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Moms Demand Action rally (courtesy

“Nearly 1,000 [anti-gun protestors] marched across the Brooklyn Bridge,” the New York Daily News proclaimed, “100 of them residents of Newtown, Conn., where the 2012 massacre occurred. They waved signs. They held their heads high. And they chanted.” Sure they did. How many was that again? “Hundreds of activists marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday, demanding reforms to the country’s gun policies,” NPR reported. “More than 1,000 demonstrators,” estimated, posting the only non-close-up picture of the event I could find online (above). All other media outlets – every single one – used tight shots. A mainstream media conspiracy to plump-up the anti-pistoleros pillows? What would you call it?

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    • Surely you aren’t referring to showing the crowd only from close/low angles, signs up and blocking the camera’s view, etc. Even though the article said 1000+, the AP photographer still only labeled the photo as “hundreds”; that should tell you something right there.

      So: in the most highly populated city in the USA, which has had strict gun-control laws and high support for those laws for DECADES, counting the membership of 3 gun control groups combined, and with as many minions as Bloomberg could afford to pay attending, they STILL couldn’t get 1000 people to show up and march.

      That is Fail, on an epic scale.

      The gun controllers are strident, but their movement is nearly dead.

      There will always be a few shrieking on the sidelines, splashing around in what little blood of the innocents that they can find, but for the folks with any sense and intelligence; stick a fork in it, it’s done.

      • Yep. If the media wasn’t still propping up these fools, their “movement” would be long dead. It’s swirling the bowl already as it is. Don’t count them out, though. They have friends in the halls of power, and the legacy media still shapes public perception.

        A general rule of thumb for correcting protest numbers in news reports: when they say “dozens” of our people showed up, read “hundreds.” Convert hundreds to thousands.

        If they ever actually admit to seeing thousands of pro-gun demonstrators, you’ll know the revolution has begun.

        • Interesting thing – I just checked the New York Post [the other surviving old line dead tree NY paper] for any coverage of the march. I had to search, and all I could find was a scant three-paragraph story from Friday. It appears they didn’t even bother to cover the “demonstration by thousands” of Bloom-droids.

    • And remember, folks; if they hold one of these demonstrations in your area, grab your camera, find high ground, and take some photos of your own.

      It’s fun to compare pictures online, and reveal just how pitiful their power base has become.

    • Would someone please explain to me why the Fire Station at the head of Richardson Rd. in Newtown (down the street from from Sandy Hook Elementary) conveniently had a string of Porta-Johns in its parking lot that morning?

      And why have we still not seen any footage from the supposedly recently installed security cameras at the school, especially the one from the front lobby where Lanza was reported to have entered?

      Why was the school so quickly demolished? This follows along with the Murrah Bldg., the WTC complex, the sidewalk at the “Boston bombing”; destroy all the evidence.

      Now, we have all these slope-headed, hormone-driven moms worried about their babies when they should be worried about how all these dots are connected.

    • Monsantomommies/Bloomie/Everytown common core math principles:

      when counting participants:
      more than 10 = hundreds
      more than 50 = round to nearest whole thousand

      for OCT or anyone responding to them:
      1 or more = angry, armed mob

      more than one = arsenal

  1. Good for them for showing up to exercise their 1st amendment rights.
    Of course I don’t think it was a 1,000. Media pumping up their numbers, yup.
    It seems that this is common, of course, most of us have seen the real numbers, and they are pretty dismal unless they get a free bus ride, sign and t-shirt.
    Just sayin…

  2. It does look like there is a couple hundred gun grabbers in that picture above.

    But a thousand? No effing way.

  3. They should go over the bridge and head south to Bed-Stuy then onto East New York and see what the real world looks like. Go protest over there see what kind of response you get.

    • I would have liked them to march over the Triborough into the South Bronx.

      And scatter like a covey of quail for the waiting limos before the “residents” could reach them.

  4. Maybe they used metric instead of imperial numbers? You know, for the kids sake(tm).


  5. Why, there are enough hipsters in that picture to start a drum circle! (I said before realizing that they actually are, in fact, drumming…)

    • lol. ‘They choose Love’. Because after all, that’s what the whole issue is really all about.

      /dripping with sarc

      • It is a bit ironic, because “love” is the reason that I carry every time I go out with my family and friends.

  6. This kind of stuff is why I will never trust ABC, MSNBC, CNS, and CNN again. I am not alone. Each and every time these news sources lie, they permanently lose viewers/readers. i am not talking about them losing viewers for a little while, they are losing them forever. I understand that none of these organizations are profitable, and with the permanent loss of viewers, they will never turn a profit.

  7. @Bob4, all media is owned by 6 corporations, and the media is not not used to inform the public, but to shape public opinion to the liking of the few that really run the country. Profit is not medias goal, mainstream media is a propaganda vehicle.

  8. Going by information of people who were there Bloombergs group pretty much lassoed in groups of bystanders and offered a free bus ride across town if they would hold some pre-made signs for a photo-op. Apparently nearly all of those people left once they got off the bus. So the group is maybe 3/4 people getting a free bus ride.

  9. This is why the internet has been such a gift; without the ability to connect to people outside of print and broadcast news; the freedom movement would have been dead.

  10. …meanwhile, 5 million paying NRA members, millions more gun owners and damn near half the population scoffed at yet another liberal media sponsored effort to fluff up their billionaire-funded, anti-freedom, hoplophobic Jihad

  11. Bloomberg and Watts do like most other political groups do – they fly or bus in their “grassroots support” who disappear as soon as the cameras are off.

    Gee – after the NYSAFE (snicker, safe for or from whom?) Act passed, all of the media outlets said the gun-rights rally in Albany numbered in the thousands.

    And all that their money and social-media rallying could muster in a metro area of around 20 million people was a few hundred?

  12. From The Guardian [UK] “Philp is the Dads Chapter leader of Moms Demand Action, which organized the event in conjunction with Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Everytown for Gun Safety and with
    financial support from former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

    WHY would you need “FINANCIAL SUPPORT” for small group of people taking walk with simple signs??

    Because people were PAID to show up!

    • “…the Dads Chapter leader of Moms Demand Action…”

      Says it all; the crowd is at least half beta-males who would follow these screeching harpies anywhere.

      • All their wives/girlfriends go out and get plowed by real men that own guns, secretly at night.

        • Something I learned in the Vietnam era. Demonstrations are a great place to find someone to have sex with. It’s the biggest reason that men show up.

  13. All they got was a thousand?! That’s pretty pathetic considering your protest is in anti gun NYC.

  14. Even if it was 1,000, there are 8 million in NYC and it looks like most stayed home. Besides, don’t these brain-dead demonstrators remember NY has both the Sullivan Act and the NY SAFE Act to “protect” its citizens from gun violence? The Newtown people should stay home and stop meddling in other peoples legislation. They had no business in NJ touting this stupid magazine ban.

  15. Where’s Moms Demand Traffic Safety? Should we really play in the street, vision obscured by signs and misguided thinking?

  16. And it’s my 2nd Amendment right that guarantees their 1st Amendment right to protest my 2nd Amendment right.

    Shame they won’t put asynchronous effort into defending my right as I do in defending theirs.

    Life’s full of little ironies.

  17. The Oregon shooter was a child of a divorced couple. Same with the SoCal shooter. Ditto with the Newtown maniac. The list goes on. The worst spree killer in history, Anders Breivik, grew up in a broken home. Either boys from broken marriages needs to be put on some watch list or the moms should stop demanding action and take some.

  18. I am still thinking we need an 1 million AR 15 march. I know. Won’t happen and fraught with peril.

  19. The article on this annual gun-control fest, in yesterday’s New York Daily News, proudly proclaimed the protesters came from twenty states, not just New York City! Clearly, the Bill Paying Billionaire had to front some cash for travel expenses. It is interesting that neither the current nor the former Mayor/Dictator of New York City chose to attend this march against civil rights.

    • The Daily News team of top=notch reporters (LOL) also mentioned the “seventy four school shootings” since Newtown several times.

  20. What’s a shame is that in a city of 8 million or so we could not find a few gun friendly folks to take some photos for us to expose this fraud.

  21. Honestly, even if it is 1,000, that doesn’t say much. They’re in the most populous and probably most liberal city in the US. 1,000 is the maximum they were able to get to spend an hour or so marching on a beautiful weekend day in a city of ten million flaming liberals? A dedicated bunch of realists, these people are.

  22. I looked at all the pics, and although it’s impossible to come up with a precise number, I counted about 200 people.

    We get 200 people at our open carry picnics in Michigan. LOL.

  23. Go to the article.

    Look through the whole gallery.

    Notice anything?

    11 pictures in the gallery of the event. There’s “1,000” people there, but you see the same handmade signs over and over again. This seems like a tell-tale sign to me that it’s because they are the ONLY handmade signs in the group, so they can’t help but reappear. The pic used for this article does look like there is a large crowd, and for MDA it’s probably a large crowd. But zoom in (since they don’t post high res photos) and look at it and you can’t see more than maybe 100 people in it at the most. There’s a lot of “noise” going on in the photo, so it’s hard to tell if those are people in the back or not, or if they are if they even look like supporters.

  24. The thing that struck me most of the news coverage was that the news broke out the three groups–MAIG, MDA and Everytown as sponsoring the march, as if they are three independent organizations sponsored by Bloomberg, as opposed to merely different faces of the same group.

  25. Hate to say it, guys, but wake up and smell the coffee. That does look like hundreds to me, and maybe 1,000. It doesn’t do us any good to be “shocked” by stupid things like media reported numbers, and then make ridiculous claims ourselves.

    • Hundred(s), maybe; I’d say 200-300, tops. A thousand or more? As said above, no effin’ way. I used to work crowd control at a military base during air shows and similar events, and we had to do some crowd counting. I concur; no way.

      And as I pointed out, above, the AP photographers are required to be as accurate in their estimates as possible, for the info in the caption. If the photographers were labeling the crowd as hundreds, then it didn’t approach 1000 at any point.

      When you combine that with the obvious cropping and signs-up-to-block-view-of-crowd-size trickery, then you know it wasn’t a large crowd.

      And if you can’t break 1000 (or double it) in that geographical area, given their politics and long embracing of gun control, it’s very, VERY sad for their cause.

    • Mike L, here’s a link to an enlarged version of that photo, with a green tick-mark on each head/hat/neck I could clearly make out. 80 heads (79 marked, and I missed the guy on the right with the green sign). Assume that two-thirds of the crowd is hidden behind the signs; that still only adds up to 240 folks. More? Okay, three-quarters hidden; 320 anti-gunners (that would be the max possible number, in my opinion).

      Still not enough? Okay, let’s say 80 percent of these dedicated whiners were not visible. Still only comes up to 400, well under the reported fantasy number of 1000+.

      I’ll say it again — no ‘effin way.

  26. I’d march in a million man AR march…if I had an ar. Man they got 3-5000 demonstrating in Springfield, Illinois for gun rights on TWO HOURS notice last year. Hardly a mention in the lame stream media.

  27. I had to slow down and then wait on my way across the Bklyn brg. I didn’t have time to stop and shoot photos. I counted less than 400 people and I would gess some were just bystanders reading the signs ( a newyorker sport!) what I DID get a count of was cops assigned as minders, who were walking ahead and behind the “crowd.” Four(4). Yes you read that right. Either NYPD did not expect a large group or they reassigned the majority of them when nobody showed up.

    Usually the police will “pause traffic” on the walkway for protest groups of any real size. They’re cool about it though. They will tell you something like ” we got about three thousand crossing in a group so were holding for twenty minutes.” On this one the cope said ” we got a couple hundred, go ahead, ride slow and dismount when you get near them, stay on the left side when you walk through them.”

  28. Obviously, they’re RACISTS! I don’t see much “diversity” in that photo. //////////s

  29. Yep, dozens of the reliable SEIU/ACORN mouth-breathers and probably some part-time special-ed teacher types, mommy “volunteers” bussed in and given a placard to wave, for $50/hr of Bloomies money.

    You can tell by the pre-printed protest signs, and wide-body shop stewards in the same colored shirts. “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, those union thugs have gotta go!”

  30. You know, I don’t even bother listening to the local news anymore or even the national news when it comes to gun control. It’s the same old thing, some thug decided he/she wanted someones money or belongings more than it’s rightful owner did and the rightful owner got shot for trying to keep them from taking it, or the thug got shot because they didn’t know that the owner was willing to kill to keep themselves and their property safe, then the owner gets arrested for killing the thug when the police should be shaking the hand of the defender and helping them through the trauma of having to kill someone instead. THAT is what gets to me.
    What also gets to me is that groups like Everytown and Moms Demand Action get validation when little 3 year old Suzy kills little 5 year old Johnny because they found a gun in mommy or daddy’s sock drawer or closet, and decided to play with it, when all it takes is $10-$15 for a damn trigger lock. That’s it, $10-$15, you don’t have to buy a $300-1000 safe to keep them in. Common sense dictates that when you have small kids that have a habit of disobeying, you lock the guns up or at least the trigger.

  31. I hope the people who wrote these articles and the public realize that that is only 1000 people, a very small number when you compare it to the population of the US, or even only ONE state. Even if they had 1000 people, it’s not a general representation of the US, and that’s a very small group to please by infringing everyone else’s rights.

    I want gun sense too – gun SENSE is not disarmament. These people need to stop hiding behind their emotional outbursts – they’re no different from violent criminals in how they think, their acts also fueled by emotion. The public should be made aware that these people’s way of thinking is no different from a criminal or an infantile child, not logical adults.

  32. A media report on firearms is something with a bunch of lies in it. Funny how all of their photos of these astroturf staged Bloomberg events are always designed to hide the low turnout. Hey, no bias here …

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