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“Lindsay has never, ever owned any type of firearm in her life. I have no idea why someone would say that,” Lindsay Lohan’s publicist Steve Honig told the somewhat specialized website News on Lindsay Lohan. In this case, the “someone” making the claim was Li-Lo herself, according to Italian Vogue. So who was lying? Vogue, Lohan or Honig? I’m thinking  . . . yes. Until we figure it out, and maybe even then, we’re keeping the two-legged Herbie star on our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day list. If only because any celebrity that tells the world that she doesn’t carry a gun has forgotten that discretion is the better part of keeping stalkers guessing.

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  1. She’s screwed because if she admits to owning a gun she goes to jail and if she doesn’t, then the muggers know she’s an easy target. She’s a washed up skank anyway, so it won’t matter.

  2. Ok, telling the world you don’t have a gun may be silly, maybe, but certainly not sufficiently silly to merit IGOTD, especially if this “Irresponsible *Gun* *Owner*” actually isn’t a Gun Owner at all. It’s easy enough to heap scorn on Li-Lo, and in general she’s earned it, but this one just doesn’t stick.

    • This is not an IGOTD. I’m simply saying I’m not going to modify the previous post. I reckon Italian Vogue didn’t make up the story about the gun in her pink jacket.

  3. All y’all are missing the important point here. Apparently RF reads “the somewhat specialized website News on Lindsay Lohan!”

  4. Well as often as she’s been shooting herself in the foot, I think it’s self evident. Nice boobs though.

    • Cujo you crack me up. One of the replies missing on the recent survey should have included the reason I most like this site. Everyone has a great sense of humor.

    • Maybe, but the personality sours the rest of the package. Kind of like getting your favorite cereal with soured milk. Doesn’t matter how great it looks in the bowl or how inviting it may look to dig in, knowing the milk is sour just ruins it.

      Maybe she has a gun. Maybe she doesn’t. Who cares? It’s Lindsay Lohan.

  5. I’m not sure who I believe less: an Italian tabloid or a drug-addled former American starlet. The less I have to think about either of them, the better.

    • Extremely common: non-English language print media fabricating quotations for American celebrities, even entire interviews. It’s worse in Asia but happens in Europe as well. Due to the language and cultural barriers, these outlets feel entitled to write what the celebrity might have said, based mainly on the celebrity’s public image or persona.

      If the celeb is a film actor, they might paraphrase well-known movie lines. If the performer is a musician, they might borrow from song lyrics. Or they just might make up the whole thing. Here’s a bizarre and hilarious example:


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