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Machine Gun Las Vegas is having something of a “moment” after the Mandalay Bay spree killing. MGV released a statement (full text below) declaring “we believe, as we always have, that there should absolutely be more stringent control on the types of firearms private individuals can own and the processes they must go through in order to own those firearms.” And this . . .

We believe that responsible gun ownership is attainable through the application of common sense, more stringent vetting and background checks, dramatically increased mandatory sentencing for gun offenses and increased testing standards for gun owners.

This “press alert” used to reside here on Machine Gun Las Vegas’ website. It’s now lost in 404-land.

We contacted the company to see if they stand by this statement. Their PR person was unavailable. We’ll publish their statement about their statement if and when we receive it.

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    • +++ and . . .Repeal the NFA

      MGV sure is a weepy bunch, whoda’ figured? Buncha Libs What’s with the mea culpa, they got nothing to do with the whole thing.

      Even if their name was “Bump Fire Vegas” they still wouldn’t have anything to do with the Vegas shooting.

      • After this mass murder, the NFA will never be repealed. Zero chance today or ever. 50 years from now, the politicians will use this event as an example of why it should not be repealed.

        At this point the NRA will be fighting to keep what few rights we still have. There will be no repeals of existing restrictions and the NRA will be in a huge battle with the next President which will be a Democrat.

        This was event was really bad for 2nd Amendment supporters.

        • If they make a peaceful return of our rights impossible they will make a violent return inevitable.

          I’m waiting for this clown’s connection to the alt-left to get released.

        • Oh cut em some slack. Vegas is in shock. Let them make some mistakes, Their contributions to the gun cause is exceptional. i’ve used their services. And after a few rounds with all the major full autos, I’ve decided that what happens in Vegas….probably shouldn’t.

        • pft the next president will be trump, stop buying the media garbage

          democrats have no teeth anymore


          If it’s going to come down to a fight here over California, I’m first going to hunt (viciously) the people that kept me from the tools I’d need.

        • Fifty years from now (much less than that, actually) emotions won’t be running nearly as high, and most people will realize that the NFA did not, and in fact, could not, prevent this.
          Education works.

      • I spoke with an acquaintance (who owns several transferable full-auto weapons) the other day and the question of opening the NFA roles for post 1986 full-auto weapons, came up. This person asserted that it’ll never get repealed or opened because there are too many well heeled players with hundreds or thousands of these weapons that are holding them like an investment pool, and those people pressure their representatives to keep the rolls from being opened to protect those investments.

        I say F em chuck it all (shouldn’t have bet against the rest of us).

        • Guys who own registered machineguns are EXTREMELY WEALTHY. I’m not talking about your average millionaire. Registered Machine gun owners are generally SUPER WEALTHY.

          I have two good friends and one acquaintance who own machine guns. One of them own a corporation we all know by name. The other two have inherited wealth. One is a known billionaire, the other two probably are, if not, very close. They each own many machine guns. Yet their machine guns are not even close to 1% of their total wealth. More like 0.00000002% of their wealth. They don’t even consider their machine gun collections an investment. They are toys. All three would be perfectly happy to see the NFA go away completely.

          Very few machine gun owners own just one. The vast majority of machine gun owners are the less than one percent of the population super rich. These are their toys, not investments. There is no conspiracy here.

      • In response to:

        MGV sure is a weepy bunch, whoda’ figured? Buncha Libs What’s with the mea culpa, they got nothing to do with the whole thing.

        All right. Once and for all: enough. Everytime you ignorantly say “libs” are the problem for everything you do violence to our cause. That stupid ass generalization is why the second amendment has no support whatsoever on the democratic side of government. Since no liberals could ever be progun the ones who are get ignored by donors and voters. Guess who replaces us?

        I am a progressive. Healthcare is a right. Abortion is a right. I don’t give two shakes of pmag that you don’t agree with me. Owning firearms is a right. When you, the NRA, the GOA or anyone else puts down those libs or drags nongun issues into the discussion YOU HARM OUR JOINT CAUSE.

        Right now you can expect to see an all out sustained assault on the second amendment. And you need my help, too. It will absolutely be coming from the left. Because the nra and right-wingers ABANDONED every pro second amendment Democrat out there over non gun related issues. And for the record, I watched dozens of supposedly conservatives talking about how they now believe gun control is a great idea. So when you feel the need to put down liberals or progressives replace the term with antigunners or just chew it back. Or don’t and continue to be part of the problem.

        • Two of those things are not like the other. Firearm ownership is codified as a right with an Amendment. The other two (making other people pay for your poor life choices and being an accessory to murder) are not. Just remember that when your side finds it a convenient time to make you an other and rid itself of you.

        • Hey Progressive: just because we both own guns doesn’t mean we are both on the same team. We are not. We couldn’t be farther apart.

        • “Because the nra … ABANDONED every pro second amendment Democrat out there over non gun related issues.”

          Link? Anecdotal example, even? My only recollection of the NRA discussing anything not related to gun rights is them saying “we’re a single-issue civil rights group and have no statement on anything unrelated to gun rights.” As far as I’ve been aware, they’ve been very good about sticking to their single-issue focus. Which explains many endorsements to democrats who are pro-2A but otherwise fully liberal, etc. Have you seen otherwise?

        • Well to be completely fair, Jeremy – there was that little issue with Razo sounding off on the ungrateful millionaires kneeling in disrespect of our flag and anthem at the NFL games… I’ll freely back up his opinion on the issue but that was kind of a step too far off the path for the NRA – we need to stay focused on what we do best, and that’s talk guns.

        • “I am a progressive. Healthcare (sic) is a right.” Really? Engaging a provider of health care is a contractual agreement
          or you can provide it yourself, but it’s a service, NOT a right. That’s why your’re a prog.

        • “Healthcare is a right”… do tell… it seems not too long ago that leftists considered having people pick their cotton a “right”. How is forcing somebody to pay for your healthcare practically different from forcing somebody to pick your cotton?

        • “Healthcare is a right. Abortion is a right. ” FU stupid, when you get to make up your own rights we’ll let you know.

          Abortion is the taking of a life (cause if the baby was dead, it would [most often than not] pass from the woman’s body on it’s own). That life was created AT THE FING INVITATION OF THE WOMAN CARRYING IT. If she doesn’t value the life of her own invited child THEN SHE CANNOT BE EXPECTED TO VALUE MY LIFE, MUCH LESS THE LIFE OF MY CHILDREN, and our path into tomorrow becomes burdened in a way in which history has proven that Societal Agreement cannot continue.

          (rape is a slightly different matter as you should not be ‘forced’ to carry the child of another wholly against your will) .

          CONSERVATISM is what keeps our WHOLE SOCIETAL AGREEEMENT going. Liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, globalists, climate-change-ists ARE ALL THE SAME AND THEY ARE INTERLOPERS, HANGERS-ON, AND AN FING BURDEN, to the rest of us that are supporting Societal Agreement. AND THAT IS WRONGFUL.

          Further, liberals WANT AND NEED CONSERVATIVES because if everyone was a FING liberal they could not survive, much less tolerate, the level of anything goes that would be achieved if everyone were so lapse in their knowledge of why we continue to get along.

          I’ve said it too many times, but it is still the case: ALL WE DO HERE IS TALK ABOUT HOW LIBERALS, PROGRESSIVES, SOCIALISTS, COMMUNISTS, GLOBALISTS, CLIMATE-CHANGE-ISTS, AND RINOS ATTEMPT TO FUCK UP EVERYTHING THAT’S GOOD AND RIGHT AND JUST IN THE WORLD. In the few years since I’ve first come here to read and blog, I can’t remember one goddamned problem caused (or made worse) by a Conservative doing Conservatism. You let me know if I missed one somewhere.



        • You might wanna go to the Democratic party web site and check what the platform has to say about gun control. Then come back and tell us who abandoned gun owners again.

        • Well, here’s the thing: libs generally vote DemoKKKrat. That party has gun control as one of its planks in its platform. Gun control is not now, has never been, and shall never be even part of the solution. Therefore, they generally AREN’T part of the solution. That and they always generalize us as part of the microcosm of whackjobs actually committing these crimes, if not at least facilitating them because they come out and say that we don’t care about the victims, then actually pulling the trigger ourselves.

          THAT is why the Second Amendment has no support on the demoKKKratikkk side of government — THEY SIMPLY DON’T FUCKING SUPPORT IT. But, guess what? We’re slowly replacing them, anyway, and good fucking riddance to them.

          Guess what else? Health care is not a right. Abortion is not a right, either. You have a right to pursue those things, sure. Same as you don’t have a right to receive a gun, but you have the right to pursue ownership of one. But, you don’t have a right to receive them. Oh, and I don’t give to two shakes of a PMag whether you agree with me, especially since I’M right. Since you clearly don’t understand the nature of rights, let’s go a little deeper, shall we?

          We all hear the word “rights” thrown around a lot and it can be confusing to navigate the idea when everyone seems to have a different definition, so here’s what I’ve put together to clear it up for those who wish to use it.

          There are two kinds of “rights” spoken of, but only one actually exists. There are POSITIVE RIGHTS and there are NEGATIVE RIGHTS.

          POSITIVE RIGHTS: these are the ones that people try to use to get things they want. These do not actually exist. Examples are,

          “I have a right to not see that.”
          “I have a right to basic necessities”
          “I have a right to an education”
          “I have a right to medical care”
          “I have a right to not be afraid”
          “I have a right to be heard”

          These are called “positive” rights because they lay the burden of fulfillment upon others and demand action or cessation of action outside of your person and property from others. These are NOT legitimate rights. They amount to claiming ownership of others and the effort of others. They demand of others responsibility toward you. That’s slavery. It runs entirely counter to the natural rights of others, therefore it is illegitimate.

          NEGATIVE RIGHTS: negative rights amount to a line that others may not cross against you without your express consent. Examples are,

          “I have a right to defend my life with deadly force”
          “I have a right to keep the property I have peacefully obtained”
          “I have a right to not be touched against my will”
          “I have a right to not participate”
          “I have a right to choose what goes into my body”
          “I have a right to speak”
          “I have a right to the intangible products of my own mental efforts. My thoughts, opinions and beliefs.” (Note: this one is only as stated and does not confer extra rights beyond your own person. You may think and believe whatever you wish, but you have no positive right to forcefully impose such on others.)

          In conclusion, you have rights from your skin inward and from your property inward. You do not have rights inside of the property or skin of anyone else. The only exception (that isn’t really an exception if you want to get semantic about it) is parental rights. When you are legitimately responsible for the life and actions of another, then you do have certain rights where their behavior and well being are concerned, but that’s a discussion for another day.

          We’ve already been under an all-out, sustained assault. Not just on the Second Amendment, but on us, as well. It just hasn’t turned ballistic. YET. By the way, the pro-gun DemoKKKrats ABANDONED the NRA and the right-wingers — NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. And for the record, I have watched hundreds of supposedly “progressive” types talking about how gun control would not have stopped this. So, when you feel the need to down conservatives, remember that their liberal counterparts are exactly guilty of everything you’d like to accuse them of and much, much worse. Conservatives are just calling it like it is.

          Don’t like it? Then, simply don’t be a fucking leftist anymore, period.

    • Of course they want restrictions – restrictions are good business. If the only places to shoot some guns are at their range how much more money could they make? I get so fired up when someone who makes their living because of the second amendment is so willing to turn tail on it and deny it to others to serve their own greed. Actually truth be told I get fired up whenever anyone who makes their living because of -insert random thing here- is so willing to turn tail on it and deny it to others to serve their own greed, it doesn’t just apply to guns and the 2nd.

    • If people can get and fire machine guns, or add things to mimic machine guns, then they kind of lose what they are. For them it is about money.

  1. It is not really in their interest for people to have automatic weapons as that would negatively impact their business.

    • Exactly. They are in the business of selling access to machine guns. No market to sell that access to, if everyone can legally (and by extension cheaply and easily) obtain a full auto gun. What business owner gives away his economic moat?

      Now, maybe silence would have been wiser… but you can understand why they would have the position they do. Doesn’t make it right, just understandable.

    • Cornyn said it bears “looking into”. He didn’t say he’d ban it.

      Furthermore, Cornyn is the AUTHOR of the national concealed carry reciprocity act!

      I’m not saying he’s a great Senator, but I’d much, much, much, much, much, much, much rather have national reciprocity, than a useless bump-fire stock.

      You’d have to give me a lot more reasons to primary Cornyn than this. If he was blocking national reciprocity, I’d be right there with you, but jeez, the man authored the bill. That earns him some points.

      • Well because we still have people like you who are willingly giving up a “useless accessory” we will get neither. Ryan already killed Reciprocity and SHARE. He was just waiting for the right time and excuse.

        If a republican signals a cave, I take it seriously; because there’s a 99.9% chance that’s what will happen ecause republicans are worthless wastes of space and oxygen.

        It’s been proven time and time again that Republicans, if given the choice of upholding the Constitution, or selling us out to the left shall take the latter option every single time if not closely watched.

  2. So, gun control was the policy of management/ownership but they’ve decided to keep quiet about it in the interest of not having their customer base go Full Springfield on them?

    Or some underling who handles their PR and internet presence went off the reservation and got stomped on my management?

    • It was signed with the owner’s name, so whether he personally typed it up or passed that task on to a PR underling, he owns it.

      • It was the power of the internet. This message was screenshotted and posted on Reddit & 4chan. The usual suspects started an active shitpost campaign on their social media channels. On Facebook, it kept their social media guy busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. On Instagram they had to shut off commentary. Their Yelp and Google pages are still being savaged.

        I mean I get it, their primary source of money is from Californians who can’t even touch a real AR, nevermind a full-auto one. As well as the planeloads of Eurotrash landing at McCarran every few hours, for whom touching a gun is an earth-shattering experience. However, us Americans from free states like to shoot machine guns as well, and it wouldn’t do well to piss us off.

        MGV seems to have forgotten what happens to gun companies that fall out of line. Smith & Wesson nearly went bankrupt when they cut a deal with the Devil. It wouldn’t be too difficult, especially nowadays, to bankrupt one gun range.

  3. I went to a tourist trap machine gun range in Orlando a few years back. Man, that’s a quick way to lighten your wallet!

    So, now I can say I shot a machine gun. So there is that. In hindsight, the money I squandered would have been better spent on hookers and blow.

  4. Self-rightious elitest assholes.. I have to jump through all these goverment hoops to own something already, but they can rent them to whatever felon or ex con walks in the door with a fist full of cash. Scumbags.

    • If they will rent then to an ex-con, fine, as long as it is on their property and they are insured for the outcome. The point about an ex-con not having a gun is that he could use it illegally. Using a gun for any legal reason is a good thing, including hunting.

  5. Mealy mouthed, backpeddling, corporate douche-tards working both sides of the fence. That’s the last place I’ll ever spend a dime in Vegas.

  6. I never shoot at Machine Gun Vegas when I visit LV. If I shoot at a commercial range (I prefer the Clark County Range, even in the heat), it’s at The Gun Store. Bob Irwin, the owner, seems like a true 2A guy, not a Johnny-Come-Lately.

  7. NFA will never be repealed because too many selfish old guys have their money tied up into transferable Full Autos and they will lose tons of it in their “investments” if it was. I’ve given up on that ages ago.

    Count your blessings if we get suppressors and maybe SBR’s taken off, but full autos and Hughes Amendment are there to stay so greedy assholes can sell shitty guns for $20k+.

  8. They posted the anti-machine gun, anti-bump fire post because they want to increase sales by having the government shut down the competition. After the hate mail started flowing, they realized that they’d be the ones going out of business due to consumer backlash for betraying gun owners, and they deleted the post. Just like that gun store that carried the “smart gun” in New Jersey and knew it would get all non-smart guns banned suddenly changed his tune after he saw he was going to lose all of his customers and be blackballed by the industry.

  9. Everyone I know with autos would like nothing better than to lose their entire investment. They’d have 20 times as many if they cost what they should– like $400 for a M-11/9. $600 for an M16, etc.

  10. Interview with Machine Gun Vegas owner “Genghis Cohen”:

    “Someone’s got to say something because if we don’t we end up looking like a bunch of cockroaches scurrying for cover,” he said. The 47-year-old former nightclub owner said his opinions about gun control were not new, and were born in part from his upbringing in New Zealand, a country with safer gun rules. He said he had also been affected by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel’s impassioned broadcast about the failure to enact gun restrictions….”

  11. Cohen said he believed Americans should be entitled to own firearms, BUT said there should be “far more difficult tests and exams” for licenses, and owners should be subject to regular testing and repeated, annual, background checks.

    Nevada state laws that enable him and others to carry concealed handguns after a basic course were, he said, “insane” and “way too lax”.

  12. They should have stopped at “we’re closing down for a couple of days and will reopen on _____. We’ve donated to a victim’s fund. ” Nothing wrong with that in my book. Some of my friends at the range are as pro-2A as it gets, but felt like taking a “shooting break” after Sandy Hook. I didn’t – but I respected their choise.


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