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At the SHOT Show this year, Magpul unveiled their latest creation: replacement GLOCK magazines. Designed for the G17, these mags will fit anything in that same line including the popular G19. Their main claim to fame is that they’re cheaper than the factory GLOCK mags and made of a single material instead of the composite metal and plastic magazines that GLOCK offers. Things were looking peachy as the first batches left the factory, but there were apparently a few minor errors that are causing problems, and as a result Magpul is replacing every magazine free of charge . . .

From their Facebook page:

OK we screwed up.

After initial release of the Glock PMAG 17 GL9 a few days ago we started seeing random issues of failure to feed with the new magazine in other Glock models, primarily the Glock 19 and 26. Of all the challenges of building a Glock magazine with a single new composite, issues like drop free, impact strength and feed lip retention were foremost on our mind. The failure to feed came as a bit of a surprise to us and we immediately headed out to the range to investigate.

In short order we found the problem. Without getting into technical details, some small, but critical geometry changes did not make it into the initial production molds. We should have caught this but no failures showed up on our factory guns during live fire testing and flaws in our internal processes of checks/balances did not flag the oversight as it should.

So as I said before, we screwed up and here is what we are going to do about it.

Molds are being updated with the correct geometry as we speak and a replacement magazine body with the correct geometry should be available by May 4th, 2015. These will be date coded 5/15 or later and will replace any magazine bodies in service of earlier manufacture. Just use your existing spring, follower, and floor plate with the new body.

-If you purchased your magazines direct from Magpul, Brownells or Midway, you do not need to do anything, replacement magazine bodies for the magazines ordered (1 for 1) will be shipped to you automatically.

-If you purchased your magazines from a gun store, replacement bodies will be sent out to the store in question for you to pick up.

-If neither of the above works for you then Magpul customer service will handle the replacement directly.

In short, we are updating ALL of the affected magazines released as quick as we possibly can.

Richard Fitzpatrick
President/CEO -Magpul Industries Corp

Note to other firearms manufacturers: this is how you handle an engineering oopsie.

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  1. “So as I said before, we screwed up and here is what we are going to do about it.”

    This is why I (and so many others) love magpul

    • A lot of politicians could have saved their careers if they had addressed problems that way, instead of covering up or pointing fingers.

    • I had no clue about the recall until a package from magpul showed up (and my wife was like wtf did you buy now) with 2 new housings and a letter that explained the problem. I tip my hat to magpul. They really take care of their customers.

  2. no kidding, now if only Remington could get the let out of their ass and make something that doesn’t need to be recalled 300 times! This is really how all manufacturers should handle and hoop C! thank you rich, very professional I’m ordering some mags today from you thank you again!

  3. That’s seriously owning the mistake. I might have to buy some more of their stuff just to say thanks and support this kind of behaviour.

  4. I give major kudos to Magpul for owning up to their mistake and making it right quickly.

    Not like other another company that put off and ignored a major safety issue with MILLIONS of rifles and only did some when a judge ordered them (cough, cough, Remington).


  5. I think Magpul just quadrupled their customer base with that release. I already love their products, I might have to get some swag now just to help promote them.

  6. It bothers me that they have a date code on it. It will help statists to enforce “high” capacity mag regulations. They should drop that.

    • Wouldn’t the fact that Magpul just released these mags put a “date stamp” on them, making it impossible to pretend you’ve had them prior to any ban?

      • If the date is used as manufacture date instead of first release date it is a problem in the future. From the article seems that the date code is the manufacture date code.
        This may lead to legislation to enforce that on other manufacturers.
        Mag restrictions may come in a state near you.
        I hope that you see the issue.

        • The way the article reads seems like the date stamp will move, as in changing month by month. That seems a bad idea, think I’d prefer something like “Mod 1” stamped into them, and unchanging. Also cheaper than updating.

    • Get over it. All injection molded items have date stamps to help identify production runs/lots/design version. Magpul is no different.

    • MagPul has been doing date stamps for years. All PMags and other items have a little clock looking mark, that is the month of and year of manufacture. Hence, why the Boulder air lift was such a huge endeavor.

  7. That’s got to be the most hassle-free recall I’ve ever seen! I’ll have to pick up a few of the updated ones.

  8. I almost bought some of these mags, but had heard rumors of reliability issues. Guess those rumors were true. Instead, I bought several factory G19 standard cap 15 round mags, and two 34 round extended mags.

    But Magpul still will have me as a customer, and I respect how they owned their mistake.

  9. Why mess with perfection? I got the utmost respect for both companies, but I’d always put my money on Glock’s engineers against Magpul’s any day.

  10. I would own a ton of Magpul stuff if I owned any firearm they supported. I COULD probably buy a T-shirt, but I’m not much for walking around in prominently-branded clothing (especially gun brands. Kinda makes you a mark for thieves)
    Looks like I was wrong. They make a replacement stock for my Ruger 10/22. I know what my next purchase will be now.

  11. Way to go Magpul! Will definitely need to purchase a couple more AR mags to show my support. You guys are a class act!

  12. I love Magpul and I think they really handled this well…

    Having said that, I only use Glock brand Glock Magazines.

  13. This is cool that they are going to fix the problem and not beat around the bush. I own a lot of magpul products and the only product I am not 100% happy with are the AK magazines and not for the reasons you may think. If I load 30 rounds into an AK mag, they will not compress enough to insert on a closed bolt. I have a converted Saiga 7.62×39 so I can load on an open bolt. I have to drop down to 27-28 rounds to use them. My steel mags of all makes and my Bulgarian plastic mags will take a full 30 or 40 rounds and insert without issue.

  14. When I read about this issue with their Glock mags, I’ll admit my first thought was, what’s the point of an aftermarket Glock mag? Glock mags are pretty inexpensive already and easy to find, and they work. Why would someone try to save a few bucks by buying an aftermarket mag for say $15 when the genuine, guaranteed to work 100 percent factory mag can be found for $20? But after reading this followup, I agree with the kudos being given to Magpul for the way they’re handling this. If they start making mags for the Glock 21 I just might buy a couple on principle.

  15. Magpul isn’t the first aftermarket manufacturer to have problems making a reliable magazine for the Glock, and probably won’t be the last either.

  16. I bought 6 Magpul Pmag 17 GL9 Mags from Midway on order #35176062.
    I told them that they were defective and not working properly and they said
    that they were out of warranty.
    I have never tried to use them till last week and they would not feed.
    Please tell me what I need to do.
    704 533 2067


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