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LMT Rifle Backlog Now 3 to 4 Years Long

LMT makes some pretty nice rifles, especially their .308 Win chambered AR-10 variant. Apparently so many prospective firearms buyers agree with that assessment that their waiting list for a new rifle now stretches all the way into 2017. Sources tell us that while the actual number of orders they have on hand is unknown, the LMT reps are forecasting that any new orders placed today will be fulfilled in May or June of 2017. Makes me wonder if, by the time my order is actually filled, the interest that money will have accrued could pay for a Trijicon scope . . .


  1. avatar LLARMS says:

    That is a recipe for disaster.

    They should think about halting all sales until the backlog can be cleared, or set a maximum backlog threshold (say 1 year).

    I don’t know how they process payments, but unless they check back in with the customer in 3 years to verify they are ready to charge their payment, people are going to take a double take when their bank account randomly is deducted a few thousand dollars.

    Most companies take the payment info upfront and charge when it ships.

    – D

    1. avatar Michael Bluth says:

      With that backlog a lot of order info they have is likely to be expired/invalid.

      1. avatar CarlosT says:

        Heck, with that much delay, some of the customers might have expired.

      2. avatar LLARMS says:

        Maybe this is a clever move to bolster investments in their company? “Hey look, we have FOUR YEARS of cash flow ready to go, come on guy – invest a few million in us!”

        More power to them! haha

        – D

  2. avatar tangledthorns says:

    With the AWB ban pretty much dead, for now, I’m sure LMT will see some cancellations soon.

  3. avatar specialK_31 says:

    LMT makes some perdy rifles! Wonder how many people’s credit cards will expire from order date (payment info) to actually ship (billing) time. This is going to be a nightmare for their sales/billing department.

  4. avatar Mecha75 says:

    I think the opposite. If inflation and the devaluation of the dollar continues at its current pace you will think you got an awesome deal on the rifle. But then again they may just cancel your order two years from now and send back your payment. They get to keep the interest on it though!

    1. avatar Bob says:

      That was my thought too. Buy now while they are less than 4 grand!

  5. avatar full.tang.halo says:

    As someone said on reddit, “Boeing could deliver you a 737 faster than LMT could deliver a rifle”

    The world we live in today…

  6. avatar Chris says:

    Once all the small shops garage FFLs cancel their $100,000 orders I bet that backlog shrinks significantly…

  7. avatar Hal says:

    I am so glad I already have one…

    Now if I can get my hands on an 18″ SS barrel everything will be okay.

  8. avatar MikeP says:

    “interest” accrued? What is this … “interest” … of which you speak? 🙂

  9. avatar Highvoltage says:

    While not LMT, but Larue related:
    I ordered a Stealth billet upper last week, and was told they would charge me in the 6-8 weeks minimum lead time, and ship then. Well it turns out it was more of a 5 day wait, as I received shipping info, and my account was charged yesterday. I’m just glad I’d tranfered more money into my “fun” account.

    I know a co-worker that was told his Colt carbine would be a 14 month wait. His LGS called him three days later to inform him that his new gun had arrived.

    1. avatar Jim Scrummy says:

      Good to know. I’ve been eyeing up a Larue upper for awhile. I may have to take the plunge sooner rather than later.

  10. avatar Saul Feldstein says:

    By the time its available it will be shipped directly to the govt for destruction.

    1. avatar Paul in Austin says:

      Well, aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine.

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      And your optics budget will buy a happy meal.

  11. avatar sagebrushracer says:

    at the rate the dollar is falling I doubt the interest + principal would even by the rifle you have on backorder now. at least your money is safe and locked in, you will get a rifle out of it.

  12. avatar thedonn007 says:

    Hmm, I wonder if this makes my LMT rifle worth more money?

  13. avatar BStacks says:

    Is it really that hard to turn out quality AR platform rifles?

    I am thinking there are way too few manufacturers.

    Related: I ordered a handful 80% lowers a couple of days after Newtown. At first it was March, now it is June.

  14. avatar Lars says:

    That’s strange, a outfit just as small down the road, White Oak, is still only at 4-6 months, max of 10-12. Maybe they should of stopped taking orders months ago as most of those folks on that list will just move onto a different brand available much sooner.
    Does Lewis have any legit competition wins, and history at all?
    Looks if they weren’t catering to the military and LE market so much civilians wouldn’t be waiting so long.
    Plenty of better rifle companies out there.

  15. avatar Moonshine says:

    Huh. This makes our current lead time of 9-12 months seem positively reasonable. (sarc, for those with malfunctioning sarcasm detectors)

  16. avatar Bruce says:

    My LMT is pure quality. LMT is hands down the best AR15 a man can own.

  17. avatar John says:

    I come across lmt all the time in California I just bought one 3 weeks ago mrp piston
    And they had the new 308 model they still have the gas mrp in stock for 1800 or 1900

  18. avatar Jason says:

    LMT rifles that are sold to the public are the exact same full auto rated guns sold to the military except that they are semi auto. I am glad I only own 3 LMTs so my head does not get any fatter😁 I only had to wait 7 months for my latest rifle. Do yourself a favor and deal directly with LMT regarding wait times as most dealers prefer to sell you what is in stock. Yes LMT quality and design is the best.

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