Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry
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Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry has signed a measure that will strengthen the state’s firearm preemption law. Landry signed Senate Bill 194, sponsored by state Sen. Blake Miquez, on Wednesday.

“This bill strengthens 2A rights to ensure a consistent set of gun laws across Louisiana,” Sen. Miguez tweeted when the measure was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. “A patchwork of gun laws ultimately leads to law-abiding citizens becoming criminals for merely exercising their constitutional rights.”

Firearms preemption laws basically keep municipalities and parishes from passing more restrictive gun laws than those in state law. This measure will expand the types of behavior political subdivisions are generally prohibited from regulating, provide standing for both individuals and organizations to seek declaratory and injunctive relief when political subdivisions are in violation and require political subdivisions to repeal any offending ordinances or regulations within six months of the bill’s enactment.

“A person or an organization whose membership is adversely affected by any ordinance, order, regulation, policy, procedure, rule or any other form of executive or legislative action promulgated or caused to be enforced in  violation of this Section may file suit against an offending political subdivision in any court of this state having jurisdiction for declaratory and injunctive relief,” the measure states. “A court shall award a prevailing plaintiff in any such suit reasonable attorney fees and costs including expert witness fees and expenses.”

This measure would further restrict the authority of local governments to regulate firearms to include their “manufacture, …carrying, …storage, …[and] taxation;” and add “firearm accessories, knives, edged weapons, or any combination thereof” to the preemption statute.

The National Rifle Association had been lobbying for the passage of the bill since its introduction and was pleased that Gov. Landry signed the measure.

“The NRA would like to thank Governor Landry for signing this critical piece of legislation and his continued commitment to protecting Second Amendment rights in Louisiana,” NRA-ILA said in an update to members. “NRA also thanks Senator Blake Miguez for introducing the bill, and all members of the Louisiana legislature who supported SB 194 throughout this year’s legislative session.”

Two other measures have also been sent to the governor and await his consideration. Senate Bill 214 would create a uniform set of laws for carrying concealed firearms in dining establishments, ensuring lawful citizens have the right to defend themselves and their families in places that serve alcoholic beverages. Additionally, Senate Bill 152, makes some technical clarifications to some of the state’s carry statutes.



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  1. it’s interesting the number of libertarians who say it’s better to have “local control” over laws. Instead of the far away state capital, “dictating” from hundreds of miles away.

    The ga.y libertarian colorado governor actually said this. When he signed the law repealing colorado gun preemption laws.

  2. Chris: The arguments relative to SB 194 were all based on the presumption that local government entities should “know what’s best” for their citizens. Local governments do not have the authority to limit the right of self defense. The distance between a state’s capitol and any municipality has absolutely nothing to do with basic human rights as God given and guaranteed by the Bill of Rights that politicians took an oath to defend which many violate with impunity.

    • I glad Iive in a “Bible Belt” state. Where my civil rights are more likely to be protected.

      Not so much in a state government controlled by athei.sts.

      But it’s not perfect even in Kentucky. The Democrat governor in 2020 ordered the KY state police to ticket christians sitting in their cars. Parked in church parking lots. During the Easter services.

      The christians where violating the separation edicts during the lock down.

      • Very few states said a proper go fuck yourself to fed/phizerzilla that first year. For my region there were isolated countries that both realized the scam and refused to play along but the feds, state, and every private sector organization and business they could get to go along did everything they could to spread fear and misery to drive people to get experimental gene therapies. Kentucky may have had some fuckups regarding civil liberties but would have moved there in a heartbeat if 1 we could have afforded to and 2 we weren’t so stubborn and ready for a civil rights lawsuit.

  3. Louisiana is fortunate to have Gov. Jeff Landry. And when biden becomes History I see a a bright future for Louisiana.

  4. Maybe some day someone will write a book. And try to explain why the former Confederate States of America mostly now have permitless carry. The same states that started the racist gun control legacy in this country. Over 150 years ago.

    The republicans who fought to end slavery. Are the ones now working to make sure blacks, and everyone else, have access to legal gun ownership and to carry without a permit.

    And yes, the republicans aren’t perfect. But your civil rights are going away in cities and states, controlled by the Democrat Party.

  5. A serious question. What does it mean to be a “libertarian” in the 21st century? Because it seems the self described libertarians, in office at least, support gun control. And they supported the lock downs. They supported the police standing down.

    To me it seems if you support legal butt sex and drugs, and you support gun control. You can call yourself a libertarian. And be accepted by other libertarians.

    And they seem very comfortable with a welfare industrial complex that supports a woman. Having five kids from five different men. And never getting married to any of them.

    They like to say that is just a life style choice.

    • Much like classical liberals and conservative democrats libertarians are all republicans or independents that tend to vote that way now. What you rail against are the same people that run the green party and most of the democrat party. You don’t like fruit loops we get it but calling out libertarians (party not actual idealists) is akin to calling out Biden, you are fighting ghosts and hollowed out corpses animated by parasites.

    • A true libertarian can’t be a member of a elected government office simply because it requires them to choose a side. A side that even libertarians can’t agree on or even what a libertarian is. They are no different than democrats or republicans on the matter of who or what they are. It always comes down to how it effects them personally. Honestly they are like the so called independent voter. Little more than a unicorn everyone talks about, but never actually sees.

    • I thought modern libertarians were basically liberals that don’t use the liberal name because it was tainted by progressives pretending to be liberals.

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  7. Senators Announce Bill To Effectively DESTROY NFA… We haven’t seen this before at this level.

  8. Be wary when there is a national disaster declaration, the jack booted authoritarians will try to trample all rights again. No. 43 was such a disappointment and a war monger to boot.

    • Now we have Romney crying to MSM that the R party is no longer the party of McCain and Bush. I know Trump has issues, but he deserves credit for transforming it into the America First party. Others tried before him and never came close.

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