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The Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) “No More Names” bus tour coninues. Despite paid anti-gun agitators working the phones, email, Twitter, Facebook and social networks to gin-up attendance, teeming throngs have been conspicuous by their absence. This clip (not magazine) was uploaded after the Atlanta stop. Like the ones before it, the number of pro-gun supporters matched the [small] number of MAIG folk. Not that you’d know it from the video, which studiously avoids anything remotely resembling a wide shot. By the same token, one wonders if Mrs. Jordan’s testimony will find any more views than previous efforts—even though the media tried to turn Jordan’s homicide into a Zimmerman-esque race-baiting cause celebre (e.g., HuffPo’s photo caption “Why Are Young Black Men Still Racially Targeted?”). Here’s hoping the civilian disarmament dudes’ windless sailing continues.

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  1. Oh God, RF, what are you trying to do to me? I clicked that HuffPo link and read the short article. Then I wanted more info on that case, so I clicked another link, and another link. Two minutes later I found myself unconsciously shaking my head and muttering “What the shit?!” I was almost driven completely crazy by just a few minutes exposure to that drivel.

    Now that that’s out of the way, I feel for those parents in the video, because their son’s death was stupid and senseless. But I want to know how they think it could have been prevented, beyond “make all the guns go away,” because that’s simply not going to happen. And not for the standard “criminals will still get them” reason. Because the shooter in this case was not a criminal, to my knowledge. Just a guy. So I want to know what laws they’re proposing that would have prevented that incident. I honestly can’t think of any, other than “make all the guns go away.”

    • I agree. Tragic death for their child . . . if the facts prove out. Just because the shooter was white and the victim black does make it racial. Moreover, just because young black men are allegedly playing loud music does not justify the use of force. However, let’s see what the justice system does first.

      I think the bigger question is: how come there is not more outrage over other causes of death that claim more child victims? Drunk driving for instance. Failure to wear seat belts. There are so many other reasons kids die, and frankly, if you back out the gang bangers, it is amazing so few children are killed in a country with so many guns. . . . just saying

  2. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, “If people don’t want to come out to your rally, nobody’s going to stop them.”

    • America’s greatest sage, Yogi Berra. Yogi practiced meditation, because very few thoughts ever imposed themselves upon his consciousness! I adore Yogi.

      But the poor mother starts spouting progressive drivel words like “inclusion”, and I started to reach for my Tanfoglio. Oh. My. God!

      “He was robber of his… (fill in the blank)”. Where do these people COME from? Isn’t our incredible pain, in such times, better kept to ourselves, or those closest to us, lest those words be misused?

      And misused they were. Of course. They were too emotionally-charged to resist, for those who would rob us of our rights. And bless those poor people, THEY BEEN USED, and MISUSED.

      Oh God, please don’t let me be misused, to paraphrase Eric Burdon…

  3. I was astonished by the linked Washington Times article when I read “Mr. Bloomberg is no crook.”

    Of course he’s a crook. Running his pet project out of the mayor’s office at public expense makes him a crook. Sending aides on government salaries around the country as MAIG investigators makes him a crook.

    But maybe he’s just a little crook.

    • Like Nepoleon was just a little Dic(k)tator…?

      No wait, he’s one of those too…

      Hail Bloomeberg! [Src]

      Where did I put that 44oz Big Gulp?

  4. Does not all of this grandstanding make you wonder if only one half of all this effort was used to oust crooked politicians, our country would be a much better place?

    Oh wait, it is a crooked politician behind all this…

  5. I don’t know anything about Ms. Davis, her son, or the situation surrounding his death. I read the Huffpost article and it lacked a lot of details. I am not commenting on her story in particular, but just noting a general trend.

    According to the anti-gunners, 100% of the victims of gun violence were nice, innocent, lovable, human beings. Of the 532 people murdered in Chicago in 2012, 77% had prior arrests for violent or drug related crimes. Across the country, ~68% of murder victims have a prior criminal history. What we see however is a high school yearbook photo and a crying mother. Bloomberg naming Tsarnaev and Dorner as victims was only an extreme example of this.

    The problem is, all this victim white wash makes me think the worst of the people shot. Maybe this mother is correct, maybe her son and his friends were minding their own business, and were gunned down by some racist SOB.

    On the other hand… maybe the white guy asked the kids in the car to turn down/off their music. Maybe her son and his friends reacted the way 17 year olds react when a stranger tells they to shut their music off; with a long, profanity laced rant, how they are going to kick his old white ass, etc. Maybe some old white guy being threatened by three black kids, blaring “cop killer” gangsta rap, thinks he’s about to be killed by a couple of Crips and shoots first.

    I’m not saying the shoot was justified, or that her son was not a victim of gun violence. I’m just saying if the MAIG people are talking, they are lying. I am inclined to believe the opposite of everything they say, and that means I can’t believe that any of the people they name are innocent victims.

  6. Anyone hear of a MAGO (mayors against gun ownership) “No More Names” event after New Orleans on June 29th?

    Their RSVP system hasn’t listed a new city in almost a week. Either they are taking a break from the tour, stopping the tour, or they figured out that the RSVP system was giving our side advanced warning of cities/ dates and they stopped using it.

    Just wondering.

    – bsd

    • I don’t know, but ooh it sounds like they’re fixing to go into Texas, if they’re all the way down in New Orleans now. I’d like to know if they’re coming to my city so can help give them a big ol’ Texas welcome.

  7. Young black men are targeted because that’s who is committing a majority of inner city violet crimes. watch any convenient store robbery videos you will never see a white person doing it plus fbi stats show young blacks commit more crimes. but remember people profiling is wrong and evil and anyone who does it is a racist ugh.

    • When I lived in NYC a while back, I was the victim of a crime and my ex was the victim of two violent felonies.

      All of the perpetrators were white. But, like you, I don’t want to be a racist.

    • FBI stats? michael n. Is that the J.Edger FBI? The Ruby Ridge FBI? The Waco FBI? The FBI that won’t get involved in investigating Fast and Furious?

      Which FBI are you trusting to get your stats from?

      How about our latest in a long string of IGOTD trophies. This guy killed a 5 yo girl and he sure looked white to me.

  8. Big props to Georgia Carry for rallying the troops on short notice. I’m glad they knew their “place”.

  9. The Atlanta stop…..
    Match10 at he wrote: “Posted at Creative Loafing Magazine: I personally did a head count every twenty minutes. (In fact, in many photos you can see me doing it with my finger.) At 12:00 Noon, there were 71 Pro-gun persons present. At the same time, there were 39 people present who were anti-gun. (This does not include people working the event such as police, security, bomb-sniffing dog handler, press and employees running the event. Don’t believe me? Look at the overhead helicopter footage of FOX news. Do your own count! At 1:00, the anti-gun folks found a few more, and many of the pro-gun folks had to leave for work….

    This is the reason I personally made it my “mission” to document the numbers of both sides. The press overstated the effect of the “No More Names” Rally of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Organiztion and anti-civil rights group.

  10. Friday,a group of anti-gun State Senators And Representatives here in Mississippi, had a anti-gun judge,appointed by an anti-gun former governor,”read that as all Democrats”,to put an injunction on our states Open Carry law from going into effect July 1st,Monday.they couldn’t stop it when it was up for the vote in their respective houses but they took it to the courts,just another sham by the anti-gun left,I think it will just postpone it,but it will become active law.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  11. Muahahaha! We’ll be waiting for you & Gabby at the rodeo grounds in Mandan, North Dakota on July 3rd. You ass douches will not get a friendly ND welcome!!!


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