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      • Nick, could you or RF please walk up to one of the head NRA guys and tell him the live stream is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

        I haven’t been able to keep it working for more then 5 minutes at ANY time because of buffer time-outs. The only one that worked was the nbcnews feed and that only covered the first day.

  1. I tuned in in the middle of her talk and didn’t get her introduction so who was the woman speaker dressed in yellow. She seemed pretty effective.

  2. I got 50/50 FioS running it on non-HD and still getting buffing. I almost want to cry with the 10 seconds of live feed to the 1 min of buffing.

  3. The streaming servers would _normally_have been enough. I don’t know if the demand was just higher than cloudfront can serve, or if there is a ddns attach on the nra convention, but either way, just insufficiency or attack, the Saterday evening event is essentially unveiwable.

    The Sat morning event had the alternate stream mentioned above available through NBC, but NBC has not chosen to stream the evening event.

    I supposed I can watch the segments next week when things have calmed down a bit, or just download them slowly and watch when I want. Still, once again, we prove that the internet is -not- yet ready to be a real-time live-event source for a really _LOT_ of people.



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