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“This summer, [Massachusetts Attorney General] Healey angered gun rights supporters when she interpreted a ban on assault weapons to make illegal certain types of guns that are similar to assault weapons,” reports.”Around 10,000 of those so-called ‘copycat’ assault weapons were sold last year in Massachusetts . . . Healey said the ban is working, since sales of copycat assault weapons have ‘virtually stopped’ in Massachusetts.”

In remarks at a rally for [Democrat] candidates who support gun control, Ms. Healey claimed “the gun lobby” is driven by “profits not people.” She predicted that the lawsuit filed against her interpretation of the Bay State’s “assault weapons” ban — filed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation — would fail.

The attorney general criticized the National Rifle Association for saying government leaders should enforce existing gun laws rather than pass new ones. “They obviously don’t mean it because that’s exactly what I did, and they sued me,” Healey said. “But we will win.”

Or not. In any case, the Massachusetts AG’s move on gun rights shows what happens when an unconstitutional government fiat hits the road: it takes time and money to repeal. Keep that in mind re: a potential executive order on gun control from a potential Clinton administration (e.g., the “tightening” of “sporting purposes” rules for imported firearms).

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  1. I wish and hope that the pro-rights peeps still stuck in MA can “virtually” stop her from going to work. Is there a recall option? Can there be a law that prevents liars and hypocrites from infringing on responsible citizens? Think of all the money that would be saved when most of the bureaucracy class was sent home.

    • How about suing officials who fail to abide by their oaths of office?

      In CA. the state Constitution contains the oath of office for public officials, and included is the statement that the official would protect and defend both the Constitution of the United States and of the state.

      Any official who votes in a manner which does not protect and defend the Constitution (federal and/or state) has violated his/her oath of office.

      Unfortunately, politicians no longer seem to feel bound by an oath. Their word means nothing.

      • In CA the courts said the AG had to drop the 10-day waiting period. The AG has ignored the ruling for over a year without consequence. Sue, petition, challenge, vote out, etc….. good luck with that. The MA AG is politically entrenched in a solid blue state. She isn’t budging.

  2. Ms. Healey claimed “the gun lobby” is driven by “profits not people.”

    Well, duh, of course it is. So is the media.

    Gun lobbies are subsidized by the gun manufacturing companies. Firearms makers aren’t in it because they’re saints – it’s a frickin’ business, for crying out loud.

    Self-serving politicians aren’t in it because they’re saints either. Look, she just got MORE free publicity…

      • Why? Some lobbies, maybe, but a lobby for a bunch of businesses is going to look to financially help those businesses.

        What we should really worry about is when Hillary wins, depending on the down-ballot votes and how many SCOTUS members leave, the lobby might decide that the best way to keep their companies in the black is to ‘work with’ the anti-gunners.

        • Yeah. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the NRA is just a political arm of the gun manufacturers. The NRA has actually opposed legislation that would have benefited the gun manufacturers. Universal background checks for one thing would have been a huge boost to gun manufacturers and retailers alike. It disincentivizes private sales and the retailers earn a profit from providing a now government mandated service of running a background check. Any legislation that would disincentivize private sales that the NRA opposes is evidence that they’re not just working for the businesses.

      • The NRA is made up of about 4 million individual citizens on top of gun manufacturers. People like to say the NRA is just gun manufacturers. But truely it’s largely a grassroots organization.

        • I’m not even the NRA, just what they get thru round up at various vendors and my $200 dollar annual anon donation. As well as many other groups. I don’t need to belong to help.

  3. …there are two ways around the ban…purchase an 80% lower and complete it yourself, or purchase a serialized stripped lower…as the lower itself has none of the “bad black gun” features, it should still be possible to purchase one in Massachusetts…the rest of the parts can be purchased without any restrictions. It is actually fun to put one together…

    • I dont think any dealers here are even selling stripped lowers. Otherwise I would totally get one. Healey has gone completely and entirely off the deep end, and no one wants to take any chances with her. The same edict also states that just owning these guns is illegal, but she’s not coming to take them just yet.

      • We get to the point where you’re risking full auto penalties for building semi auto lowers and you’re going to see a ton more full auto home brew. After all, it’s easier and the consequences are the same. Tube guns anyone?

        • On what planet is a full auto home brew “easier” than building up a semi auto stripped lower? I get what you’re getting at with consequences being the same, but I daresay most folks who like building up their own ARs still don’t have the technical expertise to do any full auto conversions.

        • The conversions and pretty looking full auto would be trickier. I was thinking garage tech, open bolt sten kinda designs. Just about anyone can cobble one of them together. They’re actually harder to build the legal way with all the extra fiddly bits.

    • That’s what people here in New York have been doing. Though we don’t have it nearly as bad – you can still buy an AR-15, it’s just “featureless” so it looks funny. Or you can buy one with the features, but it has a magazine lock (which clever gun owners figured out how to remove in about 5 minutes).

    • Actually, this still violates the ban. The AG has stated that receivers (even though under MA law they are not considered firearms) still violate the ban. Plus, you have to FA-10 the receiver once it’s built and can fire. There is currently no way to get an AR-15 in MA without risking a felony.

    • The conversions and pretty looking full auto would be trickier. I was thinking garage tech, open bolt sten kinda designs. Just about anyone can cobble one of them together. They’re actually harder to build the legal way with all the extra fiddly bits.

  4. This is about control not guns. All lives are important, but only 250 people die from rifles each year. There has been none in MA with “assault rifles” in years. So if it’s not about saving lives why do they push this civilian disarmament agenda? Control over the populous and catering to fearful ignorant people. This woman is just a tyrant on a power trip. I wish citizens against gun violence would really think about that number 250. That includes all types of rifles. There are much more influential ways to reduce death in American then banning rifles.

  5. Sales have stopped because MH’s revisions until / if reversed bring the penalties of the original regulations. No business owner would take the risk.

  6. No deaths from rifles in MA this year (at least). However at least 2 toddlers drowned in pools in MA after slipping away unnoticed this summer. This AG is simply grandstanding and it’s shameful. Politicians are such vile creatures.
    It almost makes no sense but things like this just make me want to buy more guns.

  7. It’s good to see Adolf Healey enjoying her job as an elected official. As much as I hate it, from a sheriff to an AG, they are elected officials. This is why a country like ours, as great as it is, will never be drama free. What sucks is these days Democrats/liberals/progressives love to rule everything they do off their emotional needs and throw logic away. This hypocritical tyrant should just change her job title to the Clinton campaign attorney general’s office. 10 bucks says she’s funded by it.

  8. What is the position of the libertarian party on this issue?
    What has former governor William Weld said about the state AWB law he pasted over 20 years ago that the current AG is using to deny the civil rights of the citizens of Massachusetts???
    Where is the libertarian press to ask these questions????

    What does the state level libertarian party say about former governor William Weld and his AWB law and the current AG illegal actions? ??

    I hear crickets.

  9. I hate this state and honestly I am beginning to truly hate liberals, something that is so out of character for me. I have been called deplorable, despicable and now she thinks that people who belong to GOAL (like me) are apparently nuts or who knows what she thinks to be honest. Is the one single AR15 that I own that much of a threat to the free world? I mean honestly?

  10. Nothing is about people. There is no business that really exists solely because of its altruism. I am very glad there is someone to shut up and take my money when I want to buy the latest and greatest heater. That’s the very essence of America.

  11. This is another proof that government will do anything it can get away with.

    Apparently, in Massachusetts, Healey has gotten away with it.

  12. It seems that the wonderful Mass AG has a habit of overreach, she is currently being sued by Exxon Mobil because she has subpoenaed 40 years worth of their records and has accused them of covering up climate change. Anything she doesn’t personally like, or anything that will further her progress within the Democrat Party seems to be fair game to her. Sounds like she’s using the power of her office to further her personal ambitions. Of course, at the taxpayers expense……

    I believe that tar & feathering was popular in Massachusetts back in the day, it would be great to see it make a comeback!!

    • Yes. And I feel that she is testing these strategies / techniques for the assumed Hillary administration. I believe that it was reported here that Obama administration created a Consumer Affairs Division (or other). MA has been using consumer protection law (wrongly so) to block the sale of Glocks.

      1. Arbitrarily extend the law by ruling from an office of power (and let everyone else spend the $$ to challenge the action
      2. Burden companies with frivolous attacks (e.g. Exxon and Glock) via requests for documents not for a case, but to fish for one.
      3. Use consumer protection law within the power of an office to arbitrarily deny the products access within a market.

      I think it is a slam dunk that if Hillary gets in that MH will rise to some position that will give her the power to cause similar damage on a national scale.

      • It makes you wonder what happened to this country. As reported yesterday, the US is slipping fast down the list of economically free countries.

        The cost of doing business is sky high, health care, corporate taxes and SS payments cripple many companies (especially small, family owned businesses) and now there is the threat of the government coming in and destroying whole industries that are no longer the ‘flavor of the day’.

        On top of a precarious economy, there seems to have been a genuine backwards step in relations between races, religions and ‘lifestyle choices’. In my experience, 99.9% of people are great and just want to get along and live their lives. If you believe the media, everyone hates everyone else, very very sad…. It makes you wonder who stands to gain by all of this. One guess would be George Soros. If anyone remembers, back in 1992 he ‘broke the British Pound’ and personally made 1 billion dollars at the expense of an economy, its taxpayers, investors and pensioners. My money is on him organizing something behind the scenes, fermenting division for personal gain.

  13. To all the NeverTrumpers here:

    Imagine this case going to the supreme court – after Hillary has her way with the court.

    Now imagine every single SCOTUS gun-rights case for the next 30 years – including a revisit of Heller.

    This is why you pull the lever for Trump in November.

  14. “This summer, [Massachusetts Attorney General] Healey angered citizens who prefer the rule of law, when she unilaterally re-interpreted a ban on assault weapons to declare illegal certain types of guns not initially thought covered by the legislation,” reports.”

    “Around 10,000 of those weapons not covered by the law were sold last year in Massachusetts . . . Healey said the ban is working, since sales of these legal weapons have ‘virtually stopped’ in Massachusetts. “Making something like 10,000 citizens, or 20,000 if you count buyer and seller, arbitrarily interfered with by an AG who couldn’t be bothered to get legislation made to address her issue.

    There, fixed it.

    I do wonder if, given that The Law Is What Healey Says It Is, Mass can recover the salaries of everybody else in legislation, administration, and enforcement, since their jobs are clearly redundant. Maybe they deserve to be out of work if they write a law so off-point from their intent. Or, maybe they wrote what they meant to, and Healey just wants something else, so is advancing an unsupported agenda by any expedient means. Naaah. Can’t be.

  15. “Healey said the ban is working, since sales of copycat assault weapons have ‘virtually stopped’ in Massachusetts.”

    The reported sales, anyway. Have a nice holiday season, Moira, and research the lesson that the muskrats and beavers in Chelmsford and Sterling taught your predecessors.

  16. Massachusetts AG should be held accountable, stripped of public office, and thown in jail ! There should be special elections in Massachusetts. A petition to remove RINO governor/Charile “The barker ” Baker should already be on the books!

  17. We are losing our nation to de facto, self-appointed dictators. This runs from the president all they way down to local mayors. Why do we let them get away with their illegal acts, again and again. Have we really already lost? Is our government now, rather than our servant, our master? It is looking more and more like the Second American Revolution is going to have to happen, although it likely will not over the gun issue. It will be when we run out of money and credit. When Social Security payments stop, there will be marches. When social welfare programs are terminated, there will be riots in the street…just like now.

  18. Until people get together and actually do something like vote to remove the idiots from office like we did in Colorado then nothing will change. It’s one think to get on here and rant and rave but action is in a totally different category. Start by gathering signatures to petition for removal, until that happens CA, MA and NY will keep getting worse. It takes people together to get things done, make it happen or lose it forever.

  19. I think it is at least illegal if not treason for an elected official to swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights to protect those two sacred documents from all enemies foreign and domestic. Then to attack them on a whim. Is that not grounds for impeachment to have made themselves into the domestic enemy that we fear.


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