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From the state that doesn’t respect the right to bear arms, bear hunts . . . Connecticut lawmakers considering bear hunting season – “Opponents contend bears are a slow-to-reproduce species and would be susceptible to overhunting. But proponents note how bears are moving into more urban areas and can be costly for the state to handle. They say a regulated hunting season would save the state money.” So would eliminating all their stupid gun control laws.

Hey Rocky, watch me shoot a rabbit in my hat . . . ‘Bullwinkle’ elk shooting case dropped by judge; hunter wants trophy returned – “He’d lay in the middle of an alfalfa field and wouldn’t even bother getting up; he’d feed laying down. People would come by and take pictures. Some people would come by on a daily basis. He was famous. He was the tamest bull I’ve ever been around, and I’ve hunted for 40 years. There’s people who hand-fed him.“ Understandable indignation.

Struth! That’s some good shooting — and eating — in The Land Down Under. Notice this Australian hunting video shows the kill shot. And why not? Anything less is like those R-rated pay-per-view pornos they used to show in hotel rooms (or so I’ve heard). Here in The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave, TV programs leave out the kill shot. PC madness. [Look for my blog post on the subject next week!]

Meanwhile, back in the Mittten State, hunting is big business . . . Hunters bring billions to Michigan’s economy each year – “Hunting Works for Michigan figures hunters spend $2.3 billion and provide an economic ripple effect of $3.9 billion to the state of Michigan each year. “28,000 hunters come from out of state to experience Michigan’s opportunities,” said Nate Prouty, coordinator for Hunting Works for Michigan. “At least half a million of hunters are residents. It all has a ripple effect on the economy.”

Talk about a target rich environment! I don’t know what language they’re using but we all speak hunting.

Steve’s Outdoor Adventures . . . “We have a client unable to pay his balance for a spring brown bear hunt in the ABC Islands the dates of May 1-11, 2017 – THIS SPRING – these hunts are usually $15,950 plus license, tag, and tax. If your able to go on a truly world class brown bear hunt you can save $4,000.00 on the cost of the package which will be sold only on a first come basis. (25% SAVINGS) The hunt will be done from our tented camp using zodiak boats to cruise the shorelines glassing for bears. 100% spot and stalk hunting this is a true coastal Alaskan adventure in the area that has the highest density of brown bears in the world.” Glassing. Say it softly and it’s almost like praying.

Now that is some kick-*ss marksmanship. As Romanians say, some of those pigs are la mama naibii (“at the devil’s mother,” far away). And moving fast.

I don’t know what’s more dangerous: hunting wolves on foot or riding in a Russian helicopter . . . Russia Plans to Attract Tourists with Helicopter Wolf-Hunting Trips – “Officials in Russia are making plans to start wolf-hunting trips for wealthy foreigners because a local authority cannot afford to pay for a cull of the animals itself. The animals would be shot from a helicopter, with each “trophy” costing $15,000. According to reports, the sport would plug a gap facing cash-strapped Yakutia, the country’s largest and coldest region in eastern Siberia. The wolves are thought to kill more than 9,000 reindeer and about 500 horses each year, costing the nomadic farmers who live in the region about $2.5 million. It is hoped that rich Chinese tourists in particular will want to hover over the wolf packs and take pot shots from the safety of their chartered helicopter. They would then be allowed to keep the pelts of wolves they slaughter. The $15,000 bill would cover the cost of each animal plus transportation, accommodation and food.”

One more — if you can bear it . . . Chocolate illegal to use as bait for bear hunting in Michigan – “It doesn’t matter how much they like it, chocolate is now illegal to use as bait for bear hunting in the state of Michigan. The Natural Resources Commission met Thursday in Lansing to vote on a handful of proposals dealing with updates to hunting seasons and regulations. Baiting for bear hunting is still legal in Michigan, but the use of chocolate or anything with cocoa in it is now against the law. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine, which can poison bear, raccoons, dogs, some birds and other animals and possibly result in death.” Because we don’t want to poison a bear before we shoot it.

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  1. The annoying thing is that where I live in Australia I can’t get SSAA television as I’m too far from main cities.

    I am a member though

  2. Ruski wolf hunts from helicopter? Throw in Yevgeny Dragunov’s gun and some 7N14 and it might be a hit!!!

    • I can’t think of anything more bad ass then hunting wolves from a heli… except for maybe hunting them with my bare hands in the snow like Liam Neeson in The Grey

      • “hunting them with my bare hands”

        That sounds crazy, after all wolves are dangerous and scary. They blow houses down and eat naive, red hood clad, children’s grandmas. This is all on good authority, from the brother’s Grim.

  3. Bear hunting in Alaska is that expensive? Guess I can cross that one off the ol’ list. Then add it to the other list. Of shit I’ll never be able to afford.

    • You and me both. I think guided elk hunts in New Mexico run almost that much, the cost depending on the size of the kill. Heck, even Texans charge $250 a head to allow you to hunt an invasive species.

      Nice shooting on those Romanian hogs!

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one impressed with the snap-shots they were making on those hogs.

        Can anyone ident the rifle he was using? The scroll work on it leads me to believe it wasn’t inexpensive…

    • I just say I’ll go on the hunt when liberals are around for shock value… they don’t know how much it costs they think bears grow on trees

  4. Thompson Centre Dimension in .243
    It pops up just before they shot the goat. Also I own one in .223 and have 30-06 barrel on order for it

    If you can make it to Australia goats are free to hunt in state forests. Some private land owners charge but $50 to $150 not $15 000

    • Something about Australian goats doesn’t sound very appealing… like why would I want to shoot more than one kind of animal that just stands and could be a pet

  5. I’ve never tasted bear steak, but I’m told it’s delicious. I must wonder if chocolate-flavored bear is any better?

    • Not certain on steak, but black bear rump roast doesn’t taste much different than a grain fed angus beef roast. A tad more rich and greasy though, haven’t been able to eat a beef roast since.

  6. Chocolate? Shite! They baiting for my fat ass?

    “It musta been them area 51 aliens, babe. I was following the wafting aroma of chocolate and next thing I know I’m waking up. Naked, with a collar and an ear tag. I swear, as god is my witness, I was no where near Thailand.”

  7. In Boise we had a large bull elk that lived on a cattle ranch on the east end of town, and would bed down with the cattle. The townsfolk dubbed him “Ernie the Elk”. He was completely tame and unafraid of people.

    Some weekend mountain person decide Ernie was fair game, lured him into the foothills, and shot him. Idaho Fish and Game knew who this person was, but decided not to publish his name. That was prudent, because many true sportsmen were very upset by this cowardly and unsportsmanlike act. The lowest level of hell is reserved for folks who shoot a tame animal that is beloved by the greater public.

    Oh, I’m sorry, I meant the second lowest level of hell. The lowest level of hell is reserved for the idiot that shot a trophy bull elk at our local zoo in the middle of the night, managed to carry it off, and never got caught. Yet another example of a weekend mountain person who just couldn’t bear the thought of not getting an elk.

    On the subject of chocolate for bear bait: My dog loves to roam with me in the woods, and she can sniff out chocolate from an impressive distance, so I don’t want chocolate lying around in the woods. Even small amounts of chocolate can kill a dog. Bears also love donuts, so just go stand in line behind the local constabulary to get your sweet bear attracting treats, thank you very much.

    • Can you still smell all your bullshit from up there on your high horse? “No true Scotsman, er hunter”. So was it Diana, Goddess of the Hunt herself that came down from Mount Olympus and bestowed upon you the authority and power to determine exactly what constitutes true hunting and what doesn’t? How bout you mind your own business. You do you. It’s funny, I bet you use a firearm for hunting occasionally? In my great grandfathers opinion, that would have made you a “chickens**t fairy”, and no true hunter. He took 2 brown bear with one dog, a knife and a cudgel. What makes his opinion less valid than yours? Or mine?

  8. They pretty much always show kill shots, gun and archery, on American outdoors television. Don’t know what you’ve been watching, maybe Animal Planet or “Alaska The Last Frontier.”


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