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  1. once again as with the gentleman in the cybercafe. don’t mess with ofwg’s, you might get your killing done.

  2. .44 Bulldog, my motherfrickin pet
    I point it at rattlesnakes and tell that motherfricker, fetch

  3. i’ve heard different stories on the blood letting in a snakebite scenario. i think the most recent advice i’ve heard is that cutting just increases the damage and chance of infection. stay calm, don’t get too active and get to a doctor as quickly as you can. course this also re-inforces my belief that you should put your pistol on when you get out of bed and not take it off til you go back to bed.

    • With rattle snakes it isn’t like some snake toxins, I believe it is a Hemotoxin which essentially breaks down the muscle fibers. There are snakes in Asia, and middle east which have Neurotoxins. those ones are nasty. While most cases the snake bite kits can do more harm than good the intention is there to remove the venom. Best bet is anti venom found at your local ER. Otherwise depending on the bite you might get compartmentalization in your muscles. It is not pretty. This is why most museums or zoos which have snakes keep a supply of anti venom on site, just in case.
      Warning not for easily squeamish!

      They then need to remove skin and flesh to allow the areas to vent, and heal. Then you get skin graphs and all sorts of fun to recover. Bottom line don’t mess with snakes!

    • The only thing i’ve ever heard that seemed intuitive was to use your belt as a tourniquet.

      • the last time i did cert training, and it has been a few years ago, they didn’t specify snakebite but they had put the tourniquet as a last use item if all else fails. apparently it causes a lot of damage in less than expert hands.

  4. What immediately came to mind-

    “I said, ‘F*** NO, SNAKE…..I’m about to eat you with some mayonnaise, you dumb ass snake!”


    But seriously, I’m glad he made it. My kinda cat.

  5. After watching and listening to this fellow’s story, in this case I’d rather been packing my cellphone than a pistol–this time.

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