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Oh yeah, that was a good idea. Not. After the media seized on this YouTube mayhem, an “appalled”┬áMacon-Bibb County Fire Chief Marvin Riggins declared that he would discuss it with the union steward. I mean, slap the offender on the wrist. I mean, take disciplinary action against the seven firefighters seen in a “prank” video, perpetrated against two rookies. Here’s an interesting question. What if one of the rookies had been armed? [Note: watch it while you can. Odds are this one’s gonna disappear down the memory hole right quick.]

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  1. Really, I am not a prude and enjoy a well executed practical joke, but this one went a touch too far.

    Had one of the “rookies” been armed he might have drawn his weapon and fired at the “attacker”. He would also be completely justified in doing so.

    • yep not funny, just dangerous and stupid and probably scary as hell for the people who were not in on the “joke.”

  2. All the rookies need to do is claim PTSD, sue the crap out of the individuals involved and city, and this stupid garbage will NEVER happen again

  3. Gosh, what fun! maybe the fire fighters can try the same “prank” at a neighborhood cop bar, after the shift gets out! A real laugh! [sarc off]

  4. “Fire Chief Marvin Riggins declared that he would discuss it with the union steward”

    This guy doesn’t get it.
    What happened was criminal.
    To start:
    Assault With Deadly Weapon
    False Imprisonment

    and the ever so popular charge of “Terrorism”.

    No doubt the “pranksters” meant no harm, no foul.

    They will suffer because of this foolishness, as well they should.

    What penalties, I will leave that to the injustice system.

    We ain’t exactly talking about harden criminals, just fools.

  5. I am from half an hour south of Macon, GA and this does not surprise me. Macon is known for having the most inept “public servants” and one of the crummiest law enforcement agencies in Georgia. This is the fire department, but I don’t expect much there either. This is not funny and everyone involved should punished severely for their actions.

    On another note, several years ago my brother was out camping off a county access road with some friends from his middle school. One of the boys’ father was out there supervising them. Another boy had an older brother (22), that decided to go out and play a practical joke on the kids along with one of his moronic fellow high school drop-outs. They snuck up on the camp after dark and rushed in wearing masks and waving airsoft pistols around (the orange tips were painted black, which is illegal). They put on a good show and literally made everyone feel like they were being robbed at gun point. However, the joke was on them because after 15 seconds or so of shouting and waving the guns around, the aforementioned father grabbed a metal folding shovel and hit the older brother rather hard in the face…twice. Of course, the other moron immediately screamed to stop hitting him and identified who they were. A shattered nose, cheek bone, jaw and 38 stitches later, plus charges for disturbing the peace and assault, the older brother didn’t think his joke was so funny anymore. He is fortunate that I wasn’t there, because I always carry a gun and I would have used in a heart beat in that situation.

  6. At least they were considerate enough to put their names in the credits so the correct people could be disciplined.

    To quote Forrest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does”.

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