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Gender neutral bathroom (courtesy

“Attorney General Brad Schimel thinks the mandate from President Barack Obama’s administration to allow transgender students into the bathroom of the gender with which they identify is a radical experiment?” one Nancy Rathe asks at As well she might; Wisconsin is one of 11 states suing the Obama administration for threatening to remove federal funding from schools that refuse to transgenderize their bathrooms. Ms Rathe figures it’s no biggie: “Students and adults have been using the bathrooms they feel are appropriate to their chosen gender for a long time now.” As far as she’s concerned, there’s a more important “social experiment” chugging along in the background . . .

If you want an action meant to “turn workplaces and educational settings across the country into laboratories for a massive social experiment,” I would suggest you look at the National Rifle Association’s attempts to put firearms of all sizes, ammunition capacities and firing speeds into the hands of every American of any age, mental state and history of violence. Guns in schools, churches, offices, bars, sports stadiums and government buildings. Where will it stop?

I say that is a “social experiment” to see how long this country can remain a place reasonable people want to inhabit.

So far so good! And let’s not forget that America has “experimented” with civilian disarmament; when the government disarmed native Americans, African Americans and Japanese-Americans. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. And I imagine disarmament does no favors for transgender Americans, either.

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  1. I’m in a dilemma right now

    How tranny does a dude have to be in order for my daughter not to feel the shame and embarrassment using the loo together with him?

    No it’s not about rape prevention, that’s the same as gun free zones.

    It’s about shame and respect

    Educate me

    • Last I checked, the woman’s head isn’t just a big pissing trough where everyone stands shoulder to shoulder with their junk hanging out. There’s stalls….with doors.

      And unless you are raising your daughter specifically to be shameful or have negative feelings about transgender folks then I’m guessing your daughter probably couldn’t give two shits. Most kids are perfectly happy to include everyone and think that all people, no matter how different they might be, are OK. It’s parents and society that destroys a child’s sense of universal love and acceptance.

      • Thank you, for my daily dose of liberalism. Now i dont have to watch today’s share of buzzfeed.

        Cubicles with doors: i can certainly get that. But were you a woman, how exactly do you feel when you see me, with some makeup, standing in front of the mirror out of the cubicles? Not accusatory, just curious.

        Negative feelings about trans: i dont teach them things like this. But back to the toilet problem. i thought it’s an instinct that a woman doesnt want to be seen naked, defenseless, in front of a member of the opposite sex she hasnt chosen to be there? Note, my original question is “how tranny?” not “no i dont want tranny in there at all”.

        Universal love and acceptance: i gotta flat out disagree with you here. No. A person should be polite and courteous in front of others. But “accepting” should be after very strict scrutiny. Translate: She should appear to be nice. But she’s free to be disgusted.

        • You’re welcome. I love classical liberalism where civil liberties and political freedom with representative democracy under the rule of law and an emphasis on economic freedom!

          I asked my girlfriend how she would feel if she saw someone who probably doesn’t pass all that well as female primping at the woman’s restroom mirror. She shrugged her shoulders and said she wouldn’t care. So, I guess that’s the opinion of one woman, which is pretty difficult to find in this sausage fest of a comment section.

          And really I think that’s most of the problem in most conservative circles. Nobody has likely taken the time to ask any females how this all makes them feel or what their opinion on the matter is. And I can pretty safely tell that nobody making a big stink about transgender people going in the bathroom of the sex they identify with has ever had a genuine conversation with a transgender person.

          Most of the arguments here sound like what everyone’s actually afraid of is rapist cross-dressers. Such a thing probably does exist, but I’m going to take a while guess and say that it’s probably rarer than a murder committed with an AR-15.

          There’s quite a bit of difference between a transgender person and a cross-dresser. A transgender person suffers from gender dysphoria, which is described in the DSM-5. A genetic male with gender dysphoria would look at themselves in the mirror and hate the male face looking back at them. The feeling would be even stronger than an obese person who looks in the mirror and decides that they hate their body and want to change it by getting their stomach stapled, liposuction done, etc. I’m told it’s a pretty intense sensation. Native Americans (before our government took their weapons and tossed them on reservations) had a term for this too: Two-Spirit. And they actually revered two-spirit or transgender people. In current times folks with gender dysphoria have a choice to either suck it up and live with anxiety and depression their whole life, or they can look into extensive counseling, take hormones, have surgeries to physically change their body, live full time as their identified sex, and often completely change their sexual organs to match their identity.

          A cross-dresser on the other hand is a heterosexual person (usually male) that’s perfectly happy with their genetic body, they just get a kick out of wearing feminine clothing. There are important distinctions in this world, and trying to lump transgender people together with crossdressers and sexual deviants is no better than what the media does when they misidentify every last weapon as an AK-47.

          As for “how tranny?”, in my opinion it doesn’t matter. Would you be any less uncomfortable if a Female to Male transgender person was forced to use the woman’s restroom with your daughter despite the fact that he’d have a full beard, no breasts, short hair, no make up, a deep voice, and probably look as handsome and manly as some of the folks here? Because it goes both directions.

          Am I in favor of cross-dressing rapists entering women’s bathrooms and stealing peeks through the stall door gaps? Absolutely not, but if someone is entering a women’s bathroom and committing lewd acts, then I say charge them in a court of law of lewd acts and lock ’em up. It makes no more sense to ban people with no ill will from bathrooms because they’re wearing a dress or beard than it is to ban guns because a small percentage of the population uses them negatively.

          As for universal love I’ve always been taught that it’s easy to love those who love us. Even sinners can do that. What credit is it to you to only do good to those who are good to you?

        • The problem is that, at first glance, its pretty difficult to tell a transgender from a cross-dresser. Seems like we’ll need universal background checks on all transgenders.

        • @Jim S

          “It makes no (more) sense to ban people with no ill will from bathrooms because they’re wearing a dress or beard”. This is an excellent point and i wholeheartedly agree. Nuff said.

          Like i said, rapists, or even peeping toms for that matter, are not really what i’m worried about. Criminals are gonna be criminals, no matter what they identify with or what sign is put at the door. No enforcement = useless for actual CRIME prevention. This one we seem to agree on as well.

          However, what i’m really concerned about, and this is why i started the conversation, is (let’s set the locked-cubicles and 2-extra-washrooms solutions aside. Those are too expensive to retrofit.):

          would the born-woman-identifying-as-woman women, which are the vast majority of those using the women’s room (let’s pretend we sausage fests can put up with a weirdo or two for the time being lol), be in EMOTIONAL distress, by the presence of PERCEIVED males?

          Look, i know it makes no sense to ban guns because some idiots FEEL bad about them. The point about owning weapons is for safety and liberty. What others IRRATIONALLY FEEL, matters not. As this EMOTIONAL problem is far outweighed by the benefit of owning the weapons. But when it comes to washroom gender separation, this is solely a FEELING problem*. This is why I’d take women’s feelings into considerations in this case, but not regarding weapons ownership. And it’s not like we are banning trans from taking a pee in both rooms. So all in all, from my point of view, there should be a certain boundary, beyond which a tran can use the “identified”, within which they have to used the “pre-assigned”. As to where that boundary is, i dunno.

          I cannot honestly foresee a proper solution without a massive census and a lot of disagreements. My wife just gave about the polar opposite answer to what your gf said. She basically said the pecker had to be cut off. But whatever.

          (*The reason why it is NOT IRRATIONAL for women to dislike being defenceless in the face of a male not chosen, is a built-in survival instinct after natural selection. Ever wondered why boys want to bang all the chicks, but the chicks seem to be much more reserved? Back at ancient times when our instincts were formed, sex = pregnant = a major blow to the female’s health given the poor nutrition condition = reduced fertility and feeding ability for subsequent pregnancies, if the said female lived long enough at all. So females that chose carefully for the first delivery, for a strong, healthy male, had descendents of much higher quality and better competitiveness. We, are the descents of these females.

          This natural instinct, is leap and bounds more valuable than the nurtured hoplophobia that the media and public education is fear-mongering about. In short, the emotional stakes are high enough in this washroom dilemma that it deserves consideration.)

        • @Jim S

          Also i realise it goes both ways. It’s just easier to type, instead of noting (gal-to-guy trans as well) all the time

        • @James in AZ,

          How do you and your wife feel about the possibility that your wife or daughter have most likely been in a public restroom at some point in time with a lesbian woman? They’re all sexually attracted to women by their very nature as lesbians. Should all lesbians be banned from women’s restrooms in order to make sure heterosexual females don’t get uncomfortable if a lesbian woman checks out their derriere in the powder room? Maybe it should be only really butch lesbians that can’t use the woman’s room. They’d be fine saddling up to the trough in the men’s room probably. The real feminine looking gay women are fine to use the woman’s can I guess.

          It’s not our place to judge people, especially not on appearance and preferences. If someone’s actions make them criminal then let God and our penal system do the judging.

        • With a lot of comments in this thread, you’ve all hit on interesting points.

          What really struck me was the comment about charging lewd acts as lewd acts which we already have laws for.

          To be frank, a lot of the opposition to transgender bathroom use sounds like the same thing we hear from Shannon and the gang. It isn’t fear of bad things that have happened or are happening, but of what we imagine based on our personal predilections or discomfort.

          If a dud is in the bathroom pretending to be a woman, just to peep between the stalls, he will get caught and he should be punished under the appropriate law. Why do we need more legislation to protect us?

          Let’s not become Gun Owners United for Bathroom Sense in America. Please.

        • >> i thought it’s an instinct that a woman doesnt want to be seen naked, defenseless, in front of a member of the opposite sex she hasnt chosen to be there?

          It’s not an instinct. If it were, it would be shared across all nations and all tribes, but that is plainly not the case (which you can see in effect with your own eyes if you travel to some more remote corners of Africa that haven’t yet adopted either Western or Islamic morality yet).

          The whole notion of feeling shame because you’re naked, or someone else is naked in your presence, is a cultural thing. If you aren’t exposed to it when you grow up, you won’t have those emotions.

      • This issue is more than bathrooms. It’s locker rooms where people shower together and walk around naked.

        The real question is Jim, would you have a problem dating and having sex with a person presenting as your preferred sex partner but having the genitalia of the other sex?

        By the way gender is linguistic concept, not biological one. I don’t quite understand what transgender is especially a genderless language like English. Is trangender using the masculine form for feminine word?

        • You are right, this is more than just about bathrooms. If a male want to think of himself as a female and the rest of the students refuse to go along with the insanity they are now guilty of a hate crime, and subject to whatever discipline is needed to bring them around to this new delusion. Also sex education classes now have to be redesigned to accommodate the administration’s new guidelines where gender is no longer determined by physical sex. We don’t want to create any hate crimes there. Will the girls now have to compete with boys to get a spot on the girls high school basketball team. Looks like it. If a man walks around claiming that he’s Napoleon we get him help. But if a man walks around claiming to be a woman and demands to have his genitals cut off we are supposed to support him in these delusions.?????????

        • Huntmaster:

          If a man walks around claiming to be a woman and demands to have his genitals cut off we should support him in this effort. It should be apparent that he hasn’t got any balls anyway.

          The problem with forcing transgender facilities on society is that there is no requirement that the persons in question have “taken the plunge” as it were. The rule seems to be that if you FEEL like you are the other gender, or even CLAIM that you feel like you are a specific gender then you have the right to use whichever facilities you desire. There is no test or even a phony government “permission slip” authorizing you to be in one bathroom or the other. Totally free choice and if anyone calls you on it then you are free to sue for discrimination. It’s only a matter of time before some pervert takes advantage of this “restroom loophole” to victimize women or girls in one of the few places they used to feel at least somewhat secure and safe.

          No person with male genitalia, no matter what gender they claim they feel like they are or should be, has any right to invade the sanctity of a woman’s restroom. If you want to go in there, whack it off.

        • It’s always amazed me that in a society like the U.S. that puts so much shame on naked human bodies that locker rooms even developed in the way that they have. I can’t really think of anyone…male, female, or anywhere in between…that truly enjoys walking around buck naked in a locker room or public shower regardless of who might be watching. And transgender people that haven’t had full SRS surgery are highly unlikely to even put themselves into a position where they have to use a public locker room or shower for fear that they’ll be harmed.

          I’m not the sort of guy that is into having sex outside of a committed relationship, but if I wasn’t already in a committed relationship and met a transwoman that met my criteria for being someone I’d date their genitalia wouldn’t really be of much concern to me. I’m attracted to what’s between people’s ears, not necessarily how someone looks.

          From reading through the comments here it seems like most people aren’t truly concerned with “passing” transgender people using the bathroom that they outwardly appear to need to use.

          It looks to me that the real issue here is that people are afraid that if transwomen can use a women’s restroom then sexually deviant men will cross-dress as women and proclaim under the gender neutral bathroom laws that they can go into the women’s can and do whatever they want like plant cameras in the stalls, ogle women at the mirror, or engage in sexual assault and rape. There certainly are some sick people out there in this world, and this sort of thing could happen. In fact, it has happened. I was able to find 5 instances in North America where a man (not a transgender person) dressed as a woman and entered a traditionally woman’s private area (bathroom/locker room/shelter) and committed a lewd act or sexual assault. I was also able to find 3 instances where a Republican congressman was cited for lewd acts in a public restroom, so at this point statistically Republicans congressmen are nearly as dangerous as cross-dressing men when it comes to public restrooms.

          However, I cannot find a single instance where a transgender man or transgender woman that is on hormone replacement therapy has been charged with or committed a lewd or sexual act in a public restroom, locker room, or shelter. I was able to find 13 specific instances in the U.S. where transgender women were murdered just because they were transgender.

          I’m fine with starting a campaign against sexual assault, rape, and lewd acts in public places. Those are all terrible things. I’m also dead set against murder. And so far in this paragraph I think we’re all on the same page. And I think we’re all still together when I make the statement that I don’t blame a gun for the actions of a murderer. Where we seem to disagree is that I also don’t blame transgender people for the actions of rapists.

      • “It’s parents and society that destroys a child’s sense of universal love and acceptance.”

        My a$$! You ever hang around groups of toddlers for a day – they’re monsters. Violence. Theft. Assault. Aggressiveness. Selfishness.

        Children are taught love and kindness by their parents, period.

    • James in AZ,

      Keeping men out of women’s bathrooms is absolutely about rape prevention. It is also about maintaining women’s privacy. A pervert who goes into women’s bathrooms is going to do everything possible to see female body parts without consent of the women in those bathrooms. Even worse, some of those perverts are going to eventually determine that seeing women in women’s bathroom’s doesn’t do enough for them and they will escalate.

      No, we shall not let men into women’s bathrooms simply to indulge a fraction of one percent of the population who is obsessed with rejecting their physiology.

      • A hairy dude with funny makeup and dress? Of course not.

        A once-dude who now has a completely transformed mindset, and has the pecker cut off, and an artificial vag installed? I dunno how i should feel about this. It seems kinda brutal to keep “her” in the men’s room, doesnt it?

        So where and how should we draw this line?

        Or should we be installing 4 bathrooms instead of 2 for every location?

        • The problem is that most of them don’t have their peckers cut off. Hormones, dress, breast implants and peckers.

        • Yep. A good bunch of them are going to be on hormones. A dude in the ladies room on estrogen is not going to be attracted to women and isn’t in there to “sneak a peek.”

        • James in AZ,

          People who claim to be the opposite sex are every bit as raving mad as a person who who claims to be a chimpanzee. They need serious, intensive help. They do NOT need us to indulge their madness and invite them into any bathroom or locker room of their choosing. Doing so reinforces their madness/delusion.

          This whole “transgender” thing is just another example of elevating feelings over facts. I don’t care how intensely a man feels that he is a woman: he is still a man.

          And, as I already pointed out, indulging this madness also benefits perverts, molesters, pedophiles, and rapists.

          This is why we shall NOT allow men in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms … and vice versa for that matter.

        • Anonymous,

          What are your citations for, “A dude … on estrogen is not going to be attracted to women …”

          More importantly, how do you reconcile that fact with young women who claim to feel intense attraction to other women? Last time I checked, young women produce copious amounts of estrogen themselves.

        • James in AZ, please take a moment to search the internet for Aydian Dowling. You can find a picture of him here:

          Aydian is a female to male transgender person. Aydian was born female and now looks masculine enough to have vied for a chance to be on the cover of Men’s Health.

          By North Carolina law, Aydian would need to use the Women’s restroom. How would that make your daughter feel?

      • I kinda figured we shouldn’t let the fear and hysteria over the fraction of a percentage of “perverts” who are going to use a person’s gender identity as a criminal tool to commit sex crimes. Who knows? Maybe they are the same criminals who use “assault weapons” to commit crimes too…

        • A big part of the problem is large groups of people redefining facts.
          “I believe I am a woman, therefore you must declare I’m a woman” goes along the same line of logic as “I believe the sky is green, therefore you must declare the sky is green”.
          No. F U. The sky is blue. Your beliefs aren’t true.

        • Let’s see – there is a small percentage of the population that would like to buy a gun and kill someone with it. And the Libtards are all bent out of shape over that small percentage…

        • Even if that is true, then the hysteria of all those “perverts” trying to molest our children if we allow gender neutral bathrooms is irrelevant.

        • I don’t get it guys. If a dude is transgender and enters the female restroom pumped full of estrogen – they aren’t looking to sneak a peek at the ladies right? I mean, they probably aren’t even attracted to them.

        • Totally incorrect. A dude who is transitioning into a woman, even if the male genitalia had been snipped, is still a male inside his head. They often turn into lesbians.

        • As long as he ain’t sneaking a peek, what’s the issue? And I believe we have laws that already make peeping illegal, so enforce those when they are violated. Or are you suggesting that, in order to protect “the children!” we need to create a whole host of new laws that a real criminal will ignore anyway?

        • alexander – what support do you have that they are “often” lesbians? And more importantly, who cares? Why does that matter to gender neutral bathrooms?

          I just wish we would be honest that we don’t believe in transgender as a phenomenon. That we believe that God made people one gender and that’s the way it is. They just have to toughen up and deal with never feeling like they are their “true” gender. More importantly, I wish we would just be upfront and say we want to make that choice for them by making them use their “state approved” gender on their birth certificate. But this nonsense that people create about sex offenders using gender neutral bathrooms to commit their crimes is a load of hogwash and hysteria. If you think that’s true, then prove it, and not with some anecdotal evidence that it happened a dozen times in the entire country. We criticize progressive for exactly that when they want to ban certain types of guns or HCMs or “insert gun control flavor of the day here.”

          I actually love these abortion/gay marriage/transgender bathrooms/gun control comparisons posted on TTAG. It reminds me how full of sh*t the Republican base is when they talk about freedom. I demand you respect my freedom to own guns! And I’ll respect your freedom… But only if I agree with it.

        • Transgenders (men into women) often end up being still attracted to females because their brains did not change. From my personal contact (not a scientific sample) and what I’ve read, that is often the case, if the person was not gay to start with.

          As to whether it matters? Not to me; I was simply correcting an earlier comment. And I am not one of those that believe that “God made one of a particular gender” because I don’t believe in God. However, one does have to be delusional not to acknowledge the fact that nature made our species in two genders, and the options are not dependent on our feelings about it. But even that doesn’t really matter to me – after all, delusional people have to use the bathroom, too. Really, this has little to do with the rights or feelings of a tiny percentage of the population; if anyone still believes that Obama cares about anything or anyone, except for his agenda, they are delusional. But the issue does fit well into his agenda – to destroy every fundamental pillar of this country. Economics, foreign policy, education – he has to intentionally damaged everything that he touched. Now it’s family values, traditional family and morals.

        • Katy,

          So, you really think it is wise to let any male who claims to be a woman into any women’s locker room? Especially in light of the idea of making a tiny fraction of one percent of the population feel good about their delusion of claiming to be the opposite sex? How about making almost ALL the women in a women’s locker room feel good?

          I guarantee you there will be dozens of male teenagers in every high school in the U.S. who will say they are “females” and dress in female clothing so that they can use women’s locker rooms and ogle naked females in their school. If you claim not to be able to see how that violates the sanctity of young women, I don’t know what else to say.

        • When I lived in Italy for a while I joined a gym which had gender neutral locker rooms. This was 20+ years ago. Somehow, even the sexed up Italians didn’t throw down the naked women coming out of the shower and try to rape them. I’m thinking if they can handle it, so can Americans.

      • Can you show some stats to prove that assertion of yours that perverts dressing as women assault and rape women in their bathrooms?

        Heck, even just one case?

  2. When ‘stupid stuff’ comes up like this you have to wonder what else is going on? This just seems like a distraction from something else and something probably a lot more important that sitting or standing to pee.

  3. ” … the [U.S.] government disarmed native Americans, African Americans and Japanese-Americans. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well.”

    Actually, it worked out great for the ruling class that disarmed them.

    • Can’t tell you how glad I am that my grandparents soaked up the last of my white guilt 50 years ago so I could sleep at night. Thank goodness!

    • I should probably clarify that I condemn disarmament of any ethnic or religious group. I honestly don’t know if my ancestors were involved in promoting injustice. I just refuse to lose sleep over the past actions of others.

      • It doesnt matter. We came, we conquered. No one doused their will to fight on. They are free to bring back the war. They chose not to. There’s no shame in winning a parcel of land for your survival, or giving up a parcel of land to ensure survival.

    • These are not the people which are going to cause a problem… Clearly few, if any, could tell that was a man by birth…

      It’s the opening of the door for the pervs, which are already coming out of the woodworks. No one on planet earth is going to question the person who you post a picture of going into a female bathroom.

      • There are 5 known incidents in North America of a sexual deviant using the transgender protection laws to break the law by committing a lewd act or sexual assault in a women’s restroom, locker room, or shelter. 5 instances seems like a lot, and sure it’s too many, but it’s less than the number of times a modern sporting rifle was used in a (actual) mass shooting.

        Considering that there are about 550,000,000 people in North America and the average person goes to the bathroom 6-7 times per day, 5 instances where a sexual predator subverted a transgender protection rule is even more statistically insignificant than the amount of legally owned NFA firearms used in crimes.

        • When a man gets a ten year min sentence for merely owning the equipment used for peeping at girls in a locker room then you can draw closer moral equivalence… But for right now, they’re too far apart in consequence to be equal.

  4. Anybody that don’t like America, feel free to leave. people routinely risk death and destruction to get here. People that are afraid of our civil liberties won’t be missed.

    • “Anybody that don’t like America, feel free to leave.”

      This, times 10,000.

      The most annoying of them jump and down and scream like a demented chimpanzee as to how they will “leave the U.S. if (X) is elected.”

      And then the don’t.

      Nearly *every* damn time…

  5. One of her issues is protected from mandate, the other is just plain presidential stupidity. I have to assume since transwhatever and gayness fits Barry’s lifestyle he feels his mandate is a personal plus for him. After all I doubt the bathrooms are labeled in his favorite bath house.

  6. When there is an escalation of ballistic aeration in woman’s bathrooms people might start figuring out this wasn’t such a good idea.

  7. Lenin was first in doing a social experiment on a grand scale, followed by Stalin and then Hitler and Mao. There were other hopeful wannabees, like Pol Pot and the Kim dynasty. Obviously, Obama earns to be in their league.

  8. This transgender business reared it head all of a sudden because the chairman of the Democat National Committee is a transvestite. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a man. Most democrats think he’s a woman. It would be embarrassing for him to be seen going into the Men’s Room.

    Personally, I do not want my granddaughters sharing a public restroom with men of confused gender identity or men posing as transgenders to gain access. If sexually confused persons had any real control over their emotions, AIDS would have become extinct in 1985 or 1986 once everyone knew how it is spread. These folks simply cannot be trusted any more than a drunk or dopehead.

  9. There is a simple solution to this. Unisex bathrooms, with sturdy, visually private, securely lockable stalls (not the cheap-ass ones we see now. I encountered them in Europe and while it freaked me out to run into take a leak past a mom and her two teenage daughters primping in the mirrors, I didn’t really object to it. The ADA has caused some of that here in the states. Older buildings that were not built for bathrooms with handicapped accessibility sometimes don’t have room to retrofit. So they go to unisex. With the transgender thing, I think it is an idea whose time has come.

    I think it is one of those issues that is not going to go away, it has a simple solution and there are much more important things to be worrying about.

    • So, who’s supposed to layout the billions of $’s required to build new bathrooms everywhere? Oh, I forgot, the government will just print more…

      • The is the digital age, bra. No need to print it, just add some zeros to a Federal Reserve sanctioned account.

        • You’re absolutely correct! They tried that in Zimbabwe (used to be Rhodesia, when it was sane) – it is amazing how quickly uneducated people conquered higher math, since they had to use logarithms to add their grocery bills.

  10. Don’t recall the NRA ever attempting to put a dangerous, high capacity firearm in my hands. Probably because I’m not either crazy or a felon. Oh well.
    I’m sensing a pattern with dishonest fear-mongering and NRA repugnance.

    • I feel cheated! I have been member for years and still the NRA didn’t put even one measly gun in my hands.

  11. To me, what people don’t get about this whole thing isn’t the “transgender” thing, it’s that such policies are ripe for abuse.

    I dunno about the other gents here but at 16 if you told me I could shower with the girls in my high school’s locker room after gym by simply saying two words “I’m transgender”…. I’d have been all over that.

    If they asked why I had an erection, I’d have a eight word answer: “I’m a lesbian trapped in a mans body”.

  12. When this SJW twit suggests she might leave the country, I am guessing because that would serve the rest of us heathens right. I suggest she move smartly so as not to let the door hit her in the ass on her way out.

    • I suggest she choose one of those nice, warm, middle-eastern countries. So many people are moving from there to Europe there must be a lot of apartments and jobs available….

  13. News flash to Ms. Rahte. Wisconsin has been running this experiment for some time. I guess have never noticed.

  14. There isn’t a lot of difference between NRA Repugnance and Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s just the same sh!t on a different day. Frankly, I’m tired of both. Really, really tired.

  15. I guess that I am an old man of 47 and my words no longer carry any weight, but you shalll listen to me when I say to you that if you don’t want to get your ass kicked, be a nice guy and STAY OUT OF THE LADIE’S ROOM. That is all. Here endeth the lesson.


  16. Quick! Take this transgender picture quiz and see if you get them all right!

    Then dig deep within and ask yourself if these people are more likely to be attracted to men or women and then finally, if they went in the bathroom for the gender that the doctor wrote down when they were born – would it cause more or less of a ruckus?

  17. The transgender bathroom push isn’t about bestowing equality or rights to transgenders, it’s about further degradation of the traditional family unit.

    • Like Hillary wrote years ago, it takes a village; there’s no place for a.traditional family in the bright new socialist world. Family ties get in the way when the slaves get sold.

    • Yup. I’m starting to think that cop in California that let me off with the illegally concealed pistol may have been transgender. Maybe that’s why he let me off.

  18. avatar The bad guys send homos to try to touch my ding dong by force because guns are bad and only the chosen should own them.

    Of all the rape attempts I have been through, none have been by trannys. They always send big, fat or roided out guys. Still wouldn’t want one alone in a bathroom with a female though.

  19. By the way, the new site format looks great.

  20. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. This is all truly ancient news. Eunuchs have served as guardians of the harem for millennia.

  21. The icon on the right is so pro gun. It looks like the motion one would make in the Wild West to sweep one’s long coat to draw one’s piece. 🙂

    Therefore the sign says someone is armed in there and you are allowed to carry. 🙂

    • Good question. For that matter, when has the NRA advocated putting guns in anyone’s hands or in any place, other than in terms of preserving the rights of people to decide individually whether to carry a firearm at all or in such places?

      Ever notice how when liberals discuss abortion, it’s always a matter of being pro-choice, not pro-abortion.? Yet, when they discuss the right to keep and bear arms, it’s always in grotesquely distorted terms of mandatory guns everywhere carried by everyone, not simply the individual choice to carry and where.

      Curious, that. It exposes their dishonesty through willful misinterpretation and mischaracterization. If they cannot even conduct the conversation in good faith, then why should we trust their denials of nefarious aims?

  22. When these people change their DNA they will be transgender.

    They are transvestites. I agree with Barnhardt, the proggies do not get to change my language.

    Anyway, I like the new look.

  23. Overlooked in all this America hating and self-loathing masquerading as compassion and enlightenment, is the question why the rights of trannies trump those of normal people?

    Why must a trannie be allowed to use the restroom of the opposite sex? Presumably it’s because they’re more comfortable segregating themselves from the restroom of those whose gender is apposite of that which the trannies identify with. Well.

    Why do trannies get to indulge their self-segregation on the basis of a pseudo gender distinction, while actual females are denied their right to self-segregate in the restroom on the basis of actual gender distinction?

    And shut up about troughs and stalls. You’re just spewing obfuscation or revealing yourself as not having done any serious thinking on the subject. Not every restroom has doors on stalls. This nonsense also applies to open room locker rooms. So there.

      • Cis? You speak the language of an agenda pusher. The while transgender bathroom push is not about giving transgenders rights or equality, it’s about taking the anti nuclear-family campaign to the next level.

  24. I have a house full of girls and not one of them want anything but girls in their restrooms. They do care and care passionately about it. My wife and oldest daughter both now prefer to conceal carry as the deviants that might use this transgender BS to their advantage are a threat in their opinion. They both said that it’s not something they think about every day, but it’s a big issue in their mind the second they need to use the restroom in a place like Target.

  25. Couldn’t the whole issue be resolved by simply encouraging women to concealed carry if they fear someone is going to abuse the trans guidelines to assault women? They get to use whatever bathroom they want, women get to protect themselves. Simple.

      • What about young kids?

        I mean, the most common form of child sexual abuse is adult males abusing boys. So if you’re concerned about that, we should ban male bathrooms, or segregate the kids.

        • More specifically, celibate Catholic priests raping young boys. The Church should have been banned long ago.

  26. If it is really about bathrooms and perverts why isn’t it a stipulation in the law that if someone is on the sexual crime registry that they not be allowed in public restrooms?

    • You going to background check EVERY person in EVERY public bathroom for criminal history?? Are you trolling?

      • No, not even. Honest question. The concern seems to be perverts. Yet how many cases of wrong person in ladie’s room or men’s room are there? No one was thinking about this a year ago. I’m in a state with no such laws and women are now afraid to go to the restroom.

        Don’t tell me the gender signs keep them out. If so that gun free school zone sign is a powerful deterrent.

        Are we going to check everyone’s birth certificate before they enter the restroom? See how absurd? It is an emotionally charged issue. We surely don’t appreciate our gun rights being trampled because some one is afraid of guns.

        Who told you transgender people are pedophiles or peepers? Who told you those guns fire as long as you hold the trigger down?

        • False argument. It boils down to this being used to further attack on the traditional family unit…women and girls deserve and should have a right to use bathrooms where genetic males are not allowed. If genetic males break those laws, they should be punished. Laws by themselves do not prevent crime, that is absolute straw man fallacy on your part.

        • @H,

          I’ve been able to find 5 instances in North America (over all years) where a sexually deviant man entered a women’s restroom/locker/etc under the auspiciousness of transgender rights and committed a lewd act or sexual assault. It sucks that there were 5, but in the grand scheme of things 5 isn’t even anything to be concerned about from a risk management standpoint. At that rate people are at a much higher chance of being exposed to a lewd act or sexual assault NOT in a bathroom.


          With the exception of a few city statues (which are all pretty much in NC) there are actually no laws in any state other than North Carolina that prevent a man from entering a women’s restroom. And HB2 in NC doesn’t prevent a man, regardless of how he’s dressed or presenting, from entering a women’s restroom in a private business. And even if a man did enter a public women’s restroom in NC, walk into a stall, lock it, take an enormous dump, flush, pull up his pants, and walk right out of the bathroom again there is absolutely no enforceable penal code that this man can be charged with. HB2 has absolutely zero provisions for enforcement in it.

          Now, certainly, if a man enters a woman’s restroom and exposes himself, peeps, masturbates, or rapes that’s a different matter. There are laws in every state regarding those crimes, but those things are crimes regardless of the location they occur.

          It has been legal and a protected right in Minnesota for transgender people to use the bathroom they identify with since 1993. Guess how many issues we’ve had with this in the last 23 years? None. Not one single instance where a transgender person violated a law in a bathroom. Not one single instance of a man dressing as a woman to sneak a peek. I can’t even find a written statement by a single woman that has had a negative encounter in a bathroom with a transgender person or a cross-dresser.

          I’m just a lonely libertarian in a sea of progressives and democrats here in MN, but maybe if all the conservative, traditional family values states would stop brewing up so many perverts and sexual deviants you wouldn’t need to try to pass these Bathroom Bill laws that even a conservative Supreme Court is likely to strike down.

        • @Jim S ” if all the conservative, traditional family values states would stop brewing up so many perverts and sexual deviants you wouldn’t need to try to pass these Bathroom Bill laws”
          Had a good chuckle, thanks for the morning laugh. Statements like this belong on the Huntington Compost., where someone might actually fall for your troll script.

        • It’s amusing how everyone here is up in arms whenever any gun control legislation is introduced, and one of the common arguments “well that isn’t really enforceable”. Yet when it comes to bathrooms, that is suddenly forgotten.

  27. Why does the guy on the right of the “All Gender Restroom” sign have a tent? And why is it pointing at the guy in the middle?


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