any fundamental way since the days of smearing mud on the walls of caves.

        If gunpowder was never discovered, this headling would read “mass sword-stabbing” and the site would be TTASwords.

        And we would debate about one-handers vs. two-handers vs. hand-and-a-half like we do 9, 45, and 40.

        • Why does the average citizen NEED a Flamberge? Only soldiers and gaurdsmen have the training and skill to handle a large two handed sword and the wavy blade is far more deadly than a standard straight blade.

    • Naw… This is rural Missouri… The gun control racists don’t care about crimes against poor white people.

    • This won’t spawn any new attempts at an AWB. And even if it did its not gonna pass. Sure it’s ammo for the antis online but this will amount to nothing but a talking piece.

      • I don’t think it will, but the initial panic that it might can always work in favor of opportunistic collectors.

  1. Can we stop using the term “mass shooting”? It legally and realistically means nothing. And it plays right into the antis hands. Let’s call it what it is, Mass Murder, or spree killing. A “mass shooting” isn’t anything except shooting en masse.

    • but, but, they are pointing out the evil guns that do the shooting! cause you can’t ban murdering or killing, but you can ban guns!

      on the other hand, mass shooting may be deliberately used to boost search engine hits. still agree with you, its a killing spree/mass murder.

    • What would you have us call a situation in which someone systematically murders seven people in three locations before killing himself. Serious question. What term would be better and/or more accurate?

      • That’s the definition of a spree killer. Multiple killings in multiple places, separated by distance and time. If it’s all at once, its mass murder. Spree Killer Example: Dude here in story; or that kid in CA last year that went around killing people with a knife and his car. Mass Murderer Example: Adam Lanza and James Holmes.

      • I agree with AllAmerican but would also like to point out that the term “active shooter” is really misleading. I thought an active shooter was someone who is participating in shooting sports, but the news says it’s someone who murders a whole bunch of people. Why can’t they stop whitewashing it and just call these peple for what they are, massacreist.

  2. How about some sadness for the family? Everyone involved? Not a time for jokes, people. Even if someone does try to use this as a
    reason to limit gun rights, that is our second concern. Our first, always our first, Is for the people those rights are meant to protect.

    • I feel sorry for the families. I feel sorry that they neglected their most basic responsibility. I feel sorry that we have not or can not solve the problem mentally at what drives people to do this, and finally… I’m sorry that I am going to have to fight tooth and nail to not only protect my family from people like this, but from people who want to deny me the ability to protect them.

      • Just because these people were shot and killed does not mean that none of them were armed and attempted to defend themselves. Just as those of us who carry every day must realize that it is no guarantee that we will win every time our life is in danger. Sometimes you lose even when you do your best. Sadly this piece of trash took others with him on the way out.

  3. What the gun control freaks do care about is the gun. If the gunman had an AR-15, they will be hyping this fact to high heavens. The same will be true for a semi-automatic handgun with 18 rounds. Semi-auto rifles and higher capacity handguns are the pet attack projects for this crowd. I’m interested to know if the gunman was taking psychotropic drugs in the recent past like so many other mass shooters.

  4. And, of course, USAToday posted no real details. No mention if drugs were involved, for instance. Meth can make people do very, very bad stuff and its everywhere.

    • Whatever the causal factor in this case was, scores of studies have shown than over 90% of US murder victims are criminals, usually felons or gang members.
      yes we have innocent murder victims but no more than in extreme gun control places like Australia or the EU average

      Here is how you will now the cause: If this was criminal on criminal it will disappear from the news in a few hours, if not it will carried front pages of all the outlets endlessly.

    • I lived there and must agree. The ‘ghetto’ of these rural areas is gov’t land. Low life scum with little money use the land as meth kitchens. It’s why I hunt with kevlar on.

  5. Heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of the deceased.

    If only we had a law that made killing people a crime, then maybe we wouldn’t have to reach to those affected and offer our condolences.

  6. This should be a bit of a reminder that just because you live in a more rural area doesn’t mean you’re safe from harm. I remember something very similar happening back home in rural western North Carolina a decade or two back. Two guys butchered a family of four before traveling around to kill a two or three other people in their homes. I don’t even remember if they ever established an honest motive before they were taken down.

    Some people are just evil. No set of laws is going to stop people like that. We can, as a society, ignore this fact. Or we can take steps to prevent people from just being slaughtered. And everyone being able to defend yourself is the best way to do that.

  7. You can’t save everyone. About the best you can expect is to stay armed and just hope you’re not living next to them, or with them, when they finally do freak out.

  8. Well, not to jump to conclusions- as we have learned all to many times that the press rarely gets it right at first-

    this reminds me of Elliot Rodgers and Adam Lanza- disturbed adult children from difficult home situation,
    the point being- there was no help from the mental health system for the desperate parents.

    A tragedy- prayers for the survivors who will suffer trying to make sense of it all.

    • ABC news still ahs 16 stories and broadcasts on their web page directly saying or strongly implying Rodgers killed all his victims with a gun. He killed half his victims with a knife and hammer. He killed three military age males with a knife and hammer.

      A majority of persons killed by the mentally ill, between 60% to 90% in the different jurisdictional data sets are killed by non gun-means

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