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A press conference just wrapped up in California where the Democrats (who have an overwhelming majority in the state) unveiled their latest gun control agenda. And since the Democratic majority is so strong, these aren’t proposals — it’s a preview of things to come. According to one person who was watching the press conference, the following new restrictions on personal liberties will be coming to the most “liberal” state in the union . . .

Thanks to Reddit:

  • Possession of hollow point bullets and similar assault bullets a felony.
  • Must register and report ammo purchases. Only purchase max 500 rounds.
  • 10 round magazine limit
  • ALL magazines must be fixed to the gun (can not be removed without the use of a tool)
  • 100% prohibition of all magazines greater than 10 rounds. All previous grandfathered magazines become illegal. Felony if you keep one.
  • Changing definition of shotgun revolving cylinder — Basically only single shot shotguns will remain legal.
  • Bullet Buttons will become illegal — All AR and AK style rifles that are currently equipped with them will be designated Assault Weapons. Felony to possess.
  • All gun owners now must be licensed like drivers.
  • All gun owners must carry gun liability insurance

This is the first time we’ve seen a state try to enact this kind of ammunition posession legislation. Maryland is trying to set up a minimum age for ANYONE to purchase ammo, but California is going leaps and bounds beyond that. From Yahoo! news:

Like New York, California also would require background checks for buying ammunition and would add to the list of prohibited weapons.

Those buying ammunition would have to pay a fee and undergo an initial background check by the state Department of Justice, similar to what is required now before buyers can purchase a weapon. Subsequent background checks would be done instantly by an ammunition seller checking the Justice Department’s records.

And what did the senators have to say about the pending legislation? From the presser:

“We respect the Second Amendment right of law abiding citizens to have guns for hunting, for sport, for protecting their homes and families. But loopholes in California’s tough gun laws have been exploited long enough,” said Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg. “We can save lives by curbing the proliferation of guns designed to be fired and reloaded rapidly. We can save lives by getting guns and ammunition out of the hands of the wrong people. We can save lives if every gun owner knows how to safely handle those guns. And if we can save lives, we must act to do so.”

So basically California is about to try and implement every single gun control measure on the Democrats’ wish list, with the exception of full confiscation. And thanks to the government of California, there’s just about nothing that can be done to stop it short of legal action. Or armed insurrection.

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  1. Nick ya beat me to it, I was stuck on a call with the firearms policy coalition! Thanks for posting!!

      • Nick I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.
        I have reached out to the GOA, CalGuns, just about everyone.

        If the majority of this garbage passes I will be moving. My wife is going to be pissed, but I am not registering or turning in jack squat! I have a feeling like New York there will be thousands who will not comply. G-d forbid they decide to go and get em.. We have militias here and they will not go quietly.

        Texas or Nevada, anywhere but here! Texas might win out though so I will be moving with RF and we can all hang out with Nick while he shoots for FNH! 🙂

        • “..retired in Colorado.”
          Umm…in case you’ve not noticed, you may’ve escaped from CA but CO hasn’t. Hope you didn’t completely unpack, may be move time again soon.

        • all i have to say is where i live u can get a cc with a state background check and approx $75, then for another approx $150 u can get a utah license which then makes u legal for a cc in 36 of 50 states and DC. btw i live in SC

      • Califonians , Remember This, The Cal Supream Court Ruled on Prop 8 that “NO LAW CAN BE MADE THAT IS RETROACTIVE” This still stands as The Law Of The Land, I am not a Lawyer but common sence says that this also means that “NO LAW CAN BE ENFORCED THAT IS RETROACTIVE” Lets see The NAZI BASTERDS get around this one. SEMPER FI

        • Impeach them all…bastards….we’re getting way to liberal heavy…Liberalism is a mental disease and must be eradicated

    • Does this mean you’ll finally join us in Texas Sanchanim? I’ve been inviting you for close to two years now!

      • Fight now. Move later, if necessary.

        Defeatist “might as well give up now” comments when the other side has just declared war are cowardice in the face of the enemy.

        If you live in California, don’t take the coward’s route espoused by Hal and others. Dig in your heels, dig deep in your pockets, and sharpen your poison pens.

        It’s time to FIGHT, not FLEE.

        • Whoa dude, coward’s route? Really? I am ALL about fighting this. However, for those who don’t appreciate being trampled by statists, one of the BEST tools of civil disobediance is to strangle the leviathan of its funding. The only way to do that is to move and never visit. Don’t give a dime to them and if you can help it to companies that are base out of there.

          We all want to see this defeated. We are on the same side.

        • Hal, I was criticizing the message, not the messenger.

          If people want to leave if and when some version of these laws get passed, then I respect that. I’ll be staying behind to fight behind enemy lines, but I will respect it.

          If the people who care the most about 2A rights leave now, though, then we’re fscked in the @ss with a running chainsaw. Rights issues are decided by the most vocal 1-2% of those on each side, and if we lose our most vociferous 1% in CA we. are. toast.

          • Its the bits that will that should worry you. You don’t want this to be the AWB testcase. The legislative “fact finding” will be terrible and the Court may be tempted to “split the baby” by striking down the really bad stuff but letting only the pretty bad stuff stand…blessed as 2A approved.

        • OK, I know this is really hard for some of you to understand, but anti-gun states like California and New York have overwhelming majorities in both houses on the anti-gun side. No matter how much you scream, threaten, donate, you WILL NOT stop these laws from passing. By moving to a free state you A) get your rights back and B) change the population count. B is very important in the long term, because the more people flee the anti-gun states for free states, the more you swing the House of Representatives in our favor which means that no anti-gun legislation would ever get through at the national level.

        • I live in the Seattle area. Libtard yes, but (so far) not bad anti-gunner wise. All good citizens of Kali, hell, everyone who loves liberty in the US and around the world must fight this evil pestilence by ANY MEANS necessary. Yup, even armed insurrection. If the psycho laws pass and they start going door to door and citizens start getting killed fighting for their freedom, it will be time to either go ‘lone wolf’ or use small groups to employ asymetrical/guerrilla warfare. Think ‘offensive’, and dont be stupid if they come to your door because the jig would be up and you would only be a martyr.
          Remember, this only starts when doors start to be kicked in and patriots murdered. It still does not need to come to that at this point. God, a bunch of Sanfran sicko freaks running Kali….its like the apocalypse or something.

        • I also normally say “stay and fight it” but perhaps there is something to be said for joining a state that agrees with your persuasion more than the current one. If nothing else, it may help bolster or consolidate the new/gaining state’s position some.

          In other words, California is (and has been for some time) a lost cause. Like a good business that won’t throw good money after bad, perhaps it is in fact time for the “people of the gun” to put their money where their mouth is, and rebuild somewhere else.

        • The first salvo shouldn’t be lead, it should be green.

          We live in a highly complex and vulnerable society these days and bank runs would accomplish more to alert the power elite that we the people still hold power in this country.

          If you really want to fight, start a massive bank run where all gun owners convert thier savings to gold/silver, the shift in balance sheets will cause a crisis that will dwarf the 2008 crisis and the government will either back down or clamp down.

          The clamp down will show as tyranny to many

        • Fleeing is a very effective form of fighting, and takes more courage than to simply stay and write letters. The state cannot exist without productive citizens to support the ever growing state bureacracy and welfare programs. I’m confident that those who would consider leaving are those who are net contributors to the state coffers.

        • “Remember, this only starts when doors start to be kicked in and patriots murdered.”

          Not at all. Before any shooting or killings happen people need to move the hell out of those states. Why stay and risk blood being spilled for a lib majority that would view your death as nothing more than a convenient statistic? It’s coming to the point that these states need to lose patriot taxpayers.

          I’m an unapologetic broken record on this site about Arizona. We scored the lowest brady rating in the nation. We have constitutional carry, open carry and the outnumbered libs here are pissing in the wind trying to curb our gun rights. What I find very satisfying is that out of any state we’ve been the biggest thorn in the side of the DOJ. The feds hate us and they’ve repeatedly taken us to court for it.

          Like the cold and snow? Try northern Arizona. Like the warm and all the convenience of a big city? Try metro Phoenix.

    • So how did all those Democrats get in office anyway? Its time for people to get out and campaign to get are whole country back. Its time to seal off the bordered and get rid of people who are Democratic voters. Why do you think this —- in the white house wants immigration amnesty. I can only hope the government officials don’t have weapons to protect themselves if someone from California decides to be an intruder. That would be terrible.

      • Alot of morons voted for these libtards. They were nieve in thinking ‘kid kenyan’ would not monkey with their liberty.
        Lesson (hopefully) learned? We shall see in the next election cycle.

    • Please (politely) email Sen. Steinberg to let him know of your feelings on the matter.

      His email is [email protected]

      I plan to indicate that I will not be accepting any job offers there, that I will not feel safe without the ability to defend myself and my family, and that I am disappointed that they do not seem to hold our Bill of Rights in high regard. Please email him to express your feelings on the matter, this is important!

      • I did what you said and sent a note to Mr. Steinberg. Here is what it says. Polite enough, I think.

        And how is a 63 year old widow on SS supposed to afford “liability insurance” on her (so far) legal revolver? Do you have any idea of the resistance that is mounting out here? You are looking at one of 2 possible results. Either mass gun right folks getting out of here, most of which actually pay taxes or an armed insurrection. This is just flat wrong. You best think twice and three times before passing this massive anti second amendment legislation. Maybe the idiots of this state voted you all in, but even many of them will not put up with this kind of unconstitutionality.

        I normally put my name here but I think under these circumstances, I’d rather not. Just know I am an Alameda County resident since birth and would prefer to remain one. But, you’re making it awfully difficult to do so.

      • This just makes me sick. I just now got an email telling me my email to Senator Steinberg was undeliverable. Mail Daemon. In other words, it bounced. Damn.

    • Why does it seem that legislators who rush to pass emotional bills, always forget things as simple as “No ex post facto laws”? You can not make something illegal, that was legal before the law passed. But logic has never stopped liberals or rinos before, why would it now?

      • They pass them because they are emotional. Very few rinos can swallow this commie libtard poop, but I suppose they are out there.

      • Unfortunately that isn’t what “No Ex Post Facto” means. It means you can’t punish someone for doing something before it was illegal to do so. So in this case they can outlaw your gun (putting aside the 2A issues) but can’t charge you with possession for owning it before the law went into effect.

        • Brian, you can’t pass retroactive statutes which penalize the individual…in other words, you can’t pass a statute that makes what was an illegal trial, legal, after the trial has occurred…you can, however, pass retroactive statutes which penalize a state…like making something that was a crime, no longer a crime.

    • from my cold dead hands. it will take an army to rid me and militia of weapons. we will destroy anyone that comes in our way!

      • I don’t know for sure, but I heard a rumor that California is this magical land where unicorns shit gold bricks on your front porch every morning. Apparently no crime happens there, either! I can’t say for sure, though. Most of the people I know have never had the balls to go there in fear that it is not what they have heard and are afraid it will be more like a Nazi area.

    • To all violent criminals, California is the place to be. I suggest you move there. You’re life expectancy will be greater. You will find a high concentration of helpless victims. And no gun laws to get in your way!

      • This is exactly one of the reasons we left mexifornia after more than 40yrs – taxes too high, liberals too invasive, personal rights too low; everything Texas is not. We will live and die in Tx, but not at the hands of socialist govt drones or home intruding maggots, we are armed and ready to defend.

    • And yet, moronic Americans race to see how many can live in both of these wretched states. I think it’s time for most Americans to be removed from the country (by whatever means necessary) and we just start over.

      • I suppose you mean most Americans other than yourself should be removed “by whatever means necessary”? Utterly ridiculous!

      • Good, anyone who is less than one quarter Native American can pack their shit and go back to their home country.

  2. I would hope there are enough patriots left in Californistan to even make it a viable option… because after this, the option won’t be there next time.

    • I have lived in CA since 12/1/79 – within 2 weeks I knew this was a police state and now it is to the point of strangulation. You will be insulted if you voice your opinion – not everywhere, though. Only in the large metropolitan areas. I now live in a small community and they still have their liberals. However, getting your car keyed is down – impressive! There is a lot of voter fraud and mostly by illegals. Wonder why that is?

  3. “assault bullets?” REALLY?! REALLY?! WTF! I swear to f*cking god the left are the most manipulative group of f*ckholes in the known universe! FOAD Yee!

    • So… are all expanding bullets “assault” bullets, now?

      That’d suck for hunters even more than the lead-free requirement.

      I’m guessing that LEOs will be exempted from the bullet bans. Or they might Cuomo it up, which would be quite funny. And tragic.

      • LEO’s can get stuff the civilians can only dream of! No offense to Accr81.
        I pray Accr81 will never be asked to go and take some law abiding citizens guns or magazines. I know many who will fight to keep them..

        • Why, thats got to be a great career choice, going to the Hells Angels clubhouses to get weapons, Randy

      • Who knows. That’s the sh1tty thing about minting catchy new tyranny lingo; you get to define it yourself. My guess is that anything tipped, bonded or pointed will be out. FMJ only. Can we just give CA to MX already? I am sick and tired of their shenanigans. They’re out of the union!

        • But wait there’s more! A San Francisco supervisor wants to ban “military” rounds too! (Of course, she probably has no clue that this means FMJ gets banned with hollow points–or worse, maybe she does.) And then some smart ass will say that since soft lead bullets pancake, they are expanding rounds too–leaving us with nothing. That would be fine, though, sine there is no way in hell that this would pass constitutional muster. Something about an “operable” firearm….

    • Pretty soon we’ll hear them talking about “assault sights” and “assault trigger guards”.

      • No joke. I am really waiting for the day when statist pigs start chirping “red dot cop killer sights,” “fast assault optics” and “no one needs to acquire a sight picture that fast” or “no one needs more than 3x magnification…”

        You wait. That sh1t is coming. Just like the current calls to ban body armor. There is no such thing as rock bottom in this situation.

        • That’s just it; to them there is no rock bottom. They will make us “compromise” again and again until there are no privately held arms left. Then they will exterminate their opposition. Then when that is complete, they will enslave their base. There is no rock bottom for the statist as these are all wins for them. They will continue to live in the lap of luxury.

  4. I hope our western brothers are able to successfully fight these. Or get out of the Republik of Kalifornia (Maybe y’all could catch a ride with Creedmoor and make it to Dixie).

  5. Wow, so anyone actually protecting their home with a 10-round magazine will have to use FMJs instead of hollow points…. Don’t think they thought that one through.

    Or maybe they did. Because shooting an FMJ at an intruder would rip right through them into the next house causing damage and possible unintentional bodily harm. This would drive the cost of “gun liability insurance” through the roof. Bam, open wound, apply economic pressure.

  6. “Possession of hollow point bullets and similar assault bullets a felony.

    100% prohibition of all magazines greater than 10 rounds. All previous grandfathered magazines become illegal. Felony if you keep one.”

    This perfectly illustrates why I am against all background checks. ANYTHING CAN BE CALLED A FELONY.

    I want background checks to be declared unconstitutional so that people in CA can just flick their noses at such stupid laws.

    Felony for possession of a 15 round mag is a joke. A Felony should be strictly limited to violent crimes.

    To label minor law infractions as felonies seriously undermines the seriousness of a felony conviction.

    • The sad thing is that CA can’t even keep their criminals in prison for full terms due to severe overcrowding. They all get released early, violent or otherwise. However, I have no doubt that the statist pigs will ensure that anyone busted for violating these particualr “laws” will serve out their entire sentences to the day. They will be kept purely as political prisoners while violent recidivistic monsters will be unleashed straight back into a freshly disarmed population. Have fun with that CA. Just one more reason why I refuse to go there.

    • If it’s capable of exiting a barrel, it’s an ASSAULT BULLET. Only stay-at-home, fuzzy bullets need apply.

    • Simmilar bullets? What constitutes as similar? Soft points, FMG, Tracers? Mine balls, rocket balls, musket balls?

  7. Is this verified? NY was draconian, this makes NY look like a mecca for gun lovers by comparison…

    • Nobody listened to AJ. I kept saying – the fed bill may be almost dead, but the REAL threat was at the state level. To those that ignored me, here comes the piper. Sure, probably all of that BS will be ruled unconsitutional. In a few YEARS. Meanwhile, you, me, and a bunch of other gun owners will be catching felony cases and losing our gun rights FOR LIFE while the fight goes on.

  8. A) Like SHTFPlan suggests for New York, time to vote with your feet. California is a lost cause to Freedom and Liberty.

    Then again, these proposals are a defacto gun ban for 99.9999% of the guns out there. I suggest this violates the 2nd Amendment and makes it unconstitutional.

    • Also surrounded by armed police is a nice way of emphasizing that he will always have the protections that he would deny to others. I hope he gets hit by a bus.

  9. Wow, just wow. The word draconian comes to mind. I certainly hope you guys in CA can get some kind of action going to deal with these insane “proposals”. It’s a shame really. I love Cali, it’s absolutely beautiful but the inmates are running the asylum there.

  10. I would be absolutely stunned if they were able to pass legislation banning anything but a single shot shotgun

    • That one doesn’t smell right to me. I’m holding back on the shotgun question until there’s clarification, as the whole “single shot only” thing doesn’t sound plausible.

      • There’s not a chance in hell CA’s going to outlaw Perazzi shotguns. They’re in Brentwood, Belvedere, Pacific Heights. Perhaps they’d ban a two-shot pump gun though. I only know SD and SF, and have lots of family in those two. CA is truly the home of lust for the easy buck, gambling, star worship, and the idea that having a cheap gardening crew and vegetable pickers in the short term is worth giving away the state in the long term. WWII made Cali. That run’s ending. The economic and education divide is going to break it. It’s still a beautiful and hip place if you’ve got the money to move out, which is a paradox.

    • In California handguns are banned and so are modern rifles.

      They have a list of handguns that are allowed to be sold. This list requires gun makers to give an extortion fee every time the list expires. No unsafe handgun is allowed in California.

      Modern rifles, such as an AR-15, are banned. The only way people are allowed to own them is following the law to the letter. Which is why the “bullet button” was invented. Otherwise they are all banned. There is a list of banned rifles, which would have been expanded every time a new rifle came out if they didn’t screw up, so only new non listed guns can be owned. Even a M1A would be illegal if it had a certain stock, like a Sage stock. The best firearm for a Californian to own is the M1A by the way.

      Carrying a firearm in public is essentially outlawed. They banned concealed carry and require a permission slip, which they do not give out to a commoner. Then they banned loaded open carry because of black people. Then they banned unloaded open carry because of white people. Well to be fair it wasn’t because of white and black people, it is because California is corrupt beyond repair.

      You pretty much cannot find a honest, smart, lawful politician in California from the city council all the way up to the top. Majority of the people in California are unintelligent hippies or corrupt “I got mine” gangsters. The minority are obviously true Americans.

      That minority have either decade long court battles (which they will lose) to fight while they live without their rights or armed revolution. So most just leave California because they cannot live decades without their rights and they do not want to sacrifice their life for a bunch of hippies and gangsters. It’s easier to just leave to Nevada. That leaves an ever shrinking minority.

      • By the way. If you didn’t notice. That means do not move to California, even if you get a “good” job offer. Stay away, far away. It’s expensive and dangerous.

        • California law requires AR/AK rifles to have “fixed” magazines, defined as magazines that require a tool to be removed. At first, only internal box magazines were allowed, but some bright gunsmith designed the “bullet button.” It fits in the same place as a mag release, but it cannot be operated by finger pressure; instead it must be pressed with some sort of tool–by desgin, the tip of a bullet. Think of it like a piston inside a cylinder. The cylinder wall prevents pushing the piston with your finger, but a small tool will do the trick. These are legal, but last year Senator Yee sought to ban them, along with “Ass”emblyman Portantino, becuase these buttons avoid the itent of the original law, which was to make reloading difficult and time consuming.

          As an aside, 20 and 30 round mags were outlawed as well, in 2000 I think, but old ones were grandfathered. Now they want to grab those too.

      • Illegal immigrants and union members stuff the ballot boxes. Add in single mothers, ghetto punks, college kids, and the large numbers of LGBT goons to the voting block, and you have a Communist dictatorship. Jerry Brown is a washed up liberal with a wacked history dating back to his days in the Newport Beach gay community, and he is a stooge for the unions and Hollywood sexual deviants. Lots of money there!

        • Are you going for some kind of record on how many offensive stereotypes you can stuff into one comment?

          I’m surprised you left out the racial slurs, that would have been the icing on the cake. C’mon, you can do it… really show us the true face of bigotry, hatred and xenophobia!

  11. 500 round max? What does that even mean?


    WHAAAAT? My state (Massachusetts) is trying to pass dumb crap, but this trumps it.

      • My orders to leave MA came today. I’m happy that I will be able to own any gun I want, 30 round mags, collapsible stocks and online ammo sales once again. I hope I can finish my career away from the occupied states and in Texas. I think its time for Norcal to revisit the state of Jefferson.

      • Ralph, Utah still remains a great place to live. If you can stand having watered down beer (personally I don’t drink so not a problem) the skiing, hunting, fishing, etc. is great! And all of our LGSs have plenty of scary black rifles available, along with most calibers of ammo except .22LR. We also have the Utah Sheriff’s Association.

      • Best of luck to you. Went to grad school at UMass Amherst, Amherst is terrible, Northampton is worse. When I left it was as if some incredible weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

    • Bulk Walmart Federal .22 comes in 550 round boxes. This is probably the best cheap .22 ammo there is. Now Federal will have to decide if it’s economically viable to retool their packaging for communist california Walmarts.

      • I purchased a 550 box of Fed. bulk 22 ammo last year & had 3 duds.I go thru about 2500 rounds of 22lr a year, at least. Remington & winchester cost a bit more, but no duds.

  12. I was born in Long Beach but was raised in VA. Back in the 90s I thought about moving back to CA but now those dreams are gone thanks to their horrible gun laws and high taxes.

    • Well, if this bill passes, which is VERY likely because the Senate House is D majority, it will turn me into a felon. Thank you for reminding me that they have effective laws to catch law abiding citizen firearm owners like myself. Where do I line up to be tossed into the slammers? Cause you know, those pesky standard capacity magazines went out a few nights ago and cause a sh!t storm of hell. I didn’t find out till I was cleaning my firearms that they were even out of the house!!

  13. Makes my struggle in MN look rather tame, I must admit. So, we’ll work twice as hard. If memory serves, Kali started with simple registration of “assault weapons” several years ago…

  14. The good news: Much of this is unconstitutional under Heller.

    The bad news: by the time it gets that far Heller may not matter because of a change in the Court.

    These state-by-state restrictions are a serious threat to the health of the 2A movement. Good luck to the folks in CA, if you can’t pry some of the moderate Dems off of this your only hope is either federal preemption or the Court. Or moving.

      • It would indeed. And with the exception of Kozinski and a couple of others it is unlikely the 9th’s judges would greet the proposal or the legislature’s “findings of fact” with the proper amount of skepticism.

  15. When y’all are leaving Cali and NY, I hope you’ll consider a move to Ohio or one of the other swing states. We need your votes or it’ll be Hillary in 2016

    • I’m STRONGLY considering moving back to OH. It’s beautiful out here, but its pretty back there too and people in OH know how to actually mind their own damn business. Southern California has already become Northern Mexico, and its just gonna keep getting worse.

      • Yep, the Three C’s are Dem islands in an ocean of red. Outside of the major metro areas, it might as well be Texas. Lots of Open Carry and lots of pro-gun leos, particularly the Sheriffs. Hell, go to the staff page at TDI. Every damn one of em is or was a cop somewhere.

        • And very strong Castle Doctrine. “Attempting” to criminally force entry into an occupied space warrant lethal force. There was a shooting in Blacklick a few summers ago where the guy had opened the sliding screen door to an apartment and was in the process of opening the sliding glass door and the homeowner shot the goblin through the glass and was no billed.

  16. When the gun grabbers say that “We respect the Second Amendment right of law abiding citizens to have guns for hunting, for sport, for protecting their homes and families” and then turn around in teh same breath and propose this Bullsh*t, then it is obvious that they have no idea what the Second Amendment is all about.

    • “You think we’re just a bunch of featherbrains. But after you turn in your guns and assault bullets, THEN we turn the Mexicans loose on ya with chainsaws and machetes!”

    • We respect the Second Amendment right of law abiding citizens to have guns for hunting, for sport, for protecting their homes and families, but we’re still taking them away.

      Fixed it for ’em.

      • Yeah, that’s about right.

        I’m still waiting to find out if my off-the-shelf Weatherby 20ga shotgun is now an assault weapon.

  17. “EXAMPLE: The featureless Mini-14 rifle, which contributed to the deaths of 69 people in the 2011 Norway massacre. This rapid-reloading firearm is currently legal in California.”

    So if it killed someone in one incident thousands of miles away in another country it should be banned???

    • Exactly. Although at least he has a step-up on DiFi. She’s just a retard who thinks that scary features make an assault weapon. Yee recognizes that even a semi-auto that looks like a farmer’s gun is still dangerous so he wants to ban it. The mark of a *true* tyrant.

  18. Had to bail on that video. Not 1 proposal will do anything to eliminate crime. “If we could have saved 1 life…” We could have saved a lot of lives by not being as restrictive with cc permits to competent people. I do not believe for a minute that this is what Californian’s want. My question is who wants it and why? But that is becoming less and less of a mystery every day.

    • If by banning driving we save the (record low for 70 years) 2700-ish lives, then we have a responsibility to do so…

      • I came up with a better counter on the way home today.

        If you think your gun-control laws are worth infringing on the rights of 120 million gun owners for “safety”…

        Then you’re going to bar anyone who consumes alcohol from possession of a driver’s license, right?

  19. Someone would immediately file suit in the courts for a violation of 2nd Amendment. We should not stand for this tyranny. Its time for us to stand up in a big way.

    • I hope you are right about the lawsuit, of course the Court (because it would likely get to SCOTUS) would have to find for the 2A in a big way. A mixed decision where some of the stuff is struck down (like the hollow points) but other stuff upheld (detachable mags, 6 round limit etc.) would be REALLY bad and set bad binding precedent.

  20. This is unconscionable. I’m seething, and it’s all I can do to be productive at work right now.

    This is nothing less than a declaration of all-out war on 2A rights in California.

    Fine. So be it. They want the Armageddon showdown on 2A rights? They’re going to get it. It’s ON, motherfsckers!

    • There is a rally tomorrow at the capital. This should be interesting!
      Wes might go on for a 1 hour KSCO radio show. Stay tuned…
      I was speaking with Brandon Combs from the firearms Policy Coalition. Lots of interesting things going on.

      • If you can get a bunch of people on a Friday, great, but there’s no way I can make it. I’m working tomorrow and then I’ll be in Tahoe this weekend.

        Daniel, when you get a moment, drop me a note at SiliconValleyAlphaGeek at gmail dot com.

  21. So I set up at the first rest stop on I-10 eastbound in Arizona with a pocket full of cash and a “I buy guns” sign. Should be fun.

    • Actually, build a storage facility just on the other side of the state line and rent space to California gun owners to store their firearms, for cheap, and you can store a LOT of guns and such. Wouldnt need to be too large a building, then again it would need to be sturdy walls and good security, build a donut shop next to it!

      There is no law says you cant store your personal items in a secure location in another state!

      Then like any storage unit, that way when they fail to pay, you dont pay full price and start an auction or a used guns distribution center to licensed dealers to limit your exposure to liability and such.

      It would be no different than a gun club really!

      If I had the money and those laws get passed, I would be doing it myself.

  22. This is great news for people like me, who live in Oakland. I mean, both the mayor and the governor live within a mile of my house. So, if I experience a home invasion, I can run to their homes, and the hired security people will save me.

    I also really like the idea of a 1-round magazine. I’ll just carry 15 of them with me and learn to change them really really fast.

    • Considering this proposal says that all magazines must be fixed and removable only with tools, you might need a pneumatic jack hammer to change quickly.

      • I’m freaked out, too, but let’s apply a little reasoning here.

        The fixed-magazine thing will apply to rifles, not pistols. Bet your last $5 on that. They’re out to kill AR- and AK-class rifles dead, dead, dead in CA.

        • These guys aren’t only attacking the AR style weapons, the detachable magazine provision makes three of my bolt-action rifles illegal.

          I can hardly wait to be a felon. /sarc

        • Blake, you know what I meant. The point was that they’re after detachable magazines on rifles, especially AR/AK-class rifles, and that pistols will be regulated separately.

      • “ALL magazines must be fixed to the gun (can not be removed without the use of a tool)” ? How does that work? Oh, I get it – forced to have revolvers or sling shots.
        Well good luck with that!

  23. Nothing about designating NRA a terrorist organization whose members can be killed by drone strikes since capturing them is obviously problematic?

  24. Hope everyone in the Bloods and Crypts and MS13 are lining up early at buy back programs. They are all about to become felons

    • They’re not proposing buy backs (which would also be unacceptable), they’re talking outright confiscation.
      Hitler did the same thing … All weapons shall be forfeit to the state without compensation.

  25. Can someone please name all the f**k-tards in the video. I want to send them all an email expressing my displeasure for their disrespect of the Constitution … and question their manhood. .

    • Hello Joe,
      As a CA resident, thank you for the letter to the senate. Here are the authors of the bill.
      The ten legislative actions are contained in bills being authored by Senator Steinberg (D-Sacramento), Senator Marty Block (D-San Diego), Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), Senator and Chair of the Public Safety Committee Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley), Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), and Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco).

  26. Well, we knew it would be bad. We knew it would be ugly. Be prepared to see a whole more stores pull a Creedmoor and get the hell out.
    Kinda sad knowing I’ll never set foot in CA again. Lots of great memories.

      • I wonder if Surefire will join them. Between taxes and the state hating basically everything they stand for (suppressors, flash hiders, tacticool lights and gadets, high-high cap mags, etc)when will enough be enough for them?

        I would really respect them more if they moved. They should have done that a long time ago. We’d love to have them in TX. Just sayin.’ You can move in right next to Larue.

      • LOL, 95 drunk Marines having a Hawaian pig roast on the beach and lots of beer, the Pacific turned kinda yellow that night!

  27. Thank God I didn’t accept that Systems Engineer job in California last year. The higher pay and ability to play with all the latest hardware and 2012 software (GPO, Active Directory, MDOP, and SCCM) was tempting, but my freedom is more important to me. I really feel bad for all the pro 2A people in that state.

    • Leo, SCCM works well for pushing out software. In some ways, SCCM is better for pushing software than GPO’s. For system refresh, SCCM leaves a little to be desired.

      For system imaging and capturing and deploying custom images, MDT is the way to go. MDT also has the capability to install software during image deployment.

      • MDT is great, in my old job we went it from Ghost, but you can do everything in SCCM that you can do with MDT. SCCM actually has more options since you can do Zero touch deployments. The great thing is you can basically import all your task sequences from MDT over to SCCM. The one great thing about MDT is it’s free. A lot of people rave about Altiris but I still prefer SCCM over it.

      • Yea the US taxpayers will get the check when Obama gives the state a huge stimulus package and a “Thank you for accomplishing what I cant” card

  28. All they are doing is criminalizing the people that are good and ignoring the real criminals that would actually harm other people. They are also infringing upon every ones freedom and they have been doing so for a very long time, and I think it’s about time they stop.

    • real criminals fight back. Honest people with paper work mistakes will be so terrified at the thought of being locked up for years, that they’ll just give in and admit to anything in hopes of staying out of jail.

  29. In the race to the bottom….the bottom has been found. Well at least for today.

    Just have to insert “free speech” where the word gun is used and you can see where CA is eventually headed. Maybe the CA Gov’t can drive over some Chinese folks in Anaheim with a tank to really set the mood proper.

  30. The one and only upside I see to this is that this will and should throw the fear of God into folks in swing states who may have been thinking the concern was overblown. Hopefully this helps in the state elections this year and the federal ones in 2014.

    • Those armed citizens who cannot afford to flee will depend on the courage of LEOs like yourself bud. You and those like you are all that is left of a State Government who lost its way a long time ago. I commend your stand to not enforce this doom. From one career LEO to another, keep the faith my friend.

      • I’m not casting any aspersions, but I wonder what LEO types will do when your commanding officers say, “Enforce this law or you lose your pension.” If I had 15 years on the job in, I’d be loathe to piss it away.”

  31. Reportedly, California currently has over 15,000 individuals they KNOW should not have a gun (felons, etc..), and do not have the manpower to confiscate them. The state will be bankrupt before any of this transpires.

    • All true, but still — if I was going to take a felony collar, it wouldn’t be for something passive like possession of a magazine.

      The great thing about being old is that the squib loads that are running our government can’t scare me anymore with their crazy laws and fascist plots. It’s the same reason that I pay for my NRA membership by the year and not for life.

    • They don’t need to do 15,000 SWAT-style home invasions. They take a small number of productive, law-abiding gun owners and make public examples of them.

      Possible scenarios:
      People start using guns to ward off paroled ARMED home invaders. The homeowners are arrested and jailed for the use of illegal ammo/gun. Bail is set at a ridiculous amount. The police chiefs hold a press conference for the SF, LA, Oakland, Sacto and SJ news outlets. The dolts in the media will dutifully parrot the talking points of the crooked cops, detailing the arrest of “antigovernment hate groups with an arsenal of assault weapons and a cache of deadly ammunition, with allegations of child abuse and racist literature”. The typical drugged up viewers will smirk and applaud the brave protectors.

      The homeowner is put into a dangerous jail with viscious gang bangers (Santa Rita, Stockton, Oakland, SF, Modesto, Fresno). If he/she survives the cellmates, and has only broken ribs and missing teeth, there is a likelyhood the poor homeowner will plead no contest, forfeit the guns, mortgage the house to hire a lazy defense attorney, and be grateful for 5 years probation. Those jails are modern day torture facilities that provide amusement for prison guards and the other personnel. And they can be used to scare and cower a law-abiding citizen, with no experience in the criminal world.

      So when someone tells us to stay in Kali and fight, I say, LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Lose your job, house, freedom, life savings and front teeth–attack the windmills!

      • I’m in great shape and I’m reasonably competent in both armed and unarmed combat, but I prefer vicious attack lawyers, thank you very much.

        If the day comes that I am detained for questioning, or arrested, my vicious attack lawyer and my backup attack lawyer will both know about it before they get me to the police station. Possibly before I leave my house.

        • If your lawyers use more than 30 words in their arguments in court then they would be branded assault lawyers and subsequently banned and melted.

  32. Didn’t the courts already shoot down ammo registration and thumb printing to buy ammo?

    I don’t think anyone would go along with these rules. But the powers that be know that. They don’t want you to go along, they want conflict to justify their monopoly on force. The entire ‘homeland security’ apparatus has already been pivoted to focus on patriots and veterans, not ‘al-CIAda’.

  33. Comments and ratings have been disabled for the video. Apparently any sort of feedback isn’t their thing. I may have to accelerate my plans to leave this state.

  34. ……….

    ………I have but ONE…ONE simple question amidst so much legislative stupidity/malice…..

    …..*WHY* would ten round magazines still be legal to possess if no firearm could accept them?

    (Yes, I’m aware of internal, fixed magazines, such as in bolt-actions or those god-awful abominations of AR-15s that require field stripping to reload, the law as given doesn’t say anything about regular removable ten round magazines)

  35. I think Doug Casey is right…Most gun owners are law abiding nationalists and will turn their guns in just like they have in every other Tax Farm, errr, Country. The ones who don’t will be slaughtered by the political terrorists.