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Whoa! More than 2000 lbs of deer meat poached! Makes my mouth water when I hear the cop in the video talk about how the poachers made the meat into smoked sausage. But then, this loser is gonna do 55 years in the pen for smoked sausage. What an idiot. What really pisses me off about poachers is the opportunities they take away from people that truly love the sport.

Eight charged in Broadview Heights deer poaching racket killed dozens of deer, authorities say – CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Cuyahoga County grand jury has indicted eight people on racketeering charges accusing them of running an illegal deer poaching operation where dozens of animals were killed and more than a ton of meat was sold for profit. The group faces a combined 66 charges, including engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, money laundering, grand theft, tampering with records, telecommunications fraud and receiving stolen property. If convicted of all counts and given the maximum sentence, they face up to 55 years in prison and $225,000 in restitution back to the state, officials said.

I have to admit I have fantasized about being able to shoot a deer in my backyard for years. Yes, instead of 50 Shades of Gray I think of creative ways I could lure deer into my yard a.k.a. “play pen.” I live in Austin where the hill country is heavily populated with deer that literally bed down on your yard. The little teasers. I used to leave popcorn on the front lawn for one in particular because he was a beautiful 10 pointer. Sometimes, I would just sit on the wrap around porch and think about how I would take him with my bow, legally of course. When you’re a hunter and you see deer you think of what their flesh tastes like, what can I say? Well, Virginia fantasize no longer. Your time has come.

City sets sights on finalizing deer bow-hunting proposal– “Those who own more than a half-acre of property in the city of Charlottesville soon could be eligible to apply for a permit to bow-hunt deer on their land during the state-regulated urban archery season in March and September. Due to persistent concerns about deer causing property damage and posing a threat on area roadways, the city is aiming for the right set of rules to ensure that deer will be hunted safely within city limits.”

Wisconsin why on earth are you compensating hunters $100,000 for 41 dead dogs? Please help me understand how this makes any logical sense. Wisconsin is the only state in the country that pays out $2500 per dead dog killed during a hunt. WTF?

Wolf numbers rise again as payouts for hunting dog deaths hit new record –  “Wisconsin’s population of endangered gray wolves grew for a second straight year in 2016, raising the possibility that the state could make another record payout under its unusual program that compensates hunters whose dogs are killed by wolves. The Department of Natural Resources on Thursday estimated the state is home to between 925 and 952 wolves, a roughly 6 percent increase from the estimated 866 to 897 last year, which was 16 percent more than the previous year. Leaders of hunting groups say a record number of dogs killed in 2016 shows the wolf population has gotten out of hand. But conservationists worry that the animal could still face extinction, and they blame hunting dog deaths on state policies and what they call risky practices of bear hunters.”

Daddy please, I want one! Dad wants FLIR for Fathers Day FYI. This looks like such a cool toy with endless uses. According to the video, you can use it at camp with dad to spot wildlife at night and get a closer look at birds in trees with thermal imaging on your nature walk. It’s all so warm and fuzzy.  Then, the video gets really stupid . . .

You see a woman walking towards her car and use it to spot a criminal, probably armed, breaking into her car. You don’t need FLIR for that honey. You need a GLOCK. Then another woman, hears a noise in her backyard, and her dog is barking . . . She OPENS the door to take a peek outside with her FLIR.  Lady shut that door and grab your Mossberg! OMG this video was so disturbing to me. And why do they only show women doing stupid ass shit? Ugh, I can’t even. So, buy the damn FLIR but use it for good reasons, like hunting predators at night. Not the kind of predators that shoot back. Fun product. Stupid ass video. FLIR Scout TK.

Another great gift idea for dad.  This closet helps sanitize and deoderize your hunting gear the night before the hunt. I love that you can use it to store your gear year round as well.

Scent Crusher Hunter’s Flex Closet– “The Scent Crusher™ Hunter’s Closet helps sanitize your hunting gear and clothing the night before the hunt, and all year long. An included OZONE unit helps eliminate odors caused by sweat and other contaminants. Ozone kills viruses and bacteria that cause odor, and helps eliminate odors caused by smoke, food, and pets. The unit plugs into any AC outlet. The heavy-duty construction ensures years of use.”

Finally, if you can’t afford to deer hunt this year, fear not there is a hunt you can afford. You can now hunt frogs year round in Michigan.  They taste like chicken.

Frog hunting legislation passes Michigan Senate – “LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Legislation up for a vote in Michigan would let hunters kill frogs all year round and lift a ban against spearing frogs by using an artificial light.The Senate is expected to pass the bill Thursday and send it to the House for consideration. Michigan now prohibits killing any species of frog between mid-November and late spring. It also bars frog-spearing — or “gigging” — which is popular among young people in southern states, according to a legislative analysis. The bill’s opponents say frog-spearing is inhumane and frogs need protection to breed.”

I recommend the Ruger® 10/22® Takedown Semiautomatic .22 LR Rimfire Rifle for frog meat preservation. Yet another great gift idea for dad.

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  1. “I have to admit I have fantasized about being able to shoot a deer in my backyard for years.”

    Whatever turns you on. Sounds a little messed up to me. I got deer in my yard and get damn pissed when I hear about poaching. But you diss the poachers and then dream of poaching. Weird Lib. Weird.

    • I see deer and turkeys in my neighborhood all the time, and I think “Damn those look tasty,” but alas I don’t have a bow or a suppressor, and I called the cops years ago when I first saw turkeys in the city and they told me it was illegal to mess with them.

    • Please tell me, what’s “messed up” about hunting deer in your back yard?
      Is your back yard something special, where deer take on some characteristic that makes them special?
      And what part about being able to hunt legally makes you think she’s talking about poaching? Oh, I see; the two stories are in the same article, so you think they are the same thing. Reading comprehension not you thing, obviously. Try reading again, and see that there are several stories in the article, with the general theme of hunting.

      • My take is that The ethos of hunting involves fair chase. Shooting deer in your back yard is slaughter. I get the food thing, but where is the appreciation for the animal. The author reminds me of little boys that pretend to shoot every animal in sight.

        • Is slaughtering cows in a slaughterhouse for your Big Mac fair chase? I don’t think so.

        • “where’s the appreciation for the animal?”

          It presented itself for an easy shot 10 yards from my house, i appreciate that very much.

  2. “You can now hunt frogs year round in Michigan. They taste like chicken.”

    “All I can see are millions of frogs on tiny crutches”

    – Kermit –

    *snicker* 😉

    • Frogs taste like chicken in the sense that they DON’T taste like beef. I think frog tastes like snake, myself. And snake tastes kind of like gator. Now, ostrich? That tastes like chicken.

  3. Ms. Austin, I have that same fantasy. Just took a few photos of a deer not ten feet from my door. Judging by the nubs on his head, it was a buck.
    A touch illegal here to take him.

      • Year before last, the only elk to be seen were in the yard of some anti hunting types. They were feeding them bales of alfalfa to keep them out of the woods.
        If I hunt there again, I’m gonna do a drive by while spraying cougar piss from a sprayer. That should get them moving

      • Still need deer tags in MT. Friend maybe 5 miles down river has taking the screen out of the kitchen window every fall on his “honey do” list. That way they both get their deer and their elk. For most of us, deer are the problem, esp in the fall. But for them, it is the elk, who can eat the horses’ feed for the winter in short order when they come through as a herd.

        We live right inside the city limits, which means that hunting is forbidden, which the deer seem to realize. I have seen up to a dozen grazing together behind the post office. And the roads get downright scary at times (70 mph speed limits on the rural roads don’t help either). Usually by now, we are starting to see the does, but not their babies yet. We were a bit worried, because we hadn’t seen any yet (we usually have a family camped out on our front yard). Friend thought that maybe wolves had pushed in over the winter. But their predation would have been too thorough to explain the total lack of deer. Then yesterday I saw my first deer of the season, jumping into heavy brush, maybe a half block away. Figure that they are just running late, thanks to all the snow last winter. Maybe to make up for it, saw my first turkey of the year last week across the street.

  4. “Eight charged in Broadview Heights deer poaching racket killed dozens of deer, authorities say”

    Those bad, bad men should know that they can’t hunt the King’s Deer without permission and the payment of a fee, even though they already paid a heavy tax under the Pittman–Robertson Act.

    Naughty naughty. You “poachers” should know that everything belongs to the almighty Government. Everything.

    • If poaching the King’s deer (and that of the local lords) were not illegal, the 21-year-old Will Shakespeare, newly married, would never have had to flee Stratfor]-on-Avon, pursued by the sheriff for poaching Sir Charles Lucy’s deer. Had he not been forced to flee, he’d likely not have made his way onto the London stages, then into writing its most popular pieces.

      All’s well that ends well, of coarse.

    • Yeah, poachers are the salt of the earth. Like the guys who used to take shots (rifles/shotgun/arrows) at the deer statues that I used to have out on my property about 50 yards from my house when I lived in the country. Yep, cream of the crop. AKA “trash hunters”.

    • So what happens after all the deer are killed and then no one gets to hunt? Are you going to blame god for not making enough deer for everyone?

  5. My new home has a gun port on the screen porch. I have a corn feeder 20 yards out. I am keeping my bambigette on the hoof instead of paying electricity for a freezer. I have been naming them, There is Jerky, Sausage and Burger!

  6. By 1925 in Missouri, whitetail populations were estimated at around 400.

    This was directly related to market hunting, subsistence hunting and habitat loss from clear cutting our forests.

    It took 60 years to recover and required mutually agreed upon mutual coercion a la tragedy of the commons.

    I’m thankful that Missouri hunters and conservationists created the department even if it was handed over to the state.

    Poachers should suffer some if caught. Its not the gov or kings deer. It is our deer.

    • “Our deer”? I have deer, grouse, turkeys, rabbits, and squirrels on my property that do not consume any “public resources”.

      Why do I need permission to hunt any of them? That’s right, people like you are convinced game is socialized no matter what.

      • Your a fuckin moron. Yeah let’s just remove all the hunting regulations so retards like yourself can bag any tresspassing deer then in 10 years when there are no deer left we’ll all sit around and bitch. Go sit on a spindle sander you Fuck tard.

      • “I have deer, grouse, turkeys, rabbits, and squirrels on my property that do not consume any “public resources”. ”
        Unless you have an uncommonly plot of property, those animals probably don’t stay just on your property.
        Free-roaming animals are, in our society, treated as a resource, not private property, and for a reason. If you don’t understand that reason, just ask, and I’m sure I and several others can come up with a lot of information for you to read.
        It’s attitudes like yours that require the rest of us to support conservation efforts (which include legal hunting).
        It has nothing to do with “socializing” of game animals (though many are, indeed, social), and more to do with being able to understand how animal resources work.

        • He did ask. Then he was called a FLAME DELETED. Then you asked him to ask in an, at best, patronizing manor.

        • For anyone wandering what my deleted “flame” was, just look at what Hank said repeatedly above. It is not “flame deleted” as of the time I’m posting this.

        • That’s because I’m a winner and you’re a loser TX lawyer. Want some covfefe with that wine?

  7. Wisconsin pays for dogs just like farmers are payed for cows around Yellowstone. Do you have any idea how much a good bear dog is worth? Give out a few wolf tags a year and the attacks on dogs will decrease.

  8. FYI, IR Devices can’t see thru glass, so she had to open the door. Tactically stupid, but at least a little truth in advertising.

  9. As for the dogs, if the state released the wolves, or is actively assisting the growth of their population, then one could quite easily argue that the state is liable for the damage they cause (like if your dog gets loose and bites someone, you’re held liable).

    In WV, they did this with coyote (hoping to reduce deer, we have the highest animal strike rate in the country). They prefer livestock, it doesn’t run away as quickly. Now there’s a tax on certain livestock. I fully believe the state is liable for the deaths of all the sheep/ goats the little pricks kill. They were practically non-existent in the state prior to their reintroduction for a reason.

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