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 No More Names tour bus (courtesy

Press release:



Participants Will Urge Congress to Support Sensible Gun Laws That Save Lives;

90 Percent of Americans Support Comprehensive Background Checks 

Rally Returning to Washington as Part of “No More Names: National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence” Bus Tour;

On Thursday, September 19th, survivors of gun violence and the families of its victims, members of Congress, law enforcement, gun owners and faith leaders will hold a rally in Washington, D.C. as part of the “No More Names: National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence” bus tour. Over the last 100 days, the tour has traveled the nation, bringing Americans together at events in 25 states to urge elected officials to reconsider bipartisan gun background check legislation that enjoys overwhelming public support – but that a minority of U.S. Senators blocked in April . . .

The mass shooting at the Navy Yard on Monday – one of the worst in the nation’s history – was a devastating reminder that 33 people are murdered with guns every day in the United States. Participants at Thursday’s rally will call on Congress to join the 90 percent of the public, including 74 percent of NRA members, who want to close loopholes that are letting dangerous people slip through the background check system.  They will also read the names of the more than 9,000 Americans who have been murdered with firearms since the Newtown massacre.

What:             Rally to urge Congress to support common-sense background checks legislation that will keep guns away from dangerous individuals and help save lives


– Stephen Barton, Aurora theater shooting survivor

– Carlee Soto, sister of Newtown victim and Sandy Hook teacher Victoria Soto

– Shannon Watts, Founder of Moms Demand Action

– Col. Bill Badger, gun owner and survivor of Tucson mass shooting

– Members of Congress

– Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr. of the Chester, Penn. Police Department

– Rev. Elliot Blocker, Arkansan Pastors for Gun Sense

– Rev. Kim Turner Baker, National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

– Gun owners

Where:           Grounds of the U.S. Capitol, near the intersection of 1st and Constitution, NE

When:             Thursday, September 19th

10:30 a.m. Press Conference

11:30 a.m. Name reading of victims of gun violence 


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  1. Does no one who is a survivor or the family member of a victim have a job, or did they quit their jobs to become professional victims?

  2. “They will also read the names of the more than 9,000 Americans who have been murdered with firearms since the Newtown massacre.”

    And what percentage of those were with legally purchased firearms?

      • Not all black on black crime should be dismissed.

        Plenty of blacks in the home, behind the counter or on the street who are not in any way criminal are victims of violence, often involving guns.

        A disproportionate number of blacks live in iffy areas, and crime is most common in iffy areas.

        Once you start making it about race, we’re all lost.

    • And how many we’re gangstas? Why doesn’t someone from the black community decry the black-on-black crime that is responsible for most of the 9000 “murders since Newtown”? The reason is money. Racism brings in the $$$. Leftist policies of the last 50 years have destroyed the black family. The gang culture that has become so prevalent and adored in the metro areas ought to be addressed. Got nothing to do with gun registr- er- background checks.

    • A huge number of those were shot in justifiable situations by LEO and citizens. Plus, they also honored terrorists like the Boston brothers and Dohrnob.

  3. Ah, the latest Children’s Crusade! Somehow, the incessant exposure of professional victims seems to elicit less and less sympathy.

    • Good, let them keep doing it. There’s a certain level of crime or abuse of freedoms that exists in every society. Eventually most intelligent people will just accept that 9,000 (out of 300 Million – in other words 0.003%) is the general level of violence (gang related or otherwise) in our country.

    • Good… People are starting to catch on to the fact that while mass shootings are tragic beyond belief, “waving the bloody shirt” is not a rational form of argument, and does nothing to explain how exactly more gun laws will prevent a future tragedy.

      Appealing to emotion by parading victims around the country is the only argument that the gun grabbers have. I say let them wear it out; it would be the best thing ever for the pro-2A movement.

  4. I’m sure I’m not the first, nor will I be the last to say that it might be a better idea to fix our national security background check system first. Clearly, we have a fairly big problem on our hands.

  5. Rick F. Yes, because fixing the current system and laws we already have on the books is too sensible. We all know the answer is to add more laws and systems because that will work, regardless if they have absolutely nothing to do with preventing anything from happening. The answer is more laws Dammit!

  6. A lexis passes background check.
    A lexis buys shotgun legally.
    A lexis commits mass shooting in DC.
    MAIG bus burns rubber to get back to DC
    The I in MAIG stands for illegal
    MAIG wants all sales to include background check.
    B lexis passes background check.
    B lexis buys a shotgun………

    Reasonable gun laws will stop mass shootings?

  7. In Chicago do they hold vigils for CNN to put on TV for gangbangers after they get shot and killed when they themselves have two or three notches on their pistol grip?

    • Because the are a Gun Ban Lobby and that is exactly what this is about. You can ignore a puss filled sore or it could turn into gangrene.

  8. I tire of the anti’s relentless uttering of that “90% of Americans” support whatever it is that they want. I call bunk. 90% of Americans couldn’t agree what color the sky is let alone agree on an issue as complex and divisive as gun control. These people need to just go away.

    • They’re absolutely correct. 91% of Americans support background checks.

      The problem, as it is with most liberal arguments, is that they STOP there. They don’t provide any further context. The 91% is the result of a university poll that simply asked “Do you support background checks for all gun purchases?”

      How many people will read that question and take note of the “ALL”?

      The results are similar in just about every poll I’ve seen. Around 90% approval to a similar questions. The “overwhelming” statement breaks down when the polls provide more specific questions. Just about every poll I’ve seen drops to about 50/50 (better in a lot of cases) when the questions provide specific examples of when a background check should be required…

  9. Am I the only one to see the irony in the fact that an org with a bus with “No more names” is pushing an agenda to collect more names?….

  10. Nobody’s going to be listening tomorrow. Black shooter on Monday means we have to ban video games until Friday. I don’t think anybody’s even talking guns now that the evil AR-15 got no play.
    We’re headed for government shutdown, again, can’t decide what’s going on with Syria, and Obama’s got a third of his party trying to wiggle out from under him on health care. If CNN’s not even leading with it, neither will Congress.
    I don’t generally put a lot of stock in rags like Politico, but the fact that even they can’t stop talking about Obama’s “failure” on gun control in April is very telling. Even to the left, it looks like Obama went after guns and it cost him his momentum. They may forget with each term, but they’ll remember that that stove is hot for at least another couple years now.

  11. Does anyone know where to find the KKK’s bus tour schedule for their “Sensible treatment of blacks” tour?

    Traumatized hoplophobes speaking on gun policy, brilliant.

  12. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
    -Rahm Emanuel

  13. “Where – Grounds of the U.S. Capitol, near the intersection of 1st and Constitution, NE”

    I hope they have a permit, or the only ones interacting with them there will be the US Capitol Police and DC MPD.

      • If there was a real press that would be a good story about how their permit request (or the DC police not asking for one) gets expedited versus us non-bloomburg rif raf. MFM…mofo media.

  14. Right … because gun control will stop suicidal, maniacal, violent criminals from killing guards or police officers and using their guns to slaughter unarmed people in “gun free” zones.

    Think about it people. First of all, our government cannot possibly ban and confiscate every single firearm in existence. That means another Washington D.C. Navy Yard wannabee will be able to kill a guard or police officer and take their gun/s. Seriously, you could literally pull that off with a single-shot muzzleloader (300 year old firearm technology). Of course there are other ways that a suicidal, homicidal maniac could disable a guard or police officer without using a firearm as well.

    It is impossible to prevent suicidal, homicidal maniacs from attempting to harm people. Our best strategy is get mental health treatment to as many people as possible before they “snap” … and have armed citizens everywhere to deal with anyone who “falls through the cracks”.

  15. Being a relative of a victim of gun violence doesn’t make you an expert on the subject any more then being the relative of a victim of a drunk driving accident makes you an expert on how friction effects tires and gas mileage. I love how they toss this 90% around despite having pulled it from their asses. This just in! 99.99% of the public believes MAIG actually cares about the victims of violence! See? Total bull. We know they don’t care.

    • i wouldn’t care if it was really 90%, or even 99.9999999%. This was and still is a Constitutional Republic, founded on the principle of protecting and individual’s rights from the government and/or any tyranny by majority. That should end the conversation right there.

      • Like Jim Crowe laws, right? The problem is we have long periods of abuse in our history. Some people have a skewed sense of common sense and no sense of constitutional rights. If they don’t agree with it it shouldn’t exist to them.

  16. “No More Names”? That’s such a mound of SHIT, it takes my breath away… no more names of hit-and-run killings? No more names of those who beat or strangled their babies to death? No more names of drone killings? No more death-beatings by deranged, cruel foster parents? No more law-abiding citizens shot and killed in senseless, bloodlust cop-murders? No more mixed-up, pathetic people killed by 6-10 kinds of psychiatric drugs?

    No more innocent families invaded by wrong-location death squads, and no more children and family pets killed by roided-up meathead cops looking to kill somebody by the end of their shifts?

    No more kids tossed into the sex-abuse cult of CPS, because a parent has doctor-prescribed cannabis, because CPS says the family might be “subject to robbery or home invasion?


    • William, it is all in the name of the CHIILLLLLLDRENNN. That ‘short’ bus might as well have a picture of Big Brother on it, with directions to your local ‘showers’. Ugly, brainless, Orwellian propaganda that could one day make us all inhale Zyklon-B.

  17. Are these idiots still doing this? ‘90% of America supports universal background checks ‘ Well since you left wing idiots are making up numbers,why don’t you say;290% of America supports it.Lying to the public seems to be your MOTIS OPERENDE .All the polls used by these dipwads and I mean all as I checked them all were less than 1000 people polled.So unless the population shrunk to 900 people,I ‘d say you have a pretty good group of PROFESSIONAL LIARS.

  18. I have used that word, undisguised, maybe one time, Matt. If it’s more than that, I humbly apologize. I have REPEATEDLY had posts deleted that contained NOT ONE OFFENSIVE WORD. Go check the record, Matt.

    Are you the new sheriff on the block? If so, let me know, and I will start a competing blog. You wouldn’t want that now, WOULD YOU?

  19. Oh, what I would like to do to that libtard bus with a can of gas, a match, a sledgehammer, and about 15 minutes.

  20. More phony made up stats,90% of Americans bulls..t,74% of NRA members,horse manure .These lying lame brains are pathetic .33 people are killed with guns everyday .Ya well twice that amount are saved by guns everyday BOZOS,Sickening how these libatards make crap up and then believe their own lies.Please become a victim and be defenseless to a gangbanger as they persecute you ,Morons!

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