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A gift from Trump . . . Trump Officials Just Provided ‘A Gift to Trophy Hunting’ In The Form of Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

The decision by President Donald Trump’s administration to remove the Yellowstone grizzly bear from the list of endangered species has been called “a gift to trophy hunting” by conservation groups.The bear has enjoyed protected status for 42 years, during which time its numbers grew to more than 700 from just 136. On Thursday, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said it is now time to call the operation a success and to remove the bear from the Endangered Species Act, instead allowing states to take control over its future.

“This achievement stands as one of America’s great conservation successes; the culmination of decades of hard work and dedication on the part of state, tribal, federal and private partners,” Zinke said in a statement. “As a Montanan, I am proud of what we’ve achieved together.”

Tarantula hunting!? No thank you. I’m a fan of trying everything once and if I was challenged through a double dog dare I may take a bite of a grilled spider. Extra crispy.  But I want nothing to do with hunting them, I can feel them crawling all over me now. EEK! On the trail with Cambodia’s tarantula hunters – 

PHNOM PENH, June 23 (Reuters) – The shiny, hairy creatures might make some people run a mile but in the humid jungle of Kampong Thom province, north of Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, tarantula hunting is all in a day’s work.

Cambodians have long hunted spiders for food and medicine but it wasn’t until severe food shortages during the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime in the mid-1970s that people turned to spiders as a staple. Nowadays, spiders are a source of income for many farmers in Cambodia, one of the world’s poorest countries. But some fear that they will be hunted into extinction or will decline rapidly in number because of deforestation.

Everyone pack your bags, kiss the wife and kids goodbye because Rabbit Mountain is open for elk business. The County of Boulder is calling on us to help manage their overpopulation of elk on a NEVER-before hunted piece of land!  Now that’s exciting. Boulder County approves elk hunting on popular open space – 

LONGMONT – For the first time, Boulder County will let people hunt on Rabbit Mountain Open Space in Longmont to help control the elk population. Twenty-five elk inhabited Rabbit Mountain 10 years ago. Starting 2015, the population drastically spiked and now there are approximately 350 elk there, wildlife officials say. The impact felt by the growth has been difficult to sustain, according to Boulder County Parks & Open Space Ranger Erin Hartnett. “The elk have just been taking over and we really want to protect that area,” she says.

As of Tuesday, Boulder County commissioners approved a measure that’ll allow limited elk hunting in a 500-acre section of the mountain. Limited hunting will begin the day after Labor Day (Sept. 5, 2017) and end Jan. 31, 2018. Rabbit Mountain will be closed Monday through Wednesday for hunters.

You know the saying “save a horse, ride a cowboy?” Virginia is saying “kill a doe, earn a buck.” Hunting law change expected to lower Virginia deer population

ROANOKE COUNTY – If if you feel like there have been more deer on the roads and in your neighborhood over the past few years, it’s because there are. A Department of Game and Inland Fisheries program is working to reduce the number of deer and cut down on the deer-involved accidents on the roads every day. Deer collisions are one of the major reasons the Earn a Buck program is in place. The program was launched in 2008. It requires hunters to take a doe, or female deer, before they’re allowed to take their second buck of the season. By cutting down on the number of does, wildlife experts say we’ll see less mating and a lower deer population overall.

In big game hunting, elk season is up next . . . Where there is elk hunting there is usually lots of walking in the wide open unknown. You’re gonna need a good GPS. Don’t be stupid guys, there is nowhere to ask directions in the outdoors. Here’s the latest and greatest . . . The Garmin Oregon 600.

Hunting is not just about making a good shot, wearing fancy camo and bonding with your friends. The number one reason we hunt is to eat. If you kill an elk far away from camp you’re gonna need a way to carry that meat back with you unless you want it to feed the local wildlife. It’s not all glamour y’all and you’re gonna need a great backpack. You can spend thousands trying to find the right one so reading reviews from hunters that have had to hike their meat back to civilization is the best place to start.  The Outdoorsman Optics Hunter Pack

The key to the Outdoorsmans Pack System is the frame. The curvature allows the pack to ride as close to your center of gravity as possible, giving you the stability of an internal frame, but the carrying capacity of the external frame. The polypropylene frame is rigid enough in the vertical plane to handle a 200 lb. load, yet is flexible enough to twist with your body while climbing or twisting through brush. The bag itself is attached at eight different points with easily inserted buckles. The bag covers a meat carrying system that is tucked neatly against the frame so you can convert your hunting pack into a meat packer in less than two minutes. We call the current bag the “optics hunters pack” because it is perfect for someone who is carrying a tripod, spotting scope, or large binoculars.

Soooo you think you’re ready to elk hunt?  The thrill of the kill is amazing and the reward is delicious. However, you’re gonna need to be prepared to carry that meat back.  Aside from having great gear to help you on your journey you will need to be in good physical health. Try energy and muscle building supplements made by a company that knows hunting. (Hint: MTN Ops Enduro is my favorite.)

Be vewy vewy quiet! Elmer Fudd Hunting Batman Through the Streets of Gotham is Terrifying and Amazing

Here, Bugs is “The Bunny,” a bucktoothed hitman responsible for killing someone Elmer loved. Just before Elmer can unload his shotgun into Bugs at Porky’s bar, though, Bugs reveals the identity of the billionaire who hired him to do the killing: Bruce Wayne. This information puts Elmer on a path toward his next target and the target’s iconic, most-guarded secret: the cowl.

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  1. I saw a tarantula crawling across the road one time that was so big I had to stop my truck and get out to look at it. Big, hairy and moving like it owned the place.

    I wouldn’t say I’m a fan. But i gave it respect.

    • So big that if you chose to run it over, you’d probably felt a bump and a crackling sound. God, I don’t like spiders.

    • Looks like a gut shot there Lib on that there bear. Two gut shots in fact.

      If that DPMS is a .308 then you would need rapid fire to take down a grizzly. Not the best choice for a slow metabolism monster that can run 35 mph. May I suggest something with a little, make that a lot, of bone-breaking shock inducing energy. Wandering griz country with a DPMS peashooter is gutsy. I’ll give you that.

      • Sometimes when we don’t know what we are talking about. Its best to remain silent. Even the big bears are not really that difficult to kill. 308 will work just fine when placed properly. Also how can you have any idea of shot placement without knowing how the animal was positioned? if that shot came in the front right shoulder and exited where we can see it would have been a great shot. If that was the entrance on a quartering away shot it would have also been an excellent shot.

  2. Have you ever noticed that the tree hugger “Bambi” types NEVER hug a Grizzly? Giving power back to states-how dare you?!? 🙂

    • Teddy Bears are quite cuddly, albeit a bastardized incarnation of “Theodore Roosevelt’s Bear”. It’s just a fantasy (cue the Aldo Nova song) perpetuated by dissonant and childish beliefs that fail to square up with reality.

      • Arrrgggghhh! 80’s earwig implanted! Extra suffering b/c I can look over at my wall and see the tape case in the wall-mounted tape rack. The shame…the shame….

  3. Holy Looney Tunes Batman, but th, th, th, that’s all folks!!!

    On a more serious note, the kin up in the Hoback will be pleased with the Grizzly delistment (Too many bear kills on calves of late). Also Uncle Bucky shall be pleased as he just won several bets as to whether or not they would be delisted, now if he can only get a tag.

  4. The grizzly population has been killing off a chunk of the black bear population in the Yellowstone and surrounding areas. Hopefully this balances out the grizzly population a bit.

  5. Those Rabbit Mountain elk are going to walk right to the truck. Dear Lord, it’s gonna be a literal slaughterhouse, point blank pistol shot distance. It’s not gonna be a hunt. Harvest is a good word.

    • Gawd those camel spiders are out of a hell’s nightmare. North Americans have no idea what lurks in the hot sand. Give me rattlesnakes, grizzlies and liberals any day compared to camel spiders.

  6. It’s interesting that the use of “camel spiders,” or Solifugae, and not really spiders, have provided entertainment in previous wars. Wiki notes “During World War I, troops stationed in Abū Qīr, Egypt would stage fights between captive “jerrymanders,” as they referred to them, and placed bets on the outcome. Similarly, British troops stationed in Libya in World War II would stage fights between solifugids and scorpions.”

  7. “Letting” people “use” a resource they manage on our behalf is hardly a gift.

    They stopped screwing up so badly managing this, that some more people can benefit. I wonder if we can charge them for all the time with no hunting their incompetence took away from people.


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