Man Beats Victim On New York Street While Witnesses Do Nothing


Do we really need to say it? “A man was clobbered by a stranger during a robbery on a Bronx sidewalk — as at least six passersby watched but did nothing to help, surveillance video released by police Tuesday shows.”

The surveillance footage, released by authorities Tuesday morning, shows the individual boisterously yelling at his 49-year-old victim. The video later cuts to footage of the victim being thrown to the ground from out of the camera’s view.

The attacker begins yanking the knapsack from the 49-year-old victim’s back while repeatedly hitting the man’s head, snatching his wallet, and then fleeing — all as witnesses stroll by, the video shows.

Why didn’t the victim or any of the passersby on the street do a thing to help? OK, we’ll say it. This is what happens to a disarmed populace. And we’ll get more of this as efforts to disarm gun owners and make gun ownership more difficult and expensive advance in various states.


  1. avatar Craig in IA says:

    Well- is this uncommon in many parts of NYC? Or in ‘hoods in most big cities? Pretty likely no one nearby has a carry piece unless it’s another gangsta…

    1. avatar Sputnik says:

      Yea, not my problem. Let some libtard NYer take the bait.

      Look, I can’t spend all my time fixing every disagreement when I’m trying to enjoy my time in New York City?

      This is like picking up trash. I got better things to do.

      1. avatar Bloving says:

        It’s Tuesday in the Bronx.
        Where’s the next street beating?

        1. avatar Mark Kelly's Diapered Drooling Ventriloquist's Dummy says:

          It was on a subway platform, there’s video, they’re (NYPD) are looking for him, the perp, he’s probably hiding out in Gracie Mansion with his dad, Warren Wilhelm alias “Bill DeBlasio”. Welcome to the Big Crap-Pile.

    2. avatar Tiger says:

      Carry piece? How about a simple, “stop! I’m calling the cops. Get off that guy.?” Yet, 6 folks did not even do that small bit of intervention. A carry piece? Your dreaming for that much help.

      1. avatar Drake_Burrwood says:

        Yes.. a carry piece.
        The threat to call could cause the Predator to target the threat.
        The robber could even feel that the foolishness of such a threat is a violation of the street code that requires a lethal force response.
        So.. Yes, a carry piece.

      2. avatar Red says:

        Yes, so you can get beat. For all you know, criminals like this probably ARE armed. YOU are NOT. So go ahead and yell at him that you’re calling the cops and have his wrath directed toward you. Brave talk on a blog. Something else to do it in real life.

    3. avatar Boba Fett says:

      No, it’s not uncommon. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Guns aside, the general attitude in NY (at least in the five boroughs) is unbelievably selfish. Everybody is at the center of their own little universe, and whatever a New Yorker is doing is far more important than everything everyone else is doing.

  2. avatar Tiger says:

    And yet people use phones to make videos, rather than dial 911? Sad, but 2018 America.

    1. avatar Kendahl says:

      This looks like video from a surveillance camera, not a phone.

  3. avatar Hunter427 says:

    Bronx is were the animal run free and no one does time for crime

  4. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

    Was it black on black…or black on white…or black on brown?
    And what color were the witnesses?
    Just curious.

    1. avatar Tiger says:

      That matters? A victim is worthy of help based on suntan?

    2. avatar heywoodd says:

      based on the video it was black on white with black witnesses.

  5. avatar Joe R. says:

    They both deserved the beating, only one got it.

    Crime serves the (D)NC and the FOP.

    If you were prosecuted for breaking up the fight you could ask in Court, “Was that perp working for you, your honor, or are you working for him?”

  6. avatar jwtaylor says:

    It doesn’t have anything to do with being armed or not. There are plenty of armed cowards, and worse, worthless humans that just can’t be bothered.

  7. avatar Mike in OK says:

    All of those who walked by and did nothing are complete pieces of shit. Gun or no, I couldn’t watch it and do nothing. I hope they all get some of the same.

  8. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Everyone in that city will get some version of what was delivered to that victim, either a mugging at the hands of an “economically disadvantaged” person who is just trying to turn his life around. Otherwise it will be at the hands of voter supported politically positioned economic rapists who prey on the wallets of those who actually earn a living, as opposed to forcibly collecting tribute from residents at large.

  9. avatar New Continental Army says:

    This is what happens when you raise two p*ssy generations on feelings, tolerance, non violence, and pacifism. If we raised our boys to be men, instead of soy boy gender bender euro loving commies, society would be much better off. The leftist statists want it this way. This is apart of the overall agenda. It isnt just about gun control. Gun control is one small piece of the overall plan, of turning the country into a submissive slave state, ruled by nanny tyrants. This guy is lucky he wasn’t raped. But beware, public rapes of both males and females like this will become common place in liberal cities. Sexual exploitation always follows after disarmament and slavery.

  10. avatar Mater says:

    Yeah i kinda don’t feel sorry for the guy he just took it i bet i could’ve bitten ar least one of his fingers off even at 49…

  11. avatar Barry Rosenschein says:

    What is BLACK.

  12. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    The culture in New York City is different than cultures in the South such as Nashville Tennessee. Or others were people would intervene. But the Sullivan law is well over a hundred years old. And New York has been dehumanized for least that long.

    I have visited New York City twice. It is a very beautiful place, in some areas. There are lots of tourist things to see, however it’s a place you don’t want to stay very long in.

    New York City is simply a dangerous place for most residents. People with money people who can pay for private taxi service, they can avoid all the problems that most Street New Yorkers have to put up with, and fight against.

    The gun professionals say be a good witness don’t intervene. There are consequences to that kind of advice. Lawyers both government and private are not your friend in New York City.

  13. avatar Captain O says:

    This is what happens in NYC people are like street rats. They eat each other. Burning NYC to the ground won’t help. The rats will just flee to another abode.

    Welcome to NYC in 2018!

    1. avatar RMS1911 says:

      You have to burn it from the outside in.

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      If Little Rocket Man were to drop a nuc on NYC do we retaliate before or after he does the same for Chicago and LA??? (Every FF has been to a burn down where it actually was community improvement.)

      1. avatar Marc says:

        So you consider nuclear slaughter of American citizens as being “community improvement”? Quite the classy crowd here.

        1. avatar ozzallos says:

          Poster picks and chooses singular posts to denote said classy “crowd”

  14. avatar guest says:

    there was a time that the weapon on choice of these perps were a cobble stone, or a large heavy brick…used in cities on both coasts. to keep the crime statics down, the responding officer was ordered not to take a crime report, so the fbi stats look good, making the city look like a nice place to visit, and supply new victims

  15. avatar clifford hair says:

    You’ve got an idiot for a mayor, corrupt politicians, a city full of illegals, thugs, malcontents and rampant crime. There is no one to blame but the citizens. They let this go on year after year by voting for the same slugs. You get the government you deserve; and you’ve got it. Stay in New York, the rest of the country doesn’t want you. You bitch, moan and grown, but if given the chance of moving somewhere else, you would soon vote in the same crap that now makes you want to leave your city. And if by now, you don’t want to leave, just shut up.

    1. avatar bryan1980 says:

      ^^^This, all day long.

  16. avatar MIO says:

    All people do is pull out their cell phones and record so they can be famous

  17. avatar Ed Schrade says:

    Wonder how they will blame the NRA for this. This is a good example of no guns no crime.

  18. avatar Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t say the problem is guns, or a lack of guns.

    The problem is the morals and values of commoners on the street. Further, the state itself doesn’t want people getting involved. So they actively promote “do nothing” behavior when faced with gross injustice in progress.

  19. avatar barnbwt says:

    Did the victim vote for this, to disarm himself and all bystanders while allowing the attacker to roam free?

    It’s more than a fair question.

  20. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Why didn’t the victim or any of the passersby on the street do a thing to help?
    Ummm….because he has a duty to retreat and legal officials state that they must consider the well being of the perpetrator?
    So since the perp is black, would any assistance to the victim be a hate crime?

  21. avatar GS650G says:

    A simple kick to the back of the assailants leg at the knee would have done the trick. Then stomp on a hand or two.
    And then continue walking down the street.

  22. avatar Jimmy Bobby says:

    That little thug couldn’t have weighed more than 120lbs. And all his attention was focused on the victim. Wouldn’t have been too difficult to pick him up and throw him over that car into the street.

  23. avatar Krp says:

    I am curious. Was this a black on white crime in a predominantly minority part of NYC? If it is then you know why no one tried to help. If it were the other way around the papers and the mayor and the media would be using every description of racist they could come up with. Plus the white perp would have been beaten to a pulp by the neighbors and hailed as heros; which in stopping a crime they would be but not here in this case.

  24. avatar Alan says:

    You don’t need those things, that is guns. The police and there to protect you.Tell that to disarmed victims of criminal attack. Oh by the way, various courts have many times told the citizenry that that is not the case, that the police are there to “protect society”, whatever that might actually mean. Of course officialdom or if you prefer officialdumb continues the sing that same tired old song, from behind their phalanx of Armed Security, paid for by guess who.

  25. avatar David Keith says:

    Fuck NYC.

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