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Long Island toy gun swap (courtesy

“The first Toy Gun Exchange program kicked off Wednesday at Kennedy Memorial Park in Hempstead,” reports. “Almost 200 toy guns were turned in for dolls, puzzles, indoor footballs and other gifts. ‘Children are our future,’ said philanthropist Jean Shafiroff [above], who funded the program with the Hempstead Board of Education. ‘If we can teach them violent toys and violent guns aren’t for everyone, then we will make a huge difference in our future.'” If that strikes as pretty mild – “aren’t for everyone” also means “are for some” – don’t worry. The Daily News‘ top team of anti-gun agitprop providers are on the case . . .

In October a 12-year-old girl was shot in the head and killed when a stray bullet pierced the wall of her Hempstead home.

Just to be clear…

Although that sentence comes hot on the [stylish] heels of Ms. Shafiroiff’s quote, the phrase “her Hempstead home” refers to the homicide vicgtim’s home. Not Jean Shafiroff’s home. Judging from her entry  – “Shafiroff has been named by Gotham Magazine as one of the “100 Most Powerful New Yorkers,” and was featured in Hamptons Magazine’s “Best Dressed List” in 2012″ – I don’t think Ms. Shafiroff’s lives in the kind of neighborhood prone to random gun fire. Or unprotected by armed security.

“Gun violence is something that happens too much in our city, our village, our state and around the world,” said Lamont Johnson, president of the Hempstead Board of Education.

“We want kids to know guns are not toys,” he said. “We want to stop the gun culture .”

And there you have it: a flat-out admission that gun control advocates are waging a culture war against Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Doing it for and on the children.

That said, I reckon Mr. Johnson is conflating gang banger gun culture for mainstream American gun culture. Odds are Mr. Johnson’s never spent five minutes with a responsible gun owner. I’d bet dollars to donuts he’s never fired a gun. In fact, I bet his mother never let him play with guns. See how that works?

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  1. and here is your “participation award” and you can now call this little space here your “safe zone” also you are the most important person in the world and everything from here on out in life will be all moonlight and canoes….here we go another generation down the tubes

    • “The consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in Los Angeles are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition.”

      Jeff Cooper
      Guns & Ammo magazine, April 1991.

  2. “We don;t want boys to play with nasty toy guns because clearly they will grow up to be responsible gun owners, hunters, etc. Here’s a football instead so they can enjoy a sport rife with concussion which can cripple their lives”

    • I bet NFL players are 10x more likely to rape, murder or have a gang shoot out than a professional hunter or 3-gun competitor.

    • As a child, I loved my toy guns. Back in the 80s, toy guns actually looked like guns. We had black metal revolver capguns, old west SA style capguns, and M16 style squirt guns. There were wooden lever action rifles as well. We also loved swords. We didn’t like the crappy plastic swords, so we made wooden ones instead. We even had real pocket knives from the age of eight or so (carried one to school every day).

      All that, and my parents are actually fairly anti gun (my dad was a schoolteacher and a Democrat). They just weren’t imbeciles who hate boys. They understood that boys like swords and guns. Now that I am grown, I have a bunch of guns, and thoroughly enjoy them. I’ve never hurt anyone, and never poked an eye out. My dad is a Ted Cruz supporter now. The lunatic Democratic party left him a long time ago.

      • In the 60’s toy guns were even more awesome. They actually fired projectiles that could’ve easily put your eye out! We had a whole line of James Bond and Man From U.N.C.L.E type stuff. Even then ( it WAS NJ after all), there were do gooders, my mom included, who did not want us playing with guns, not even toy guns….hmm, maybe that’s why I have so many now?!?

    • Yes, concussions…the big white elephant spectre of death over every football game. But, don’t forget about broken bones, torn ligaments, and soft tissue damage. Or about the fact that the game is based on violently taking territory from an enemy. Or the rabid fans. Or the fact that NCAA and NFL stadiums are a huge burden on local economies that mostly benefits team owners. Or the fact that football scholarships treat players like kings and lower academic standards at least for players who are good enough.

      Plus, it’s actually violent. Not all shooting is.

  3. Gasp, the well dressed bubble-heads who live in isolated bubbles have decided to end gun culture. We might as well all start wearing onesies and drinking hot chocolate.

  4. Maybe that’s because Hempstead is a shit-hole and no normal family would like to reside there. So how about you get rid of all the gangs in your school district first?

    I know it’s a shit-hole I’m from Long Island and resided there until I joined the military. Never going back to that dump.

  5. I can guarantee she makes at least 175k a year, if it at least then close.

    How about she takes a pay cut and puts it into gang research for the school district? She can also start by leaving the rich enclave that she currently resides in, then move to Hempstead, put her children in the school district and become a member of the community.

    Oh wait, that’s asking liberals to do to much.

  6. Rich, white woman goes to inner city after school program kidnaps a bunch of black children takes them to her anti-gun propaganda program to program them to believe guns are bad then returns to her gated community with 24 hour armed patrols to help her feel safe.

  7. “Almost 200 toy guns were turned in for dolls, puzzles, indoor footballs…”

    “If we can teach them violent toys… aren’t for everyone…”

    Have any of these ninnies actually ever watched a football game? It’s effectively war with a ball.

    • Also how many football players have committed murders, rapes, and acts of woman beating? What about the entire Dallas cowboys in the 90s? #endfootballculture /sarc

      • Story was that Dallas couldn’t have a huddle during a game. Their probation was violated if they associated with known felons.

  8. Here, play with this football instead. Wasn’t something like only 35 NFL players arrested in 2015 for violent crimes? Oh and don’t beat your wife in an elevator on camera..Merry Christmas!

    • this right here. They are trying to kill the wrong culture. Gun culture did not send a bullet thru that kids house wall, Thug culture did.

  9. ‘If we can teach them violent toys and violent guns aren’t for everyone, then we will make a huge difference in our future.’

    “Citation Needed”.

  10. My neices and nephews and grandson spent Christmas day outside chasing each other with nerf guns. (it was 75 here) My wife even got into the fun with them. I was the “unit armorer” . 😉

  11. So i can take this busted nerf gun that don’t work and ain’t got no darts and give it to the stupid ass white lady and she’ll give me a new toy? That’s better than Santa did for me. 🙂

  12. Clearly, the male hormone is responsible for the irresponsible males. Gentlemen, we have the technology; we can solve this problem: all newborn males need to have their testicles removed within the first week of life. This is really a common sense solution – we remove them mentally and with medications later in life, anyway. Removing them early on is cheaper and more effective. It just makes sense. Meanwhile, the National Institude of Health will continue its important work on eliminating the testicle gene from both the males and, as recently been discovered, the new females of the species.

  13. You will have to pry my Smurf gun from my pugie little hand, said the 5 yr. old tot, stamping his feet. Good luck with that while the little guy resorts making bang, bang sounds with his sister’s Barbie doll

  14. “Children are our future”

    Except for the ones butchered and sold for parts. If children are the priority fund viable abortion alternatives and sentence child molesters to a quick, painless death. Issue guns to children and give mandatory training every year of public education.
    Indoor football? Sheesh!

    Happy New Year.

  15. “Odds are Mr. Johnson’s never spent five minutes with a responsible gun owner.”

    Actually, probably has spent time with a responsible gun owner, just never knew it.
    It’s rather unremarkable experience… if only there was a way to tell RGO’s from everyone else.
    Maybe there should be t-shirts…. or jackets.

  16. If those Long Island twinkies give all the boys Barbie Dolls and frilly dresses, they can stamp out male culture and gun culture at the same time.

  17. Gun culture is one thing and killing culture is another, they started the anti killing culture events in the right neighborhoods.

  18. Her Wikipedia bio says that “Jean Shafiroff is an American philanthropist and socialite. She lives in Manhattan, in New York City, and in Southampton, New York.”

    Neither of those areas are similar to Hempstead.

  19. “We want to stop the gun culture”

    Well, at least they’re finally up front about it. The thing is they can’t tell, or don’t want to admit the difference between free-fire zone, life-is-cheap thug culture, and a culture of autonomy, personal responsibility, agency and extreme respect for life that sometimes includes guns.

    When one starts collecting toy guns to reeducate the youn-ins into “Guns, bad!”, one suspects the issue is with individuals having agency, not with how they use it.

    Meanwhile, it’s OK for socially-conscious socialite person to attempt to reeducate an entire culture, starting with propagandizing intellectually unformed children. But individual people who aren’t her, who simply want to be able to protect themselves, really shouldn’t be permitted that much autonomy. Good to know.

    I bet those “gun people” and their “gun culture” are bitter clingers from flyover country, or something.

  20. Are these are the same people who bought Lobsters from the grocery store and released back into the ocean to ‘save them’??? Not the sharpest tack….

  21. I’m jacked on the “with the Board of Education” crap. Does this translate to some doofus once again spending taxpayer dollars on a dumbass political campaign?

  22. I think I’ll wander down to the woodshop and churn out a dozen toy guns from wood, and distribute them free on Craigslist. What kid wouldn’t want to free wooden tommy gun?

    Besides it is so not the toy guns that create gun culture, it’s the media.

    I didn’t just play generic “war” as a kids; we re-enacted movie and tv characters. But she wouldn’t dare call for that because I’m sure she has a bunch of rich friends in that business.

  23. I reckon Mr. Johnson is conflating gang banger gun culture for mainstream American gun culture.

    I agree. That said, we used to play army with baseball bats and whatever worked as an analog.

  24. So did those evil brightly colored “guns” have the shoulder thingy that goes up? Ghost gunnery? Magic endless machine gun performance? I’m happy everyone is safe now(a NY “safe act”?)

  25. What did we make toy guns out of when we were kids?
    Erector Set.
    Tinker Toys.
    If you used your imagination, you could make Star Trek Phaser pistols and rifles.

  26. These people out of their frickin’ minds. I spent my entire childhood playing what my friends and I called “war”, with toy guns galore. I didn’t become a murderous psychopath, and neither did any of my friends. Matter of fact, one of them joined the Marines right after graduating high school, and is still serving today.


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