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Magpul 40 round magazines, c Magpul

In competition shooting, stage designers love putting out enough targets so that you need 32 rounds to complete the stage. It’s just over the normal capacity of most magazines, meaning that you’re required to perform a reload at some point. To combat those stage designs, people have been hot-rodding their mags, installing 10 or 20 round extensions on the bottom to give them enough ammo to skip the reload. Now, Magpul is making a factory magazine that will hold 40 rounds without the reliability issues of the hacked mags. Looks like Surefire is about to have some competition in the “massive magazine” product segment . . .

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  1. I bought a few of the 42rnd ProMag AR magazines in Dec. when that was about the only place to buy them without markup and Ive been fairly pleased with all of them. Cant go wrong with a big PMAG for 20 bucks.

  2. Just FYI, the Beretta website is selling 30-round M9/92FS/CX4 magazines for $30/unit.

    Cheap as I’ve ever seen.

    • Someone needs to invent a phaser: then we won’t have to worry about lack of ammo.

      …I’d help, but i’m only a chemical engineer. Perhaps make the battery

        • Probably because I directly ordered a few “Boulder Airlift” mags a few weeks ago, but I got an email from Magpul at 14:35 MDT announcing the new 40-rounders, and inviting me – as a CO resident – to get 2 of them directly (and quickly, I hope).

        • Me too! Also got a friend to register and order a couple. While he’s completely on our side regarding gun rights, he has no interest in them on a personal level. I’ll have to make sure he transfers them to me by June 30th to stay within the letter of the law…

    • I ordered 5 of the limited run “Free Colorado ” mags and they shipped the next day direct from Magpul. Their site said 20 days, so they seem to be on top of it.

  3. Nice, I am mclovin it. maybe they could try and shorten the mag by going the surefire way and quad stack that bad boy.

  4. I have a couple of old steel 40 round AR magazines from the Clinton ban era. Those things are heavy. I’ll have to give these new Magpul magazines a try. I should upgrade the steel ones with Magpul GI followers though.

  5. Russians really love that sort of thing for some reason. The drum and banana clips for RPK are an old hat. They are now looking at 4-stackers (IIRC 60-rounders) as issue mags to troops.

  6. I read somewhere that Magpul was also going to start making AK mags. anyone have any information on that ? is it true not ??? Thanks and if so where and when ??

  7. While I love what competition does for product in the marketplace (like spur the development of these mags), I get tired of what it does to the competitions themselves. It’s the whole letter-of-the-law vs spirit-of-the-law thing.

    If you’re supposed to change magazines, then do it and enjoy it, don’t try to do an end run around it with hacked up equipment.

    It’s like F-TR: .223 or .308 off a bipod screams military or tactical-style rifle. Have you seen the rifles used in FTR now? They are only just barely technically 308s. It’s like another form of benchrest now.

    I should be happy, though, that some very high BC bullets are now available in 30 cal as a result.

    /end rant
    /get off my lawn

    • “It’s the whole letter-of-the-law vs spirit-of-the-law thing.

      If you’re supposed to change magazines, then do it and enjoy it, don’t try to do an end run around it with hacked up equipment.”

      … said the CA legislature when they found out about the Bullet Button.

  8. I dunno. Kinda starts looking like an AK mag…

    Not sure if I like it. I think I’d rather have two thirty’s with a connector.

    I worry about these things putting too much weight on the magazine release if you were to double them up. There’s probably no danger, but I have enough trouble keeping 30 rd magazines fed.

  9. I ran shooters as an RO last weekend in 3Gun. Part of the rifle stage was shooting from a simulated rooftop. Those with 4ord mags chose poorly.

  10. I’m very interested in these! Magpul makes good mags and its great to hear they now sell these 40rd Pmags. I’ll have to wait and see when I can buy these locally.

  11. I’m still wishing for Magpul to design an AR platform 7.62×39 mag line. Magpul can single handedly make the platform reliable.

  12. 40 rnd mags so we can burn up bbls faster…also you are going to need a taller bipod. As to use in competition, I’m not shooting any more matches where the stage designers use those stoopid blue tarps for walls. All stages everywhere now look the same. Boring snooze fest.

  13. Can’t wait to get a few of these. Spent a lot of time searching and so far, nobody has any for sale.

    When my Tavor finally arrives, this is going to make an awesome addition.


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