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No wait, that should read “Dog Bites Man.” In yet another case of the rule that proves the rule, a Tacoma WA, home was invaded in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Although the victims initially reported that the perps stole jewlery and were inquiring (via pistol whip) about a safe, the story will prove familiar. There was some question as to whether the man of the house’s roomate was involved in the robbery, so the house was searched, which turned up some methamphetamine (Surprise!). Quoth Pierce County Sherriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer [via] “It’s enough that leads us to believe that drugs were being dealt from the home or, at a minimum, people knew drugs were there.” The whole story is fishy as hell . . .

Supposedly the intruders where in the process of pistol whipping the resident when his girlfriend passed him a shotgun from under the bed. The resident and the two intruders exchanged shots and one of the intruders died on the lawn. An autopsy showed that he was not killed by shotgun blast. This leads the police to believe that the surviving intruder was a victim of my and RF’s biggest gun safety peeve, poor muzzle discipline on the part of the other perp.

Assuming that the various reports are to be belived, the deceased, Michale A. Price, had 40 arrests and 7 felonies on his rap sheet. That is bad company. A neighbor thought that she had seen the robbers come to a halloween party at the house and apparently “saw items they wanted to steal” (meth?) and returned a couple days later.

Ralph, of our own AI [Armed Intelligentsia] asked the Rabbi how to follow his advice to “avoid stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places.” Number one, don’t invite people who’s rap sheet is longer than your arm to your halloween party. Number two, don’t sell meth.

I’m not saying that it is a bad idea to stash mags around the house. And hey, if you don’t have kids it’s not even a bad idea to stash guns around the house if you want to, assuming you maintain muzzle discipline of course. But realistically, unless you invite felons to your parties and sell meth out of your house, the odds of a home invasion are pretty low.

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  1. "Number one, don’t invite people who’s rap sheet is longer than your arm to your halloween party."

    That eliminates most of the schoolchildren around here.

    "Number two, don’t sell meth."

    Great advice! All you meth dealers, switch to pot. And move to Kalifornia where someday you can be elected governor.


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