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We’ve discussed Machine Guns Vegas before, the firearms equivalent of a Las Vegas strip club opening just in time for your humble servants (us TTAG writers) to go check it out while we’re in town for SHOT 2012. There’s news today via Ammoland that they’ve launched a new website which displays the machine guns available for shooting and some packages available for customers who want to try an assortment of firearms. Make the jump for the presser and information on how to reserve your FA dream vacation.

[via Ammoland] Machine Guns Vegas (MGV) is now accepting reservations for its high-energy firearm experiences with new themed packages available at its opening in early 2012.

The packages will allow guests test out the guns used by the United States’ SEAL Team Six, make their “Call of Duty”gaming a reality, become a Femme Fatale, choose allies in the Mafia Experience, go back in time with WWII World at War and much more.

To make reservations, MGV has launched a new website ( to streamline the process so gun enthusiasts or firearm first-timers can browse the different firearms, ammunition and packages available to plan their desired experience.

Packages include:

  • The Compound – For the ultimate in VIP experiences, this package allows guests to showcase their skills on 16 different firearms while enjoying the world’s first “Gun Lounge”; an ultra-discreet VIP experience for groups featuring two completely private firing lanes, a private waiting lounge with plush furniture, large plasma TVs, iMac, complimentary refreshments and a separate entrance. Guests will experience 50 rounds per firearm with a M60 and five different handguns of their choosing as well as 125 rounds each on five different semi-automatic and five different full automatics. Package price: $699
  • Full Auto – Shooters will go full force with this fully automatic machine gun package. Package includes eight different machine guns of the customer’s preference and 50 rounds of each a squad automatic weapon (SAW) and a M60. Package price: $399
  • World at War – The firearms of WWII laid the foundation for many of the modern weapon designs we see today. For this package, you are issued some of the most popular firearms used during World War II including the 1911 pistol, a MP 40 submachine gun and the M3 submachine ‘Grease Gun.’ Package price: $119.95
  • The Mafia Experience – The weapons of choice for Mobsters have ranged from the Thompson submachine gun during the Prohibition to shotguns and suppressed pistols favored by famous hit men. This package allows guests to experience the .22 Suppressor, rounds with the infamous Thompson submachine gun and shotguns. Package price: $99.95
  • Femme Fatale – Femme Fatale (French for “deadly woman”) is designed for first-time female shooters. Ladies will have the chance to show off their skills with an UZI fully automatic machine gun and choose whichever handgun they desire to complete their experience. Package price: $89.95
  • SEAL Team VI – This is the chance to experience the firearms used by SEAL Team Six in the covert operation that took out Osama bin Laden. Guests are issued 20 rounds with a .22 Suppressor, the HK MR556 rifle and the choice of a squad automatic weapon (SAW) or a M60 machine gun. Package price: $129.50; with M60 upgrade: $159.95
  • Call of Duty – This package channels the inner gamers, designed to bring the popular “Call of Duty” videogame to life using some of its most popular guns including the Colt M4, FN Scar assault rifle, an AK47 and Beretta M9. Package price: $159.95
  • Hand Cannons – For the handgun enthusiast, the hand-cannon package allows guests to shoot some of MGV’s favorite handguns including five rounds on each the Raging Judge, the Desert Eagle .50, .44 Magnum Revolvers plus 20 more rounds of the customer’s choosing. Package price: $89.95
  • SAS – Special Air Service (SAS) is a corps of the British Army tasked with special operations in time of war and primarily counter-terrorism in peacetime. Package features use of the C8 assault rifle, M4 short barrel, the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun and the SIG P226 full-sized pistol. Package price: $159.95

All packages include targets and a MGV t-shirt; additional packages can be found at Also, to book outdoor shoots and weddings call 1-800-SHOOT.

About Machine Guns Vegas
The plush, high-energy appeal of a Las Vegas ultra lounge meets the thrill of a high-tech firearms experience when Machine Gun Vegas (MGV) opens its doors early 2012. The first-of-its-kind attraction will offer guests the chance to shoot a variety of firearms in a safe, contemporary atmosphere. No alcohol will be served at Machine Guns Vegas. Located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, the 10,000-square-foot facility will feature 16 shooting lanes where guests can securely test their skills with a vast selection of machine guns, handguns and other exotic firearms. MGV will have the world’s first “Gun Lounge” an ultra-discreet experience. Machine Guns Vegas is located at 3501 Aldebaran Avenue, and will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, visit Follow MGV on Twitter @VegasOnFullAuto, or become a Facebook fan at

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      • So, let’s be generous and give a leisurely six seconds for a mag change for a whopping 10 second experience at $40 per second. Yeah, sign me up.

        • I’m sure it’s nifty. I’m also sure it’s not worth $400 for the 15 minutes or whatever you get to blow through all those rounds.

        • 1.Find someone who owns one (or eight) and become friends.
          2.Shoot machineguns for free.
          (that’s what I did)

    • Last time I was in vegas I saw this. Ex girlfriend was like “Oh you like guns! Check this out! Go have fun” and I almost puked when I saw the prices.

  1. Do y’all think it’s cheap to rent a Machinegun? I’m gonna get my
    trigger pull on, and won’t have that messy clean up afterwords!

  2. For those who haven’t, seems like a good opportunity to experience shooting some MG’s, subguns and various types of rifles and pistols.
    All respect due to the owners and operators, 75 rounds seems about right for a person to get a good feel for an MG, as does a couple of mags each for the rifles, subguns and pistols. IMHO.

    “Also, to book outdoor shoots and weddings call 1-800-SHOOT.”

    Certainly an indoor range has its advantages in some respects, but a more fulfilling experience would be outside with the MG’s at say 200 yds or so and some of the SF/FA rifles at 100.
    While punching paper provides a souvenir for a person to take home with them, and/or some evidence they actually hit something besides the backstop and/or somebody else’s target, ( presuming they did ), at an outside shoot reactive targets might be worth considering.
    Guessing that somebody’s already thought to make provisions to record the customer’s shooting experience for future viewing ( with sound of course for pleasurable listening at an acceptable decibel level ) but if not, might want to bring along someone with recording experience who knows what they’re doing to catch those joyful semi and full auto moments as they happen.
    Since rumor has it that, the happier a person is with trigger time on full auto the less time the actual shooting lasts…one might also consider prearranging being able to buy more linked ammo or another mag or two while still at the firing line.
    ( Just thinking out loud you understand )


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