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The original Magnificent Seven was not the original Magnificent Seven. The 1960 Hollywood movie was based on Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 epic Seven Samurai — to the point where Kurosawa received uncredited credit for the screenplay (go figure). Both the 60’s version and this year’s re-make ditch samurai swords for firearms.

Which is strange given the Hollywood elite’s advocacy of civilian disarmament. Or not. I mean, the well-armed Magnificent Seven are defending a disarmed populace, no? Then again, they’re not cops. Anyway, plenty of gunplay on screen and hidden hypocrisy behind the scenes. Literally.

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  1. Hollywood isn’t against revolvers in westerns , they are against weapons of mass destruction , ooops , wrong , they are against all guns , they’re just hypocrites in the 1000th degree , we should stop watching these movies and I really want to see this one . Maybe I can just be a little bit of a hypocrite too , sure , what will my $20.00 matter ?. ……………….. See what I mean .

    • Hmmm maybe it’s why certain websites (cough, put locker, cough) are so popular showing bootlegged movies…
      No money into hollyweird.

      • If you don’t want to download pirated content, just rent it from Red Box. With the price of a DVD rental at $1.50, I can watch it with my wife and daughter which works out to a ticket price of 50¢, and I don’t have to pay $12 or $14 for popcorn and cokes. The only downside is you have to wait a couple of months for it to go to rental, and that seems to be on a faster cycle in recent years.

    • I agree that they’re gold-plated hypocrites when it comes to guns. However, I hope that continue making movies that feature guns. In a way these movies keep guns in the pop culture and visible to an entire generation. And, some of these movies shows guns being used to prevent violence or defend the weak as in this one.

  2. Well at least everyone starring in this remake isn’t a total hypocrite anti-2A tool azzwhole. Chris Pratt and Denzel(isn’t he neutral?)I see… I’ll see it next year.

    • Yup. More than a few of them are pro-2A. But Ethan Hawke and Vincent D’onfrio are hypocrits!

  3. Hollywood should make a movie where the characters meet all the impossible criteria for being “safe” and “well regulated”
    The protagonists get shipped off to attend however many hours of whatever training Hollywood producers and writers think everyone should have then they go pass background checks to purchase the low-capacity non-detachable magazine smart gun and matching ammo and wait 14-30 days or however long Hollywood thinks is appropriate.
    They’ll pick up the firearms only to discover they have no lawful means of transporting said firearms.
    Finally just as they are about to have their showdown against the antagonists (who bothered with non of the legal hurdles to acquire their ghost gun assault clips with shoulder things that go up) Diane Fienstein runs out to confiscate the heroes firearms saying “just kidding about all those restrictions, we don’t want you to have these things at all.”

    Blockbuster entertainment.

    • The feminized Hollywierd eunuchs just DID released such a PC flick. A remake of a “classic”. Totally fizzled (I started to say bombed but that would be bad). “Ghostbusters with broads”

    • no kidding, the 2 biggest releases this year are 1: a remake of ghostbusters, but with chicks this time. and;

      2: a sequel to Finding Nemo.

      not sure if this mag 7 is even in the top 5

      • Ghostbusters has been an underwhelming for Sony, almost on the verge of being a flop. By far the biggest movie this year has been Captain America: Civil War, a movie about the dangers of governmental overreach from one of the only studios that is fine with its superheros (and their love interests) using guns.

  4. I wait til I can buy a used DVD in a store like Rasputins. Was just there today and bought 4 movies for 30 bucks. Hollywood got none of that.

    • Just like if I buy a used car none of the money will go to Chevy. But then money goes to someone who will buy a new car, but then…. WAIT HOLD ON. Lotto money only goes to education, because the money that would go to the school if it was not receiving lottery money still goes to…… Help help help

      Hint, if you really don’t want to have money go to Hollywood only steal your movies. Otherwise, not so much.

      • I can only answer for my own actions. Who knows where the money goes after I give it to the dude with the paper hat at the burger joint?

        Keeping track of my own business is good enough for me.

  5. The Magnificent Seven (1960) is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s a Western film classic. It had a great cast loaded with star power. Great music by Elmer Bernstein. Great direction by John Sturges. One of the best shooting scripts ever — pithy and funny. I know all the good lines — and there are many — by heart.

    I can’t wait to see how badly Hollywood fvcks up a grand movie, like Hollywood does with everything it soils with its filthy fingers.

      • Seven Samurai is great, but it’s not a Western. It’s a samurai flick — which I like — and the dialogue is not as good as Mag7. Or maybe it is in Japanese, but not when subtitled.

        • Ya, I bought “Seven Samuri” on DVD some years back and I enjoyed it, but it isn’t a Western and the copy I had they sure said a lot in Japanese that got translated into rather few English words. The first Magnificent Seven is a classic and if they screw up the remake they will loose money hand over fist.

          But if they miss they can always say “I was aiming for the horse.”

        • It will be screwed up. Can not be any other way. Hollyweird has been cranking out remakes in recent years because they can’t come up with an original idea. Too much cocaine/actresses? Name a remake that was as good as the original (if it was any good).

          How about a remake of Patton with real M3/M4s rather than Spanish Army armor? Not sure who would play Georgie. Hollyweird likely would cast some black version of Bruce Jenner.

        • Had spell of watching sub titled Samurai flicks and can report inside every western character is a Samurai waiting to emerge.

      • Seven Samurai is a masterpiece… like many of Kurosawa’s films. Mag 7 was pretty good, but I like other spaghetti western remakes of Kurosawa’s films more, like For a Fist Full of Dollars (Yojimbo). And there is just something about the pacing in the originals that really appeals to me.

    • Yeah, I’ll take the original. In fact I recorded it on DVR about two weeks ago. Time to watch it!

  6. The irony in Hollyweird’s anti-gun hypocrisy is that their movies invariably show, not just the utility, but the necessity of the well armed good-guy. It is a lesson that has been vividly demonstrated repeatedly in hundreds of movies each year over the past 60 years or more. Audience members are supposed to not just be sympathetic to the hero, but identify with him/her/it. As a child I imagined myself as Roy Rogers riding to the rescue, six guns blazing. That is the real effect Hollyweird has had on generations of children and adults in this country. On some level we all know that the ballistic solution is the most effective way to answer the evil that men do.

  7. “if a man carries a gun, he tends to use it”

    That’s the core mantra of all anti-gunners.

  8. Yeah, the ’60s M7 was a pretty good retelling of Kurisawa’s 7S, but the best, by far, was “Battle Beyond the Stars” with Richard “John Boy” Thomas, Robert “Napoleon Solo” Vaughn, George “John ‘Hannibal’ Smith” Peppard, and John “I was in ‘Enter the Dragon’ with Bruce Lee” Saxon.

    Now, pay your toll or get off my bridge!

    • Eh, Yojimbo/Fistful of Dollars was/is still the best of that crossover genre I’ve seen. There was also a recent reverse-swap that cast the story of Unforgiven in 1890’s Hokkaido (northern/snowy Japan) during ethnic purges & the dying Shogunate, that was quite good (it’s a bit more melodramatic & a lot more gruesome, but that’s kind of just Japanese cinema) & actually improved on the original story in a few minor ways.

  9. I love how Hollywood directors and actors rail against guns and continue to make movies about heroes killing lots of bad guys with guns. It’s all about money and being a wealthy hypocrite.

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