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Spree killings are rare. There have been a cluster of them during President Obama’s terms in office. There are good reasons for that. But let’s start with this, there are two types of mass killing.

The first is the rampage killer. These are socially isolated mental cases who hope to obtain a sort of immortality by killing as many people as possible. They want to “make the record book” and have “everybody know my name.” Rampage killers struck at the Gabbrielle Giffords shooting, the Aurora Theater attack, the Sandy Hook school killing, the Umpqua College shooting, and the Charleston Church shooting. The biggest driver of those type of mass killings: media coverage.

The media benefit from ratings and from politicization of the event. They use these events to further their anti-gun rights agenda to impose severe restrictions on gun ownership and use. The restrictions called for have little to no relationship to the mass killings committed. A fact that some outlets acknowledge — and ignore.

The more coverage given to these events, the more likelyhood that another fragile ego will see them as a means to fame and an end of their pain. It’s called the copycat effect, and is well documented. The media know about it, but they don’t care. Advancing their agenda is more important than a few dozen lives.

The copycat effect has been demonstrated and documented over and over again  Clayton Cramer wrote a paper on this in 1993. It was published in a the Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 9:1 [Winter 1993-94]. It won First Place, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Ethics Prize, 1993, Undergraduate Division. It’s been widely written about in other publications, such as the Wall Street Journal. A book, The Copycat Effect, by Loren Coleman, was written in 2004. It detailed simple strategies for mitigating the effect and reducing the number of these mass public killings. They could be implemented without any significant chilling effect on the first amendment.

The second type of mass killing is the Islamist terrorist attack: the Boston Marathon attack, the Fort Hood massacre, the Chattanooga recruit center attack, the Garland shooting (which was stopped), the San Bernadino massacre, and the Orlando Pulse Massacre. These attacks have been facilitated by the Obama administration for two reasons. First, because the Islamicists see that they are winning. They have advanced mightily in Libya and Syria.  The Americans left Iraq and are pulling out of Afghanistan.  ISIS built up in the vacume left by Barak Obama in Iraq.

The failed “Arab Spring” policy destabilized Libya, Syria, Egypt, and Iraq, while emboldening Iran.  Islamicists have established organizations and safe zones in the chaos created by the Obama regime policies.

Islamicist are not swayed by talk of fellowship, of how Christians are the real threat, and Islam is the religion of peace. They see that talk as a sign of weakness. They believe that Allah has prepared their enemies for destruction. By appearing and acting weakly, the Obama administration has greatly encouraged our radical Islamic enemies.

Successful Islamist attacks against America have multiplied under the Obama administration. The Obama administration has sent signals, over and over again to the radical Islamist. Those signals are that America is weak and ready for defeat.

Those are the two reasons why mass killings have increased in the last eight years. Through its policies, the Obama administration has encouraged them. Pushing for more gun control encourages the media to give more coverage to mass killings.  More coverage of mass killings encourages more mass killers. Appear weak and facilitating to Islamic terrorists, and you encourage more Islamic terrorists.

Both types of killers look for soft targets where there will be little opposition. The Obama administration has pushed for more “gun free zones,” and wants fewer people to be armed to defend themselves. Those policies have not advanced, in spite of the administration’s desires.

The rate of people being murdered in the United States has been at record low levels, some of the lowest in 50 years. But 2016 may be a turning point. The policies of the Obama administration have produced the Ferguson effect, where police officers are reluctant to police in inner cities. The murder rate in the inner cities has bounded upward in response.

The number of people killed in mass killling is a small fraction of those murdered in the United States. It will have a small effect on the overall murder rate.  But add the Ferguson effect and the mass killings, and the murder rate in 2016 will increase.

Policies have consequences. The Obama regime is reaping the consequences of their polices. It will take years to undo the damage. It is sad that innocent people are dying as a result. Armed citizens cannot completely stop mass killings, but they can reduce the casualties. Here are over twenty cases where armed citizens stopped mass killers in their tracks.

©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
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    • Guns are only partly to blame. There is also: homophobia, Islamaphobia, the NRA, white males (or white people in general), George Bush, white separatists, Republicans, Trump and male superiority syndrome just to name a few.

    • 1. Obama has displayed a propensity to ignore , placate , and vizierate the constitution and has voiced outright contempt for it .
      2. Obama has repeatedly called for gun control legislation and tried over and over again to define or redefine the intent and construct of the 2nd amendment .
      3. American citizens can sense the prevailing winds and have shown their position on the above #1 and #2 by purchasing firearms in record numbers and becoming conceal carry licensed record numbers .
      4. States have mirrored the actions of the free citizenry and passed gun friendly legislation in record numbers .
      5. Progressive liberal citizens have overacted to #’s 3 and 4 by creating record number of ‘ Gun Free Zones ‘ .
      6. Record number of ‘ Gun Free Zones ‘ has created easy access targets that whacky people can kill unarmed citizens without retaliatory actions .

      • You used the word ‘vizierate’ in your first bullet point–a word I had never heard until now, and one (even if you really meant ‘eviscerate,’ to disembowel) that is, surprisingly, equally on point. It’s a real word: It is the name for a high government office in Muslim states and caliphates, a ‘ministry of state’ to the Caliph, headed by a ‘Vizier’ or ‘Grand Vizier,’ and also defines his term in office.
        Either word works just FINE in the point; Our Leader acts more like the potentate of a 7th-Century Muslim country than a President of a republic, and has no moral scruples about disemboweling the Constitution when it suits him.
        Well played, Sir!

        • I had to look it up too. I was somewhat mollified that what I got from context was somewhat correct.

      • Thanks Mark, I don’t often come across words I’ve never seen before and that’s a good one! And an excellent use of it too!

        Oh yea, and you’re right.

  1. Every time America appears weak our enemies are encouraged and act the fool. The counter for this is obvious but then you get sjw’s rampaging about the MIC. Rock, meet hard place.

    As for the shootings not related to the jihadis. The melting pot is boiling. Splash over is gonna happen. The best way to minimise the damage is to allow all to, as the BOR says, keep AND bear arms.

  2. Bush through Clinton through Bush through Obama: disastrous imperial foreign policy resulting in destabiliziion. Forever. Not good.

  3. I don’t even know who that shitstain in the picture is and I get the urge to grind that smirk against that brick wall.

    • @jwm
      He’s just a goofy dou– bag killer who needs that stupid haircut slapped off his head.
      Trump is right about a lot of things and one that I really agree with is the political correctness our society embraces.
      It’s gone too far. That little squid should have a publicized execution.

        • Aww c’mon, guys. Not everyone can rock the Friar Tuck. That’s a tough do to pull off.

        • @Vv ind
          LOL! Now that is something I would spend money on Pay Per View to see.
          I want 4K close ups of his expression with big red swollen hand prints on his face.

  4. “Policies have consequences. The Obama regime is reaping the consequences of their polices. It will take years to undo the damage. It is sad that innocent people are dying as a result.”

    These are features, not bugs and with the media pushing the good-think narrative for the Administration, I doubt things will get better.

  5. Partly due to the continued breakdown in our society. “Progress” seems to be progress toward selfishness, lack of morality, continued separation of groups by race, religion, sex, sexual preference, financial status, etc. The divide and conquer plan further dissociates the already anti-social among us. The web connects us as never before, but not in a good way, and not in a personal way. The continued and growing lack of hope out there as our not leaders tell us all is well if we just believe even though we can see the ship sinking. The proliferation of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety meds that do exactly the opposite of what they’re supposed to in MANY cases. I could go on for pages, it’s no wonder more of us haven’t flipped out.

    • +1

      The breakdown of the family and moral relativism is accelerating our nation’s downfall.

      Say what you want about traditional Judeo-Christian values … at worst they restrict certain behaviors (like sexual promiscuity which includes homosexuality), at best they restrict certain behaviors (like theft, robbery, rape, assault, and murder — including killing sprees).

      The less Judeo-Christian values permeate society, the more thieves, pedophiles, rapists, violent thugs, and murderers you will have. Like it or not, that is a fact.

  6. I would say that the second type would be an insurgent group performing guerrilla warfare. At this perticular time, the majority of these attacks that seen in the news are performed by Islamist extremists, but I don’t believe that they are the only ones capable of these acts.

  7. Well…End of the AGE. “In the last days perilous times will come”. Those days are HERE. Good is evil and evil is good-and if you don’t applaud the devil yer’ a bigot. Jesus is at the door. Far from Bury Soetoro’s fault-but the muslim -in-chief is part of it all. Look from some MAJOR earthquakes(not just the ground shaking) this summer…

    • As an alternative to calling him “Bury Soetoro,” please consider calling him “Bollocks H.-‘Bama.”

  8. Obama encourages attacks by appearing weak. Bullies are emboldened by weakness. That’s why the GOP in Congress gets steamrolled over and over.

    If you don’t want to imagine why Obama signals to encourage attacks because you think the answer is monstrous, you sound like a German thinking all your Jewish neighbor’s went on holidays…

    • If Nascar decided they would donate one Bob Yost built car to one lucky citizen ( fan ) to run the Daytona 500 and that one lucky fan won that race , wouldn’t there be a hoard of people eager to try their luck next time , even though it was replete with danger and possible tragedy ?
      The thing that makes this a copy cat crime is it’s successes .
      The thing that makes these crimes so successful is the ‘ Gun Free Zone ‘ .
      The first time a group of would be victims return deadly firepower and not hide their heads under sofas , desk and seats or cower in toilet stalls , the sooner Americans solve this issue .
      The rest of the world will have to wait for our lead because unfortunately , they haven’t the means to actively retaliate .
      I contend that it was the passengers on flight 93 that ended the ‘ planes into buildings ‘ games , and not the ‘ Patriot Act ‘ and or the TSA .
      As a part time repairer and restorer of small engines , I would have given up the hobby if I hadn’t exposed success .
      If I had been unable to manage a bulls eye shot with my bb gun in 1969 , I probably wouldn’t be typing my thoughts here , today .
      To solve the problem at hand , we must eliminate the successes of the perpetrators involved .

      • “The first time a group of would be victims return deadly firepower and not hide their heads under sofas , desk and seats or cower in toilet stalls , the sooner Americans solve this issue” Well said and so obvious. The government can’t fix this, and it won’t be fixed until we as a people say NO MORE and fight back. I fear ‘we’ don’t have the mindset or the courage, we have become very comfortable in our chains.

        • However much I tend to agree that it isn’t a problem that government would or could solve , once again we find the tentacles of government all over this problem in allowing establishments , to trample the US constitution and create these festering pools of violence known as ‘ Gun Free Zones ‘ . Government could step up and declare that the 2nd amendment overrides a persons fear of the gun and make all ‘ Gun Free Zones ‘ unconstitutional on any and all property open to the public . One could still choose to establish a ‘ Gun Free Zone ‘ on private property however as it would also stand true to the intent of our founders .

  9. I imagine it’s because the entire American citizenry has been divided into more sub-groups with even more ideological/emotional ferocity than, dare I say it, the 1960’s by the Obama admin. A high tide floats all boats, and when times get intense you’re gonna see more intense nutjobs come out of the woodwork.

  10. I’m of the opinion that this 8-year administration has done the worst job of any other administration to date on what should be their #1 priority: protecting its citizenry.

    Worse still, liberals as a whole (including those in the current administration) refuse to recognize the dangerous situations they’re causing.

    Prime examples:
    * 441 Syrian Refugees Admitted to the U.S. Since the Orlando Attack, Dozens to Florida

    * Obama won’t budge on Syrian refugees even after Orlando

    • Hey little feller , the next time you post a comment , could you climb up on a ladder or chair , I can’t hear you way down there .
      I think you were talking bigotry and hatred against refugees , were you not ?
      Shame on you for being so paranoid and non political correct .
      We all know these folks will be wonderful Americanized citizens within a few days or those DC geniuses would never have allowed them entry .
      Meanwhile , Christian Syrian displaced can’t even get out of Damascus and if they do , no one will take them in .
      NICE >

      • Interesting point, we could learn from Israel on this. They allow any Jew, from any nation on this rock to repatriate. Perhaps the USA should consider the same for Christians. Obama is sure to sign off on this plan, or maybe it’s too logical.

    • This administration is doing exactly what they set out to do; the fundamental transformation of America.

      Liberals as a whole (the useful fools) may not realize the danger but the progressive leaders have a goal and this is one of their methods of achieving their goal; the destruction of America.

      The American “left” has been working for 100 years on this destruction and are nearing their goal.

      Be Prepared!

  11. The media needs to be told that this is their fault over and over and over. If we repeat it often enough they may come to accept it, just like they believe the trigger pulls the finger. But they may shame each other into following a leftie rule that they don’t publish the name of the perp. They already are on board with not telling us the race of the bad guy, this is little different from that.

  12. I sometimes think of Kaiser Wilhelm II as the biggest spree terrorist killer, in that he seemingly had a god complex — he didn’t believe he was personally a god, but because he had been chosen by God, God would not let him make a mistake. He could make whatever decisions he wanted, without research, pondering, consultation, advice, anything — act in haste, no big deal, because God would not let him screw up.

    Reminds me a lot of politicians in general. They are the elite, who by definition can’t make mistakes, and therefore thought is not required.

  13. Well, for some reason, it seems spree killers tend to be biased politically to the Left.

    After each of these snapper-heads finishes killing, the press always seems to hope and pray they were NRA, ‘Tea Party’, right-wing of some sort, only to fall silent when they discover Obama supporters on their social media pages…

  14. And if you were to write a plan to advertise ar type rifles in these type of events, could you do a better job than the media has been doing the last 10+ years?

  15. they’re “ratcheted up” because o’bama wants to destroy the USA before the end of his term and taking weapons from everybody is what he wants to do so it will be easier to destroy the USA (nobody able to defend themselves against the TYRANNY)

  16. Maybe if we weren’t over there securing oil pipelines and drone striking somebody’s wedding those desert dwellers wouldn’t even be able to find the USA on a map. But I’m not an idealist so I won’t go down that road, empires are gonna empire.

  17. “First, because the Islamicists see that they are winning.”

    You’re kidding right? ISIS is now being rolled back. Look at the battle in Fallujah today.Not exactly an impressive effort by ISIS. Osama Bin Laden has been killed.

  18. Simply because they know he is sympathetic and VERY VERY weak in regards to Muslims. Exploit his weakness

  19. When the perceived leader of the country comes out and puts the blame on the tool the enemy needs to try harder to get noticed. Terror in the Islamic nutjobs mind is when we as a people fear them and wish to appease the wrath they bring. Instead the perceived leader ignores them and blames everything but them. He then attacks our freedoms and makes it easier for the nutjobs to attack. They see this as total disrespect. Therefore they need to obviously step it up a notch or two to make us understand they hold the power.
    Bozo refuses to put the blame on Islam. Instead of leveling the entire wrath of our overwhelming military superiority and bringing them to their knees he attacks his own country, puts Islamic nutjobs in positions of power over our security, lets thousands more potential terrorists into the country, hands them a check, and plays golf. Maybe if they want him to recognise them they should blow up a clubhouse.

  20. I have a hard time categorizing the Orlando shooter as an Islamic terrorist. Reports are now coming out that he was texting with his wife and perusing the news coverage during the three hour stand off. He was apparently a conflicted gay or bi-sexual male, whose sexuality conflicted with his Muslim identity, upbringing, and religion. There is no evidence of his having any contact with any terrorist organization prior to the attack. This was his end game, his claim to fame, factors that place him in or in close proximity to the other group of shooters. Although he does not appear to suffer from schizophrenia, as some do, such as the Aurora and Giffords shooters, he did show signs of depression and social isolation, such as that demonstrated by the Columbine shooters. He claim of allegiance to ISIS could simply be a way of gaining the publicity and notoriety the first group is seeking.

    • Yikes, FBI much? He was investigated twice, made numerous terroristic threats to people close to him, flipped out when pork touched his burger at a BBQ, his dad is a pro-taliban nut job who should be deported, he knew the florida resident suicide bomber from his mosque, he praised the 9/11 attacks publicly in school, he had a secret laptop with islamic content/executions downloaded, on and on and on. Direct ties or not that don’t sound like a jihadist to you?

      • The way I heard it, to get the 72 virgins (Ugh. Gimme 3 experienced), you have to publicly declare your jihad.

        That’s what the various calls were for, and apparently he wanted to see if he made the news, as his phone had several Google searches in it for ‘Pulse Orlando’ during the 3 hour siege…

    • I have a hard time categorizing the Orlando shooter as an Islamic terrorist.

      Really? Really, really?

      Be careful burying your head that deeply in the sand. I hear the alligators are rather active in Florida right now.

      • I get where he’s going with that, Chip.

        If anything, it was a convenient Islamic terrorist attack.

        And let’s face it, terror-boy had some ‘issues’….

        • Geoff PR
          Muslims have a history of using people with ” issues ” to kill hundreds of people. The did it because their religious leaders said to.
          People with issues are just more easily motivated.
          I remember when a mentally retarded 16 year old boy was told he would have sex in heaven if he blew himself up, because the girls around him ignored him.

          Two or three of the 911 hijackers where gay. They were told if they flew planes into buildings they would go to heaven also. I assume their 72 virgins were all males.

    • “I have a hard time categorizing the Orlando shooter as an Islamic terrorist.”

      How do you explain the two trips to Saudi Arabia?


      Never mind the part where he called 911 and said ‘I’m an Islamic terrorist’ right?

      Look this is an important point because you are thinking exactly what the media and the progressives want you to think.

      Real question, how do you reconcile these things, other than admitting he was a full on netbar with extra nuts Islamic Jihadi mujahid.

      I can’t see how you need more to convince you, but are you still unconvinced?

      • Most moose-lim terrorists aren’t “good” moose-lims. Kill the infidel-free trip to paradise and 72 goat-er virgins…check out the scum of 9/11. Partying,gettin’ high and hangin’out at strip clubs. The ISIS(in Iraq) lowlifes are likewise typical moose-lims.

        • I know all that, I am speaking to Mark N. who is asserting that Omar the Mujaheddin is not a true muslim, he was a conflicted and confused man with all the homism going on and that Islam is very hard on homos (pun intended).

          My point is this, sexually conflicted or not, that is fine and can give psychologists many books they can write about this afterwards.

          But in the end it was Islam, and this true believe in Islam that did this violence to all these people.

          Something like this Islam, so evil as to be able to do this terrible thing, abd counltelss others all over the planet, can not be argued and word played out of guilt here Mark.

          And I am very curious, have yoo reassessed after learning these new things? Or are thre still reasons you think Islam is just a side note when it comes to this attack. The true cause is the mans homoism, or Trump or whatever, and Islam just happened to be there when it happened.

          Very curious

        • Agreed. This was about Islam and a Muslim who felt guilty for his own inclinations and decided that killing gays would appease Allah and buy his way into Paradise.

  21. “The second type of mass killing is the Islamist terrorist attack: the Boston Marathon attack, the Fort Hood massacre, the Chattanooga recruit center attack, the Garland shooting (which was stopped), the San Bernadino massacre, & the Orlando Pulse Massacre.”

    Plus the 2009 Little Rock Army recruiting center shooting by Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, born Carlos Leon Bledsoe, who converted to Islam in 2004 at Masjid As-Salam, a Memphis mosque. He has said “I’ve loved jihad ever since I became Muslim.”

  22. The idea that there must be a cause for this variance is likely a fallacy. We live in a nation of 320 million+ people and at least half have some easy access to firearms. Mass shootings are so rare, that by itself their rate varying over time does not tell us much.

    However, if we listen to the people who commit these crimes, right now it is clear that at least some of the current trend is related to radical Islam.

  23. The Charlston shooter definitely fits the terrorist criteria.

    A lot of talk about middle east and appearing strong, not a whole lot of ideas on what do do different. More force in the middle east seems to be having the opposite effect.

    I do agree that media should stop giving these asshole so much coverage though.

  24. What about the general decrease in public civility since the expansion and proliferation of social media? If comments commonly seen on FB were ever hurled face-to-face against each other, it could get ugly very quickly…. Look at how anti-DT protesters taunt and assault his supporters. Look at how young people (mostly men) are influenced by social media; hate groups (of all demographics) lure the followers of their ideology. If it wasn’t for the internet and social media stoking young people up, I don’t think a lot of these “home-grown terrorists” would be motivated to pull the shit they do…. ISIS would just be some faraway band of Buttheads that we’d hear about once in a while on World News…. I realize this genie is out of the bottle, with no way of getting her back in; but I truly feel this has become a “HUGE”(lol) downside to this “information age”. Before all this, arguments consisted of a family arguing at the kitchen table over politics, etc; and the only ones to hear it were family/friends close enough to be in the crossfire… Now, the kitchen table is 17,000 miles long with 5 billion people arguing the same shit and trying to shout each other down… I yield the floor and my soapbox….

    • Excellent point. People are encouraged by the media and Liberals to be offended over everything and social media facilitates that. I sometimes think we would all be better off if the internet had never been created.

    • I’m 21 and genuinely don’t understand how anyone survived before the internet, and I agree completely. Having access to the entire combined knowledge of all of hunan history in our pockets is truly incredible and comes with it tremendous benefits, but it also gives a platform to every idiot with an inane opinion. Couple this with the lack of civility that internet communication seems to drive and the general laziness and listlessness of modern young people, and you’ve got a hell of a situation.

      Consider this: The reason there is so much disproportionate vitriol on the internet is that (aside from the simple psychology that anger and righteous indignation simply feel really good) my generation is too damn lazy to actually go out and find a purpose for themselves. But, humans can’t be satisfied without a purpose. Doesn’t matter what that purpose is, just as long as it gives direction and focus. So, folks love to jump on the bandwagon of whatever “major controversy” is blowing up on Facebook or Tumblr this week, throwing their entire being into supporting their side of choice (for the best example of this, look up “gamer gate” but make sure all your guns are out of the house first, because it WILL make you want to give up on life). Then it all blows over in a week or two and everyone forgets about it, then another equally stupid, totally manufactured controversy comes along and it all happens again. Rinse and repeat. SJWs are the worst about this but it is undeniably something that permeates the entire culture of my generation.

      It’s tragic and toxic, but at this point, there’s no way to fix it.

  25. Spree shootings are exceedingly rare. I see the premise assumed – but not suppirted by evidence – that spree shootings have increased over the past eight years. Where is such evidence, including analysis to support that any change in rate of spree shootings is statistically significant?

    I could counter that there is merely a perception of an increase, when all that has actually increased is the media coverage and bloody shirt-waving of still-rare spree shootings.

  26. Many of the cases in your final link are disappointing and that characterization of them is completely misleading. A preponderance of the examples involve the legal carrier preventing the shooter from leaving or detaining them after the massacre rather than interrupting a massacre and saving a bunch of people. While those efforts are laudable, they’re hardly examples of stopping mass murders in their tracks. Some of them are totally legit. I don’t know why the others were included in that list.
    The first part of the article I agree with. The rest is too laughable to warrant completely picking apart. The power vacuum was created by toppling the power structures and failing to replace them, a task not started–but abandoned due to the hopelessness of the task–by the Obama administration. Indefinite occupation and massive military expenditure will also fundamentally change this country.
    The Ferguson effect is a joke. The number of abuses successfully filmed alone is indicative of a significant problem and the tiny fraction of questionable police encounters which are filmed suggest the problem is way larger than it’s portrayed as being. The overblown cases where cops aren’t actually in the wrong get fixed eventually. That doesn’t usually happen in the other direction.

  27. I’m not sure the premise of the article is valid. Have mass killings gone up in a statistically significant way since Obama’s been in office? Or do we simply hear more about the ones that do happen, because it helps advance an agenda that many in government and the mass media want to force on the American people?

    • The only way you can be a Zionist and a Mooslem is if you are a lizard shape shifter .
      ………………. Spot on Huggy .
      and he’s also Bi >>>>>>>>>>> racial .

  28. It’s known the government threatens the licenses of psychologists who don’t use politically “correct” but proven harmful treatments. The current practice of treating “transgenderism” with “hormone replacement” and “sex reassignment surgery” causing increased suicide rates and general dementia from the male brain not working on estrogen is well documented, yet suggesting it should be treated with therapy instead will cost you your license (also well documented). The overuse of psychological drugs, which the non-jihadists were on, is also well known and I’m sure there’s threats to licenses in it too.

    Executive orders and “progressive” appointments by Obama can easily have led to more brain altering drugs being prescribed to potential killers.

    • An article published in the New York Daily News on March 17, 2013, provided purported details of this report by an anonymous law enforcement veteran who had attended the meeting.[108] The source stated that the investigation had found that Lanza had created a 7-by-4-foot sized spreadsheet listing around 500 mass murderers and the weapons they used, which was considered to have taken years of work and to have been used by Lanza as a “score sheet”.[108] On March 18, 2013, Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police responded that the information from this meeting was “law enforcement sensitive information” and considered the release to be a leak.[109]

  29. The main reason: despair.

    Obama has mismanaged everything so badly that the entire country is gripped by a profound sense of dread and despair. Suicides are up. Mass killing events are up. The American Dream is just that — a dream. Happiness is a long-lost memory. Government is almost universally distrusted. The puppet media is completely distrusted. America has become a punchline to a bad joke.

    Obama has fundamentally transformed the country from a relatively happy, well-adjusted nation into a pit of despair. And it’s going to get much, much worse because the bitch is back and she’s in heat.

  30. I’ve said since Columbine that the mass media turning these lunatics into rock stars (in their minds) is the main factor in non-terrorists mass shootings.

  31. Another thing the media hides is that most of these mass shooting happen at “gun free” zones. So the general mind numbed low information crowd has no clue. We know without anyone mentioning it because we all know where the gun free zones are.

  32. “ISIS built up in the vacume left by Barak Obama in Iraq.”
    A vacuum created by the destruction of the country and dismantling of its government by Bush and his neocons.
    What category do the church shooter and those two morons in Vegas who wanted to start a revolution by shooting people fall into? They weren’t Islamists. Maybe instead of pushing a tired neocon agenda we can be a little bit more honest with ourselves. Let’s leave misinformation to the antis, it’s all they have.

  33. Wasn’t the Umpqua College shooting possibly islamic based? I seem to remember the shooter asking the religion of those people and shooting the christians.

    • I don’t think that guy had anything to do with Islam. He was clearly in the “copycat wanting infamy” category – he had reportedly studied other mass killings, including the Isla Vista one where the killer was a sexually frustrated asshole, just like him.

  34. the power vacuum started with bush and the toppling of saddam its gone to shit even worse after the fact obama isn’t free from fault but saying he is the cause is wrong he’s just furthered the problem

  35. Mass killings and crime in general have increased as liberal politics caused the entire justice system has become more permissive. Liberal politicians have confused tolerance with permissiveness.
    The duty of the criminal justice system is to first protect the innocent, then rehabilitate the criminal. This may mean incarcerating the criminal for long periods of time if necessary Getting this in the wrong order, combined with a permissive attitude, results in an increasing crime rate.

    • The only problem with your theory is that violent crime of all kinds has been on a steady downward trend for 25 years or so, regardless of which political party has been in control throughout that period. We’re currently at the lowest rates of violent crime since the early 1970’s. The idea that America is an increasingly violent and dangerous place is a myth created by the mass media and its 24-hour news networks’ need for content.

  36. The so called Ferguson “effect”, like the Trump “effect” has served to expose the bigots in media coverage and in blowing the lid off of the bigots in the cities & towns around this country. Most blatant is the exposure of the rampant bigotry within our police ranks. The justice, or really injustice, in the justice system is finally on blast, & on thousands of videos.
    The best “effect” has been to open wide open the doors on the white fright & self hating abuse of services by the poor “entitled” poor & lower class whites. The “white privileges” mentality is blatant & is discussed now as “- a thing”., a perpetuated mania.
    About guns, “blame everybody but me” mentality shows the insanity to justify more deadlier weapons. Nobody needs a weapon that disintegrates flesh to hunt. That’s insane. Understanding danger in unpoliced crime areas only serves to understand a need for self protection. It’s a vicious cycle in cities. But the guns are a problem, not a solution. Make guns harder to get, & unneccesary, not government sanctioned dumped into communities.
    Religion on any pedestal is a segregation by definition. It is used as an excuse & misinterpreted, understood, and often used as an excuse. “Mine is better than yours” is childish.
    I don’t argue that anyone that is sane & trained should be allowed to exercise their right to own & carry weapons. The problem is the many gun obsessed, & often low in functioning judgement & aptitude, or plain certifiable, idiots that choose to have & use them.
    Just like a drivers license, & driving privileges: driving on common roads is not a right, but a privilege to those who go through the trouble to earn a license & are not dangerous to themselves or others. No license or revocation means no driving or jail. If you are too stupid to pass a test to have the privilege to arm, or you are already convicted of a violent act, or have a propensity to act impulsively to harm others, you should not have a gun. Period. And if caught, or rightfully turned in, by state or civilians, or psychiatrists or teachers, and are found with a weapon, you should be locked up!

    • Welcome to the forum. You have made a number of assertions that many here will disagree with. We like to back up assertions with facts. So be ready to have your assertions challenged.

      Over the last 25 years the per capita number of guns in the U.S. has increased 50% while the murder rate dropped in half?

      You know that the murder rate in England and Wales was lower before strict controls were put on the ownership of guns, right?

      You understand that slavery has been nearly universally practiced by all societies across history, until it was mostly stamped out by Western Civilization, specifically, by white men, specifically Christians, in the name of Christianity.

      Assertions are not facts. Anyone can make an assertion.

      I hope that we will be able to have a rewarding conversation.

  37. Why Has Mass Killing Ratcheted-Up During the Obama Regime?

    That’s how you get 320 million people to agree to civilian disarmament.

    Would you be surprised if in 20 years from now you read that the Government was behind the Aurora, Newtown and Orlando Shootings?

  38. The big, showy mass killings have racheted up under Obama because they are FEMA drills that he and the liberal media are conspiring to present to the American people as real events for the purpose of his/Democrats gun control agenda. Why where the club goers carrying the wounded TO the club instead of away from it? Why were they putting the wounded down and laughing about it? Why does Leinonen appear to be rather obviously reading from a teleprompter and overacting in multiple interviews? Why is the administration going after guns, instead of rounding up all known terrorists, as you would expect? Why are some of the main victims actors? Why was the shooter’s conpany involved with Crisis Cast (crisis actor company)?

    These appear to be normal FEMA drills, where everyone signs an NDA in order to participate, and the program itself probably runs under a Public Trust classification. The govt does these drills all the time, but but it hasn’t always involved the national media pretended they were real; in fact, they usually downplay any not related to the gun ban agenda in order to avoid alarming people.

    Watch the Robbie Parker video again, and make up your own mind. It’s Democrat gun control theater.

  39. Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the standard that produced the most democratic country on earth. The country that has continually improved its standard of human rights, the country most popular for folks from all over the world to immigrate to as well as the country that twice saved the world from global dictatorship.

    Obama immediately declared the Constitution a “flawed document”, failed to do the job he was elected to do, and decided the thoughts between his ears to be a better standard than the Constitution and the laws of the United States. In doing so he has supported and emboldened criminals of all types while victimizing hard working, law abiding United Stated citizens. As a result, a wedge has been driven between peoples of differing religious affiliations, races, economics, philosophies, ethnics, sexual orientations, geographic locations, and political affiliation.

    With Obama’s increased focus on differences it should not be a surprise that some people have chosen to violate the rights of others rather than improve rights for all.

  40. For the same reasons that it chimbed under Bush.

    The stresses are great, mental health services are nearly nonexistent and – most importantly – everyone wants to up the score.

    Whomever follows Obama will face exactly the same problems.

    • The mental health system was destroyed by do gooder libs and the ACLU. MY FIELD. We were forced to open the door and let all the insane roam the streets because the libs were PC and the ACLU were more concerned their rights were being violated and never saw the unintended consequences. Typical Libs

  41. Fun fact: Politicians exponentially kill more people with their nonsensical laws (gun free zones for example, or denying gun purchases without “reasonable concern” in CA) than the majority of law-abiding gun owners ever could in their lifetimes.

    The vilification and comparison of law abiding gun owners to murderers is unethical, immature, and frankly, it’s just childish behavior. That is like saying anyone that owns a car is a murderer or drunk every time there is a DUI or fatal traffic accident. It’s childish rhetoric and has no place in adult conversation.

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    Accurate registration and easy to adjust: Front guide and pulling guide that uses pulling wheel on each side are adopted. Lateral position of feeder board and vertical position of plate can be finely adjusted.
    Seperation of water and ink: The water supply and ink supply systems are seperated. Water and ink can easily be adjusted to match different jobs.
    Simultaneous operations for offset printing, letter-press printing, number printing(NP), creasing, perforating and slitting and satallite second colour device can be attached to the main unit.
    The functions of paper feeding, production running, counting, number advancing, powder spray, anti-static are controlled by PLC.
    Straight type (horizontal): 49 heads Max. (7 heads on a ring 脳 7 rings on shaft)
    Convex type(vertical): 40 heads Max. (5 heads on a ring 脳 8 rings on shaft)
    Cross perforation: Min 25 mm
    Vertical perforation:
    Min. 5mm(blade-perfo type)
    Min. 25mm(rotary-perfo type)
    Letter press imprinting:
    Cylinder type -90* 345mmMax.
    Mounting ring type-30* 40mmMax.
    Ink rollers for NP unit: 6(2 form rollers)
    Max.paper size470X365mm(landscape)
    Max.print size450X345mm
    Printable paper weight28-250g
    Printing speed2000-9000sheet/h
    Plate size469X395mm
    Blanket size415X466mm
    Ink roller quantity16(4 forme rollers)
    Drive motor power0.75KW
    Air pump motor power0.55KW
    Power supply220V/50Hz
    Overall dimensions1760X935X1340mm
    Weight700Kgchina Offset Printing Machine suppliers

  58. Huiguang lighting is a company that specializes in the design, production and sales of lighting products. As a result, the company advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, economical and green lighting concept.We are committed to providing professional, dedicated and specialized lighting solutions for our customers.
    Founded in 2000, the company has more than 210 employees, covering a total area of 16,500 square meters. The company and products have passed the certification of ISO9001 quality system, EMC, CE, ROHS, IP68, CCC and CQC, and have more than 20 patents. Company has complete testing equipment for product safety testing, product environment adaptability test, light distribution test, life test, IP waterproof dustproof test, can provide customers with OEM, ODM services.
    Established the international business department in 2010,specializes in automotive, off-road vehicles, construction machinery, Marine, agricultural, forestry, mining, transport, and motorcycle LED lighting design, production, sales of products, LED auto light mainly includes LED work light, LED light bar, LED headlight, LED light bulbs, LED off-road lights, LED driving lights, LED light accessories series. Since its promotion, it has been favored by customers with its superior cost performance. Currently, our products have been well sold in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
    In Chinese mainland market, products have been widely used in shipping, power, metallurgy, railway, port, coal mine, petroleum, chemical industry and equipment manufacturing industries. It’s become one of the first choice brands of domestic industrial lighting in China.
    We are convinced that if we serve customers wholeheartedly, we will win customers and win the market. Let us mutual benefit, common development, create a brilliant career.
    Our mission is to provide professional lighting products and services to create value for society.
    Our vision is to be the best partner in the field of professional lighting in the world.
    Bulk Led Tractor Working Lights

  59. Service:
    Pre-sales service:help customerss learn about our products,and lead them to choose the suitable products
    On-sales service:comfirm customers’demand,offer samples,respect customers’s choice
    After-sales service:solve the quality and any others problems
    “High Quality,High Performance and High Efficiency”is our persistent pursuing principles.We view quality as our life,customers as our God and sincerely expect to make cooperation with you,give us support and guide.
    Q: How many kinds of surface treatment?
    A: We have natural color,black finished,nickel plated,chrome plated,etc.
    Q:How many kinds of material?
    A:We have carbon steel,alloy steel,HSS,etc.
    Q: What about the delivery time?
    A: For different items have different delivery time. Usually it takes 30 to 60 days.
    Q: Do you have customized service?
    A: According to your request, we can offer different materials, different colors and different packages.
    Q:Will it rust?
    A:We promise that it will not rust in two years.
    Q:How long is the working life?
    A:Long if there is no man-made sabotage.
    Q:Is there any burrs?
    A:No burrs,of course.
    Contact and Feedback:
    If you are interest in any of our products or any questions,please feel free to contact us.We will reply you within 24H.
    Contact percon: Sunye Cao(Marketing Manager)
    Fax: 86-571-82345081
    Mobile: 86-13732270729
    E-mail: [email protected] (my personal e-mail:[email protected])
    Certifications:Die Handle manufacturers

  60. Superior performance
    Long service life: under rated temperature and pressure, the PE pipe can be used safety for more than 50 years.
    Excellent resistance to corrosion capability: except few strong oxidants, it can endure the erosion of various kinds of chemical media, no electrochemical corrosion.
    Excellent transportation capability: the inner side of the PE pipe is smooth and has litter abrasion and resistance. The absolute roughness k=1.01mm and “k” will not change with time.
    Reliable joint capability: the intensity of the welded joint of PE pipes is above the pipe itself. The interface will not disconnect because of the moving of soil or the live load.
    Reliable safety capability: PE pipe has strong capability of anti-cracking and is not prone to crack.
    Better resistance to concussion capability: PE pipe possesses high toughness and can endure strong impact. Pressure of heavy things will not cause the pipe to break.
    Strong toughness: PE pipe is a kind of pipe that possesses high toughness whose breaking elongation rate generally exceeds 500% and has strong ability to adapt to the uneven settlement of the pipe bending.
    Excellent flexibility: PE pipe can be easy to change in accordance with the construction requirements. Small-diameter pipe is available to be supplied in coils.
    Installation cost lower: light weight, easy handling and installing, simple welding technique and exemption of being embalmed result in low construction cost.
    PE pipe material non-toxic, tasteless, through the strict health monitoring ,it belongs to green building materials, never scaling, which can effectively improve the water quality.
    Low flow resistance.
    The Smooth inner wall is easy for pipeline transportation .Under the same condition, delivery capacity can be increased by 30% ,because roughness is much less than that of steel pipe and glass reinforced pipe.
    No Leakage.
    PE pipe is connected in the ways of butt fusion, socket fusion and electrofusion and the strength of joint point is higher than tube itself .
    Good resistance ability for scratch.
    PE pipe is 4 times the wear resistance of steel pipe, which means PE pipe has longer service life and better economical efficiency.
    Production Progress
    Dredging pipeline
    1. Professional :
    We have rich experience in producing dredging rubber/PE/steel hoses and dredging floaters with various standards for many years, as well as Creditworthy manufacture in China.
    2. Best Price:
    The cheap labor cost and convenient transportation enable us to offer most favorable price while providing the highest quality product to our customers.
    3. Golden Service:
    Engaged in exporting for many years, we have been providing the perfect solutions for any feedback from our customer.
    This is the foundation of our principle, you will definitely satisfied if you cooperate with us.
    Our Services
    Contact us,please let us know your desired product name,quantity,size and other related information,we will reply you at once!
    OEM or ODM is accepted.
    Upon receipt of the goods, as a result of quality problems need to return or exchange, please contact us within 7 days.
    Please contact me for any questions. I’m on service at any time.China PE Pipe factory

  61. Shenzhen Hong Hao technology co., LTD is a professional insulation paper processing trade companies, mainly engaged in research and development, the insulating paper production and trade. We established in November 2010, we have shenzhen hong’s son hong’s son technology co., LTD. And Hong Kong international trade co., LTD., production processing and trade in shenzhen, China overseas trade deal by Hong Kong hong’s son. Hon his company has a professional team composed of dozens of people, with strong economic strength, professional experience and good service level, the Chinese and foreign customers to provide the best quality solutions.
    As a professional supplier of insulating paper, we have six insulating paper product line, or according to the customer’s application requirements, provide a wide range of USES, different performance, various specifications of the products.
    Through years of development, our insulating paper are widely used in electrical field, such as motors, transformers, batteries, electric equipment, electric power and other industries. Products are sold to more than 10 countries and regions around the world hundreds of customers.China paper insulation

  62. Our History
    Yiwu Huahong Cultural Articals Co., Ltd. has focused on the festival decoration products for over 10 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the festival decoration in China, having own factory, production equipment, show room and shop, building area has 2100 square meters.
    Today, Huahong has been one of the top producers of quality festival decoration products, such as: paper stickers, hangings, banners, yard stakes, stands and other festival decoration.
    Our Factory
    Yiwu Huahong Culture Articles Co., Ltd. located in Yiwu -International Commodities City. We are the professional festival decorations manufacture factory, having own factory, production equipment, show room and shop, more than 10 years’ experience in the production and have a sound operating system and modern enterprise concept, skilled workers(designers, salesman, master workers) and senior management.
    Huahong has established strong business relationships with international superstores and various professional clients from over 50 countries. Huahong is willing to cooperate with more partners to grow up and achieve a win-win.
    Our Product
    Huahong Products includes the following:
    1, Christmas decoration
    2, Halloween decoration
    3, Easter decoration
    4, Valentine’s Day decoration
    5, Thanksgiving Day decoration
    6, Birthday party decoration
    7,The Spring Festival decoration
    4.Product Application
    The stickers, banners, hangings, yard stakes and other decorations goods are widely used for festival and party indoor or outdoor decorations. The school, shop, market and family can also use this to decorate.
    5.Our Certificate
    We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001 SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.
    6.Production Equipment
    1.Automatic paper cutting machine
    2.Automatic die-cutting machine
    3.Hot stamping machine
    4.Automatic screen printing machine
    5.Automatic flocking machine
    7.Production Market
    We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market, have established strong business relationships with international superstores and various professional clients from over 50 countries. Our main sales market:
    Central America 20.00%
    North America 15.00%
    Southern Europe 10.00%
    Eastern Europe 13.00%
    Western Europe 8.00%

    8.Our service
    We have professional design team, you can choose our designs. You can also send us your design, and we do the products as your requirements. First confirm the sample details with customers, second production as confirmed design and sample, check the quality during the manufacturing, third deliver the goods, fourth collect and solve the feedback from the customers.Santa Yard Stakes factory


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