The New York truck attacker has been identified as Sayfullo Saipov
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UPDATE: The latest reports indicate that Sayfullo Saipov, a resident of Tampa, Florida, was the driver of the rented truck that ran down people along a bicycle path in lower Manhattan this afternoon. The death toll has risen to eight with at least 12 more injured.


At least six people are reported to have been killed in lower Manhattan near the World Trade Center as a man in a rented truck plowed into bicyclists on a crowded bike path.

At least six people were killed Tuesday afternoon when a speeding Home Depot truck plowed along a Lower Manhattan bike path, running down helpless riders from behind, sources said.

Eyewitnesses told police the driver yelled “Allahu Akbar!” — Arabic for “God is great!” — after leaving the mangled bodies scattered behind his rental truck.

According to,

The official was familiar with the investigation but wasn’t authorized to speak publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The rented Home Depot van drove onto a busy bicycle path and struck several people, then the driver emerged from the vehicle screaming. The official says the man had two imitation firearms.

Police say the man was shot by officers and is in custody.

As the New York Times reports,

The driver was being treated at a nearby hospital. He also crashed into a school bus as he careened down as many as 20 city blocks near Stuyvesant High School, a senior law enforcement official said. It was unclear if anyone was on the bus.

A large section of the West Side Highway was closed for the investigation as hundreds of officers, including the bomb squad, responded to the scene. The truck came to a rest near Chambers and West Streets.

The police said they were not looking for additional suspects.

While it’s too soon to draw any conclusions, it certainly appears to be a terror attack followed by an attempt at suicide by cop. Watch this space.

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    • Exactly !! That is a great idea all rental trucks (Enterprise Truck, Home Depot, Penske Truck, U-Haul etc ) should do background checks before a customer can rent and drive away with the vehicle. If the truck is under 4000LB no background check will be required. If is vehicle is over 4000LB the company renting the truck would be responsible to do Life Scan at their place of business.

      They will be obligated to get back the results to the customer within 7 business days. (Sort of like a cooling off period) If the results comeback as a prohibited person the company renting the truck must alert local Law Enforcement that a prohibited person tried to rent a vehicle. If the customer is denied they can appeal the decision with a written appeal at the customers expense. The agency governing the background check will have 90 days to review the case and issue it’s decision.

      Finally, I have seen how dangerous these trucks are and what they can do to people. In fact 90% of recent polls show people want background checks. Please Like share, subscribe and donate today !! We can do this…

    • Definitely a point theyll be making on the news tonight. Although i doubt getting a gun illegally in NY wouldn’t be that hard considering all the crime there. Maybe he just didnt know the right (or wrong) people.

      • If you watch the video, the ‘fake guns’ worked plenty fine making people who might have stopped the attacker ‘stand-down’.

  1. i say that the nra should call for restriction of rental trucks by the atf

    i also say that would be genius

    am i a coward and developmentally disabled

    or am i just johannes paulsen


  2. Headline:

    “NYC shooting: At least 6 dead near World Trade Center; one person in custody”

    From that I would surmise that there was a mass shooting attack.

    NOT, I repeat NOT a Islam based vehicular attack and a police intervention.

    The MSM is such shit.

    • “NOT, I repeat NOT a Islam based vehicular attack and a police intervention.”

      The attacker yelled out “Allahu Akbar”.

      That qualifies as Arab Islamic hate crime…

      • Geoff,

        I think you totally missed the point he was making. He wasn’t saying that it wasn’t motivated by Islam he was saying that the headline was totally misleading because it made it sound like a shooter shot 6 people, not ran them over and then the perp got shot by police…

  3. Still no call for rental truck confiscation! We need more rental truck laws. Need background checks before renting trucks. Unconfirmed reports are the truck had a bump stock accessory!
    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio are heading to the scene and when they get there they are going to put their heads together to make a pile of rocks!!!
    Liberals, this is what bad people do and this is why banning guns doesn’t solve the problem. Bad people will do bad things with or without guns unless you’d like to stop the sale of trucks and destroy everyone out there.

  4. Local radio station is reporting that the suspect was taken into custody after being shot in the ads by first responders. I don’t know if it is true, but I sure hope so.

  5. Hang him. Make an example of him. An act of terror on our soil is treason right? That is the constitutional called for punishment.

    • You dont make an example out of him by hanging him. You make a video of him strapped to a pole… gut a pig in front of him and cover him in blood and entrails. Then a female sniper on her period shoots him in the face with a used tampon. Then he gets ass raped by a bbc. Then kill him. After that post the video on youtube explaining how this will happen to anyone who commits an act of terror here.
      Thats how you make an example of him.

      • “Then he gets ass raped by a bbc.”

        A big-block Chevy? Now that would be really fun to watch.

        (Yeah, I know what you meant. But my choice is even more ‘Murrican.)

    • Y’all remember the kerfluffle some years ago of the embarrassing pictures of prisoners that were taken by some of the guards at that Iraqi Abu-whatever prison? Some big dust-up over how inhumanely we were treating these representatives of the Religion of Peace?
      As I recall, the terrorist insurgents were mortified by them; so much so that their morale to fight was diminished…
      …seems we were on to something…
      Those prison guards shouldn’t have been charged, they should have been promoted.

    • Good. We need him alive to give him the Wallachian special. Time for “common sense” “religion control”… Nobody needs an “assault religion” like Islam.

  6. If hypothetically concealed carry was legal in NY could this have been stopped sooner than it was? Reading this got me thinking. the guy barreled down for 20 blocks. The city is loud and noisy, you probably wouldn’t notice the truck coming until it was on your block. Crowded streets downtown are kind of disorienting. And they can be so crowded that there would almost certainly be collateral damage if you weren’t re 100% accurate. Would a concealed carrier have had a realistic chance to react here? Having lived in Philadelphia and atlanta, its something you think about. You guys should do an article on urban carry.

    • Honestly, I’m not seeing it. He was running over people from behind, what does a CC gun have to do with that? OTOH, all the dead and wounded having a loaded gun in their possession would not have made the situation any worse.

    • One or more concealed carriers getting off shots in the first five blocks would have created a very audible warning which would have saved people’s lives in blocks 15 to 20. Maybe stopped the attack if they carried serious handguns capable of defeating windshield glass, say a G20 or G29.

    • The bicycle Nazis insist the their hobby roads be 8-10ft wide (and paved). Perhaps a 5ft wide or with some bollards would have worked out better.

    • Versions of this question were asked here on TTAG following the recent truck attacks in London (with quite a few people taking the predictable line that us Limeys are all slaves because we have no guns, thus more or less deserve it).

      My two cents at the time – not changed by this incident – are that:

      • reaction time for any individual CCer would likely prevent an effective shot early on
      • human judgment will initially struggle to differentiate between a vehicle / driver error causing a tragic accident vs. a deliberate attack, further slowing response
      • making effective shots on a moving target, in a vehicle, in a crowded space is not particularly easy

      I basically come down to the view that CC is unlikely to have more than a marginal impact in such situations – most likely stopping the attacker after the vehicle is already immobilised. Yes that may well be a positive (especially if the attacker plans to de-bus and engage with small arms or a suicide bomb)…

      But fundamentally, I’m my view, the only effective way to mitigate truck attacks is to:
      • improve segregation of vehicular / pedestrian traffic
      • factor choke points and natural chicanes into urban planning to reduce speed – with a specific view to such attacks (eg. in London mixed traffic bridges now have anti-ram partitions between the roadway and the sidewalk)
      • ensure that LEOs and first responders are trained for such incidents and equipped to respond effectively (eg. ARs and/or shotguns)

      Again I stress that I am not advocating against CC, merely suggesting that the circumstances are likely to mean it is at best marginally useful in such a situation.

      My sincere condolences to the people of NYC and all those who lost loved ones.

      • If a potential victim has a defensive weapon but does not get a chance to use it, it’s still a better outcome than if that same victim has a chance to use a weapon but does not have one.

        Sure, the odds of successfully shooting a terrorist behind the wheel are long, but they become downright impossible when you don’t have a gun.

        Besides, how many cops seem to be able to shoot a driver who is coming right for them? The rest of the population should fare about as well.

      • I think your post makes a lot of sense, even if you are from “over there”. Biggest problem I see is all your suggestions rely on Uncle Sugar defending you. There should be some possibility (however remote) of *me* killing the mofo, not hiding in some manner of supposed “safe zone” and waiting for a cop to save me.

  7. As a Muslim, I find these attacks appalling, many folks will try to lump all of us into the guilty party on this, but the way most other Muslims see this is that it’s just another loser who is disturbed, and wants to try to cling to some extreme ideology to support his delusions. This guy could not find a supportive conversation on his thoughts in any Mosques in America, we are way beyond accommodating any sympathies for terrorism.

    • Doesn’t matter, AM. If, as a peaceful gun owner, I am supposed to feel guilty every time some whacko and/or criminal shoots another citizen, then as a Muslim, you get to be blamed any time another of your faith commits a terrorist act.

      Unless of course American liberals grow the fvck up and recognize individual actions as being the problem, not inanimate objects or group beliefs.

    • We get it, AM. You want us to stand up for your ‘silent peaceful majority of muslims’ until we’re all gone.

      Push comes to shove, you are ‘them’. Don’t beg for us to work harder to sort all of you out, then you did to sort all of you out.

      • Just as every owner of an “assault weapon” can be reasonably lumped in with the few who use them for mass-murder….

        If any significant portion of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims were interested in killing infidels rather than finding meaningful work, falling in love, raising families, and generally trying to get on with their lives like everyone else, there would be far, far more attacks than we see.

        • A gun is an inanimate object.

          Islam is an all-encompassing way of life, with rules and directions for every single thing a Muslim is to believe and how they are to conduct their “lives”.

          False equivalency.

          There is no room in Islam for these supposed “moderates”. When those who actually follow the Quran gain power, they will do as they are told. Or die.

          Learn the truth about the murder cult that you are defending.

        • If by “learn”, you mean remain ignorant of the battle between violent fundamentalist Islam and moderate Islam (and the superimposed proxy war between Iran (Shiite) and Saudi Arabia (Sunni) that adds another layer of complication), ignore the religion of most of the terrorists’ victims and the religion of the majority of those fighting the terrorists, and promote the terrorists’ view of Islam as incompatible with democratic society, I’ll decline to aid those I consider the enemy in promoting their message.

        • If you really believe the spoon-fed fairy-tale pablum you just regurgitated, yes, please, you have a lot to learn.

          The only ‘battles’ being fought in Islam are between which flavor of “extremist” (believer) is the best flavor of “extremist” (believer). The levels of stated, hatred for civilization vary a bit, but thinking they accept us for anything other than to suit their own purpose, is, at most generous, laughably quaint, and historically ignorant. Please, feel free to cite a country with a sizable Muslim infestation that is run by your fantasy ‘moderates’ (protip: it’s a null set).

          Islam’s stated purpose is to take over the world. Islam does not tolerate Civilization, its only goal is to erase it. And it certainly doesn’t assimilate.

        • Yes islam is generally peaceful… in majority muslim countries where the minority religions know their place, or have been eradicated entirely. History demonstrates that when societies have violent expansionist neighbors, if they don’t meet those neighbors with force they are consigned to the dust bin of history.

          I have no use for religion myself, but if folks want to roll down the aisles, dance with snakes, worship UFOs or whatever, it’s no skin off my ass. Therefore I don’t care what mumbo-jumbo religions purport to believe. I only judge them on their actions. I find most religions, for the most part, harmless. Islam however is an all encompassing socio-political ideology that is about 500 years behind the other religions in growing out of pure backwards savagery. We need to embrace the notion we are at war with these animals and get to work.

        • Your description of violent fundamentalist Islam is accurate. Thankfully, they are a small fraction of the 1.6B.

          If we are to succeed in our “war with these animals”, we first need to identify the enemy correctly. If we think the enemy are all 1.6 billion, it’s a lost cause. If you realize that the enemy is a tiny fraction of that number, and that most Muslims are just as interested (if not more so) in stopping them, it’s an attainable goal.

        • 16V – Most obvious country you’re looking for is Indonesia – multicultural, 87% Muslim, not in the news much and probably very happy of the fact.

        • @Serpent_Vision — According to the largest survey ever conducted on this aspect of Muslim beliefs, a significant portion of Muslims do view such despicable characters favorably and are not so-called “moderates.”

          You would only be correct if you’re talking about Muslims living in the West, like Raheel Raza in the video above. Not so much in majority Muslim countries.

          Hundreds of millions, in fact. More Muslims than all of the people that live in the U.S. and close to the total population of the E.U.

        • Exedrine – Never mind, found the link to the 2013 Pew study they cite, but not fast enough to edit my comment.

        • Serpent Vision – Indonesia. That’s your example? They seem to have computers where you live, so perhaps you should use them to learn what is happening in the world, not fall down parroting liberal mythology.

          There’s hundreds more articles just like that. It’s been at least a decade that the corrosive effect of Islam has been slowly ruining that nation. And now it’s building mass and momentum.

          Take a class on the Quran, preferably from a post-Shah Iranian ex-pat who will really explain what Muslims are commanded (in no uncertain terms) to do. There may be some “moderate” Americans who identify as “historically muslim”. I know several. They will also tell you that they would be on the side of the Americans who would run out every one of the actual believers. Because unlike the apologists, they actually know what these primitives do.

        • 16V – Article seems to show that, like everywhere else, democracy in the Muslim world is subject to authoritarians gaining power, particularly when a foreign power (in this case Saudi Arabia) is interfering in their politics.

          “Despite these hiccups, liberal Islam remains the rule, not the exception, among Indonesia’s political parties.”

          I would certainly agree that encroaching authoritarianism is a concern anyone in a democratic society should be concerned with.

    • When I was growing up, whenever the IRA committed a bombing in Ireland, we heard many Catholics say similar things – no general support, no good Catholic would do that, etc.

      Simple fact is, not providing a sympathetic ear or agreement is great, but it’s not enough. If you (Catholic, Muslim, worshipper of the great spaghetti monster, atheist, whatever) learn someone is planning on doing something evil, you need to say something to someone who can and will investigate and act. Being quiet is being complicit. Period.

      Would that be the case here? No idea. Maybe we’ll find out; probably not.

    • That Sounds like Japanese, as in, “So So sorry, please.”
      Ask Popeye to show you, how that worked out for TOJO. (Reply intended for AM)

    • I left Christianity, in fact any and all Religion because, I kept encountering appalling people and behaviors, that I could not, change ignore overlook or support. If somethings really smells so bad why be part of it?

    • “This guy could not find a supportive conversation on his thoughts in any Mosques in America,”

      Apparently, he lived right next door to a mosque which is under suspicion for years. Having moved there very recently.

  8. “Terrorism suspected”

    Why are they always trying to pin it on the stinky kids.

    When in doubt, maybe you should empty your magazine(s) on all that attempt to disarm you for this.

    DeBlasio’s NYC slogan – ” WE HAVE THE SOFTEST TARGETS – <3 nyc"

    • Cr_p, what’s the waiting period to get a rental truck in NJ now ?! The east coast real estate market is going to go down the toilet because no one will get “cleared” to move.

    • Plus mileage. “Let’s Do This”

      Blaming Home Depot for today is like blaming RYDER Trucks for Oklahoma City.

      Whoa, there’s your corollary.

      And Bill Clinton in the Whitehouse. . .

  9. STILL an example of gun control not working!

    “Air pistols and air rifles; selling or possessing.1. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, offer to sell or have in such person’s possession any air pistol or air rifle or similar instrument in which the propelling force is a spring or air, except that the sale of such instruments if accompanied by delivery to a point without the city, and possession for such purpose, shall not be unlawful if such person shall have secured an annual license from the police commissioner of the city authorizing such sale and possession. The sale and delivery of such instruments within the city from one licensee to another licensee, and the use of such instruments in connection with an amusement licensed by the department of consumer affairs or at rifle or pistol ranges duly authorized by law shall not be considered a violation of this subdivision.”

    • And they are willing to re-examine the legality of Tommy-Lifts (because it may allow someone load a truck at ‘near-automatic’ speeds).

  10. No motive for the “terrorist truck attack” in NYC today. Let’s see, The killer was screaming Allah Akbar, as he ran people over with a truck. No that doesn’t ring any bells. His attack was Terrorist, so that’s not related to anything. The poor man is from Tampa, so that’s no help. I guess we may just never know.
    I am sure of this, We need more common sense gun control, and more Muslim refugees in the country right now! yea yea that will make everything feel all better. Guns are bad and Islam is really peaceful, right???? Or maybe we could start feeding Muslims to the Hogs, and not stop until we have gotten their undivided attention.

  11. When the full story comes out, as usual we can expect to learn that the killer was “known to police” or “known to intelligence services.” It’ll be a guy who shouldn’t have been trusted with so much as a 64 oz. Slurpee from 7-11, yet nevertheless was free to roam the streets and plot attacks.

  12. Let the Marine Corps handle this.
    They could give all of Islam, the old fashioned “Samar special”
    That would do the trick for sure.

  13. Fortunately they apprehened the suspect, good job on the responders, the interrogation should squelch any conspiracy theories,. ( face slap to self) ” should,squelch” am I going to hear the truth,, .. throwing the drum mag in the mud as punishment.

  14. How about banning Muslims from our country period, Muslims have killed more of our people (Non Muslims) in our own country than mass shooters. You can bet the BLM People support this Terrorism, our sucking politicians brought these Heathens into our country now get rid of them, public execution with pig blood on him, no Muslim funeral and have an autopsy done

  15. And an aloha snackbar to you Saipov…happy hell-oween. We had exactly ZERO trick or treaters. And antifa has “announced” a revolt on November 4th…

    • .. that’s scary brilliant. they get a bunch of nyc cops to shoot innocent bystanders for them!
      terrorism by proxy!

  16. This goat-guzzling stain from mohammed’s snotty fuckstick lived about a mile from the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay’s main compound (i.e. the caliphate’s Temple Terrace branch).

    That little slice of mecca also sits right across the street from TBTech HS, which is chock full of hajis’ favorite conversion demographic inside Hillsborough County’s finishing school (located on scenic Orient Rd).

    The same place is the polished shithole one particular outspoken islamist USF professor with ties to the 9/11 hijackers spent his downtime, and helped spread their “islamic society” ideas amongst the special Florida snowflakes.

    When I heard this clown lived in Tampa, my first thought was to put big money down on the odds of him being “radicalised” there; what with all the secret imamgobbling and ululation of ungulate secretions that goes on there.

  17. Let me get this straight.

    There was another Workplace violence situation?

    An angry person used a rented truck to kill people?

    He got out of the truck and brandished a pellet gun and a paint ball gun
    Without barrel shroud thingy’s that go up?

    Well then I guess that is all the excuse we need to have that intelligent conversation
    about banning
    Assault Weapons.
    We gotta do something.
    It’s for the children.

  18. I’m still looking for that one liberal, “We should really ban pick-up trucks and rentals. They’re not safe for anyone!”.

  19. I would like to thank the three L’s, Libertarians Liberals and the Left, who totally support bringing murders, rapists and other criminals to American. They do say human beings have the right to travel wherever they wish. “Open borders” they screech like a parrot.

    This guy came here on a “diversity” visa. The proud Jewish “up” Chuck Schumer, wrote the bill that allowed more jew killers and jew haters to come here. That is how sick the self hating jew really is.

      • That is a good question. I like to know if he commited ANY crime in his home country. Was he let in because of his skin color only???
        Has he been on welfare while he was here??? The Boston bomber families immigrated here and have been on welfare for decade’s.

        The three L’s, Libertarians, Liberals and the Left are proud to have brought mass murderers here.

      • I get my information about the three L’s Libertarians Liberals and the Left, by watching the Fox business channel libertarian presidential debate on the John Stossel program for example.

        • I’m not sure the last Libertarian presidential candidates represented true Libertarianism any better than the GOP candidates represented conservatism.

      • Those of us who are conservative and who voted for Donald Trump knew he was NOT a conservative. But the Libertarians just “knew” all of the Libertarians running for high office were good libertarians.


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