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According to police during a 6:30 PM (local) press conference, the shooter in the mall shooting today took their own life. It is still unclear what weapon was used and how many rounds were fired, but apparently law enforcement officers weren’t involved in the trigger pulling. According to the local officers, “no rounds fired by law enforcement in the mall.” The current rumor is that the shooter’s gun jammed, and caused them to end their shooting earlier than planned. The firearm used has been identified by some witnesses as an AR-15 rifle, with some claiming that they saw a detached magazine on the ground — whether this indicates a jam or a reload is still unknown.

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  1. This is gonna add fuel to the fire to the AWB that the anti’s seem to be now turning their focus on .

  2. A lot of fuel along with Giffords and Aurora!! The Anti’s will be spewing more poison than an arsenic factory with a leak!!!
    Will be tougher fighting the AWB now but we still have to fight!!!
    Makes you wonder about the FEMA youth group that just graduated training and the massive amount of ammo FEMA has stockpiled.

  3. It is kinda strange to watch the streaming video coverage here of the mall with the Century movie theater sign prominently shown. It brings back images of the Colorado Batman theater shooting.

  4. No word if the mall was a “gun free zone”. The mall’s website doesn’t contain any policy statement, and a search on the corporate owners hasn’t yielded anything.

      • If the mall was NOT “gun free”, that would make this incident a possible exception to the rule. All but 2 of (potentially) similar random shootings by mentally disturbed murderers that I have come across were in “gun free zones”.

        • Maybe this will help.

          Bruce W. Krafft – “Gun Free Zones: Not a gun issue?” (This site) 2 Dec 2011

          “The fact of the matter is, the Tucson shooting aside, there has never been a mass casualty shooting that was not in a supposed “gun-free” zone. Columbine? Virginia Tech? Pearl High School? Westroads Mall? Tacoma Mall? Trolley Square Mall? New Life Church? Living Church of God? Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church? Various Post Office shootings over the years? All of these events, all of them, took place in nominally ‘gun-free’ zones.”

  5. “Makes you wonder about the FEMA youth group that just graduated training and the massive amount of ammo FEMA has stockpiled.”


  6. There is a gun show in Portland starting I believe this Friday. Gun and ammo sales will be higher than normal. Tomorrow, before I go grocery shopping at Trader Joes I’m going to buy .38 special +p ammo at WholeSale Sports a few doors away.

  7. This gets msm coverage (including breaking into shows) but the court decision today is buried. Not a single mention that i caught all afternoon and nite.

  8. Everyone I know has been saying they are more interested in concealed carry after hearing about a shooting that close to us (Gresham). Course, most of the people I know are fairly independent. Or try to be.

    I might have to go swing by that gun show…

  9. Heard about the shooting over the radio while driving. Only heard the word “rifle” and no other description. I’ll wait for my info to come out… is it too much to hope that it’s just some mental nutjob who obtained his gun illegally?

    Even though I live in WA, I’ve been down to OR plenty of times and visited that mall. Scary stuff.

  10. “The current rumor is that the shooter’s gun jammed, and caused them to end their shooting earlier than planned”

    Maybe the jackass performed tap, rack, bang while looking down the barrel.

  11. Before we all say its over for gun owners lets look at that No change has come politically so a national AWB is still far away. But state bans in OR and WA may be a major threat.

    • As “liberal” as Portland is, I still would find it unlikely any thing results from this event. Portland (multnomah county) already has some what tight gun laws, but the rest of the state is isn’t anything like Portland. Thank god…

    • Loren, you’re welcome.

      Be sure to check out Oak Grove Ventures when you are at the gun show. I’ve bought guns from them and have received honest advice, great prices and service. Their prices actually beat Keiths. They are a Eugene based company.

    • Well Mike, if you bothered to read the text above, the mall is a gun free zone. CCW-ers tend to follow the law, regardless of how irrational. Try and use some thought next time before posting something so mindless.

      • 300 million residents
        8 million permit holders

        10 thousand shoppers in the mall
        2 killed 1 wounded

        given the numbers it should be obvious why no ccw holder with a hero complex shot the guy

        if I would have been in there and armed my primary concern is to get my wife, child and myself to safety, I’m not going to seek that maniac out

    • So some people die in a criminal shooting and you make a snide remark legal CCW owners being unable to intervene in a gun free zone. Classy.

    • Mr. Bonomo:

      If a CHL stepped forward and stopped the shooter you would have said that proves your case that CHL holders violate the law all the time. When my wife and/or I go to the mall the guns stay home because we are law abiding citizens.

  12. “No LEO Shots Fired” this should be the most significant aspect and point out as to how law enforcement is unlikely to protect you from violent criminals.

  13. Just a reminder. The gun free zone policy is not necessarily the preference of the mall management. It is imposed by the insurance company. Gun free zone policies will not change until the it becomes more costly to have one than not.

  14. According to my wife’s family who live nearby, the jerk with the stolen AR shot and killed Santa Claus, plus some poor employees in Kiosks. My son in law is a mall cop in the 205 Mall nearby, they don’t let him carry either. I guess CeaseFire Oregon should petition the government to ban Santa Claus suits too. I won’t comment on where and when I carry my gun, but going up against an AR-15 with a concealable handgun, is a little lopsided in odds. Personally, I am fed up with these idiots from Ban this Ceasefire that, obviously this sap picked a place for his suicide where he would get his name in the news.

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