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55-year-old Jimmie Tarrer of Dallas is being held at the Dallas County Jail on murder charges with a $200,000 bail following a deadly shooting involving his wife and another woman.

The shooting happened around 8:00 p.m. on the 3300 block of East Illinois Avenue in South Dallas. Tarrer and his wife were outside talking on a plot of land that they own when 31-year-old Lanita Cole allegedly walked by and, according to an arrest affidavit, accused Tarrer’s wife of calling her “the n-word.” A physical altercation ensued.

Tarrer’s wife told police that Cole “spun her around somehow,” resulting in a cut on her left eyebrow. Police believe the laceration to have been caused by Ms. Tarrer’s own eyeglasses.

At that point, Tarrer told his wife to move away from the other woman before he shot Cole once.

Tarrer called 9-1-1, requesting police and an ambulance, and told police the woman he’d shot was armed with a knife. He then administered CPR to Cole until rescuers arrived, however, the woman died at a hospital at 8:33 p.m.

The police have not disclosed whether a knife was discovered at the scene. Tarrer’s wife, however, says she did not see Cole holding a knife.

Without some crucial bits of information, it’s truly impossible to say whether this use of deadly force was justified or not. We’ll post updates to this story if any surface.

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  1. Good shooting.

    One less ignorant ghetto monkey to support with our tax dollars or to worry about committing violent acts against whites.

    • Your troll bait is obvious libtard. Go back to reading Huffpo articles and quit trying to make gun owners look racist.

        • I’m just glad the guy has a “throwdown” knife available to plant on her after righteously shooting her!

          Throwdowns… they’re not just for cops anymore!

    • @yarbles: what a pathetic comment. You do the cause of gun rights a disservice. Too little info to conclude a good shoot but enough to be very skeptical that he had a reasonable basis to shoot

      • Don’t know what is true here and what is not. I *do* know if my wife and I are having a conversation on land which we own, and a stranger comes by, grabs my wife by the head, after which my wife’s head is bloody, I’m taking that stranger out as soon as I can get a clear shot. And in my police report, I’ll forgive myself if I translate “grabbed my wife after which my wife was bleeding” to “sucker had a knife”. And race has nothing to do with it. Unless we want to acknowledge that some minorities may feel entitled to physically attack strangers who are minding their own business.

        • Larry in TX,

          Women frequently have long nails which could easily cut someone while grappling with their head. While that is certainly a criminal act, it does not justify employing deadly force.

          Assuming that the husband is physically able, a good front or side kick (taught in martial arts classes) should be pretty effective at removing a woman from his wife.

        • Then you too deserve to go to jail, especially if you’re willing to lie about the other person having a weapon to try and justify your shot. Goodness gracious man, I would very much reconsider your way of thinking here.

        • Good grief. First off, my last martial arts classes were over 60 years ago, I am no longer an operational operator such as yourself. Second, hindsight is 20-20, but in the moment, why would you NOT assume that your wife’s bloody head is from the stranger, who physically attacked her while we were standing on OUR OWN PROPERTY, using a knife on her? And third, My assumption would be that a crazy 31-year-old woman could kill both my wife and myself with no weapons at all. You do you, maybe someday it will strike you that you are not superman and you may start preparing to take care of your own business!

      • He’s purposefully doing a disservice. He’s a agent provocateur so people can say “look at these gun owners, they’re racist jerks”

      • This is why we can’t have nice things… 🙁

        Although we don’t have all the details so maybe it was justified.

    • “There will be no racial bigotry here! I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops, or greasers! Here, you are ALL equally useless!”

      — Gunny Hartman, Full Metal Jacket (1987)

      • +1

        Rest in Peace, R.Lee Ermey. He was one of the greatest patriots and all-round-amusing-guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He’ll be sorely missed. As far as the movie goes? In this day and age of liberal, left-tardination in Hollyweird, I truly believe good movies are all but extinct in favor of SJW, politically ‘correct’, child-molesting ideological garbage. Damned shame, it is.

    • No one speaks like this except antifa approving mentally diminutive steaming piles of excrement. And yes – you are. And yes, you are identified for what you are. One loud mouth keyboard commando that only knows how to lie.

  2. One can speculate endlessly about this case, so let’s not until there are some actual facts. But it is sooo tempting!

  3. If the woman was armed with a knife and the knife is found with blood on the blade then this should be ruled justifiable.
    African Americans have become hypersensitive. They should watch BLAZING SADDLES.

    • African American<——-<< It’s Ass-Sin-Nine!
      #2> If you’re speaking to a person of color, in this case BLACK…. Anyone with brains can see their, history of origin is most likely Black-Africa… Which makes Me laugh, because they have Bought into this term for themselves, showing, IMHO, just how DUMB someone can Be LOL
      #3> Please give me a break, There IS just so much I could go on and on with here, which I don’t have anything close to enough time.

    • James W Crawford said, “African Americans have become hypersensitive.” And therein lies the problem with today”s culture. Too many of all races have become to sensitive! Best thing the black lady could have done was to keep on walking even if she did hear it and mind her own business. When you do not know people then you also don;t know what they are capable of. Best to walk and live to talk and complain later. Besides, a few minutes of conversation is not going to change anyone’s views on politics, religion or race.

  4. She attacked the wife, good shoot then?

    Wife disengaged, good shoot then?

    Subject reattacked after wife disengaged, good shoot then?
    I’m leaning towards yes.

  5. Never bring a knife to a gun fight…he’s toast if his wife can’t( or WON’T) back him up.

  6. One of the most virulent and antisocial sub-cultures among us is the group that slings n-words.

    Please list all of the good things that result from slinging racial epithets.

  7. Reminds me of the Portland Police who employed a shotgun loaded with beanbag rounds at contact range against a 12 year old African American girl. There were multiple police officers trying to arrest the unarmed 12 year old girl. There explaination was that she was a very large, 12 year old girl (true) and the police were getting their asses kicked (partially true but they had her face down on the ground when they shot her in the ass).

    Anyone familiar with how these less lethal impact munitions function would understand that this was insanely dangerous.

  8. That is a very, very bad part of town. I am in the area frequently and in my opinion it is a completely Lawless part of town. It is not uncommon to see people smoking marijuana or crack cocaine while walking down the street.

  9. His wife was attacked and bloodied.
    On their private land, by a stranger.
    Where is the line to reply with deadly force?
    Normally you can’t reply to a punch with a bullet.
    Even though plenty of people have been killed by one punch.
    Do you have to wait until the wife loses an eye?
    There is the disparity of force, where if the attacker is significantly larger or the victim is handicapped or elderly, they are legally able to reply to a punch with deadly force.
    This is a tough line to measure in the middle of an unprovoked attack.
    Once again people, make no statement to police except “we were threatened and I had to stop the threat “
    Point out any evidence (like any knives the police may miss) and ask for a lawyer.
    Expect to be arrested.
    There is nothing you can say to prevent arrest, it’s their decision.
    Anything you say (like claims of knife attacks) WILL be used against you.
    So say nothing.
    Read the blog of lawyer Andrew Branca over at

  10. Look at the alleged victims criminal history in Dallas County alone.
    5 misdemeanor convictions (3 assaults, 1 prostitution, 1 fail to id)
    4 felony convictions (1 fraud, 3 poss cs)

    Tarrer has 1 misdemeanor assault, which was dismissed!

  11. Well I say we wait and see.
    Wife admits she didn’t see a 🔪. Bad for the husband.
    But.. The aggression was started by a possible name calling??
    Not a good excuse to grab anyone walking away from you no matter what you “Think” you heard.

    The husband thought it was the proper response?!
    Now we wait to see what the Law decides.

  12. Want to bet the woman was a known transient and crack head and they of course leave that out of the story.

  13. When I was in High School, some of the big fat black girls had a little game they would play.
    They would stand around talking and when a skinny white boy would walk by, they would slap him on the back of the head and scream: “Ju call my Momma a Bitch?” Of course the kid would say, “No I didn’t” and the shrieking would go on and on.
    I saw one of them on Facebook the other day. She was still looking for a fight, forty years later.

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