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Anti-hunters support bestiality? The NRA takes their defense of hunting just a little too far . . . NRA Launches New Effort To Defend Hunting  – “Today, hunting is under attack by activists who want to treat squirrels as equal to humans. At least one of the prominent leaders of the anti-hunting movement teaches humans and animals are so similar that it ought to be acceptable for humans to have sexual relations with animals. (That last line is not a typo.)”

Size matters, but so does distance. . . Hunting elk? Here are the 12 best cartridges – “The ought-six has probably killed more elk than all the other cartridges listed here combined. Not that it’s a better choice; it’s just extremely common, and yes, it’s pretty darned good at making meat. It’s superb on elk to 350 yards or a bit more in the hands of a very good rifleman. Beyond that distance, it doesn’t carry the steam of the faster cartridges listed here. When picking an elk bullet, shy away from light, fast projectiles and pick a heavy version. Just about any 180-grainer will do, since the .30-06 doesn’t produce bullet-destroying velocities.”

When you get dropped off at your hunting spot and your two friends get dropped off 50 yards away, it’s wise not to shoot at the same decoy. . .  Two turkey hunters injured in hunting accident – “At about 8:40 a.m. the man said he shot at a turkey that he had been ‘calling-in,’ but realized immediately after firing a single 12 gauge shot that his two friends had been hunting the same turkey. The two hunters who were injured were just inside of a wooded area, wearing camouflage and laying behind a turkey fan made of turkey feathers. The fan gives the appearance of a decoy turkey and the subjects could not be seen by the shooter, Sheriff Peak reported. The victims were hit with shotgun pellets in the face and upper body. The hunter who shot them rendered aid and both hunters walked back to their truck, from which they were transported to the hospital. The three hunters knew each other. One is a good friend of the shooter and the other is the shooter’s brother.” Speaking of ND’s . . .

The couple that shoots each other stays together? That’s assuming you buy Bob’s story . . . “A woman is finally returning home after her husband accidently shot her in the stomach while hunting a squirrel last year. Brenda Durkee’s lengthy stay in the hospital started six months ago, when her husband, Bob spotted a squirrel in their backyard, eating the last of their petunias. Bob was putting away his shotgun after shooting the pest, when the gun unexpectedly went off again, hitting his wife in the stomach.” Too much gun?

It’s official, so it must be true! . . . Gov. Ricketts proclaims Nebraska top turkey hunting destination – ” Gov. Pete Ricketts signed a proclamation on April 12 declaring that Nebraska is the Best Turkey Hunting Destination in the United States. The governor signed the proclamation in a ceremony at the Nebraska Capitol and presented it to Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Deputy Director Tim McCoy and District 1 Commissioner Dan Kreitman of Wahoo. In return, Kreitman presented the governor a turkey call, which he vowed to use on an upcoming turkey hunt. In a recent survey, 90 percent of respondent Nebraska turkey hunters stated they had a satisfying experience . . . Turkey hunting is allowed statewide. More than 400,000 acres of land are open to public hunting in the state.” Texas has over 1m acres of public hunting grounds. Just sayin’ . . .

Turkeys don’t have cell phones. So now you know.

When four-legged omnivores encroach on human habit — or vice versa — things can get coyote ugly. One way, or another . . . COYOTES IN COBB Hunting contest sparks debate in Georgia – “’So, yes, conflicts can arise (with pets, farm animals or humans), but it’s usually precipitated because they’re being fed (by humans),’ Mowry said. ‘(Coyotes will eat) compost piles, crops, cat food and the like. Coyotes are typically shy, but they will gradually overcome shyness and associate humans with food. That’s when the problems develop, and they’re community-wide problems. Everyone has to work together to limit the access of food. Coyotes are not on the prowl to eat all pets. They can learn that, but it’s because of bad habits by humans.’” Not all pets? Well that’s a relief!

Happy Easter y’all! Christ has risen!

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  1. “Texas has over 1m acres of public hunting grounds. Just sayin’ . . .”

    Yes, but all the turkeys are in downtown Austin.

    • “Yes, but all the turkeys are in downtown Austin.”

      But they roost in the suburbs.

      And sh!t *everywhere*.

      Ask RF and Dan Z….

      • In all honesty, I’d take a .30-30 at 50 yards over a .30-06 at 350. Shot placement pretty much trumps everything else.

  2. I would imagine that turkey hunter wasn’t shot with the Winchester “Long Beard” loads, those things pattern crazy tight, might have killed the guy! Either way, lots of pain.
    But now consider an intruder you’d hit with birdshot!! Not a man-stopper for sure. For those unfamiliar, turkey shot sizes are generally #4, 5 and 6 shot. It was worth the watch.

  3. I thought that the 12 “best” Cartridges for Elk article was idiotic since they basically listed all the cartridges commonly used.

    • Well, yeah. If was on the “worst” list it wouldn’t be all that common, would it?
      Hmm. The Twelve Worst Loads for Elk – that should be an amusing article…

      • I vote for .455 Webley and 7.65mm tokerov revolvers as making the 12 worst Elk calibers list…

  4. Governor Pete Ricketts as in Cubs owner. Great family and pro-gun. Happy Easter to you too! HE is risen indeed!

  5. I hate to point out the obvious and I’m not a country folk but last I checked you don’t actually kill the sheep to get the wool. Just saying.

    • Arousal is rape! Gender is murder! Haircuts are a war crime!

      It’s really getting bad out there; I know we can point out a scant handful of *potentially* as crazy nonsense from the right-wing or racist-wing side of the nutcases, but insanity like this is given a megaphone, money, and academic tenure on the liberal side. Normally I’d think that such illogical behavior would inevitably doom a political movement through simple natural selection, but “insanity” is exactly how Rand always described the culture surrounding the triumphant Soviet revolution. I am given some relief by the fact that their crummy little revolution isn’t even broken out yet and the constituent liberal groups are already devouring each other as their grievances clash (Niam Leeson having to cancel a movie shoot because the main [historical] villian was native Indian while he the [again, historical] good-guy is white, is a good example)

    • I saw sheep being sheared on some nat geo or history show, and it didn’t seem to hurt them one bit. it’s quite literally just a haircut.

    • Peter Singer, guy who wrote “Animal Liberation” –wild guess on my part is he’s a psychopath who feels unnatural feigned sympathy with animals because he is unable to make a proper reciprocal bond with humans. Animals don’t get creeped out as easily by “off” humans (emotionally-vulnerable or similarly deficient people are ripe for exploitation by charismatic “off” humans, however)

    • And it is Singer who defends sexual relations with animals, writing, “Our physical similarities with other animals are so strong that the taboo on bestiality stems not from physical differences, but from our desire to differentiate ourselves from animals.” He contends that sexual relations ought to be allowed if said relations are “mutually satisfying.”

  6. Laying behind a turkey fan in turkey season is equal to crawling inside a deer hide in deer season . Even though the target of the turkey is the head/ neck and not the fan .
    I hunt private posted and patrolled land, I wouldn’t do,that for a years pay .

    • I have seen it on TV hunting shows. Some even go so far as to crawl behind the fan into a field to get closer for a good shot.
      Yes, it seems stupid to me, too.
      There’s a reason some farmers spray paint the word “COW” on their cows.

  7. I worked in sheep country for a couple of years. If a shearer cut a sheep money came out of his pay.

    These people are too “something” to realise you don’t kill the sheep to take the wool. Why would you ever listen to them!!

    • Also, don’t sheep get sick if not shorn (sheared?) Sort of like dairy cows going unmilked, but with skin conditions. Yes, humanity’s fault for breeding them to be so damn useful, but 1) they exist here & now so they require this care, and 2) they wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for their utility (i.e. if PETA got their way there’d be no cute furries to fret over)

      • For real, I grew up in farm country and don’t know of any farmers that did shear jobs with a lawn mower. That sheep doll looks like a burn victim

    • The rule on our angoras is simple. First cut on the goat, we walk you back through the process. After that, it’s a 1 for 1 cut on you and the goat.

        • If it’s an adult, in the US we just say goat meat. But nobody eats goat meat, because most meat from an adult goat is not very tasty. We eat young goats, and that is called cabrito.
          The rest of the world either calls it mutton or chevon.

        • Goat is cabrito… I believe. Not a fan, myself. Too stringy and greasy. At least the (very) few times I’ve tried it. And I see JWT beat me to it with a better answer.

    • Cotton, linen and flax come to mind, if you don’t mind the cold, and silk if it is “okay” to unravel cocoons. Now these bimbos would have been in better stead if the sign had read “here’s the rest of your shearling coat,” because of course wool is just giving the sheep a haircut–and no, it won’t freeze without it. Whatev.

      • But are we allowed to invade the plants private spaces by harvesting them? Plucking cotton balls seems mighty close to sexual assualt.

        And if we eat of plants are we not cannibals?

        • Only eat fruit, and wear stuff made from fruit fiber, or fiber of plants that have completed their life cycles, thus it’s stuff the plant gives up willingly.

        • But if you are a cotton farmer, are you allowed to kill even *one* boll weevil, or does that make cotton MURDER? If your tractor runs over one field mouse in your hemp field, if your combine chops one grasshopper…

          If animal= human, then any attempt to survive is going to mean murder.

  8. Damn, NRA. If they were staunchly, unwaveringly pro-gun I could understand digging up the bestiality thing and throwing it. Like if Cody Wilson did that I’d LOL. But the NRA just talk tough and dirty when it’s convenient.

  9. There’s room for all of God’s creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes.

    People who elevate animals to human (or higher) status are lacking in some amount of intellectual development.

  10. From the picture it looks like that parade was in Paris. Never an aloha snackbar with a truck around when you need one.

  11. “The NRA takes their defense of hunting just a little too far”

    By stating facts? Really? They did not attribute bestiality to ALL anti-hunters. They stated “At least one of the prominent leaders of the anti-hunting movement teaches humans and animals are so similar that it ought to be acceptable for humans to have sexual relations with animals.”

    Fact: Peter Singer is a leader in animal “rights” (or “liberation”) and anti-hunting. PETA even references him on their site, so does the Global Animal Network. Fact: He argues in his book Animal Liberation that the boundary between humans and animals is arbitrary. Fact: He has stated that “sex with animals does not always involve cruelty” and that “mutually satisfying activities” can occur sexually between a human and animal.

    They also stated “Today, hunting is under attack by activists who want to treat squirrels as equal to humans.” That is also a fact since we have a number of people (even those that hunt) that treat animals as humans. Think about people and their pets, how many of them call their pet their “baby” or their “child”? There are some out there that take that even further and believe that all animals are equal to humans AND there are some that believe that animals are superior to humans. Ingrid Newkirk (founder of PETA) calls “intensive” farming facilities “concentration camps”, why would that be if she didn’t think that they are equal to us? On PETA’s site they state “Peter Singer states that the basic principle of EQUALITY” (emphasis mine) “does not require equal or identical treatment; it requires equal consideration.” (

    So, did they go to far? Seems that they were pretty straight forward and didn’t stretch the truth any, so I would say NO they didn’t.

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