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From Lionheart Industries . . .

Lionheart Industries is back and stoked to celebrate the completion of its move to its new location with a Black Friday promotion. Every customer purchasing a REGULUS pistol during the Black Friday promotion will receive a 15% discount on their pistol and a free Black Arch Holsters Rev-Con™ holster with their order.

“Moving a company is no small task. Doing it during a pandemic was very challenging but we’re excited it’s behind us and we can get back to doing what we love,” says Lionheart Industries CEO Rob Falkenhayn. “Producing an heirloom-quality pistol that’s meant to be run hard means a no-sacrifice approach to design and manufacturing, and that’s what our customers deserve.”

Lionheart spent the last year consolidating its manufacturing operation from Renton, WA to its new home in Winder, Georgia. All major manufacturing operations are now performed in-house on state-of-the-art CNC machines with tolerances held to the highest standard.

REGULUS is a 9mm, all-metal pistol that includes Lionheart’s unique Double-Action+ operation that provides the security of a double action-length trigger pull with a significantly lighter first stage than any other double-action trigger on the market. REGULUS is available in two sizes; the full-size Alpha and the compact Beta, both feature 4140 steel slides, 7075 aluminum frames, Tru-Axis™ barrels, G10 grips, Novak fiber-optic front sight, and durable Cerakote finish.

Each REGULUS includes two 18-round magazines and a custom range bag with room for spare mags, a cleaning kit, and a firearm manual. 10-round magazines are available for states with capacity limitations.

SMALL PRINT: Lionheart Industries REGULUS Black Friday promotion runs through the 2021 Thanksgiving holiday weekend, beginning 11:00pm (EST) Thursday, November 25 and ending at 11:59pm (EST) Sunday, November 28. This promotion applies to individual orders only. Discount applies to pistol only. Please contact Lionheart for dealer pricing and incentives.

ABOUT LIONHEART INDUSTRIES: Lionheart Industries is a U.S.manufacturer of high-quality firearms based in Winder, Georgia. The company is known for its LH9, a Double-Action+ pistol that was in production up until 2019. REGULUS, currently in production, is the company’s flagship pistol, taking the combat-proven reliability of the LH9 and updating it with enhanced aesthetics and features customers asked for, such as an accessory rail, G10 grips, and more.

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  1. The original pistols first imported were so inaccurate you wonder how they even had the gall to sell them here in the U.S. Throwing the pistol at the side of a barn door was probably more accurate than actually shooting it. Whether or not this problem has been solved I have not been able so far to find out but we had two of these later model Lionheart pistols at one of our local gun stores that were for sale second hand by their owners who obviously were trying to dump them because both were in like new condition. Both pistols have sat there now for over a year and the last time I was there a couple of months ago both were still there.

    The original design came from FN and they tried to sell it to the U.S. Military but it was rejected as being too complicated for the “military mind”. Although there is definitely some truth to that I would say the design really had no advantage to it except to fool the operator into thinking that when the hammer was down the pistol was in a safe carry condition which of course it is not. When the safety is disengaged (which could happen accidentally) the hammer flies backwards at full cock. Some one not familiar with this system could pick up the pistol with the hammer down and end up shooting themselves or someone else very easily. Read that some Moron cop taking it from you in a traffic stop.

    More parts usually means more things can break or malfunction and this system has more disadvantages than advantages.

    In conclusion if you like odd ball pistols and want to impress your friends and make your enemies laugh their ass off this may be the pistol for you. Frankly if I never see another one one of these pistols it will be too soon.

    • I love people that yammer on about things they know nothing about. The tri action trigger was designed by browning ever heard of him. The system is no more complicated than having a hinge on the hammer that allows you to drop it forward like carrying a 45 cocked and locked. The rest of the gun is basically a 3rd gen s&w. The rifling was not great on the early imports lionheart addressed that. Tell me where those guns are that have been sitting around I might inquire.

  2. No links on their website, even in the areas that say things like “Learn How We Bring Engineering to Life.” No pricing for this gun and it says “coming soon”. No dealer locator on their site. That’s all like basic things to have on a company’s website.

  3. The design fools people into thinking that when the hammer is down the gun is safe. It is no more safe than carrying locked and cocked. It is a gimmick gun. Early models exhibited terrible accuracy, even the NRA complained about it.

    • I actually prefer the DA plus feature to a regular double action. It is much smoother, I think it’s a great idea. They also have an unobtrusive manual safety if you prefer. I have two lionheart pistols and accuracy and durability seem competitive to me. Now that I know the NRA has complained about them, I’m tempted to pick up a third.

  4. Well if I was in a gunm shop and seen these, next to a Firestar, and they were $100’s cheaper, and as long as both were not next to a Browning HiPower ,over by a Cz75. I’d look’em over, might even ask to fuck with it, then hand it back and go look at the prices on 45 acp ammo for my 1911.

  5. I dont understand the random moderations. Firestar, or Browning I’m assuming? Browning was highlighted blue.
    I bet the machine thought Brownells, its always highlighted in blue.
    Brown wells, Brown Nels, Firestar, Firestarter


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