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Great. Just what we need: more worldwide outrage over a lion (sigh). OMG and the management for this so called preserve, they suck!  What was it that former president Bush said, “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

Yeah, I’m not buying this story, I would like a DNA test to prove legitimacy. (Click here to watch W bloopers)

Cecil the lion’s son has ‘met the same fate’ — killed in a trophy hunt in Zimbabwe

The son of Cecil the lion — Zimbabwe’s beloved big cat, whose death at the hands of an American trophy hunter triggered widespread outrage two summers ago — has been killed as well.

The Facebook group Lions of Hwange National Park said Thursday that Xanda, who was 6 and had several cubs, had been fatally shot several days ago by another trophy hunter in Zimbabwe. Andrew Loveridge, an Oxford University researcher who studies the park’s lions, said in an e-mail that the shooting took place on July 7 during a “legally sanctioned hunt.”

Anyone who knows hunting knows hunting a wolf isn’t easy. You may think you’re stalking them. In reality, they’re hunting you or outsmarting you. The thief in the night comes and goes and leaves only the remains of your beloved cattle or pets. This cunning creature will outsmart you every time.

By baiting them you might actually have a chance at protecting what’s yours . . .or will you? I honestly don’t think baiting will make the illusive creature any easier to hunt but it sure will be fun trying.

Idaho Fish and Game proposes allowing hunters to bait wolves

Ketchum, Idaho • The Idaho Fish and Game Commission is considering several changes to hunting rules, including allowing the use of bait to hunt wolves. The department is proposing the rule change in response to requests from hunters who want to use bait for hunting wolves outside of the black bear seasons.

Under current rules, wolves can be killed by hunters when they are attracted to bait set out for black bears, where hunting seasons are open for both black bear and wolf. But big game rules do not allow use of bait specific to hunting wolves, the Idaho Mountain Express reported Friday.

I wonder if working at a whitetail breeding operation feels the same as a door guy feels working at a strip joint? After you see one big rack, you’ve seen them all. I personally love working on a ranch. Give me a double wide and some land to roam free and I’m in.

Ranch Manager for Deer Breeding/Hunting Operation – Texas

Participate with other ranch managers in all aspects of running an intensely managed whitetail breeding and hunting operation. Duties will include, but are not limited to: full time care of breeder deer including injury and illness care, working deer through facility, and intensive breeding management; guiding hunts, cleaning deer, property management (including landscaping, varmint/predator control, trail/road maintenance), fence management, filling feeders, vehicle maintenance, some cattle working, construction projects, and other ranch work as needed.
Also will help ranch owner with outside projects as needed. Should expect to work long hours depending on the season. Individual must be self motivated and pay attention to detail, able to communicate with team, and take instruction. Must be reliable and hard working. Housing is provided and all ranch buildings have internet access. This is a full time position. Opportunity for advancement is available. Start date flexible.
Speaking of dream jobs, the city of Colorado Springs may be recruiting “sharp shooters” to manage the deer population in residential areas. Any takers? That’s a lot of local meat, I wonder if Arby’s will be bringing back their “It’s Meats Season” campaign this year? Last year, the food chain introduced a deer meat sandwich in some popular hunting states. Apparently, it was a total success.

COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs councilmembers are being urged to consider allowing hunting within city limits to combat high populations of deer. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials have met with city leaders to discuss the issue. The state officials say the hunt could decrease crashes and garden conflicts. The Colorado Springs Gazette reported Wednesday that one solution discussed is an urban-hunting program like those in some rural Colorado communities. The plan could recruit “sharpshooters” to residential areas.

City Councilman Don Knight believes urban hunting will work and says he will ask the council at Monday’s work session to approve researching the possibility. Studies by the state suggest 20 deer reside in every square mile of Colorado Spring’s southwest corner.

Remember last week when I said we should publicly humiliate poachers as part of their punishment? Syracuse, N.Y. is going to shame this poacher by making him take out ads apologizing for his actions. Wow, Judge Therese Wiley Dancks is savage. I almost feel bad for the guy. Almost.

Disgraced duck hunting guide pays $5,000 fine, will buy ads to apologize

Syracuse, N.Y. — A well-known, North Country outdoors guide and outdoors TV personality was fined $5,000 today in federal court on charges related to him illegally guiding waterfowl hunts over baited ponds for profit – a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. In addition, William Saiff III, 53, of Henderson, he was put on probation, and had all his state hunting or guiding privileges (other than fishing) taken away until Jan. 1, 2019.

The sentence, handed down by United States Magistrate Judge Therese Wiley Dancks and part of a plea bargain and guilty plea by Saiff in late May, including the requirement that Saiff make charitable donations  totaling $10,000 to non-profit wildlife organizations of his choice. Finally, he was instructed to pay for the publishing of half page ads within two weeks apologizing for his actions that will run in the Watertown Daily Times and New York Outdoors News.

What do y’all think of my new “tacti-cooler”? I never knew coolers could be so cool. The Molle by Orca Cooler is like the Build a Bear of coolers. You can buy accessories like wheels, trays and even clothe it with its very own tactical vest.

These guys don’t have any problems hunting wolves. The rest of us have to go to the zoo to catch a glimpse of seeing one in person. Tell me your wolf stories.

How to Hunt Wolves: Wolf Hunting Tips and Tactics from the Experts– Wolves make their living in the most remote places on the planet. They’re big, tough, and crazy smart. With few exceptions, almost every wolf taken during recently opened seasons in Idaho and Montana has been killed incidentally by a hunter who happened to have a wolf tag in a pocket when he was out hunting something else. Only a handful of hunters in North America can claim to be expert at consistently taking wolves without the aid of traps or a pack of hounds.

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  1. Cecil and his boy seem to have been candidates for the Darwin award. If you can’t get out of the way of a dentist with a bow……

  2. Baiting for dingos (Asian wolf) and wild dogs in Australia has a totally different meaning. Here it is putting out 1080 poison inside meat or something the dog will eat. In less discriminating times sometimes by plane over a big area. But that tended to get non target animals.

    Trapping is also still common with steel jaw traps to grab the foot. Shooting is done but unless your lucky not productive.

    There is a deer problem in many cities here now especially those with national park joining. The idea of meat hunting always gets the antis in a frenzy. Then the water utilities just up the road from me pays for someone to reduce deer. No common sense

  3. “After you see one big rack, you’ve seen them all.”

    Personally, I find a big rack on game to be over-rated.

    Those poor critters have to lug them around everywhere, probably causing all kinds of back problems the older they get.

    Now a nice bottom round on the other hand… 🙂

  4. I don’t understand the mentality of people who want to shoot an animal that has been raised with growth hormones to make its antlers grow to a ridiculous size rarely achieved in nature then shot in what is essentially a pen. I mean do these “hunters” ever not get the their quarry? Many of these places are run by the larger the rack they more you pay fee system. Just buy the damn head! It’s not hunting.

    I live in a state that was of the first if not the first to start this nonsense. They took one of the San Juan Islands, Spieden Island and renamed it Safari Island. You could “hunt” about anything on the island if you paid enough. It went out of business I believe after the owners, Jonas Brothers got caught hunting polar bears with helicopters. Yeah, real great guys. It is now owned by a billionaire and there are no more commercial hunting operations.

    In one of the best moves the state wildlife department did they made these canned hunt places almost impossible to operate in the state. A good move I think. Teddy Roosevelt and George Bird Grinnell were correct when they condemned this so called hunting. These blue ribbon raised animals are not allowed to be entered in the B&C book but of course SCI allows them.

    • Well, you said exactly what I planned to say. In a better way than I would have said it.

  5. if you, your family, your children, mother and father and friends were hunted and shot to death like these animals are, you would have an entirely different view of this disgusting waste of life you call a sport.

    • Talk about anthropomorphizing animals! Is your name really Mike and not Michelle? Seriously, I have never heard a grown man make such an analogy. I am sure the lion children are in their lion homes crying their little eyes out for poor pop. Too much Disney when you were a child I am afraid.

    • Mike, I’m going to go out to my garage and shoot a rat now – just for you.
      And if I merely wound it, I will bash it’s brains in with my walking stick as it screams – again, just for you.

    • And if grandma had a beard, she would be a grandpa. You’re virtue signaling in the wrong place, bro. Go back to Twitter.

    • Well, yeah, I probably would feel differently about that. Because, and I’m going to stress this, THEY ARE SENTIENT HUMAN BEINGS.

      False equivalency does not for a good argument make.

      Cockroaches are pests, and we exterminate without prejudice. There’s a guy at work, let’s call him Bob. Bob is also a pest. I would prefer the company of cockroaches to that of Bob. Can I exterminate him, too? That’d be crazy, right?

    • Plants are killed for food, and often cooked while still alive.
      Stop this insanity now! Eat bacon!

  6. Wolf Stories………re the text in the article. you might want to add how easy it is to sneak onto Yellowstone National Park and slaughter a 12 year old wolf and then sneak back out of the park leaving it mortally wounded to be found by hikers the next day…………or maybe its hard to import sheep into a corral on the edge of Gardiner, kill and blood one and then just wait for a permit to kill any 2 wolves you see after having them come down to the carcass you planted. That’s real sportsmanship (and pretty lousy livestock management). Idaho wants to exterminate wolves totally as part of its harrassment of the Native Americans who brought them into the reservations nearly 25 years ago and seem to have little trouble managing them in a manner that safeguards their cattle and sheep. They have been in trouble three years running for illegally flying over one of the wilderness areas to shotgun packs from the air. Really tough flying, maybe – but not exactly tough killing, er, hunting. The handful of Mexican Wolves in Arizona are continually being killed…….the only thing that’s hard to find there is “who” is doing the poaching. So whining about how difficult it is to hunt wolves……….when they have already been extirpated in the west once…and the permit areas see their limits filled every season in Montana and Wyoming and Wisconson and Michigan…….seems a little bit silly.

    • Cite one source of the permits being filled. It is important that we use facts in a debate. (unless you’re running for political office) It must be frustrating to be on the opposite side of the most successful big game conservation model on the planet. There is a reason that North America has not lost any of their big game species since the model went into effect. Stop getting your information from the dodo.

      • My point was that it’s not difficult to hunt/kill wolves. For 28 years I’ve never had trouble seeing/photographing wolves in the wild in B.C. and Alaska. If it was difficult to find them there would not be guides taking people up into the “wild” to photograph them, nor would 100,000+ (National Parks estimate) of the millions of visitors to YNP be there just to see wolves in the northern tier of the park. As for the filled permits, just check the Montana and Wyoming hunting statistics, they are published annually and show that, for the last 4 years, all the restricted permit areas around YNP and GTNP have been closed early or at the end of the hunting season because they met their kill quota. The re-introduction has been more successful than anyone ever thought (now a resident pack has been found in Northern CA) and as they spread back into their historic ranges they are rightly becoming a managed and valid quest for hunters.

  7. If I remember right, none of the record books will recognize a deer harvested in Texas because the vast majority of the state is fenced. I call them cage hunts. Nothing sporting about it.
    I went there for a Dall Sheep last year. But after the crooked outfitter doubled the price from what his web site showed, and then seeing the pens the sheep were in… I just shook my head.

    • Ho, boy… here we go with this again…
      Texas is, indeed, mostly fenced in. Now let’s define that, shall we?
      A low barbed wire fence that keeps cows in won’t stop a healthy whitetail, and that is what makes up the majority of fences in Texas.
      Many Texas ranches have more acreage than a lot of Eastern U.S. towns, so what if theres a fence around it if the deer living on it never get within sight of it?
      What you call a “canned hunt” is illegal in Texas, so what we do must be something other than what you’re thinking of.

      • The ranch I was at had 10-12 foot tall fences. The Dall sheep were limited to (and I’m guessing here based on the 4 acre lot in front of my house) about 10-15 acres.
        The other ranch we shot pigs at was a low fence.
        Trust me BLoving, I know the difference. So does SCI, Boone and Crocket, and Pope and Young.
        It’s not fair chase when you are using timed baiters that evoke a Pavlovian response to the “trophys”

  8. I’m digging that vest wrap for the cooler. Wonder if it’ll fit my Rtic.
    Gonna go see.

    Edit: dang it. Nope they make odd sized coolers.

  9. While Bush II was no prize, making fun of his public speaking is, IMO, a little unfair.
    Public speaking is something that scares most people.
    I used to do it, until cancer ruined it for me, and I know of what I speak. I was even on TV once (a local show). I’ve seen the way it makes people do really strange things, even passing out on a few occasions (others, not me; for some reason, I’m not afraid of making a fool of myself in front of others. And most people didn’t even notice it when I did, LOL).
    But such mistakes as Bush made are very common when people uncomfortable with public speaking are forced to do so. How Bush managed to be in the spotlight so much with this fear is hard to understand (until I remember his family ties).
    I’d be willing to bet not many of us here would be willing to get in front of a medium to large group of people and talk about something, anything. There’s something about that that just scares people.

  10. I’d love to do some hunting in the Springs. An absolute monster of a buck walked past my house just a few days ago.

  11. I think it’s high time the world and her fan base finds out the real truth about LIBERTE AUSTIN and the poser she really is and the person she claims to be. Let’s ask her to revalidate some past statements and postings of the past where she has taken credit for things she said she has done when in fact she had nothing at all to do with them. I have at least 8 such occurrences where she has claimed kills of various animals when in fact she did not as it was my kill or she claimed being able to field dress an animal and twice took pictures with my animals. And finally her first article of how she began is a complete outright lie. So if you want the real truth it will be forth coming

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