“We Are the Church That Shoots Back,” Says Pastor Tom ‘Flathead’ Iddings After Vandalization

Broken Chains Biker Church via Facebook

The Broken Chains Biker Church in Taunton, Massachusetts, is not your typical house of worship. Fueled by its mission to “Reveal Christ to all people in a non-traditional way” and “Gather together in rockin’ worship,” the church is oriented around people who come from a variety of colorful backgrounds – especially bikers. 

“We started this church on April Fool’s day 2011,” says Broken Chains Pastor Tom (‘Flathead Tom’) Iddings, “because a fool says in his heart that there is no God.”

Pastor Tom “Flathead” Iddings via Facebook

After having moved only a few months ago into its new Taunton location (previously called St. John’s Episcopal Church), Broken Chains was targeted by an extremely disturbed man on Thursday, November 1. The man, 19-year-old Joel L. Davila, entered the church during the church’s ‘music team’ (band) rehearsal asking to be exorcised. He was wearing slippers. When the music team called the police instead of performing an exorcism, Davila locked himself in one of the church’s rooms, urinated all over the floor and destroyed various items in the building.

When officers arrived, Davila was sweating profusely and, according to reports, exhibiting a “thousand-yard stare.” When confronted by police, he started rolling his eyes back in his head, screaming, saying he was possessed by a demon, and declaring hatred for God and Christians. Police also said that he seemed to be “talking in tongues” and at one point “attempted to lure officers in, [saying he would] kill them and eat their bodies.”

Davila was handcuffed so that he could be transported more safely to the hospital, where he continued behaving erratically while simultaneously admitting that he had been wrong to vandalize the church.

Iddings, 61, made it clear in an interview with the Taunton Gazette that the church’s members would not allow anyone in the flock to be harmed.

“Our music team is extremely loving and thoughtful,” said Iddings, “but most of us (congregants) are armed and prepared to deal with command and control situations.”

“We will not roll over and become a victim; we will not allow it,” he added. “We’re the church that shoots back.”

Amen to that.


  1. avatar ROBERT Powell says:

    WAY TO GO, this gives a entirely different look at church, OLD TIME RELIGION..if you pull this old democrat stunt in the old american country YOU JUST MAY NOT SURVIVE THE EXORSIST. we need that in all churches here now.. THE OLD MAKE OF HIM A EUNICK, might just be the remedy..

    1. avatar Walt Heman says:

      Are you suggesting making him a EUNUCH. I would love to see this done to the anifas, BLM and Other disruptive demonstrators so maybe they would calm down.

  2. avatar Michael says:

    Ye ha ! Needed an article like this today, HE is never early but HE is always on time. My old turf, too. Born in Pawtucket, which if you weren’t born there your ownself will leave you scratching your head and asking, “I thought Ma took it?” -30-

  3. avatar Geoff "Mess with the bull, get the horns" PR says:

    “When officers arrived, Davila was sweating profusely and, according to reports, exhibiting a “thousand-yard stare.” When confronted by police, he started rolling his eyes back in his head, screaming, saying he was possessed by a demon, and declaring hatred for God and Christians.”

    Oh, he was a ‘Progressive’.

    That clears things up…

    1. avatar JasonM says:

      You’re confusing the subset-superset relationship. Not all people with mental disorders are progressives.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        But all progressives have a mental disorder.

        1. avatar Mikial says:


      2. avatar Walt Heman says:

        That may or may not be true but the inverse is also true “all progressives have mental disorders.

  4. avatar Southern Cross says:

    Can we start the Church of Saint John Browning?

    1. avatar AZ rednecks says:

      That’s Saint John Moses Browning….

  5. avatar former water walker says:

    He wouldn’t get that far in my church…good outcome!

  6. avatar Craig in IA says:

    In MASSACHUSETTS???? We can only hope that faith will start spreading out.

  7. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Did it ever occur to anyone (both the church members and police) that maybe he actually was demon-possessed? If that is the case, simple hospitalization (even a mental hospital) won’t help.

    1. avatar Ed Schrade says:

      Could be on PCP too.

      1. avatar Bob999 says:

        Or bath soaps…both drugs which can give people super human strength and extreme rage. It is a scenario that even police don’t want to confront. It is unpredictable, vicious, and sometimes rather deadly. Remember stories about drugged up people breaking handcuffs and being shot multiple times with shotguns and still managed to kill the responding police with their bare hands. That’s PCP and similar drugs.

    2. avatar Mikial says:

      He may have been, but that doesn’t change the situation any. He was a threat that would have been neutralized.

  8. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    I hope that Pastor Tom and his flock are prepared to, um, experience the MA criminal “justice “ system if they, G-d forbid, have to shoot someone. The People’s Republic doesn’t cotton to bumpkins using deadly force.

  9. avatar possum says:

    A church that shoots back, And hereI thought I was stretching a possum with a gun.

    1. avatar YuGo HuGo says:

      Shooting back, what a novel idea!!

  10. avatar paul howell says:

    They should have exorcised him, just like Father Damien did to Linda Blair, get her on the ground, and punch her frigan lights out, then say “take me”.

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