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We here at TTAG central command would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest (as of Saturday) Twitter follower Mark Glaze. We’d like to think that as head honcho of Mayors Against Civilian Firearms Ownership Illegal Guns, he’s come to the conclusion that keeping current with our tweets is a great way to learn the truth about guns. So to speak. Somehow, though, given what he’s spouting in this rousing pep talk to the troops, it looks like he may have clicked the follow button as more of a ‘know thy enemy’ exercise. From the video above, Mark appears to be much more interested in keeping spirits up among the ever-declining, increasingly defeated Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex, exhorting them to harangue their congresscritters while they’re home and get out there for those last few No More Names bus stops. Good luck with that. Still, stay tuned in to our feed, Mark. You never know what you may absorb, if only accidentally. Remember, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

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    • Even if it weren’t a lie, does the fact that 90% of the people support something make it the right thing to do?

      If 90% of the population were opposed to, say, marriage equality for gay people, does that mean gay marriage is wrong?

      What about the vote for women? Slavery?

      These issues, guns included, are about civil rights. Just because a majority thinks something doesn’t mean it is automatically morally or ethically the correct thing to do. That’s how our system of government works, Mr. Glaze.

      So kindly get bent.

      • It may not make it right, but it is how our system works. If 90% of the populace actually wanted to repeal the second amendment, it could get done, but the reality is they don’t, and it won’t. The number is really just there to trick the undecided into thinking they’re the only ones who aren’t part of the disarmament movement.

    • That poll was mostly focused on the east coast population and was a loaded question. It was worded as such that it was not reflective of what the actual bill called for. Had it actually listed what the bill called for in the question probably less than half of those polled would have said yes.

  1. “he’s come to the conclusion that keeping current with our tweets is a great way to learn the truth about guns”

    You know what? He’s right.

  2. He’s only looking for quotes or “Sound Bites” he can use against the gun rights folks. Send him to Al Sharpton’s site or someplace similar to get his daily digital voyeurism thrills.

  3. You would think that if they really thought 90% of the populous agreed with them they would allow those people to make their voices hear by allowing comments on their Youtube vids….

    • I’d be interested to know if NYC funds, personnel, equipment, or facilities were used in the development or production of those videos.

  4. “You never know what you may absorb, if only accidentally.”

    For Glaze to change his mind on anything to do with 2A and firearms would be for him to give up his livelyhood; fat chance for that to happen!

    • Of course you or I won’t be fooled, but there are plenty of uninformed sheeple who will be deceived and cowed by his moo’s.

    • There you go; a bobble head business opportunity presents.

      I can see it now, his head bobbing on a figure holding a “Seize the Guns” sign.

    • He’s also waiting for the easy to misconstrue comment to try to paint all of us as evil, paranoid, sick, etc(pick your cliche’)

  5. if someone attacks you with an axe, you have no right to defend yourself, says MAIG spokesperson. Maybe he’s tuning in to see how ridiculous he is. I wish someone had asked him, do gay people being bashed in NYC have the right to defend themselves, with a gun?

  6. Hey Marky! Tell your little tyrannical napoleon complex of a boss to fornicate himself with his little weiner. Sorry, have to go and drink my Big Gulp of cola…


    Serious question here: Is this guy a bobble-head, or is he shaking his head ‘NO’ every time he makes a point supporting his philosophy?

    Just wondering…

  8. Welcome Mark. in celebration I’m going to swing by my local “guns/porn/ammo” shop and pick up a new heater (read evil hand gun). Why? Because I can. I’ve been on the fence between an FNH and XDm, so I’ll probably just buy both.

  9. Well, we’ve seen the effect of decades of demonization of guns and gun owners. We’re starting to recover from that, if only in fits and starts, with expanded legalized concealed carry, stand your ground, and castle doctrine. The net result is generally positive. But nevermind all that, are you ever going to convince the buffalo that he doesn’t need his horns for defense against lions? We humans are a strange species when we allow ourselves to be convinced to “dehorn” for our own good.

  10. If you go to YouTube on this video you will notice that the “Comments are disabled for this video.” The reason is that 90% of the comments will say no more new gun laws. But if you have an agenda why would you listen to those that appose your view. Mark Glaze you right I should right my congressmen but my view is that we do not want any more gun laws. Comment if you agree!!

  11. Does This Mean There’s Hope?

    No. Glaze is a traitor to his fellow gays. He’d rather see them dead than capable of defending themselves.

    Ask the Pink Pistols if they think there’s any hope for this @sshat.

  12. I hope he reads everything here, we are a very persuasive bunch. Getting someone here to read is the first step.

  13. In AD 1054, the light of a long-ago supernova reached Earth. It was visible in brightest day, almost a second sun. What remains we now call the Crab Nebula.

    In India, Africa, China, the Americas and Pagan northern Euope this event was recorded. Even Innuit made scrimshaw depicting the event.

    Only in Christendom, where no new Star of Bethlehem was expected and where AD 1000 had proved a serious disappointment to all those Rapture-awaiting EOTW types was no record made. None. Nada. Zip.

    The brightest celestial object apart from the sun to ever be seen by human eyes shone for almost a half year, but noone saw it — or rather would admit to having seen it.

    Their priests hadn’t sanctioned the event, you see, and in classic Orwellian fashion the sheeple doublethought it into the cornfield.

    The dark ages were not benighted because there was no light. They were dark because many millions of eyes were closed.

    The same holds with MAIG, Obama lin Biden, Feinkenstein et cetera; they can see, but for the most part they and theirs simply will not.

    Oh, one or two will come to sense. Even the blind can often feel the beam of a searchlight, but for the most part we’ll just have to keep singing “We shall overcome.”

    • Edit:

      Well, not Obama et al. He knows the tuth about guns, but for him it is an inconvenient truth. The next president will likely be a grabber as well, even though they will know the truth as well.

      Our way of life is unsustainable. Too many years of breeding like rodents, out Jonesing one another, wasting immense quantities of resources inhabiting generally uninhabitable areas and using fossil fuels as though they’re going out of style have left us over the brink. We’ve already had our Wyle E. Coyote moment and are frantically running in air as we fall into the chasm.

      Water resource scarcity, land non-viability and energy concerns will only become more problematic as we march along the treadmill to the 2030s. War as an energy policy is just the tip of the iceberg, folks.

      Nothing will prevent this, because to we overly-privileged North American humans no approaching catastrophe is a “real” concern until it is either upon us or actually underway.

      When every rural water well is nationalized, motor fuel is basically unobtainable and ones daily three squares have been reduced to a cup or two of kibble, having a disarmed populace would be a Good Thing for our handlers.


      • We have lots of oil available, actually. There’s plenty of power to be made in nuclear energy as well. Statism remains the largest threat to the US. The environment is definitely a concern, but not nearly so much as a government perfectly willing to spy on US citizens (everywhere), incarcerate someone for an 8 round mag (NY) or bullet button (pending in CA), and basically minimize the rights of citizens while maximinzing the power of government (everywhere).

        I agree with you on all the other points.

        • Should a civil war occur, it’ll likely be along urban/rural lines. At least some of us have an actual reason to own pickups…

        • Sorry, but nuclear isn’t worth the trouble. The fuel takes almost as much energy to refine than is generated, it only can be burned for a year or so, and then we’re stuck with a deadly radioactive mess that we have to safeguard for several thousand years before we can let anyone near it. Ever hear of Fukushima?

        • Actually, the fuel is neither expensive nor energy intensive to produce.

          The plant is the expense — both construction and maintenance — and decommissioned components tend to be hazardous.

          As for waste, ever since the Carter administration I’ve been promoting the One Good Idea about that.

          Bulk it out with waste from various mineral industries to the physical volume of the original uranium ore, run it into the same deserts from which the ore came on the same tracks and put it back into defunct uranium mines.

          Uranium has a half-life of 4.5 billion years. With a B.

          The re-bulked waste would have a lower specific radioactivity and a half-life approximately one hundred thousandth that of the original ore.

          If the formation was good enough for natural uranium deposits, it’s good enough for diluted waste that’s kinder, gentler and shorter-lived.


  14. My favorite part was the map of the “No More Names” tour, and seeing the little dotted line with a bus on it zipping its way through Texas and New Mexico…..without stopping! Made my day.

  15. MAIG has no credibility. That’s why no one supports them. Everything they do and everything they’ve been successful on has been about cracking down on legal guns and gun owners. The voters then dump the politicians and politicians dump the organization.

    Let’s coin a new phrase, “MAIG Dump”, which describes how quickly Glaze and his BS is emptying his organization.

  16. No stops for little ol’ Utah?
    Make sure you keep your windows up when you pass through, Fantastic Voyage. We don’t want all the bullshit airing out before you get to the Giffords’ house.

    • Hey, my dear departed papa wrote that. Not what was made, but the original, pre-Hollywood-fu¢kup script. It was better’n MAIG.

      The only things small about these voyagers are their minds.

      How can so many bipedal critters have IQs of room temperature – in Celsius – in an igloo?

  17. I’ve always found it humorous that his name is Glaze because that’s all they ever do is glaze over the facts.

  18. Mr, Glaze, on the small chance that you’re reading this, I’d encourage you to keep reading this site regularly.

    While I suppose the most likely reason for your presence here is to keep an eye on the enemy, I’d encourage you to keep an open and pragmatic mind.

    As a pragmatic person, I often find myself mystified by men who aren’t swayed by the enormous amount of data that points to lower crime in states where law-abiding individuals have easy access to firearms.

    I’m also mystified why no politician has taken credit for the steady decline of violent crime between the 1970’s and the present (As detailed on despite the fact that millions of firearms were purchased by law-abiding individuals during those decades.

    As a pragmatic man, I’m well acquainted with history and understand the importance that history has on our lives in the present; A history that shows that despite the attempts of the Left to parse the wording of the 2nd amendment, the founding fathers were very clear in their deeds and words that there is no asterisk at the end of “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    As a pragmatic man, I understand that while some few individuals may use firearms for tragic and horrendous ends, I am far more safe when the citizens around me are armed.

    And lastly, as a pragmatic individual, I know that emotional legislation is always bad legislation. I also know that emotionally driven legislation that prevents law-abiding citizens from getting firearms will have zero impact on those who do not abide by the law.

    We expect our politicians to be pragmatic when given the opportunity by the voters to serve their citizens, not emotional. That extends to you as well.

  19. Well, allow me to be impolite to our guest.

    Hey Glaze, I hope you get gang-raped by several youts and a crowd watches and cheers them on with no one coming to your assistance . . . . not even the police, and then as you lay face down in your private hospital room while your stitches set, reflect that had you had a gun, maybe this could have all been avoided.

  20. Well I managed to watch the video in it’s entirety and not say any naughty words or have any outbursts, I’m quite proud of myself.

  21. My, the staff here are such gracious hosts.

    Now that I’ve watched his video I’m afraid I won’t be extending the same courtesy to our new guest. GTFO and go play hide the gerbil with your pal Bloomberg, you lying sack of sh!t.

  22. If Mark Glaze likes abuse, he’ll learn to love TTAG! You guys might even goad him into posting here if you stay on the roll, as above. Makes for some fun reading though, so please, by all means, proceed.

    It’s not like Mr. Glaze probably never referred to all Citizen gun owners as blood-crazed, teetering on the edge of psychopathic mass murder, red-neck cretins, or some such equally nasty epithet.

  23. I’d love to see “no more names” on the list of MAIG members. He said that they have mayors in 46 states. It’d be great if activists could put pressure on mayors and reduce that number.

    According to their web site, they have eight states with just one or two mayors:

    (1) in Idaho (Moscow)
    (1) in North Dakota (Fargo)
    (1) in Utah (Park City)
    (1) in West Virginia (Madison)
    (2) in Alabama (Mobile & Tuskegee)
    (2) in Kansas (Hiawatha & Wichita)
    (2) in Nevada (Carson City & Las Vegas)
    (2) in New Hampshire (Dover & Portsmouth)

    I’d love to see those states knocked off their list. FWIW, Alaska, Nebraska, South Dakota & Wyoming are fortunate enough to be MAIG-free.

    As far as Mr. Glaze goes, I wish him no ill will, and would love for him to “see the light,” but I have little hope that he’ll change. It’d be wonderful if some day he realized that guns in the right hands are the great equalizer that protect the weak against the strong. They are in fact the solution to violence that bad people inflict upon others, not the problem. That the police cannot be everywhere at once (and are not obligated to protect people anyway, according to court decisions) and self-defense is everyone’s responsibility — and that a gun is a very effective tool to use for self-defense.

  24. I’m always amazed that these people always go after the guns of the law abiding citizens instead of the criminals. It’s quite obvious they are too afraid the criminals will then come after them. They always say that removing ARs from the law abiding people will reduce crime. News flash folks: The criminals cause the crime, not the law abiding folks..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAIG members are afraid of their own shadow; they think it’s a criminal holding an AR to their head.

  25. I remember seeing this dirty pig all over the airwaves after the school shooting. Keep oinking you dirty pig, nobody is listening anymore.


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